Schools go Gestapo over resistance to Common Core

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Notice a theme in these headlines/stories (click on the links to read the full stories)? Detroit Public School To SUSPEND KIDS If Parents Miss Common Core Test Meeting
“Teachers at Coleman A. Young Elementary in Detroit, Mich. sent a letter home with children last week threatening the little kids with suspension if their parents do not show up to a parent-teacher meeting. In the letter, the taxpayer-paid teachers described the meeting as compulsory for parents, reports local NBC affiliate WDIV-TV.
“Neither the meeting nor the comments regarding ‘student suspension’ were made out of ill intent, but rather to express the level of importance of students’ progress,” school officials explained, “as they prepare for the upcoming M-STEP test.”
Fox News: 8th Grader Suspended for Informing Classmates of Standardized Test ‘Opt-Out’
“A New Mexico eighth-grader said on “Fox and Friends” she was suspended from school for letting her classmates know that they could opt out of the state’s new online standardized test. 12-year-old Adelina Silva printed out the forms from her own school’s website and was rewarded with a trip to the principal’s office.
The school district released a statement, saying, “Santa Fe Public Schools supports a parent’s right to opt his or her child out of state-mandated standardized testing … no students in the district have been disciplined for supporting or promoting this district policy of a parent’s right to opt their child out of testing.”
common core
NY Times: As Common Core Testing Is Ushered In, Parents and Students Opt Out
“A new wave of standardized exams, designed to assess whether students are learning in step with the Common Core standards, is sweeping the country, arriving this week in classrooms in several states and entering the cross hairs of various political movements. In New Jersey and elsewhere, the arrival has been marked with well-organized opposition, a spate of television attack ads and a cascade of parental anxiety.
Colorado’s Board of Education voted in January to allow school districts to skip portions of the state tests, only to be told by the state’s attorney general that it did not have that authority. At a testing information session for parents in Sparta, N.J., according to a local news report, an assistant superintendent repeatedly said: “I’m not here to fight with you. I am here to give information on the mandate.”
While some superintendents have condoned or at least tolerated the opt-out movement, others have not. William Petrick, for example, schools superintendent in Little Falls, New Jersey, said his district would handle refusals “the way we handle any other disciplinary issue.”

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0 responses to “Schools go Gestapo over resistance to Common Core

  1. Stand firm, parents! Stand firm in your resolution to oppose Common Core — for your children’s sake.

  2. Leeann Springer

    Thousands of parents, grandparents, and those who care about education, have been in the trenches for a long time, fighting the Common Core Corruption Curriculum. We have recently made great strides in waking up a lot of people to the evils of CC. The masterminds of it all, is Bill Gates, and his wife, who believe in eugenics and other forms of evil. Common Core is run by multinational corporate elitists and a government that is too big , too controlling and does not give a rip about our children. Apathy is what brought us to this point in government. We can no longer be apathetic and must all be soldiers against this overreaching government. It has been happening for a long time, but too many have had their heads stuck in the stand. The way CC went down, is clearly a violation of our 10th, 4th and 14th Amendment rights and violates 3 Federal laws, yet all it required was the signatures of governors and jackasses appointed (not elected) school commissioners. Common Core has invested players, such as past and present governors, Drug runners Soros and his thugs, Pearson Publishing (which isn’t American at all) and factories that want future serfs (our children). I put a lot of this blame on parents, who seemed to have played hooky when they should have been in the fight! I could write many pages on the evil of CC, and the fact, it would like to institute tracking devices on children as well, it promotes porn, and children ratting out what happens in their homes, etc. Five states told the promoters of CC to stick it and will not push it on students. That leaves 45 states that are fighting it, including this state of Arkansas, who already is in the educational waste heap. A group of us revolutionaries have been standing up to tyranny, and we are gaining momentum in getting CC tossed from our state. My friend and fellow trailblazer, Karen Lamoreaux is the mother who rained Hell on CC at our State Board Of Education meeting about 16 months ago. You can see our revolutionary lady, by accessing her video on YouTube. She has since appeared on many television news programs, and is in great demand for public speaking all over the USA, against CC . We have more than a grassroots organization; we are becoming a force of our own. Our motto is “don’t mess with momma bears”. We recently pushed for a bill against CC, and it passed committee with great success. We are fighting from the top-down, since the corruption is up the ladder. Public education should work for us. It is our tax dollars and our children. They do not own our children or their futures. Some are under the misconception that CC is not in private school, but sadly, it is. There are greedy people within private schools (Christian or otherwise) who have invested in the Pearson Publishing Company, owners of the curriculum and the tests. The elitists DO NOT educate their children with CC, but they want public school children to suffer from it. The elitists want a future slave force, and the way to get it is by “dumbing people down” though indoctrination. There is a big movement of parents teaching their children at home, but not every parent can do that, which is all the more reason, it has to be stopped dead in its tracks. Once the public schools start going broke, they may wake up. Just in this tiny state alone, home school has grown in record numbers and Christian schools, as well. I did not intend to take up a whole page on your forum Dr. Eowyn, but I’m passionate about this topic and involved in the revolution against educational tyranny. My friend, Karen Lamoreaux, has a book out titled “No Choice, No Voice” which gives all the nuts and bolts about CC and how it really is “rotten to the core”. You can also view the video “Arkansas Mom takes on State Board Of Education” on Youtube. She is also on Fox from time to time and local radio. She has ongoing invitations to speak in other states, and helps start grassroots organizations against CC. Blessings…….Leeann

  3. This country is long over-due to take a stand against this evilness and tyrrany that’s being forced upon the American people. They are most definitely attempting to make us their mindless, robotic drones to do with as they please. I think Bill Gates is a computer robot himself – I read that his children are not being fed this Common Core gargabe. They are not our masters!

