Saturday funnies!

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8 responses to “Saturday funnies!

  1. Magpie Ocasio-Cortes looks like she is having a bout with colics!

  2. Stupid socialists make the funniest subjects for memes. 😀

  3. Good Ones, one and all.

    And seriously: Alex Jones has mentioned it, and I am looking for it: Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes a meth-head? Is she a drug addict? Well, I guess time will tell. She certainly has presented herself as a BUG-EYED MANIAC!!!

    • Could be, she has that “tweaker” look. My guess is she’s mui loco.

      • How’d she get outta the Asylum? She’s not smart enough to con her way out,she’s not rich enough to buy her way out,she’s not cute enough to “sleep” her way out….

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Just one thing wrong with the “osama” comparison; it, whether mistakenly or intentionally, I believe, endeavors to support a false narrative.

  5. Clearly, AOC is a hard worker/resourceful; that being said, these qualities in no way equate w/intellectual ability, which she appears to lack greatly. It’s a little like the way elementary schools are run these days: do your work fast, hand it in, & you get 100%—even if it’s wrong three ways from Sunday. Her dad was an educated architect. Her mom did menial jobs after he died young, so I don’t suppose she had much schooling & perhaps not the ability (but maybe that hard work/resourcefulness we see in her daughter?) Supposedly, AOC has a “cum laude” (lowest level honor…like making “honor roll” at a 3.25 average) degree from fairly prestigious Boston College in International Relations & Economics…..about which she has evinced over & over again in public that she has little to NO grasp of either of those, socially or politically. (Wonder who were her professors? Maybe she DID get a grasp….but it’s the socialist/fascists bent being force-fed today’s university students in the USA?) Additionally, she attended on a fellowship or grant. She’s a great poster child for Affirmative Action in action— a lot like the kids at my merchants who can’t make change, or the new kid at Starbuck’s who couldn’t figure out the decimal point on my card, reading $14. as $.14….so, after a lot of arguing and showing him the receipt from my last check on my total (I only go there once a month to meet with 2 other teachers for a professional reason—so it’s NOT like I’m in there using this card often and can’t remember my total), I ended up paying the danged $17 total for my small cup of tea (the tea charge minus 14 cents, AND the bastage kid kept my $14 card), just to get out of line, and have never patronized them since. I still have to meet there, but carry in my water. Or, how about one of my stupid millenial relatives arguing with me for an entire day while doing laundry that an infant-sized denim jean and the jeans of her 200-lb husband both weighed the SAME b/c they both said “14 oz Denim” on the tag????? And then, insisted later over another topic that Ben Franklin had been once POTUS….swore and be-danged and hunted for references ….loudly…..and ruined everyone’s day at a family event as she perseverated on these. AOC has some company right out of my own family, and given a chance, they’d probably vote for her for ANYTHING, or maybe allow her to do brain surgery on them…..hand their lives over to her or those similar… .without question. Hold on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride ahead.


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