Say Bye-Bye to Harry Reid

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Let me ask my fellow Conservatives this question, and please answer truthfully: “Have you ever referred to Barack Obama as a ‘negro’?”
I can honestly say that I haven’t, not even in the privacy of my thoughts. Decades of the Left’s PC indoctrination have forever banished the N-word from my vocabulary. And you’re probably the same.
So, it is all the more curious that none other than a big Lefty — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) — used the N-word in reference to Obama.
Today, Reid was forced to issue a public apology for a remark he made in private during the 2008 presidential campaign about Obama being “light skinned” who spoke “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”    Obama had been Reid’s colleague in the Senate for two years, but Reid can’t see past beyond Obama’s race and skin color. If this isn’t racism, what is?
What hypocrites those on the Left are! It turns out maligning Conservatives as racists is really liberals’ psychological projection of their own racism!
Reid’s comments are in a book, Game Change, which is set to be published on Monday. The web site of The Atlantic magazine published an excerpt from the book which contained Reid’s offensive remark. This precipitated Reid’s public apology to Obama today.
This latest incident is the death knell for Harry Reid’s political “career.” He is already struggling in his reelection campaign. Simply put, people in his home state can’t stand this detestable man. A new survey released Saturday by the Las Vegas Review Journal showed Reid trailing all three Republican challengers. Only 33% of Nevadans have a favorable opinion of him; more than half of Nevadans regard him unfavorably.
Harry Reid is finished as a politician. Good riddance and Allelujah!
To read the AP story on this, CLICK HERE.

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11 responses to “Say Bye-Bye to Harry Reid

  1. Never use the N word either…
    Hypocrites…all of them! Bye Harry, you won’t be missed.

  2. When I heard about this on the radio this morning, I knew it would be posted here. 😀
    “Negro” isn’t a racist term, but it’s definitely archaic. For example, the United Negro College Fund still exists, but is now referred to as the UNCF.
    Reid’s usage of the term, while offensive, unfortunately isn’t uncommon.
    A couple of years ago, Rush Limbaugh began promoting the parody song, “Barack the Magic Negro” on his show. Did conservatives call for him to quit? No.
    Reid should step down…as soon as Steele does for his “Honest Injun” comment of last week. 🙂
    “I wasn’t intending to say a racial slur at all,” Steele said after he was called out for the remark.
    But you did, Mr. Steele, you did. Same as Reid.
    Last summer, when a non-white gay man asked Steele about his plan regarding inclusion of “diverse populations” in the Republican Party, Steele responded, “My plan is to say, y’all come…I got the fried chicken and potato salad!”
    Imagine if a white member of the GOP had said that!
    All of these incidents only serve to remind us that racism is still deeply ingrained in our society, no matter how politically correct we try to be. It’s not just one race against another, either; there’s also the rarely-discussed problem known as “internal racism,” when members of a minority show intolerance toward other members of the same minority. Clearly, we have a loooong way to go.

    • Monte,
      You have a point about the United Negro Fund having the word “negro” in it. But isn’t it precisely the case — that only African-Americans can wield the N-word with impunity, but not a non-black, and most definitely not a white person? Don’t tell me you actually use the N-word?
      I don’t use the N-word because Af-Ams say it’s hurtful — and I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings needlessly. I’m not “white” (whatever that word means), so imagining myself in Obama’s shoes, I would feel rather hurt and discouraged that Harry Reid — with whom I had worked as a Democratic Party colleague in the Senate for 2 years — still think of me in skin color and Negro accent terms.

