Score one for the Second Amendment

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DA: Shooting death ‘justified’

JD News: A Camp Lejeune Marine who shot and killed a nude intruder last month will not face prosecution, District Attorney Ernie Lee said Friday.  David Darling, 22, was killed April 8. He was shot immediately after jumping through a window at 111 Fieldcrest Drive.
Lee said he hopes this case and one the same week in Onslow County in which two intruders were killed by residents will give someone pause before breaking into or burglarizing a residence.  “I hope it does serve as a deterrent,” he said. “You are putting your own life at risk. I would hope that anyone thinks before they act.”
Darling was naked while walking up and down Fieldcrest Drive shouting that he was high and on a bad trip. He was shouting “I will not kill myself for her.” Darling, a civilian, was married to a Camp Lejeune Marine, but never identified to whom he was referring, Lee said. Darling began running up and down the road, almost being hit by a car.
A witness told investigators that Darling shouted “this is the worst trip of my life.”  The witness said Darling was acting aggressive and ran to 111 Fieldcrest when residents turned on the porch light. The Marine resident’s wife opened the front door to find Darling standing there naked and talking about a lighter and a cigarette.  Lee said the Marine resident’s wife was very concerned for her two toddler children who were asleep in their bedrooms.
Darling charged at her and the Marine resident’s wife shut and locked the door. The residents called 911.  Darling began yelling for the Marine resident to let him in the house.  The Marine resident went to his bedroom and returned to the living room with his pistol. Darling was ramming the front door with his shoulder. The Marine resident told Darling to leave, and that he had a gun.
“Darling responded by saying he wanted a gun too,” Lee said. “The male resident walked near the window by the front door and attempted to talk to Darling. Darling then punched the screen out of the window by the front door and then quickly thereafter jumped, diving head first through the screened portion of the window into the living room.”
The Marine resident used a 1911 .45-caliber handgun to shoot Darling three times in the back as Darling dove through the window, Lee said. The Marine resident then tried to render aid to Darling, but Darling was dead.
“Based upon my review of the facts of this case, the occupants of the residence were justified in using deadly force against Darling because the actions of Darling caused the occupants to reasonably believe it necessary to use deadly force to protect their lives,” Lee said.
Darling’s family told The Daily News that he was a kind person and his apparent behavior the night he died was not like him.  “Nobody down there knows him. They read a story like that and assume the worst,” said Darling’s aunt, Monica Sawyer-Stevens. “David was a good person. He’s not a thief. He wouldn’t intentionally hurt someone.”
Darling wouldn’t intentionally hurt someone?  How does one know what someone might do when on a “bad trip”?  Tragic for Darling’s family.  Happy ending for the Marine’s.

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  1. On a related note two young men (one 17 the other 20) both brothers were shot and killed in Hobbsville (About 12 miles from where I live) this week breaking into a store after hours while the owner was still there. Both men had guns and proceeded to beat and kick the owner. The owner was able to grab his weapon shooting and killing both intruders. The senselessness of it all was the fact that one of the brothers was reportedly on his way to college and the other I believe was a senior (they lived about 4 miles from me).
    This shooting has made big news all the way to Virginia. I believe there will be no charges sense it was self defense. Another shame that they were related to my folks (cousin’s down the line). Stupid, stupid, stupid their lives was just beginning and they did something so irreversibly stupid and for what…an early grave.

  2. Why is it that family members of thugs and criminals invariably say “Gee, that’s just not like him! He’s a good person!”

    • And the co-workers and neighbors of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy thought they were nice guys…

      • Good point, moxie!
        One of Bundy’s co-volunteers at a suicide prevention call-in center thought him to be a friend. She eventually wrote a book about him. Gacy even had Chicago politicians come to his block parties where he would dress as a clown.

  3. tough call…I would have subdued and restrained him ,
    but I’m trained and have to be tolerant of stupid where I live.
    Crazy is dangerous but naked is unarmed.

  4. The man, high and drunk, who broke into my elderly grandmother’s home and beat her to death with his bare hands was “unarmed”. An able bodied man rendered insane on a substance can never be considered unarmed. It’s sad for this naked intruder’s family, as well as his potential, he very well may not have been a “bad” person, but he made a decision that snowballed to his fate.

  5. ah,yes …PCP is like playing with a cobra. I was being careful not to
    question motive or action….just that there MIGHT have been less
    lethal ways of resolving the situation. The old saw about when a
    man has only a hammer ,everything begins to look like a nail came
    to mind but I doubt that a tazer would have resolved this Hobson’s
    Choice. I’m glad that the DA (Lee) had the common sense to make
    the proper call and defer charges….Marines aren’t trained in
    apprehension and shouldn’t be expected to adhere to the same
    standards as law enforcement…but I might not react that way unless
    it was a naked Mike Tyson coming at me in the mens shower with a
    bar of soap and a smile.

  6. eowyn the book she wrote was “the green river killer” or something like that she mentions that as she worked for a suicide hotline she had met bundy i have the book lying around somewhere with around 5 or 6 thousand other books.. but in this situation shot in the back something doesn’t seem right about this situation

    • igor,
      The author is Ann Rule, who writes a best-selling true-crime books. Her book on Ted Bundy is titled “The Stranger Beside Me.”
      The serial killer dubbed “Green River killer” is someone else, though also from the state of Washington.


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