Saturday Funny: The Trump Cloud

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A sharp-eyed Twitterer named Carol (@rescuetracker81) spotted this uncanny cloud formation in a Fox 32 Chicago news video:
Trump cloud
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Trump cloud with Trump’s profile. Uncanny!
Trump cloud
The Trump cloud sent a Hillary useful idiot into apoplexy:

@Elucidated2: ” I can’t stand it. He is everywhere!”

Elucidated will really have a meltdown when she sees this Trump wave. LOL
Trump wave
Another Twitterer found a Hillary cloud:
Hillary cloud

H/t GiGi

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0 responses to “Saturday Funny: The Trump Cloud

  1. Hillary on her broom…hilarious!!

  2. Clouds worth thousands of words.

  3. love the clouds especially the hillary one lol i could tell it was her right away 😉

  4. Nature DOES have a sense of humor!

  5. He is everywhere, he is everywhere Everyone Must vote Trump 2016!

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  7. LOL – It’s a sign from God. 😉
    Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.

  8. Dr Eowyn . . . this post is SOOOOO GOOD, I had to forward to many friends, so that they could also enjoy it! Good job!

  9. The Trump cloud even has his double-chin. 🙂
    All of those are hilarious!

  10. Okay–no lie. I’m out there swimming today, and I look in the sky and there’s a Bill Clinton profile cloud complete with horn.
    Next thing you know, his mouth opens a bit, and he exhales (inhales?)!
    And then his nose goes all pinocchio!
    Certainly adds a new dimension to the old cloud-watching!

  11. -And I just love the comrade Broom Hilda cloud formation. 😀

  12. This photo was taken in Black Canyon City Az, not chicago.


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