Score one for the Second Amendment

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Newman Lake intruder shot to death identified (Spokane, WA): A restraining order did not stop a man from entering a Newman Lake home with two loaded guns and firing off rounds. The homeowner eventually shot and killed the man.
A spokesman for the Spokane County Sheriff’s office says 43-year-old Sean M. Parsons was an intruder, and was found shot to death inside the home.
KREM 2 News spoke with the homeowner, Doug Snarski, who said around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, the suspect entered his home through the front door. Parsons had a hand gun in one hand and a high powered shot gun in the other. Snarski said he was upstairs in his bedroom with his girlfriend when Parsons started yelling at him from the bottom of the stairs. Parsons then shot 3 times; twice from hit shotgun and once from his pistol. Pellets went through several walls and outside, hitting the neighbor’s house.
The Spokane County Sheriff’s Ofc. reported Snarski called 9-1-1 Sunday around 1 a.m. and “left the line open”. Operators heard two men “conversing” and then heard multiple gun shots. Snarski’s girlfriend told 9-1-1 operators a short time later Parsons had been shot and that she and Snarski were okay.
Snarski said he got down on the floor of his bedroom while Parsons made his way upstairs. Snarski then leaned out the door and shot him. When deputies arrived, they found Parsons dead at the top of a set of stairs. Parsons is said to be the ex-boyfriend of the Snarski’s girlfriend.
Parsons had been served the restraining order a little more than two hours before he showed up at the house.
Ladies, a piece of paper is not going to protect you from an intruder. A husband with a gun is good 🙂 Or get a gun of your own!
Remember, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

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  1. These dumb Bastards don’t understand “NO MEANS NO”! So you get what you deserve! Semper Fi.

  2. Really snarky of Snarski. Parsons was a Fool. Well done Snarski!

  3. well done


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