Satanist falls on her ass, so let's have another Caption Contest!

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This is the 94th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:
Madonna falls at BRIT award 2015
About the pic: On Feb. 25, 2015, while performing at the Brit Awards, the British equivalent of the satanic Grammy Awards, surrounded by demonic horned and masked male dancers, 56-year-old Madonna Louise Ciccone fell on her ass. She claimed she sustained “a little bit of whiplash” and smacked the back of her head, but that didn’t stop her from wearing sky-high heels the next day for her interview at a UK TV talk show. (See also Madonna’s satanic performance at the 2012 Super Bowl half-time show: “Super Bowl Satanism“)
You know the drill:

  • Enter the contest by submitting your caption as a comment on this thread (scroll down until you see the “LEAVE A REPLY” box), not via email or on Facebook.
  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a gorgeous Award Certificate of Excellence and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

A preview of her fall to Hell.

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Tuesday, March 10, 2015.
For the winner of our last Caption Contest, click here.
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0 responses to “Satanist falls on her ass, so let's have another Caption Contest!


  2. Fresh out of brillo and geeking like a bitch, Henry and Agnes tweek the carpet for that one lost kibble that popped out of the busted crack pipe.

    • @TWIG,
      You are in fact SNIPPY, the obnoxious commenter who’s been dissing the other caption submissions here. How do I know that? — because TWIG and SNIPPY have the same email address and exactly the same IP address of Virginia Beach, VA.
      As “SNIPPY,” you actually sang your own praises. This is what you wrote in your rude response (below) to CalGirl:
      “The funniest comment up there is by TWIG [who really is you, SNIPPY]…Read the comment and then take another look at the caption pic…Its textbook perfect.”

  3. I thought she was the kind of gal who would like a ” whip lash ” !

  4. Quick—call Gloria Allred!

  5. Satan’s she/wolf falls towards Hell!

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Oh No!! Shut the pit!!…Shut the pit…

  7. Help! It’s fallen and can get up.

  8. Robert McElhaney

    Happens to Broom Riders.

  9. Son of the Rabbit People

    Falling down past a demonic horde: a warning of future judgement? Few people get such clear warnings.

  10. When twerkin goes wrong.

  11. “It is said to this day: ‘One hole satisfies many fools.'” – The Priest Who Peeked by Guèrin (French fabliau, early 13th century)

  12. “You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”
    -Mattew 16:23

  13. Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the coon

  14. Old people just fall asleep sometimes.

  15. As Flip Wilson (RIP) would say, the Devil made her do it.

  16. Cultural latrine machines
    Pass their rituals unseen,
    Along a hit from their canteen,
    We pass it off as Halloween.

  17. Oh, you devil you ! I’m feeling a little horny for you right now !

  18. Like a virgin ? Yeah right !

  19. This is the first time I ever got thrown off a bull !

  20. Let’s get kinky ! You be the bull and I’ll be the matadore.

  21. Oh no it burns ! I can’t take anymore of your, nasty physical abuse ! Put your dress down !

  22. Papa don’t preach, I can’t stay on my feet.

  23. traildustfotm

    NO!!! I said LIKE a virgin!!!”

  24. Madonna has a Senior Moment.

  25. Well certainly I’m not on the stairway to heaven !

  26. Quick, quick! That trap door thing worked——hurry up and shove that Miley Cyrus kid out before anyone notices the difference!

  27. Some great ones here, but what amazed me was the muscles in that goofy woman’s calves…do you see those bulges? Are the implants or is she actually that muscular? Yeesh

  28. I fell into a burning ring of fire,
    I went down, down, down as the flames went higher
    And it burns, burns, burns,
    The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

  29. The comments getting the most points are pathetic and it tells me that the people at this website are TV watching patsies that have no clue whats going on in this world. I used to like this website sort of until i realized how retarded the people were commenting..Scroll up…5 points for this comment..”I thought she was the kind of gal who would like a ” whip lash ” !
    THATS NOT FUNNY AT ALL. ITS PATHETIC and then…”Help! It’s fallen and can get up.”…THATS RETARDED WITH 5 more points. You people are like Bozos sandbox…You probably jiggle to 2nd grade nursery rhymes and watch reruns of CSI Miami.

