Saturday funnies, the Nancy Pelosi grounded edition!

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9 responses to “Saturday funnies, the Nancy Pelosi grounded edition!

  1. I would like to know why Nancy’s entire family was also on that bus heading for the airport.

    Yesterday, Donna Brazile posted this on her Twitter account, along with a picture of Pelosi speaking.

    #Madam Speaker today
    #President Pelosi thereafter
    #MLK Weekend is underway

    • The last time she was “Speaker” she cost us millions flying on Air Force planes with full wet bars. She traveled like a Saudi prince.

    • Why were Pelosi’s family on the US-provided military plane, but too, why were those other Demorat House members? Who died/appointed the anti-Trump obstructionists in charge of USA foreign policy? (Clearly another step in plans to keep out of reach of White House pleas/demands for meetings to talk about negotiating differing sides to this stand-off—just like an eye-lift trip to Hawaii or their collective junket to meet with lobbyists in Puerto Rico within DAYS of returning to “work” in DC from their winter break!) Were I POTUS, I’d not only stop this BS about using our military dollars during the gov’t shutdown, but, I’d ban or at least LIMIT it for the duration of my tenure in office. Shameless shameless squandering of our taxpayer and military resources. You know, as a teacher, I see these shenanigans akin to the kids who would abuse a bathroom-use privilege you might give them—-wander the halls, “go to the restroom,” anything to get out of the REAL work of the day…and so, I’ve had to, for instance, issue “bathroom pass tickets” to each on a weekly or monthly basis…which makes the user in charge of deciding how to use this privilege judiciously instead of wantonly/irresponsibly/flagrantly. I have to “force” them into learning how to use their resources wisely—otherwise, it’s “open season.” It always works for middle-schoolers—-which is about the maturity level upon which these sad sack “legislators” function presently. These House Rep clowns need to have a PERSONAL budget alloted to them per year for certain expenditures just like EVERY OTHER employee in almost EVERY employment concern in the USA and elsewhere. Additionally, they should have to DEFEND their applications for use. I have to do it. And, my application has to go through several layers of approval until it is satisfied and I can use the money alloted me. I get $200 (ever since the Obama years) per year to run a year-long curriculum in art, which uses consumbable materials every single day for my 200 seat-times per day, 1,000 seat times per week, 36,000 seat-times per school year ( almost 15 years ago, I’d get $1,000 to $1500 to run even LESS periods per day of this program, since I taught academics part of the day and art the rest). Do the math. Today, I get little over half a cent per day per student that I teach in my classroom. Even so, our sainted bookkeeper scrounges up maybe double that from some slush funds here and there….and that STILL only allows me a penny a day per each student that I teach for supplies to produce/take home consumable work. My kids are using old, discarded, auditorium folding chairs to sit on b/c we’ve been out of chairs, desks, tables of any kind for maybe 5 years. My tables have had to be braced with “L’ brackets b/c they were collapsing on the kids during class. I had to call an ambulance one time b/c of this. We don’t have class sets of books for any subject, and haven’t had for almost a decade….we had to close a hallway in one portion of our school for a year and re-route our foot traffic through the halls b/c our ceiling in that area was threatening to collapse. Our bathroom, both student and teacher, are routinely closed due to non-functioning….the one I use every day (ONCE) has no lighting (and no window, you have to take your own light or pee in pitch black). I could go on and on…but my POINT to all this griping is….can you EVEN imagine how I feel when Nancy Pelosi….one of “my” California Reps, and the supposed “Speaker of the House” plans a wasteful, politically-motivated, million-or-so-dollar STUNT like this latest “world tour?” I’d SPIT on her grave if she were dead. Otherwise, I’d just spit on her, given a chance. (And, PS…my gripes PALE compared to what ills come out of her Rep. district in SanFrancisco, what with the “feces patrols” and street needles, the overwhelming amonia fumes coming out of the streets from years and years of street urination……which is what I experienced about 6 years ago while there…and I”LL NEVER GO BACK).

  2. I can hardly wait for Pelosi to be gone for good. Politicians usually are the scum of the earth, but Nancy Pelosi is absolutely batshit crazy! And I cannot tolerate her never-ending yapping mouth. No other woman talks the way she does, and I really think something’s wrong with her.

  3. O’Cedar could provide Nancy Pelosi with the means to fly solo. Shit if she wanted a sport model she could use a lobby broom…

  4. It’s all about Nasty Nancy, forget about Americans, the Country, the future, the biggest mistake ever made has been her ascension to (bullshit) speaker of the house (of horrors). NASTY NASTY AND CYNICAL SCHUMMER MUST NOT BRING OUR COUNTRY ON IT’S KNEES,

    • NANCY, the Great Wall was built in 220–206 BC by Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. The US wall to keep out illegals was built before the year 2020 by none other that multi millionaire Republican Ptesident Donald J. Trump.


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