Say No to Progressive Auto Insurance

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No doubt, you’ve seen those ubiquitous TV commercials for Progressive Auto Insurance (PAI). This e-mail was forwarded to me by my friend Bill. The owner and chairman of PAI is a Soros-like left-winger. The e-mail has been authenticated to be true by even the left-leaning
Now we know why it’s called “Progressive” Auto Insurance, “progressive” being the Left’s code-word for commie. No wonder when I first saw the commercial, I instantly disliked the heavily-made-up red-lipsticked sales gal. Always trust your instincts!
Fellowship co-founder Steve says Esurance and 21st Century both offer lower rates than Progressive. My friend, the author Robert Wilcox, recommends and uses USAA, a company that insures (auto, home) active and former military and their families. But USAA’s investment products (most checking and savings products, credit cards, life insurance, and shopping and discounts) are available to other (non-military) individuals. Profits are shared to a degree with the insured. My friend says it’s a good company and to the Right in thinking!

Progressive Auto Insurance

This is a heads up regarding Progressive Auto Insurance.  You know who they are.  They’re the ones with the clever television ads featuring the perky brunette actress all dressed in white.  What you might not know is that the chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis, one of the largest funders of the left in America.  He’s your typical rich spoiled kid who took over the company from his father and apparently feels “guilty” for his success and now dedicates himself to making it impossible for anyone else to become wealthy. 

Peter Lewis

Between 2001 and 2003, Lewis funneled $15 million to the ACLU, the group most responsible for destroying what’s left of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.  Indeed, Lewis is himself an ACLU member.  One of the ACLU projects he earmarked his funds for was an effort to sue school districts who have drug testing policies.  In other words, this idiot wants teachers to be able to use drugs without fear of exposure.  I wonder what he would think if all his own employees came to work drugged out every day.  
Lewis also gave $12.5 million to and American Coming Together, two key components of the socialist left.  The former group is perhaps the main group used by the Obama forces to organize their activists; the latter group is a 527 political action group that essentially served as a front for the SEIU union thugs who ran ACORN.  His funding for these groups was conditional on matching contributions from George Soros, the international socialist who finances much of the Obama political network. 
It’s disturbing that Lewis made a fortune as a result of capitalism but now finances a progressive movement that threatens to destroy the free enterprise system.  

Armand Hammer with a young Al Gore

He reminds me somewhat of Armand Hammer, the former head of Occidental Petroleum who did business with Joseph Stalin and became his good friend, around the same time Stalin was executing businessmen all over the USSR. [Armand Hammer was also a good friend of Al Gore and his father. ~Eowyn] 
What angers me further is the way this company is targeting television shows watched by conservatives such as Fox News.  Peter Lewis is making a fortune off of conservative Americans so that he can destroy our country.  He’s banking on no one finding out who he is.  I think it’s time we expose this clown.    

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  1. We have been aware of this for quite some time. When the kids FINALLY got off our policy, we told them never to buy Progressive for these reasons. A lot of times, however, they are a good bit cheaper.

  2. Dave from Atlanta

    So what relevance is a name? In Georgia we had Mitch Skandalakis who was eventually involved in a corruption scandal and Pat Swindall who was caught up in a money mismanagement case. Of course we know what it sounds like when you connect the words “Obama” and “nation.” Now we have Progressive insurance; red flag with that name, hiding in plain sight. I used to listen to Rush and one of his favorite expressions was “Words mean things.” I wonder if this is what he meant.

  3. “Progressive” because “CommInsurance” would be too obvious!

  4. Anything w/the word “progressive” in it won’t get my business…

  5. Thanks for giving me a concrete reason not to do business with Progressive.
    Glad to know a company whose advertising sickens me is truly worth avoiding.

  6. He has also contributed millions to the Marijuana Policy Project which is an organization who advocates taxing and regulating the possession and sale of cannabis. The MPP has organized several acts of civil disobedience including posting cease and desist letters at Drug Enforcement Administration buildings and smoking cannabis at Congressional offices.

  7. USAA also insures enlisted now, they’ve offered all of their services to enlisted as well as officers for ’round ’bout ten years now. I have them for…well, just about everything, can’t complain about anything. Honestly, I’ve never dealt with a company that was as fair or evenhanded.

