SC Senate Candidate Greene Was Lousy Soldier

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Last Tuesday, 32-year-old army veteran Alvin Greene surprised everyone by handily winning the Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina. Since then, the mystery only deepens on how he could have won 60% of the Dem votes.
Not only is Greene unemployed, living with his parents, and charged with showing obscene photos to a college co-ed, now we’re learning that he was a lousy soldier to boot.

Alvin Greene

Adrian Chen of Gawker reports that “Having held no previous political office, Greene’s most relevant professional experience is his 13-year stint as a supply and intelligence specialist in the Army and Air Force. In 2008, Greene was transferred from Korea and was stationed for six months with the Army’s 1st Infantry Division in the United States.” Gawker interviewed one of Greene’s 1st Infantry Division colleagues via e-mail. The soldier will be called X because he’s still serving in the Army and is not authorized to speak about Greene.
This is what X said about Alvin Greene, the Democratic Party’s Senate candidate for South Carolina:

“During the first couple of weeks of working with him, myself and most everyone else noticed that he wasn’t all there mentally. Whenever he was given a simple task such as filling a temporary hand receipt it would never get done, mainly because he didn’t know how to fill one out. And this is the most fundamental part of the job.”
He also didn’t show much interest in being a soldier. For instance, he was asked to do maintenance on the M249. This system is a little more complex than the regular service rifle. When it came to Greene’s turn he was able to take the weapon apart but didn’t know where to start when it came to put it back together. He showed no interest in learning and would mumble under his breath about not wanting to do it. So after a couple of months of trying and not getting anywhere, people just made sure he was where he was supposed to be and in the correct uniform. He would just basically come to work and stare at the wall till it was time for lunch and then do the same till it was time to go home for the day. The platoon sergeant tried to get him to go see a doctor for help but he would never seek help.”
“What you see in his [Greene’s] interviews is what we had to deal with. People have been saying he acts that way because he is nervous, but it’s not true. He has a difficult time communicating and really doesn’t enjoy people asking him personal questions. I noticed when he mumbles incoherently it means he is agitated.”
“But I think he is a smart person. I asked him why he didn’t go to Officers Candidate School since he has a bachelors degree [from the University of South Carolina] and he answered, ‘Why would I do that since that would require more work?’ After he said that I realized what he was doing. He was being very lazy and working the system to get by. Even though it’s obvious that he suffers from some kind of mental illness, I have worked with people that suffer from alcoholism to bipolarism and they would put more effort into what they did during their day to day life then he ever did.”
“Greene didn’t do anything during his personal time, and ate at the post dining facility religiously. The first time I saw his room all he had was a radio and a couple sets of clothes, which is not unusual for someone that just moved to a new post. But after 5 months all he had was just a radio and a couple sets of clothes still. Considering his lifestyle and coming back from Korea I believe he could have saved over $10,400, and spent it on putting himself on the ballot.”
“The only time he would talk to me was when I would ask him about his views on politics. He would open up and actually talk. He would talk about how the country is going in the wrong direction and how Obama needed to get elected to fix the country’s problems.”

And, lastly, X thinks Greene is running for Senate because:

“I guess he had nothing better to do. I don’t think he was put up to this. I think he just did it to do it.”

Way to go, Democrats of South Carolina! You sure chose a winner!

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0 responses to “SC Senate Candidate Greene Was Lousy Soldier

  1. One of those dudes who didn’t grow beyond Initital Entry Training– Sar’nt tells me when and how to pee!– and enjoys collecting pay and benefits for being that way. Work, having to think or otherwise doing anything for one’s self are just awful!

  2. I’m almost certain I could get a monkey through the University of SC—No Pun Intended—After all–they got me through Portland State University and that wernt easy.
    I am positive, after watchin Forest Gump, anyone can get gradeated from Collige.
    Obviously, It takes no brains to get through Harvard Law School–Oslobl made it.
    I really believe this man epitomizes the democrat voter and the democrat Congress person. He is certainly more intelligent than Oslobo and imminently more qualified to serve in Congress. So, what’s the big fuss????

    • A college-educated guy who expects something for nothing– he’ll sure know his Democrat constituency, of course. 🙂

  3. Damn Anon,
    He’ll fit right in with Oslobo, and Nancy===I think he’s perfect.

  4. Just throw him a Wagyu beef cheeseburger and tell his aides how he needs to vote and he’ll be the model democrat congresscritter. Heck, he might be Senate Minority Leader before you know it!


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