Scott Adams with a little election encouragement

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Scott Adams – Why You Can’t Tell Good News From Bad

Stepping back from the ledge…

I came across this today on Youtube. It helped me see some surprising good sides to a frustrating election. For instance, the fact that both the Dems and the GOP got something has taken some wind out of the sails of the most radical elements: no rioting.

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18 responses to “Scott Adams with a little election encouragement

  1. The true believers? They’ll just have to burn the country to the ground later. You have to break a few eggs to get to the glorious man made utopian paradise on earth even if it just a Potemkin village full of smoky mirrors. We try to tell them that we are not Russians, Germans or French and won’t be quiet as part of some boring generic groupthink hivemind. Forward! (Oh Hell No)

  2. Voter fraud in TX and J, caught on video by Project Veritas. It’s certain it happened ALL OVER THE COUNTRY> What will the President do about it?

    • Yes, no doubt there was voter fraud!

      It’s strange to me that President Trump got the senators he wanted, but the House came up short. It doesn’t match with the overwhelming number of people who attended his many rallies. Something seems off with that.

      • There are a lot of dead voters and illegal aliens out there. Last election I watched a video taken in Arizona of a Mexican coming in to a polling station with a cardboard box full of ballots and stuffing the ballot boxes. The “official” barely noticed him.

        The Demon-rats are so bad they elected a dead brothel owner over the Demon-rat. Some of these states are so absolutely corrupt that many should go to jail.

        Voting, and working as a volunteer, used to be a sacred trust. They run these elections like a Three-Card Monty game.

        • There is a Demoncrat congressman here in Texas, down in Missouri City, who won re-election sitting in a jail cell. Yep, Ron Reynolds ran unopposed and won!😇

  3. Pat Buchanan’s analysis on what ails America and what the 14th amendment guaranteed. And if Europeans don’t procreate at a minimum of replacement levels, meaning at least 3 children per family,they are doomed.

  4. The House is going to be a three-ring circus for the next two years.

    It’s gonna be BIG FUN watching them making total buffoons of themselves.

    At least we held on to the Senate, so the damage these poo-flinging monkeys could do should be kept to a minimum.

  5. Check this out. It shouldn’t really surprise any of us given what the “media” has done and continues to do:

  6. And so, according to Scott Adams’ reasoning, in order to appease Demonrats so that they don’t riot, then the only solution is to have them win everything.

    • That’s how I read it. Maybe we should start arresting them for sedition. They do not honor this country. They are “citizens of the World” (whatever that means). I think it means “The World” ends in Tel Aviv.

      Let them riot. Who cares. More inmates, less demon-rats.

    • Yes Dr. Eowyn. And you address the weakness in Scott’s argument. The Demonrats and the Left are incorrigible; give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. In the knowledge that the amount of voter fraud is huge, we achieved the securing of the more important seats, the senate, from which the President can put forth more judges. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is likely to be gone soon, and maybe we will see a change in bad courts like the 9th “Circus” Court of Appeals.
      If I seem to be a Pollyanna here, I understand why people would see it that way.

  7. One good thing is that most of the gains were from the seats of retiring RINOs. Even when the GOP had the house, POTUS didn’t have a REAL majority anyway; shoot, Paul Ryan and other ‘Never Trumper’s on the house were sticking the shiv in POTUS every chance they got! Thankfully, we cleaned out Corker and Flake, so there are two RINOs gone from the Senate. Furthermore, we have a stronger majority in the Senate, so we don’t have to worry about what Collins and Murkowski are going to do on the next SCOTUS pick.

    Oh, and 9 of the 11 senators Trump campaigned for won-including Ted Cruz; they owe their political LIVES to POTUS now! While it would have been nice to hold the House, we still have the Senate, and that matters most. RBG and Breyer are both in their 80s, and they cannot hold on forever; when they go, we can replace them with REAL justices. Over the long term that means a lot…

    • A lot of the GOP seats lost in the House of Representatives were also never-Trumpers – hopefully the GOP will wise up, and run true conservatives for 2020.

  8. Imagine you’re boarding a 747 and seeing Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi at the controls. The reality is unfortunately worse since Maxine some years back during a hearing threatened the chairman of Chevron that she’d nationalize the oil industry if she had the chance. Just outlining her fanatical endorsements of communist party activity and their endorsements of her runs to several pages. The good thing is that if Maxine socialized the LA economy, her constituents would have to work instead of getting free sh*t and they’d run her and her husband out of town the next day.

    My feeling, however, is that the Republicans’ RINO establishment is as much responsible for saddling our nation with Mad Maxine as the Dems or their MSM echo chamber, and for the reason of crippling the President if they can. Ryan and Sessions give Benedict Arnold a bad name. What despicable Judas goats they were all along. Maxine is a breath of fresh air compared to those two, Flake, and the other backstabbing RINO whores.

    Also, that display of disrespect today by Acosta of CNN and CNN’s standing by that human POS is yet more proof democracy in America is dead. Despite the empty talk of reconciliation—it didn’t last a day—it’s time to prepare for overt violence from the left.

  9. By Mark Dice: Beto O’Rourke on his way to his concession speech after wasting $70 million dollars and losing to Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas.

  10. Having to pacify the Left with a House win, to keep them from rioting, is like neighborhood businesses having to pay the Mafia a weekly fee to keep them from shaking you down or breaking your knees just for fun.

    Heard House seats lost = 26. Seems like a lot. But apparently only less than half of what prior Presidents lost at their midterms. (There are tweets going around w/a full list of House losses over the past few decades.)

    So much for the #RedTsunami. 🙁

    Saw tweets saying that there was obviously no big #BLEXIT (Black Exit from Dem party) since Dems won House. Tsk Tsk!

    Saw tweets that BROWARD COUNTY* found, after the fact, a bumch of uncounted votes that will now require a Recount (for FLA Senate: Rick Scott/R-Winner vs. Bill Nelson/D-Loser).

    *Broward County: Same County of Parkland shooting & same County under Mossad control & Mossad Psy Op HQ, per a recent article at MemoryHoleBlog.

    Saw tweets that Ruth B. Ginsberg fell & broke 3 ribs, & that she supposedly is retiring in January.

    What cha think of the new Acting AG, Matt Whitaker? Saw a tweet that said he “eats nails for breakfast,” lol.

    Supposedly Jeff Sessions resigned at Potus’ request. Ann Coulter referred to Sessions as “Christ-like” in her tweets, & said he was THE ONE fighting against immigration, & that now NO ONE will be fighting against it. (If true, boooo!)

    Supposedly Rosenstein will also be resigning within another 24-48 hours.

    Saw a Potus tweet that there’s been another shooting (Thousand Oaks somewhere), & that **13** were dead as of that tweet. (There’s that Masonic # again!)

  11. Wait’n see, now the battlefield’s getting ready because dear ole Ruthie (hic) is going down, I mean she’s in resting mode after three broken ribs -what happened? slip and (hic) fall? Regardless, I pray for Ruthie to get well and take the plunge to leave the seat empty, I mean vacant for a new young conservative judge and confirmation. Who will it be, a he or a she?


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