Score one for the Second Amendment!


Delivery driver says he was carrying gun when 5 tried to rob him

WSOCTV: (Charlotte, NC) A pizza delivery driver said it was one against five when a group of teens tried to rob him in Charlotte.  “I knew that in all my years I’ve been doing my delivery service that something wasn’t right,” said driver Robby Wells.

Wells said he had a bad feeling from the start, when a pizza order was called into Hungry Howie’s last week. “The call came in for a $74 order, first red flag. Second red flag: it was cash,” Wells said.

Wells was also suspicious because he said there was a similar call three weeks ago that ended with another driver being robbed.

This time, Wells decided to grab his gun and went to the address, which was a church parking lot on Delta Lake Drive in the university area.

“I saw the four young men sitting right there on the bench and the fifth one was right behind the pillar trying to hide,” Wells said.  Wells said the men surrounded him and that’s when he showed them the gun tucked in his pants.

“I said, ‘Now that we’re at this point, do you have the money for this food,’ I said, ‘or not?’ And one guy said ‘No, we don’t have this money for the food,'” Wells said.  Wells said he got back in his car and left. He said the incident won’t stop him from future deliveries because “I knew that I was protected. I was completely protected.

Eyewitness News has been reporting on problems with delivery drivers being robbed. Police said drivers should not take the law into their own hands but avoid anything dangerous. Wells said he has a concealed carry permit.


“Not take the law into their own hands?” At least this man had the right to take his self defense and safety into his own hands. And the perps didn’t get any pizza!


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7 years ago

Trouble… don’t start none, won’t be none (especially in this case) as they say.

7 years ago

This is terrible! He may have damaged their self esteem!

7 years ago

I hate to tell these idiot cops, but our founders made sure the law ultimately IS in our hands, and for very good reasons.

And I cannot help but wonder how many of these so-called law enforcement types would have volunteered to escort and block traffic for Mr. Wells’ funeral procession, should that have been the result of a very possible outcome.

I am getting more than a little tired of law enforcement agencies viewing innocent Americans as the enemy.


7 years ago

Isn’t Charlotte a college town ? That would explain some of the default reasoning by those officers !