Satanists In the Berkeley Hills

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My morning walk takes me up and down a certain neighborhood in the hills of Berkeley, California — the city famous for its far left politics.

I knew that leftwing politics invariably is attended by a disposition to be not just secularist agnostic and atheistic, but hostile to Christianity. But even I was unprepared for what I saw that morning.
I was walking up an incline and saw ahead of me that someone had scribbled writings in yellow chalk on the black asphalt by the side of the narrow road.
I first thought it be to the work of a child. But as I got closer, reading upside down, I could see what appeared to be the word “LUCIFER”.
That got my attention.
So when I got to the chalk marks, I turned my body around to face the direction from which I had come, and gazed down. On the black asphalt were these words in yellow chalk:





The words were all capitalized in an elegant hand, not a child’s penmanship.


In Ancient Egyptian mythology — as well as the Egyptian mystery religion of secret societies such as Free Masonry and Kabbalah — Set (also spelled Seth, Sheth, Sutekh, Setan or Seteh) is the god of the desert, storms, darkness and chaos. Set was the killer of Osiris in the Myth of Osiris and Isis, having hacked Osiris’ body into pieces and dispersed it so that he could not be resurrected.
Clearly, whoever that wrote this equates Set with Lucifer, the fallen angel who turned against his Creator and so became Satan. Ra is the Egyptian sun god.
I didn’t have a camera on me. By the time I had finished my route and returned home, it had started to rain.
It rained the next day, and the next, and the next. On the first rainless day, I returned to the spot, armed with a can of silver spray paint and a camera.
As I had expected, the chalk marks were gone, erased by the rain.
I whispered the name of Jesus Christ and quickly painted three crosses (for the Trinity) right where the Satanic verse had been.

When I told my husband about the Satanic verse, he reacted with incredulity, exclaiming “I can’t believe anyone takes this seriously. This is the hi-income hi-education Berkeley Hills!”
Ah, but we seem to have forgotten that none other than Saul Alinsky — one of the Left’s gurus and community organizer Barack Obama’s political mentor — had dedicated his book, Rules For Radicals, to none other than that “first radical…who rebelled against the establishment,” Lucifer!

It’s been nearly a month now.
No one had tried to paint over the crosses. Nor has the Satanic verse reappeared.

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0 responses to “Satanists In the Berkeley Hills

  1. Someone writes something you don’tl ike in chalk that is washed away by rain,and you respond by committing an act of vandalism on public property with spray paint.
    Then you brag about it.
    Tagging is illegal, regardless of the motive.
    You should be arrested, fined, and compelled to clean up your mess.

    • Candance Moore

      Someone writes something on their blog that you don’t like, so you barge into the comment thread and announce that they should be arrested. Eowyn should be compelled to ignore you.
      Anyway, it’s absurd to think someone would get arrested for putting a little paint on a cracked bit of asphalt.

    • kestrel9000, who lives in or near Saint Johnsbury in Vermont:
      I thank my wonderful friends on the Fellowship for defending me while I was away this morning. They’ve done such a marvellous job, I’d only be redundant if I were to respond to you. There is just one observation I want to make —

      I find it noteworthy that instead of being perturbed by someone writing an Ode to Lucifer, what gets you foaming at the mouth is the fact that I spray-painted 3 little crosses on the asphalt — which I doubt anyone (except the Satanist) even notices, as the utilities people (water, phone, sewer) regularly paint cryptic signs, words, and numbers on road surfaces.
      On one side, a Satan worshipper openly, publicly, wishing for the swift return of his master. On the other side, 3 little crosses on the road. Yup, I can see where your priorities and sympathies are!

      Be honest with us: It’s not the spray-painting that so outrages you. It’s the cross. Betcha if I had spraypainted a pentagram, you’d say “Way to go!”
      Just don’t come whining to us when your master actually shows up!

  2. Yeah, you’re really fighting Satan by committing acts of vandalism on public property. You go.
    Demonstrating again that, to conservatives, the rules don’t apply to anyone but other people, and that anything is ok if someone says GAWD told them to do it, whether it’s vandalizing public property or murdering doctors that perform legal medical procedures.

  3. Actually,Steve, you illiterate idiot, yes,I DID. I said the original message was washed away by chalk, in the rain.
    And there is no such thing as God. Or Satan. Absent your ability to prove otherwise (the claim itself is beyond extroardinary and ridiculous on its face) that statement stands as true, and the burden of proof is on you.
    “Abortion is murder” is your political/religious position,and it is one that the majority does not share.
    On the other hand, the killing of Tiller, or Slepian, is murder by every legal standard.
    By every standard of american law.
    Just as were the murders of Britton and Barrett, for which the perpetrator was executed. Legally executed, and a death warrant signed by Jeb Bush, one of your conservative heroes, not murdered by a self appointed religious vigilante using one of the guns that you conservatives VERY MISTAKENLY believe you have a monopoly on.

