Friday Evening Funny

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I got this in an email from my brother a little earlier, and I felt compelled to share it with you guys.

Mexican Word of the Day:


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0 responses to “Friday Evening Funny

  1. Does my heart good.

  2. And it is Putin’s fault! (How stupid does one have to be to believe that?)

  3. One ugly pinata.

  4. La Cucaracha!

  5. Is Killary Rotten El Chapo Guzmán’s confidant and advisor? Ayyyy Mamacita! Hahaha.

  6. I know this is totally off topic and I apologize but I love the theme you are using for “Fellowship Of The Minds” and I was wondering if you would share which one it is with me because I would like to use it on John Liming too. I have the same concerns about censorship as you are expressing here because I have been blogging on this platform for 7 years now and I have only 4 people who comment regularly and not that many hits every day and I have been suspicious that out of 300 million bloggers I can only get that few readers. I think something stinks and I have been blaming it on the NSA and the CIA but your article here is opening my eyes to a new and somewhat unsettling possibility.


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