  8. I’m fairly convinced regarding this auto insurance provider after reading your blog

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  10. Drive Auto Insurance
    1Pay-as-you-drive policies of several types are likely to become widely available quite soon, for three reasons:
    1) Progressive is aggressively rolling out their “behavior-based” product named Snapshot(TM), already in 24 states and planning a near-nationwide ad campaign early next year after reaching 75% of the country;
    2) Competitors are scrambling to respond, because they recognize this is a replay of the competitive scenario when consumer credit was introduced in the mid-1990s to improve accident risk analysis — early adopters benefited and late adopters were hurt; and
    3) With California’s restrictive regulations and Progressive’s patents covering “behavior-based” approaches, many competitors will start with “verified mileage” policies, which only capture vehicle data to prove actual miles driven, not to monitor driving.
    The trick will be for consumers to sort out which type of pay-as-you-drive policy is best matched for each of their vehicles. A “behavior-based” policy might be ideal for the carefully-driven family minivan, while a “verified-mileage” policy would be better for the rarely- but aggressively-driven sports car. Our company and others are preparing to help consumers make worry-free, informed decisions to save as much on auto insurance as possible with these new policies

  11. thanks the articles

  12. – In 1992, George Soros made a billion profit by selling the British pound short, badly damaging that country.
    – In 1999, the president of China banned George Soros from doing business in his country.
    – In 2002, George Soros was convicted of insider trading in France and fined $2.3 million.
    Take action: if you buy Progressive auto insurance, when you send in your premium, you’re helping pay Peter Lewis’ $1.5 million annual salary to fund liberal, anti-American organizations.

  13. So tell me what is different about this than the KOC Brothers and Karl Rove funneling billions into the Republican Party.

    • Lewis funds commie/socialist agendas, that which is set out to destroy America to realize some silly socialist utopia.
      Soros and his thugs strategically set up the Shadow System in their attempt to destroy America.

    • Jon Richard:
      The difference is simple, really:
      I don’t like liberals/Progressive because I don’t approve of their ideology that means to tear down everything the Founding Fathers had so carefully built. I don’t approve of their socialist economic beliefs, their “multicultural” anti-Americanism, their murderous abortions, their GLBT agenda, and more.
      And so, I disapprove of Peter Lewis, a big liberal, and I will never ever give my business to Progressive Auto Insurance because that will further enrich Lewis. Got it?

  14. Excuse the Koch Brothers

  15. doug Soderstrom

    The farther left Peter Lewis is, the more I like him!
    Doug Soderstrom….. The Socialist

    • Socialism is the great fiction by which people like Doug Soderstrom seek to live at the expense of the producers and the 53% of Americans who still pay the income tax.
      Dr. Eowyn, The Conservative

      • Doug Soderstrom

        Capitalism is the great fiction by which people like Dr. Eowyn, The Conservative apparently have pride. However, the United States of America is a capitalist nation and simultaneously has the greatest degree of inequality between the rich and the poor of any developed nation in the world, and that bothers me quite a bit….. something to think about Dr. Eowyn.
        The best to you my friend.
        Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.
        Retired Psychologist

        • Charles Harrison

          Why do some folks think that equality in everything is somehow virtue? For example, this gender bender equality is nothing but perversion. When is perversion a virtue?

          • Charles Harrison

            I just learned that State Farm is the same price as Progressive. So, I switched from Geico to State Farm and saved over half!

        • @Dr. Doug Soderstrom:
          “the United States of America is a capitalist nation and simultaneously has the greatest degree of inequality between the rich and the poor of any developed nation in the world”
          For a retired psychologist with a Ph.D. from Utah State U., you really should know better than to make an empirical claim without providing a source and, worse still, checking if it’s true:
          (1) Israel, a developed nation, has a higher GINI index (41.40 in 2012) than the U.S. (41.00 in 2013). I assume you know that the GINI index is a measure of income inequality.
          (2) Socialist, i.e., non-capitalist countries have a much higher GINI index than the U.S. Two examples:
          – Venezuela’s GINI index was 46.90 in 2006, long before its present economic collapse where income inequality has sky-rocketed even more;
          – China’s GINI index was 42.20 in 2012.
          These figures are from the World Bank.
          I sure hope you were more responsible with your empirical claims when you taught at Wharton County Junior College.
          I send you my best wishes in your retirement.

