Score one for the Second Amendment

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You never know who might be carrying...

You never know who might be carrying…

Customer shoots, kills robber at shoe store

WSBTV: (Atlanta) Police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened while a crowd of people waited outside a shoe store on Moreland Avenue in Little Five Points.

More than two dozen people were outside Wish Clothing in northeast Atlanta Saturday morning for the release of Miami Heat star Lebron James’ $180-sneakers.

According to witnesses, an armed man tried to rob a group of customers in line about 5:30 a.m. But one of the customers who was armed with his on own handgun shot and killed the suspect.

The suspect ran just a few yards away before he collapsed and died, police said. Witnesses told Channel 2 Action News the suspect had been pick-pocketing people all week long.

“(The suspect) wanted to pick-pocket everybody. But people out here, they weren’t going for none of that,” said customer Taylor White.

White told Channel 2’s Amanda Cook the suspect should have thought twice before approaching the customers. “I didn’t even expect him to come up here, thinking it was that sweet; Thinking it’s that candy land like that,” White said.

Atlanta police said the customer who shot and killed the suspect will not be charged, noting the investigation has determined he fired in self-defense.

“A number of witnesses were interviewed and this appears to be self-defense. At this time no charges have been filed and the investigation continues,” said Atlanta police officer John Chafee.

White commended the customer for shooting the suspect. “He really stood up for all of us. I salute the homie that did that,” White said.

Note to criminals: You’ve entered a dangerous profession. You never know when someone might be carrying and end your career.


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0 responses to “Score one for the Second Amendment

  1. That guy had to be an idiot to begin with. Atlanta, Moreland Ave., in early morning? Really? It’s only prudent to arm yourself anytime after dark in this area.

  2. Moral of the story , If you consider yourself a thug , contemplate the hole that will be dug . The slogan master might even like this one . Ha hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mess with the bull you get the horns… seems to fit this story rather well. :o)

  4. …the suspect had been pick-pocketing people all week long.
    Justice! Texas style!

    I have to admit I do feel bad for the family that had to hear the news about their pick pocket son/son in law/ brother/ husband/ whatever. Everyone gets affected by the choices we choose. Choose well my friends! :o)


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