Saturday Funnies!

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. . . and puns!

H/t Maziel


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9 responses to “Saturday Funnies!

  1. It’s good to start Saturday morning with a laugh. Thanks a million.

  2. What a good way to start a Saturday; after all the B.S. we are fed 24/hrs makes anyone wonder if there’s good clean humor left. Thanks all pics are funny!

  3. Hahaha, I like the ones about the cats! I especially like the ones about the cat treadmill; my cat uses his treadmill all the time… 🙂

  4. Which is why the correct way to hang toilet paper is over the back. Now you know.

    • Thanks! I just did that this morning after putting in a new roll of TP. Now, maybe I won’t find half my TP on the bathroom floor…

    • I tried routing the TP from the bottom, but my cat STILL pulled it off the roll! He isn’t using it as a treadmill; if he did, then the TP wouldn’t come off the roll. I’ll reroute the TP over the top like I used to.

  5. Cat treadmills…funny!

  6. Steven Broiles

    I loved the one about the cat and the comma. It was witty!

  7. All very high quality, love the one with the cat & newspaper, s/he looks like an editor I once knew! And ya gotta love the MD breaking the news to the cat about the diagnosis: curiosity, indeed! Of course I sent this on to people as soon as I finished reading it, it’s too good not to share!


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