Score one for the Second Amendment

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‘If you move one more foot, this gun is going off right in your chest’

KVAL: LACOMB, Ore. – Miriam Brazel woke her husband Jim after hearing metal rattling in their farm workshop.
Jim grabbed a firearm. Miriam grabbed a serious-looking farm implement. In their bathrobes, the couple set out for their shop to confront the intruder.
“The front end of the tractor was swaying back and forth,” Jim told KVAL News, “so I knew someone was in there or just left it.”
They searched the shop – and found a man hiding behind a tractor. Jim said he told the intruder not to move, but the man didn’t listen. “I said I meant what I said,” Jim, 82, told KVAL News. “I said if you move one more foot, this gun is going off right in your chest. He didn’t move after that, but he wanted a cigarette. “He didn’t get it.”
Linn count law enforcement booked 36-year-old Justin Russell on charges of second-degree burglary.
Jim attended Russell’s arraignment Monday. “I wanted to see just what the procedures were going to be,” he said, “and I was probably disappointed in it because he was turned loose.
Jim said he was never frightened by the situation – and suggested others shouldn’t fear defending themselves, either. “Don’t be afraid to do what you have to do,” he said, “to protect your property.”
This punk was set free for second-degree burglary? Guarantee you he’ll be at it again since there are no consequences for his actions.
Good for this couple!

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0 responses to “Score one for the Second Amendment

  1. Yes, the law is an ass. Given the state of justice today, the couple were lucky not to be done for threatening behaviour. A farmer in the UK was sent to jail for protecting his property, one of the burglars was shot and killed,and the other one has tried to demand compensation!!! You can’t make this up, victims are turned into criminals and the perps are given TLC.
    Burglary, intrusion into people’s homes is almost like being raped and it is just as dangerous. Linn should have been kept in jail, he was caught red-handed, he is a danger to life and property. I’ll bet he’s laughing about it now over some beers with his friends.
    Good for the feisty couple, their example should wake people up.

  2. Sooner or later that clown will run into , or put himself in a situation to where the property owner is of the mindset , NO MORE . Then Justin can take the eternal celestial dirt nap along with many other malcontents who do not respect the property rights of their fellow man . TO BAD , SO SAD ………

  3. GOD BLESS this couple,why was this punk set free??????

  4. As my dear old Daddy used to always say . . . “they need to bring back the whipping posts!” I daresay, if thugs got a good whippin, they might think twice about their nefarious ways. As it is now, it is the good people who suffer.

  5. Add the stocks in the public square. I’ve got the rotten tomatoes.


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