Scientists create Frankenstein mouse by injecting it with human fetal cells

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“And God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.’ And it was so. And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the livestock according to their kinds, and everything that creeps on the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.” -Genesis 1:24-25

“But God gives it a body as he has chosen, and to each kind of seed its own body. For not all flesh is the same, but there is one kind for humans, another for animals, another for birds, and another for fish.” -1 Corinthians 15:38-39
Eight years ago, doctors in a hospital in Portugal grafted nasal tissue samples from embryonic stem cells onto the spines of 20 quadriplegics to repair their damaged spinal cord. While the experiment seemed to have worked for a few of the patients, who regained a little bit of sensation, it didn’t go well for one woman. Not only did her paralysis continue, she began feeling pain at the site of the implant. When doctors took a closer look, they discovered she was growing the beginnings of a nose on her spine, New Scientist reports.
What happened to the woman is not the first case of adverse side effects from embryonic stem cell transplants. There have been cases of people developing tumors after participating in clinical trials, including a 50-year-old man who, after receiving an experimental treatment for Parkinson’s disease, developed a brain tumor containing hairs and cartilage.
Those grotesque results have not stopped the Dr. Frankenstein scientists.
Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical in Rochester, New York, have “created” a supermouse four times smarter than normal mice by injecting brain cells from human fetal tissue into baby mice.
Sarah Knapton reports for The Telegraph, Dec. 4, 2014, that researchers at the University of Rochester Medical injected cells from a human fetus into baby mice to create animals which have brains that are half human.
Lead researcher Professor Steve Goldman told New Scientist magazine it was like “ramping up the power” of the mouse brain, because human cells are so much more advanced. The mice with the human brain cells had memories that were four times better than their siblings who did not have the injections. “We can say they were significantly smarter than control mice. These were whopping effects.”

The goal of the researchers was not to create a new species of “supermouse” but rather to make the brains of mice more humanlike so that scientists can advance their understanding of brain disease. So the team created the hybrid mice by injecting “glial” cells from donated human fetuses – left over from IVF – into baby mice.
Glial cells provide support and protection for neurons and develop into astrocytes — star-shaped cells with long tendrils that are vital for thought processes because they help co-ordinate the transmission of electrical impulses between neurons.
Human astrocytes are 20 times the size of those in mice and have 100 times the number of tendrils.
Scientists found that within a year of the injections the human cells had taken over with the mouse cells “fleeing to the margins.” Goldman said, “It’s like ramping up the power of your computer.”
Other scientists said it was astonishing that such a huge effect could be seen with just a simple injection of human cells. Prof Wolfgang Enard, of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich said, “That the cells work at all in a different species is amazing and poses the question of which properties are being driven by the cell itself and which is by the new environment. If you make animals more human-like where do you stop?
Goldman insisted that the cells did not make the mice “more human,” but he admitted that the team had stopped short at injecting the cells into monkeys: “We briefly considered it but decided not to because of all the potential ethical issues.”

“Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up.” -Matthew 15:13

Here’s a sample of Telegraph readers’ comments to Goldman and team’s playing-God genetic-engineering:
Joesazi: “This is called sin. Those who attempt play God will be punished by God. Have we lost our minds?”
Joe: “This is the creepiest thing I have ever heard of. I can see nothing but peril and danger. Dr. Moreau and Dr. Mengele don’t have anything on University of Rochester Medical center. These foetuses are human beings and as such should not be destroyed and to link someone’s brain to a mouse.. Yikes, may God help us all.”
El_Tigre: “What happened to the fetus the tissue was harvested from? Throw away humans. Just what the Nazi’s did and I thought we won that war. I notice the American press is silent, and they wonder why nobody reads them anymore. God help us, for scientists certainly no longer are.”
John Jeffries: “Did anyone watch ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’?”
H/t Popular Science and FOTM’s CSM.

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0 responses to “Scientists create Frankenstein mouse by injecting it with human fetal cells

  1. It seems mankind has a really hard time leaving God’s handy work alone, many believing the creation is in need of tweaking.

  2. “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up.” -Matthew 15:13
    & that also means ALL GMOs!!
    End Times Anyone?!

    • I have been reading a number or medical articles that claim a lot of intestinal disease (IBS, diverticular diseases )can be linked to GMO corm and wheat among other other abominated foods.

  3. I feel rather certain that it may be said that those who would try to tweak the condition of Our God’s handy work are individuals who themselves are godless people. He has already set the perimeters of each order of his creations . . . it is rather a no brainer–you just don’t mess with his creations. The fact that God has specifically told us that as humans we have been given dominion over the other creations. That fact alone should give anyone an inkling that you do not mix the premier creation (Heavenly Father’s children) with animals of a lower order. This idea should be absolutely set in stone. It defiles both the human DNA, and the DNA of the other creature. Stop the messin’ around with the order that God has ordained in his animals!

    • Think of the entire DNA manipulation issue as hacking God’s source code of creation….if the frankenfood doctors do not repent of their mischief, it will all end badly

    • Right ! We need to stop these evil men from doing these things. No funding allowed for this type of research… period. I think abortion needs to be repealed, Our Abba needs us to stand up and fight for Him in the here, and now. We need to show Him we care, and support His Laws over mankinds.

