Saudi Arabian restaurants ban single women from entering because of their 'mentally unstable' behaviour

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DailyMail: Restaurants in Saudi Arabia have banned single women from entering because of their ‘mentally unstable’ behaviour such as using flirting, smoking and using mobile phones.
Several restaurants have put up signs that say ‘women are not allowed’ in another blow for women’s rights in the conservative Muslim kingdom.
There is no law banning women from travelling alone in Saudi Arabia but deeply-held religious beliefs dictate that they should be accompanied by a male family member when out in public.
According to The Week, one restaurant owner said: ‘We put up these signs because we have seen numerous incidents of flirting taking place inside the restaurant. We’ll only remove these signs when we make sure such incidents never happen again on our premises because such type of behaviour negatively impacts our business.’
Bloggers in the Middle Eastern state also described women who smoke and use mobile phones as ‘mentally unstable’. One wrote: ‘The best thing is to keep women away from restaurants unless they have a male custodian. That way the restaurant is not shut down because of the misbehaviour of an adolescent or mentally unstable woman.’
The blogger added that one woman crossed the line when she came in alone and ‘focused on her mobile’.
Another online post said some women visiting restaurants had no respect. A man called Talal said: ‘My brother has a restaurant and he says that even though there is a section for families, there are often instances of embarrassment.
‘Several women would come in and would speak loudly without any respect for public behaviour. He says that it is difficult for him to get them to lower their voices.’
Saudi Arabia has one of the worst record’s for women’s rights in the world. Women will be allowed to vote and run for office in local elections for the first time next year but are still not allowed to drive.
There are no laws on the minimum age it is legal to marry at, with father’s giving their daughters a way when they are just nine years old in some cases.
Women can ride bicycles, but only in ‘recreational areas’ if they are wearing full Islamic body coverings and are accompanied by a male guardian.
Khalid Al Fakhri, the head of Saudi Arabia’s National Society for Human Rights, said: ‘These signs are against the law and reflect the personal opinions of the restaurant owners.’

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0 responses to “Saudi Arabian restaurants ban single women from entering because of their 'mentally unstable' behaviour

  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    No feminism here! Maybe we should export some of are more liberated women to the kingdom so the kingdom can be straitened out!

  2. Or we could send these “liberated” women over there for educational purposes. As in educate them on how GOOD they have it here. When can’t “express the nipple”, you can’t have an “abortion on demand”, hell, you can ride a bike, but you got to bring some poor SOB whose willing to ride with you, etc. then come back and tell us all how you’re (the resident feminist) can tell us how bad they got it here. Wow-is-me!

  3. sickening, these women are cultivated slaves……all the money in the world can’t buy your freedom…..freedom is priceless

  4. A country where women aren’t allowed to drive. Now THAT’S my kind of country! Seems legit!

    • Steven . . . you must be joking! Any man who was raised in the Good Old USA cannot possibly think that things would be better if women were subjugated to second class roles only . . . unless he is a man who inwardly feels he cannot “hold his own” when in the company of real women. Real women who think and act for themselves, and that is not to say that men should not be reverenced in their role as Patriarch of the family. Real women want real men who are their equal, and vice versa.

  5. I think Steven was being sarcastic. I think they should be able to do whatever they do;I’m NOT in favor of most of their customs,but it’s their Country,let them be who they are. IF,however,they wanna bring that stuff into MY Country,there’s gonna be a fight.

  6. More proof that billions and billions can’t buy the smarts God gave a goose!


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