Saturday Morning Funny.

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I bring you another video that is so bad and so stupid it is funny. My son who has just turned 13 likes to point out certain vids  that he finds hysterical.                                 oop’s a little warning on the language. just a little salty.

~ Steve~                    H/T The Short Fella who lives here.

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0 responses to “Saturday Morning Funny.

  1. A *LITTLE* salty?
    Me thinks someone unscrewed the top of the salt shaker and oopsy!

  2. I did warn ya. You think it was over the line?
    Sorry, maybe in recollection it was a bad choice. OK when kid gets home I’ll beat him….just kidding.

    • LoL…. oh please don’t beat him on my account! Yes, you did warn. Perhaps a bit salty for but only for me. :o)
      I do hope you know I was joking.
      My favorite part was comments from others: Uh, I’m on the fence.

  3. surfer yes I did know. You sure I can’t beat the kid..Darn.
    I got it, how about I kick the dog? LOL
    Just kidding folks, No animals or children were hurt making this comment.
    We employ Crisis Actors for that…
    Bwaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa

    • ROTFL @ kick the dog & Crisis Actors!!!~
      wipes away tears…
      Steve, you know how to make a girl’s day!!
      Thank you!!!!!!! :o)

  4. This is really awful. How old is your kid? Like 7?

  5. I got here late, but just as well. Having raised three kids, each seven years apart, I ‘get’ these videos. The fact is that they are supposed to be stupid, gross, and absurd. Our kids are telling us that the society they find themselves in is absurd, vulgar, and stupid, and it has no overtly redeeming values. So it goes.


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