Saturday funnies!

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0 responses to “Saturday funnies!

  1. Excellent post, DCG!!!!
    Godzilla gif

  2. traildustfotm

    Great stuff, DCG! 😀
    My favorite is the “An indian and an african walk into a bar” joke.

  3. I like that one too,TD.

  4. I like the gun pic..but how does he know she’s a lesbian?

    • I think the person replying is being sarcastic. The fool is worried about an open carry being scary yet her buying bread (and being a lesbian) is a joke to show how over paranoid he is, or something.

  5. My favorite is about the Indian and the African. ha ha Leeann

  6. Ross Blankert

    At least the USA is not eating their pets yet. Socialism and communism does not work. When the government takes from the working to give to the non working, the working are being punished for working. Incentive is lost. The government is not the solution to your problems. It is the problem.


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