    • Gosh, bless your heart, SNIPPY, for your supercilious gratuitous insults! If you meant your acid commentary as a caption, I must inform you that you failed. So sad.
      As for your “I used to like this website sort of,” I thank God when I founded FOTM more than 5 years ago, I made the decision to not host ads — a decision that I renew each year — which means FOTM generates no revenue, which means none of the writers gets paid, which also means it doesn’t make a particle bit of difference whether you like this website or not. Cheers!

      • Dr. E./FOTM: We absolutely do not agree on every thought, position taken of and by each other however there has never been anything other than ~Civil Public Discourse~ 🙂

        • “We absolutely do not agree on every thought, position taken of and by each other”
          Good grief! It’d be frightening if we do. LOL

          • For the commentators that deem it a necessity to take a tone or spew forth from an acid tongue as it were; I thought they might be made to understand there is a better way to express oneself. Difference of opinion does not negate civility 🙂

      • Spare me…the caption contest was supposed to be the best and funniest comments, but what wins every 2 weeks is the most retarded bunch of gibberish i’ve ever seen. Heres another with 5 points…As Flip Wilson (RIP) would say, the Devil made her do it. ??? THATS NOT FUNNY. HOW IS THAT FUNNY ?
        NOT THAT I REALLY CARE, but come on…who would click that ? A yuppie florist ? I’ve been coming here ever since you posted that one awesome article…
        But i dont find to many more like that one…The one on the Clintons Hit Man was good…I made those viral so i have been doing your website justice…I just cant believe America has become this retarded. Its sad, alo, my comment wasnt directed at you. PS….2nd grade nursery rhyme ghetto pop is serpent seed demoralization and every CSI drama is serpent seed police state mind control.

        • Good grief, SNIPPY. You get yourself in a hissy-fit over our readers’ attempts at humor and over other readers’ agreement with those attempts. As Trail Dust pointed out in his comment to you, Caption Contests are really pie-throwing contests. They are meant to be silly. FOTM has caption contests and other light-hearted funny and animal posts so that both FOTM’s writers and readers don’t get paralyzingly depressed by all our other serious posts. Please lighten up, for your own sake.

          • Yeah…i’m ate up…i’m one of the last true rockers from the 80s with all those awesome guitarists and now look what happened. It went from Beethoven to Bieber…The world has to end.

            • Lighten up, Snippy.
              While I agree with you that music has become pathetic (I blame MTV), Flip Wilson was one of my favorite comedians growing up, as me and my siblings grew up watching him on TV.
              Besides, as an at-large contributor here, I am not eligible to do anything other than vote on the entries.
              -And given what I am dealing with at the moment health and family-wise, I’m damn lucky to find the time to do even that.

    • Your use of the word retarded here is really mean-spirited and hurtful.

      • I apologize…i’m always pissed off because im burnt on watching my country get gutted by lucifers kids.

        • SNIPPY,
          I humbly suggest that if you let the enemy piss you off to such an extent that you’re constantly “burnt” or angry, then you’re letting the enemy win. One of the wisest injunction I’d ever come across is what Al Pacino as Michael Corleone said in Godfather III:
          “Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgment.”

        • traildustfotm

          Now if you were from Boston, retarded would be a proper adjective suitable for use in all kinds of conversation. But you would have to say it differently: “retaaaaaaaahhhhhdid.” You could alternatively say “bizzaaaaaaah.” It’s an equal opportunity insult around here. 😀

    • Thanks for recognizing my comment first , …….I GUESS YOU THINK SHE HAS TALENT …….It proves your mental capabilities are on a par with an amoeba

    • traildustfotm

      SNIPPY, of course we’re pathetic and juvenile. This post is not a doctoral dissertation; it’s a pie throwing contest.
      PS: CSI Miami happens to be a really meaningful show. Where else can you learn how to hold your sunglasses just right?

    • Dear “Snippy” I think it’s too late to change your name.