      • Now that the can of worms is open…
        The UNCF was founded at a time when the word “negro” didn’t have a racist connotation. It’s worth noting that the word appears on 2010 Census forms because, believe it or not, some older black people still prefer that term. Why? Because several decades ago, the term “black” had a negative connotation.
        Considering that Harry Reid is pushing 70, he obviously grew up using the term “negro” in a non-offensive manner. Some old habits die hard.
        As I stated earlier, I feel that his use of the term is offensive. Here’s what I find more offensive, though: the part about speaking “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”
        As a person who also isn’t white (I am biracial), and occasionally receives “compliments” from white people because I speak English without a Spanish accent (mainly because it’s my first language), I find it more than a little irritating that some people still assume that all minorities speak English with strong ethnic accents.
        Twenty years ago, I moved to a primarily-white neighborhood. The first time I voted in my new district, I went to the local polling place, presented my sample ballot to one of the volunteers, a 60-ish white woman, and was told, “I’m sorry, we don’t have ballots in Spanish.” This was before I had said a word. I responded in my best Valley Girl voice, “Oh, that’s soooo sad. Do you have one in Chinese?”
        The look on her face was priceless. I was given a ballot in English.
        I don’t use the term “negro” in English because it is offensive. In Spanish, though, it means “black,” and is the preferred term in that language.
        But isn’t it precisely the case — that only African-Americans can wield the N-word with impunity, but not a non-black, and most definitely not a white person?
        That goes for other minorities as well (that’s the “internal racism” I referred to in my earlier post). There are more than a few derogatory terms that Latinos use against each other, and they’re quite insulting, but when an outsider uses those terms, they’re EXTREMELY offensive.
        Regarding “Af-Ams,” I don’t know a single black person who prefers that term. As one of my friends puts it, “I’m not from Africa!”

    • I can understand your need to try and defend members of your own party. Fine. But Don Imus lost his job; Trent Lott lost his job; and if Honest Injun is a racial slur, I’m not aware of it.
      But be honest- what would you be saying if the book had reported that Sarah Palin uttered the quote?
      Well, no matter. All is forgiven.

      • I can see that I was really misunderstood here…
        I’m not a Democrat, and I’m not defending Reid.
        if Honest Injun is a racial slur, I’m not aware of it.
        I’m 1/4 San Carlos Apache. “Injun,” honest or not, is offensive to many Native people. Personally, it doesn’t get my undies in a twist; I haven’t felt the need to censor my copy of “Tom Sawyer” because there’s a character named Injun Joe in it. 🙂
        Again, we have a loooong way to go.

      • Another good one BK!

  3. Good post Steve. I’m sick of this to…to this day the AP still needs to say that Obama is our first African-American president. Get over it, he’s our pres. Why bring up the race card? I’m sick of the “first” Asian-American, woman, whatever. Why is color/gender always an issue w/libs? I don’t care what your skin color or genetials are…just want a QUALIFIED and competent individual to do the job.

  4. Monte, let me ask you this. If I walked up to a black man and called him a negro…would he bust me in the teeth?
    If you did, you wouldn’t be posting here anymore. 🙂
    Steve, I think you misunderstood my post. I very clearly stated that I do find Reid’s comment offensive.
    I am aware of how “Barack the Magic Negro” came to be. It doesn’t change the fact that the song is still racist.
    I sincerely apologize if you were offended by my comments. That wasn’t my intention. BTW, I’m not a Democrat.

  5. The problem as I see it is this:
    The race card is used as a weapon by Democrats against Republicans, Conservatives, and in general, almost anyone from the South. Interesting how they profile like that. And since it is Democrats that routinely use the race card, they certainly should be held to at least the same standards.
    Since the day Barack Obama entered the Presidential race, the issue of race has been huge. Jimmy Carter claims racism when people disagree with the Liberal agenda. Jeneane Garofalo said the Tea Parties were all about hating a black man in office. Racism straight up. Maureen Dowd called Joe Wilson a racist in the New York Times for saying the words “you lie.” Then she claimed that even though he didn’t actually say it, she thought she heard “you lie, boy.” And Chris Matthews has been on a near nightly rage about how “white” the Tea Parties are.
    Well, Harry Reid makes disparaging comments about the color of the Presidents skin and the tone of his speech. Then, completely acknowledging the offensive nature of those comments, he feels the need to apologize to the President and all African-Americans. If it wasn’t racist, why was he apologizing? If he offended only the President, then why apologize to an entire race?
    Anyone with any sense of right and wrong understands that there is a huge double standard here, and had a Conservative shown up with a sign saying “Kill the Bill. Barack’s short on street cred” MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Nancy Reid and Harry Reid would’ve been all over it- siting it as proof that the entire Conservative ideology and Tea Party movement was borne in racism.
    What Reid said is racist because the rules we all live under; rules written and enforced by Democrats, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the MSM clearly define it as such. Maybe in the technicality world these statements are benign, but not in the world we’re forced to live.


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