Score one for the Second Amendment: Houston homeowner shoots & kills three perps during home invasion

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Odds were one against four (or five, depending upon which media outlet you read). That’s why you need an equalizer.

From KHOU: Three people are dead and one is recovering after a home invasion in east Houston overnight. Police say four men forced their way into a home on Sherman at 71st around 12:45 a.m. Saturday.

Detectives said the homeowner grabbed his gun and shot all four of the suspects.

We’re told one suspect died at the scene. Two others died at a hospital. The fourth suspect was taken to the hospital and went into surgery.

The homeowner was reportedly not injured.

Houston police say the homeowner claimed self-defense. As of Saturday afternoon, he was still being questioned by authorities.

Evidence markers littered the area outside of the home, showing dozens of rounds were fired.

A group of tearful women showed up Saturday morning down the block from where the shooting occurred. They said they are related to the men who were shot and asked for privacy.

A neighbor who lives nearby said he was on his porch with his baby when two men showed up with large rifles.
The neighbor says he ran inside his home and took cover. He said he believes the men were at the home to rob his neighbor, however he says he does not know what they were after. He said he doesn’t know his neighbor’s name and only calls him “Flaco.”


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12 responses to “Score one for the Second Amendment: Houston homeowner shoots & kills three perps during home invasion

  1. I raise my cup “AND DRINK TO THAT”. Job well done!!! May the Second Amendment reigns supreme all over this land, specially in my home that I will defend to the last drop of blood drains out of my heart.

  2. How come we never get this news from Chicago?
    Oh, I forgot. Chicago has gun control! – which means only criminals have guns.

  3. It would be interesting to know if the homeowner knew any of the home invaders.

  4. Houston needs a “Stand Your Ground” law! Then no all-day interrogation of the homeowner would be required.

    (The only people who gripe about that law are the relatives of the thugs who got what was coming to them for busting into a man’s castle — & all the more if they did so at night.)

    Even Exodus 22:2-3 states that if a thief breaks into your house at night, there is no blood guilt if you off the perp. People are more vulnerable at night because they are sleeping. So it is all the more sinister if perps come creeping in the night. (However, if the sun has risen, God says there would be blood guilt if you offed the thief. FLA Law did not side with God on that point but allows “Standing Your Ground” day or night.).

  5. This guy is the Paul Bunyan of home defense: 3 in one blow. Cheers. I shudder to think what might have happened to him or his family in his home if he’d not been prepared/armed.

    I share: we had evil neighbors, whose dog came onto our property and mauled my Lab, who would not fight back, b/c he was walking on a leash with my husband…he just kept circling my husband, taking the attack to his body to protect my husband. I saved them b/c I heard it happening on our front porch and ran to open the door at an opportune time and my husband rolled in, throwing the poor dog over him into the foyer. Our dog required a $3,000 emergency night surgery to re-attach a ligament and suture up tons of puncture wounds. We took them to court for medical damages (and won) and the attack/loose/unleashed dog was “posted” as a dangerous dog for a year (they were using him for a breeding operation “puppy mill” they were running. ) They had legal sanctions against them that included posting for a dangerous dog on their property for a year. They tried to negate this for the year (false signs on their property…etc, b/c they were losing revenue) and were further sanctioned by the county for THAT…so it was extended for TWO more years. Finally, they came onto our property while we were not home (tho’ seen by our lawn care service, who reported it to us) to peer into windows, take stock of our belongings…which included an antique Kentucky Long Rifle over our fireplace….etc……and eventually served a bogus “restraining order” on my husband, for bogus charges….but for which we had to turn in our guns. Of course we had a lawyer. Of course they LOST summarily and immediately in the first few moments of the court case….but….they,the “perps,” KNEW then and ever-after that we had our guns (all the rest of them NOT antique), legally, and legally stored without recourse on our property…. and they could never, ever,ever enter our home, or allow their dog to roam/attack at will on our own property again, without the possibility that they/their dog would be legally killed by us the next time they attacked us on our own property/even remotely appeare to invade our home. The REST of the story: these jokers never paid their bills….even tho’ they bought $70,000 matching him/her motorcycles, a Corvette, campers, trucks, horses, and on and on……and they soon after our dour encounter with them, lost their home to repossession. Bye Bye.

    • CalGirl, Sadly shitbags like those neighbors are all too common. People like them filing false accusation restraining orders is their usual M.O….. You just have to get creative with people like that. I don’t like to play the game of “asshole” but sometimes you have to for your own protection. There are inexpensive ways to show your displeasure that are hard to prove. A good stray dog remedy is a pie plate full of canned chili with hard boiled eggs and a bottle of castor oil mixed in it… The dog will lick the plate clean then when they go in the owners house the fun begins…. I “cured” one neighbor at a former residence with that recipe…. She let the dog back in and went to work. By the time she got home the dog had shit all over the carpets and furniture. What was even funnier is that she slid in the shit on her kitchen floor falling and rolling in it… The next day there was a commercial cleaner there with a truck trying to get rid of the mess. Within 2 weeks they got their carpets replaced and new furniture. Their home owners insurance did not cover the damage so they had to pay big to straighten out that mess…. Sweets for the Sweet!!!

  6. Happy endings always touch me.

    • Thank you, Mad Celt. I love compassionate people like you, and I, too, just come to tears (of joy) at happy endings like this.

      BTW….our dog who was injured in this mess, was a rescue from a 4-day kill “shelter” who had such a fantasitc personality that the workers “hid” him and shuffled him around for months until he was finally “found out.” Someone in desperation put his picture online as to be euthanized the next day, and my son and his girlfriend went down to the shelter and picked him and 2 other dogs up……and sent him to me. He was a Lab/GSP mix, the smartest dog I’ve ever known. Untrained, He ran around the house and picked up his toys to put into a basket or box or whatever was available every night when I said it was “bedtime.” He knew so many “tricks” in just a day or so of training that it was almost ridiculous…, he “spoke” English from the get-go. He “ran” our household…keeping time (get the newspaper time, wake up time, walk times, swim time, etc etc.). We had to treat many injuries to his spine/neck that had happened to him from a previous owner. Very sad. Very painful. And so, when he was attacked by this loose neighbor dog and injured so badly, it was yet another insult to his body, another medical issue to surmount. Thankfully, we ALWAYS carry pet insurance. We NEVER EVER pause to “think” about money when it comes to helping our pets live, or live pain-free b/c of this insurance. It doesn’t mean we “get” everything “free.” But, it does mean that when our dog needs $3,000-worth of health care to live….we “only” have to pay a third of that, or maybe even a little less. It’s always been worth every penny to me!!!! This special dog lived to be 12 years-old. For his large-breed average, he was about average-aged life-span no matter what . Wish we’d had him longer, but he did develop a cancer that could not be treated. Best dog who ever owned me. My household has been without a “boss” ever since he left us.

  7. We have an epidemic of home invasions in this country there are 7 homes a min happening, and the thing is you do not know why or who and that leads to what they plan. You do not have the luxury of guess what they want with your family at risk. The cops are at least 10 mins away and the bad guy is at the door with a weapon.
    Do not hesitate when your family is in harms way the sec you hesitate they can be dead or worse. Sad day when anyone dies but the Lord told you to protect your family. That being said Murder and Self defense are to different reasons for taking a life and God looks at them from which you sent it from the heart.


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