    • Bugger off, troll.
      Don’t you have a child to molest or something, comrade?

    • Can you explain why it’s wrong to kill abortion doctors? Please do so without making any appeal to anything transcendent. Per your claim, there is no God or Satan – so all that exists is the material universe.
      What appeal to morality does this impersonal, material universe make upon me, a cosmic accident? How does it demand of me one thing over another? I mean, why should I not eat my neighbor – or spray paint the asphalt?
      Remember, there is nothing Transcendent. Please be consistent as you attempt to moralize.

    • Why should I have to prove my PERSONAL belief to you? It is MY choice to believe in GOD, just as it is yours not to. You can bug off and go play with your Godless creatures at HuffPo.
      And the rules don’t apply to conservatives? That’s rich…I’m sure Kerry, Rangel, Bawney, Turbo Tax Tim and all the other frauds in DC are pleased they got away with their “mistakes’.

  4. Your “can you prove there is not?” is rejected out of hand as trite fairy dust.
    You’re the one making a claim about a magic sky fairy, and until you can prove it, it’s fairy dust. The burden of proof is 100% on you.
    Oh, and nice race-baiting.
    Admin note: Stop with the profanity.

    • “Fairy” dust? How nonPC of you…
      I owe no proof to you for my personal beliefs. My beliefs are my own and your “trite” statements are your own.
      God is my saviour and I owe you NOTHING to you.

  5. @Dave Buggery and child molestation? Might you have issues? Seems like it.

    • You blew in here and from the start was beyond merely rude to the owner of this blog, as well as to several other of my friends here, and therefore ripped open a really big can of oh-puhleeeeeeze-whoop-my-ass worms.
      It was the blog equivalent of putting a “Kick Me” sign on your ass.
      At that point, you became fair game, and I was happy to oblige.
      BTW: I have been doing this since the very early Usenet days, and I can smell a troll from 6 thousand miles out with my nose plugged and a finger in one ear.

      • Steve,
        LOL – Yeah, after I hit the Post Comment button, it occurred to me I had left out the word “blindfolded.”

  6. Candance Moore

    That is interesting in the face of the political revolution happening in Egypt right now.

  7. lowtechgrannie

    kestrel9000 (Ed Garcia) Co-founder Born in Stockton, California in 1965, Eddie Garcia (aka kestrel9000) has more issues than Harper’s. “Bizarre” is one of the kinder of many words that have been used to describe him. A long time radio personality who has also moonlighted as an EMT in a cannery and an armed security supervisor, kestrel9000 is now living in his fifth state. From a Central California ghetto, an Ohio red-light district, radical left-wing Vermont, radical right-wing Virginia, and finally, an urban Portuguese enclave in Southern Massachusetts, kestrel9000 is still not convinced he’s seen it all. UPDATE: He made it back. The kestrels currently reside in St. Johnsbury where the head of the nest is doing mornings at WMTK/Littleton “106.3 The Notch”. kestrel9000, has, at last, seen enough. For now. kestrel9000 also supports neopaganism, the Democratic Party (in spite of certain among its leadership), single-payer health care, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to create and drink microbrews.

  8. Three cheers for Eowyn. As Milton wrote about the lad with the horns; “He has a mind in him, which can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven.” Abortion is only legalised murder and we all know who is running the world at the moment… But his time is about to run out soon. God bless the Fellowship. Saint Michael protect them all from darkness. Ya’ll take care now.

    • Amen & Ditto to you, our fine new Lone Wolf, who’s no longer alone as of now. Most of us were in the wilderness at one time or another, but came Home by redemption and grace, as we obviously were NOT doing it on our before then! That you quote relevantly from Milton is the mark of a very knowledgeable reader, perhaps even an autodidact such as myself and many others are. Again, “Hello” and “Welcome aboard!”

    • Thanks, dear Lone! Thanks especially for your prayer to St. Michael to protect us!

  9. kestrel: your atheist belief is just that. Can you prove He doesn’t exist?

  10. Everything in the world belongs to God. Satan and his minions make empty promises and never turn up with the goods. Fooling so many suckers and I quote the blind poet again; “better to rule in hell than serve in heaven”. Satan’s slaves believe they are in for a good time. A big shock awaits them in the fires of hell. I’m looking forward to serving my God in heaven and also helping to bring about his kingdom here on earth. He is fed up of all the filth and sin rising up from the world towards His throne. Deos gratias, omnes gentes!

  11. Before I forget, thanks for your kind comments josephbc69. You’re very close to God. Amen.

  12. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment.
    iso 9000


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