Scared in Seattle: Citizens terrorized by the homeless & sidewalks turned into toilets

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It seems that nearly every week I do a post about the homeless in liberal-run Seattle. The crime committed by the homeless goes unchecked and citizens are scared, get attacked, and have their property burned down. Seattle City Council does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop these criminal activities.

Seattle voters are FINALLY starting to wake up to the progressive nightmare that they have elected. But is it too late?

From KIRO: Lake City businesses say a group of homeless people is turning planter boxes into beds, sidewalks into toilets and scaring away customers.

Both a business and someone who is homeless said the city came and offered services to the group living there but most refused.

Now the Seattle Department of Transportation has plans to remove the planters where a group of homeless people appear to live.

Businesses are hoping it’ll help disperse crowds and reduce the human waste problem. “They can be agitated and aggressive,” said Majid Namini, a shopper.

“It’s always kind of nerve-wracking,” said Sarah Denton, another shopper.

Lake City shoppers are frustrated with the group of homeless people who seem to have taken up residence in planters near the Grocery Outlet and Lake City post office.

“If you don’t give them what they want sometimes they get kind of angry and sometimes they will just scream at you,” said Paul Heistand, another shopper.

The Lake City Grocery Outlet owner, Mike Sandberg, said it’s a problem he’s been dealing with for months, and he’s losing customers.

“I’ve had numbers of customers come up to me and say, ‘Love to shop at your store but I won’t come back because I don’t feel safe, I can’t bring my children,’” Sandberg said.

He says an even bigger problem is the human waste. “The residents here were pooping on the sidewalk, behind Papa Murphy’s and the stairwells back there and creating a health hazard,” Sandberg said.

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14 responses to “Scared in Seattle: Citizens terrorized by the homeless & sidewalks turned into toilets

  1. Every people (and city) deserves the government they tolerate.

    Actions have consequences. Seattle citizens voted for their homeless- and lawless-enabling mayor and city council, and deserve the consequences of being the Left’s useful idiots.

  2. Betcha the guys running/promoting this insanity don’t have the problem where they live. They should have to work with the clean-up crew, the first responders, etc.

    • The council member who represents this district, Debora Juarez, doesn’t care ONE BIT about the citizens who are terrorized and takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the council’s inactions. From a May 2018 blog post on Zero Hedge:

      “I KNEW Seattle was no longer a place for me when I met with Debora Juarez — the District 5 City Council member I had voted for.

      Last September, at what I thought was going to be a friendly one-on-one meeting between an elected official and her constituent, I expressed some concerns that were on my mind. I fretted over the deterioration of a city with which I had fallen in love — a city that, despite my 21 trips to Europe, I still believe to be the most beautiful in the world.

      I told my council member that Northgate, my home, had seen a noticeable increase in litter and graffiti. To my dismay, she seemed to suggest these issues were someone else’s job, not hers. So, I moved on to a bigger issue: homelessness.

      I believe strongly that it is not compassionate to leave people who are unable or unwilling to care for themselves to suffer and die on the street. Because many (but certainly not all) homeless people struggle with mental illness or drug addiction, I suggested that Seattle find a way to make it easier to provide treatment to these troubled souls — involuntarily, if need be. It could literally save their lives.

      Juarez exclaimed, “What is this? Nazi Germany?”

      I’m done having any sympathy for Seattleites. They voted for their own mess.

      • The poster from ZH should’ve gone to Vancouver if they wanted to see a beautiful city. I lived on Whidbey Island, and Silverdale for 3 of the most miserable 3 years of my life. Seattle wasn’t bad, but I always wished that Vancouver & Seattle could “swap places”.

        • I lived near Silverdale for 2 and a half miserable years. Will the last person out of the Pacific Northwest please turn off the lights?

        • What happened on Whidbey? Is it the airforce base w/ emf weapons, the growlers, or other issue? I grew up in the area, my parents were key persons involved in saving Ebey’s Landing.. I grew up playing out there… now I work far away..

          • I was there when the EA-6B Prowlers & the A-6 Intruders were still years away from being retired. As far as that missile launch earlier this year (apparently from Whidbey Island), no one’s sure. The Navy also has the Sub Base in Bangor, but nobody’s gonna launch a missile right from the base – word would’ve gotten out if it had been from there.

            Being a single guy in my mid-20s, and not an outdoorsman, either – I couldn’t stand the lack of social life in Oak Harbor – I remember it was a BIG DEAL when Kmart opened a store there! My opinion might change since I’m much older now, and there’s such a thing as the interwebs.

          • It’s a Naval Air Station (NAS). It’s still active.

    • A Jewish cemetery in her district has had to spend over $100,000 to clean up vandalism and messes left by the homeless. When reps from the cemetery community had a meeting with Juarez, she didn’t show up to discuss this issue with them. She sent two of her staff instead.

      “A group consisting of members of the Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath Synagogue, groundskeepers from Evergreen Washelli Cemetery and people from Northwest Hospital and Medical Center were gathered at the Bikur Cholim cemetery, expecting to meet with Seattle City Council member Debora Juarez.

      They were instead met by two staffers from Juarez’s office who came simply to listen to their concerns.”

      The Seattle voters just don’t matter…until her next election cycle.

      • Well that’s it entirely, isn’t it? They are contemptuous of their constituents. Indeed I doubt that they even think of it that way. They think they were selected to “rule”. It isn’t just Seattle either.

        Nancy Pelosi is notorious for her statements that would be right at home with Juarez’. Anyone stupid enough to equate “Nazi Germany” to help for mental illness is beyond hope.

        So they “solution” is to just let them continue to roam the streets and harass the citizenry? Leftists are dangerously stupid.

  3. I don’t know about this…but, can anyone see the difference…or is there a difference? For years and years now here in So.CA, Mexifornia, I’ve been dealing with the homeless accosting my property in a semi-rural area. It seems to me by my experience that, in my small town/area, the “homeless by choice or circumstance” congregate in our downtown areas…the parks, our local lake and adjoining areas of open land…etc….while, the Hispanic/other illegals freqent my small-town semi-rural streets where I live, stealing my car covers, anything left on my lawn, like lawn ornatments, windmills, potted plants, etc….as well as ALL my kids’ bikes in the fenced back yard…break into my tool shed….use the car covers to “camp” in my other neighbors’ back yard secluded places….using our 1/10 acre municipal/walled water-pump holding(across the street from us) for a bathroom……WE’ve tried to establish a homeless shelter in a place very close to my home..which I’d welcome..b/c THEN…I”D KNOW WHERE THEY WERE….but…between residents who didn’t want it—NIMBY—and the homeless and illegals who did NOT WANT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE/IDENTIFIED… was a BUST…and so we continue.

  4. I live out of Seattle. Their problems are spreading because most of the King County Council members are elected by Seattleites. I stopped going into Seattle at all. It is becoming a second San Francisco.

  5. Vote Democrats for more! (Or not… Nov 6th is coming up, be smart.)


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