  4. Readers should know that all the militaries that can afford the research have for decades been working to create bionic humans, at least to the point where injured soldiers can regenerate limbs.
    They’re also looking to the time when a human brain can be the computer in an advanced fighting machine, a tank-like device that has missile capabilities and moves at speed over uneven terrain. While surgeons are now able to reattach hands, for example, it would be far better if a new one can be grown in place.
    This kind of science is kept from civilians for at least ten years. I have a friend who formerly sold advanced microchips to the US Air Force some twenty-five or thirty years ago. One day an officer asked Alan if he’d like to see the plane his tiny parts went into; he was then shown the first stealth fighter, five years before the plane was rolled out. Ain’t science grand?

    • Indeed Joseph, tech is often held back. Have you ever heard of the anime called “Ghost in the shell” or “ghost in the shell stand alone complex”? Those shows deal with that sort of thing to an extent, indeed it would seem some Japanese animations have plot lines etc. that are depicting the desires of the devil worshipers far in advance. Even western animation did so for a while too (ala G.I. Joe [for example some of the schemes cobra pulled, and the fact they were a “terrorist organization” sorta like al kwaida/qaida/etc.], Transformers, etc.) Suffice it to say the things one can discover when one looks in odd places… almost seems as if the devil worshipers are bragging.

  5. If adding a little human DNA to a mouse caused these blatant genetic changes, imagine what adding animal DNA in the form of vaccines (animal proteins and viruses aka DNA), GMOs, etc. does to babies and children? This is a great example of why we should not mess with God’s creation. This is blasphemy, plain and simple.

    • it brings to mind the picture I saw on a science article where a mouse hd a human ear growing out of it’s back…creepy!

      • I’ve seen that picture as well and it was very disturbing. What “scientists” aka ‘devil’s demons’ are trying to do with these DNA modifications is re-write LIFE into a language they think they understand. Life IS God’s work, how can they possibly understand God’s work? And they are more ignorant today than they were yesterday and one day they will realize the language they thought they knew will all be Greek. They will burn in hell for their abominations.

        • Well it does seem to be that the devil is still trying to be like God, and since he cannot create, he is exploiting man’s free will and the talents man was given by God, to attempt to reshape the world in his image, where God had set a desert, the devil will try to coerce man into attempting to turn it into a polluted sea or a GMO jungle, it seems as if he intends to corrupt or destroy everything God has made, even down to the very dirt and stones.

        • And lest we forget, what God has created man cannot “patent” and make big bucks from, but tweak one line of DNA code and some global chemical or pharmaceutical company can make killing charging the population to death, claiming they created it. A good slice of this evil involves $$$$$ and their love of it

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  7. If the plan was simply to make man more resistant to illness,or to enable man to regenerate lost or damaged limbs,or to repair faulty internal organs,this might be more acceptable. But History fairly SCREAMS at us that once something begins any development of improvement,ALL limits and restrictions go out the window. “Science” will NEVER stop at just the intended improvement;they’re destined by their very nature to keep tweaking and modifying beyond the limits,until they’ve created something horrific,out of control,with all the unintended consequences that come with it. Better to not even OPEN that bag-o-snakes.

  8. These scientists risk of creating an abomination.

    • “These scientists risk of creating an abomination.”
      That’s expected to be the final result.

      • Especially with progressive left/liberal folk involved who “know better” than “superstitious” religious people…

  9. Actually one might think this is pre-planned, as this whole scenario is basically a verbatim copy of the plot line from “The Secret of NIMH”, it came out back in 1982. I’m sure some readers here will remember it, and how it involved mice that were experimented on that became “smart”.
    The majority fandom furries will be all over this, sadly.

    • And the original experiment (the “behavioral sink” work by John B. Calhoun) that inspired The Secret of NIMH wasn’t nearly this advanced… I’m curious what this modification (which can’t be passed-on because it’s not genetic) means the mice can do.

  10. I’m waiting to hear how one or some have escaped and are now roaming around reproducing with the “regular” mice….happened with the Africanized bees.

    • Years ago I read about and watched a documentary about The Montauk Monster. You can google or YouTube it. Seems the military and/or secret gubmint has had a secret black ops facility at Plum Island NY since WWII
      They were doing electronic mind control and genertic experiments there. The MSM briefly touched on an ungodly monstrosity washing up on a beach

    • Here’s a classic case of science gone bonkers. At the end of WW2, some Canadian forestry people were in the mountains of Yugoslavia and noticed the white pine trees had a disease which was new to the men, so they took samples and brought them back to the University of BC Forestry College to study. All was well until….
      Someone either took a sample home to study [never a good idea because of the containment problem] or carelessly left a lab door open and someone came in and poked around to see what they were up to that was so secretive.
      The white pine blister rust got out, started on the campus trees, and the rest is a horrible history of BILLIONS of dollars of lumber being destroyed, as well as the environment infected forever. I think the moral is this: If anything can go wrong, it will, and likely in the worst possible way.

  11. Scientists who want to play god are an abomination to humanity.

    • I suspect very few of them see it as “playing God” ;they more likely see it as “improving the Human condition”.

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. What a sacrilege! What narcissistic behavior to assume control over creation by evil and distorted means and procedures.

  13. marianne griffin

    I totally agree TRUCKJUNKIE !


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