Say a Prayer for this Angel

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The Beckwith family, whom belong to my church, faced the ultimate pain when they had to take their little 9-year-old Rachel off life support yesterday.  A vigil was held at my church last night and the above video reports on the story.
Rachel was involved in a multi-car crash on I-90 last week, but while her parents are now planning their daughter’s funeral, they also wanted to everyone to know that their little girl is leaving behind a big legacy. The little girl who loved dancing, jumping rope, and riding bikes is now giving life to others.
Her father, Jacob , says Rachel’s liver is going to Chicago — doctors found a patient small enough who needed a liver. Rachel’s kidney went to a man at the University of Washington Medical Center while her pancreas went to Wisconsin for research.
Rachel’s birthday wish in June wasn’t for presents, but to raise $300 for charity water, a non-profit that builds wells for villagers in third world countries. “She wanted to help all these people and helping a lot more than could have ever imagined,” her father said. At last count, Rachel has raised over $145,000.
“Rachel was a champion. She was someone who always had a smile on her face and believed that she could make a difference in this world,” says Pastor Jeremy Johnson, with Eastside Community Church in Bothell.  Johnson says Rachel was “just excited about life,” and while her death has made the community sad, he says it’s more important to remember her life.
“People have found that in the middle of unexplainable tragedy, there is some hope,” Jeremy says. “Out of death can come life.

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0 responses to “Say a Prayer for this Angel

  1. DCG you (as well as all from FOTM) was there for me in my hour of need, I will be there for you and the Beckwith family.

  2. This precious angel is now in the Father’s loving arms.

  3. Thanks…we are all just so saddened 🙁

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Yes, this family deserves all our support. The loss they suffered is the greatest a parent could face and through it all, such grace!
    The local media did an excellent job of covering the story, too. Acknowledging the tragedy and focusing on the good.

  5. An angel, indeed. Prayers for her family and friends that they will feel God’s loving comfort, as He holds their little angel in His arms and welcomes her Home.

  6. Prayers for the Beckwith family for their loss. Little Rachel is now seeing God face to face. How cool is that….

  7. Lord have mercy on her little soul. She is playing with angels now on fluffy clouds. Lord please comfort the Beckwith family. Amen

  8. I can’t even fathom losing a child of that age.
    How sad.

  9. I pray the Beckwith family feels the warmth of their faith as it wraps around them in comfort. I hope they feel the prayers sent out to them as the prayers sent up to heaven lift their spirits so broken with their loss. I hope and pray that the physicians and patients who received new life are blessed with thanksgiving and a sense of renewal and thanksgiving. One can survive a tragic loss like this only with faith, family and love. May God be with them.

  10. FYI – in just four days since the word went out about Rachel’s wish, over $450,000 has been raised in her name! Incredibly generous people…


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