  4. How does it happen that the Fed.Gov. thinks they have the authority to dictate how we educate our kids? The STATES make these decisions,but even THAT is too Big Government. People may not know exactly what they want taught to their kids,but they damned sure better know what they DON’T want. They need to protest Common Core at a County level,at the offices of their School Districts AND at the State levels at the State Department of Education. Start Petitions,tell ’em you,and ALL the OTHER Parents who want a GOOD,wholesome education for their kids,are considering Legal action,since CC is NOT the People’s Choice. Remind them what the effect on THEIR jobs will be if EVERYONE joins your efforts,not all would,but enough would that there would be a lengthy trial,and they can’t implement CC as long as it’s in litigation.
    my 2 cents worth

  5. Leeann Springer

    At one time, I was considered a conspiracy theorist. I knew, the same as others, that education had become indoctrination. It is from the university level down to Pre-K. It was long ago established that Bill Gates is accountable to UNESCO. Pearson Publishing is accountable to its shareholders. The shareholders number about 24 power players; such as the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) and past and present state’s governors (not all, but many). Then there are the everyday educational whores, such as the Boards Of Education, who pimps away our children’s education. Pearson is the dominant educational publisher, which supplies the world’s Pre-K -12 grade and even some of our major universities. As one of Pearson’s goons aptly put it “we will change the way America thinks”. The history books are anti- White, anti-Jewish, anti-American History and they demonize the White race and make them out to be the bad guys. Bill Gates stands to make billions more, because he will be loading all the Pearson’s Common Core Crap into his new Microsoft tablets. Then, there are the porn companies too, which is what sex education is all about and the books are pure filth. It teaches and illustrates sexual alternatives such as homosexuality, masturbation, anal sex, fisting, incest, 2 dads, 2 moms, abortion, the pill, and the list goes on. It is being pushed to children , for sex ed, when they’re 7 and 8 years old. If this doesn’t make parents angry enough to dismantle all the school systems, then they must be brain-dead. There’s so much more, and it gets worse. This my friends, is no longer a theory, it is a fact. Leeann

  6. Acts of civil disobedience create change in unjust systems: Boston Tea Party, Suffrage, Civil Rights, Vietnam War. Today = Parents Rights. And just like all the above movements, we will prevail. It is ingrained in our history and no matter what the governments and districts say, parents will stand against them to preserve our rights and protect our children. I sign your paycheck each time you take money from mine. You work for me. Just remember that, especially when it comes time for me to vote. If you are not representing my voice, you will be out of a job.

  7. Don’t send your child to goobermint skewel run by goobermint agents.

  8. Leeann Springer

    Dave: The reason everyone must fight against Common Core, is because the government (if not stopped) will require all “home school” students, to take the yearly required state test, which will be geared to “Common Core Crap”. We are also fighting to have the state’s yearly required test, to be eliminated as a requirement for home school. Sadly, some people have been bought off in private educational institutions; including, Christian schools. Common Core is a cancer growing from our corrupted government and trying to take over every facet in education. The heat is turned up now on all legislators and we are making great strides with parental take-over. Bill Gates, his wife, Pearson Publishing, and 24 major power players are chewing their fingernails now, because they stand to lose billions. Our motto is “we’re not going to take it” . It is “education without representation” and the powers that be, have a big ugly fight on their hands. I find it sad when some say they don’t have to worry about CC because their children are in private schools. If they were really doing their homework, they would find “CC is in private education” and they need to pull their heads out of the sand, if they think it’s not going to take over private education as well. Again, the book “No Choice, No Voice” by Karen Lamoreaux, uncovers all the nuts, bolts, evil agenda, and organized crime behind CC. Leeann

  9. Common core is a logical follow on to Outcome Based Edukation, designed to bring all down to the lowest common denominator. In one of George Carlin’s rants he said it best, They want a population just smart enough to follow orders and push buttons but not smart enough to ask questions.
    I was talking with a couple of town cops at a local coffee shop who said they took their kids out of public middle/high school saying the kids are not being taught the basics that we were but indoctrinated into a socialist utopia, classes in diversity, primitive tribal customs and spirituality, twerking, ebonics and mandatory Spanish telling the students this is a predominantly lah-teee-know country now.
    I’ve also chatted with people who were teachers but left the profession out of disgust or were quietly fires for voicing “value judgements”
    I’m not sure if it’s still in print but I have a book from the mid 80’s by a Christian apologist Tal Brooke, “One World” that goes into length about the planned destruction of the educational system among other subjects. It was one of the earlier clearly written books regarding the new world disorder leading up to the anti-Christ


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