    • Must have had a gubernmint education if you believe socialism is in any way shape or form beneficial for society.
      How much of your hard earned money do you give away, Comrade?

  16. Wow, I was considering getting Progressive Insurance and after reading this article… I just signed up. Not only am I saving money I’m helping to further left-leaning causes. You made my week! Thanks!!

  17. I just dropped Progressive Insurance after finding out about their association with these organizations. Unfortunately, USAA uses them as a secondary insurance to cover items like watercraft. USAA was not concern about the affiliation – where much of the members are probably more conservative than the chairman of Progressive. I believe that left-leaning companies such as Progressive want to make money from conservatives – and laugh while they use the capital they get to defeat or control capitalism.

  18. gordon kearns

    No more $ S to commie muching looters. Lovingly G.B.K. We have 6 cars with you… that is had.

  19. Hey! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me
    of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this.
    I will forward this write-up to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read.
    Many thanks for sharing!|

  20. Finally left progressive ins , I don’t like liberals/Progressive because I don’t approve of their ideology that means to tear down everything the Founding Fathers had so carefully built. I don’t approve of their socialist economic beliefs, their “multicultural” anti-Americanism, their murderous abortions, and other agendas.
    We need to support businesses that support our values and the constitution, and starve those that dont.

  21. Liberal had a different meaning during the hunter/gatherer ages of mankind. It meant “can’t Hunt”

  22. Take it from the owner of a body and paint facilty, and this is the absolute truth. Progressive is the worst insurance company on earth bar none. Think about it, what are they spending their money on, taking care of their customers or selling more insurance. People you get what you pay for plain and simple.

  23. First time seeing this post. Great info!

  24. george soros is high risk danger to the USA financially backing obama. GS has HIS man exactly where he wants the highest position in our country. we’re $17 trillion in debt. any business would have filed for bankruptcy..our country is broke people! the more gov’t gives you, the more gov’t can take away from you..simple math when you rely on gov’t for your welfare, and not of your own merit.

  25. yeah the post has great info but to what end? Progressive ads are more ubiquitous than ever! I can’t use my email for 5min w/o seeing that repulsive cunt’s face! If you’re boycotting PI & supporters, than boycott sites running their ads. Facebook,&,&, all run that garbage 24/7.
    I found your site searching for some campaign or movement to ban these ads or at least prevent them from being 1 of every 6 ads shown online! Everyone here agrees yet 4yrs after the article posts, nothing has changed, it’s gotten worse.
    In a current society obsessed with offending others,& word usage police on an outrageously obscene scale, there needs to already be a movement against scumbag ads from these insurance companies that rape our psyche multiple times per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  28. You are Wrong About USAA at one time it was a good Company But as far as Today 04/11/2016 They are just another Sorry No good Low life Insurance Crook When it comes to Auto’s Cheap China Crap and Reconditioned Junk Parts Also will Not pay Labor to do repairs the way it should be done, at that being said They are no better than Snake Farm or Allsnake insurance

  29. Apparently you’re insured by some cheap store-front fly by night company, and you get what you pay for. Ever hear of aftermarket parts.? It’s your choice to use it, but if you don’t want to pay for premium OEM at a dealer or reputable shop, you get what you pay for, and that’s aftermarket parts. You can take your wheels wherever you please, like a dealer or other reputable shop where you can get OEM original parts, and pay for the difference. The shop you choose is your choice. Nobody is making you. Hey, if it’s such an issue and a matter of principle, shut up and shell out the extra. A lot of us do because we want quality. Just like you don’t have to buy clothes made in Mexico, or Bangladesh, or Dominican Republic, etc., you don’t have to use after-market parts.

  30. So WHY is Progressive so much cheaper than all the other Insurance Companies.

  31. but, Progressive doesn’t pay claims and jacks up rates like everyone else too

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  33. Charles Harrison

    The CEO of Progressive died years ago. So, how is the company now? Still Red?


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