      • Dont you get snippy with me or i’ll wave my magic twig and turn you into a toad…..Oh, by the way…The funniest comment up there is by TWIG…Read the comment and then take another look at the caption pic…Its textbook perfect.

        • Even funnier is the fact that you, SNIPPY, are TWIG. How do I know that? Because both of you have the same email and IP addresses.
          In other words, you’re extolling your own caption. Can’t get more pathetic than that.

          • Umm, that’s how you say “So Busted” Doc, when will they ever learn not to mess with you? hehehehe

          • No shit….but i could care less about your caption contest. But my caption is the best one up there with ease….You know why, because its truthful…but i guess you would have to have been there to understand..Now you claim i’m extolling ? LOL, at least my caption was funny…Who cares…look at you…You’re the man who does this whole website…just another spiteful chump. I dont care, i made a simple observation. Americans are brainwashed and weak and it even shows within how pathetic their comments are in a ridiculous caption contest. Fukushima radiation is destroying the west coast. You’ll all be dead within 10 yrs…all of you. This is beast system takeover. America is finished and you people are brainwshed off of televised news and its embarrassing. I already apologized and it meant nothing…Now go fuck yourself.

  30. Like a Banshee…Falling for the very first time, Like a Bannnnshee…

  31. Leeann Springer

    I shouldn’t have tried this without my walker. Leeann

  32. You can be my step dad and I will be your red headed step child.

  33. “Slipstep Boulevard” with Louise Ciccone as Norma Desmond (lights, camera)… “All right, Mr. DeVill, I’m ready for my close-up.”

  34. “I thought you were behind me, satan”

  35. I suppose my only “claim to fame” is that I live in the town of 34,000 in which Madonna was born. I also was a 9 weeks polio patient at Bay City Mercy Hospital 4 years prior to Madonna being born there.
    Seriously, though, I did publicaly speak out against Mayor Brunner giving Madonna the key to Bay City. One of the things I stated, was that it would be a huge insult to the many Catholic Christian residents.
    “Madonna, the long-lost daughter: On verge of induction into Rock Hall of Fame, Bay City remains estranged from its famous offspring:”
    “……..Take a stroll down the streets of Bay City and try to find a sign that the musical superstar was born here. There aren’t any.
    Yet, on Aug. 16, 1958, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone entered the world at 7:05 a.m. at Mercy Hospital on Bay City’s East Side. And she has more than just a few material ties to Bay City………..
    …….Mayor Brunner asked if there was any way to reconcile with Madonna and have her come back to finally get that key to the city……….”

  36. Madonna is a serpent seed demon hag in human skin who is responsible for bringing millions of youth into the demonic world of homosexuality, materialism, and antichrist smut. She paved the way for every diva pop bimbo and helped destroy rock and roll. America gyrates to 2nd grade nursery rhyme Cat in the Hat bimbo babble and the Beast System has cornered the music industry to only produce this simplistic sewage because THEY know that a society brainwashed to accept this bullshit will never figure out who the puppeteers are enslaving their dumb ass….I post the real news on my wall daily..… and it makes me sick to do it. NWO is the number of the beast unfolding and it pisses me off. America is gutted and people are siding with the beast system. The serpent seed antichrist network has hijacked your nation…Bush, Clinton, Obama…30 yrs of serpent seed administrations paving the way for the antichrist to take power while Fukushima rages unseen still full meltdown….Life is dying now, i wish it wasnt so…I wish you all well. Open up to Christ…Thats all any of us has got. Christ is the only way out of oblivion.

    • Snippy, as a voting member of this academy….er blog, if that’s your entry for the caption contest let me say it lacks a little how shall we say…humor.
      Now that you’ve had your little tantrum let me say this in a way you might understand.
      Just who the fuck do you think you are coming on our blog and telling us what we are doing wrong. You are nothing more than a sanctimonious smug little twit. What have you done for the last 6 yrs. We’ve been here battling and yeah some days posts are better then others.
      You bitch about a post that is supposed to add humor from the drudgery.
      You don’t think we and our readers know who we’re battling?
      Now for some cold hard facts. You want to drop a link to your site fine, but then to say “I post the real news on my wall daily..… and it makes me sick to do it. ”
      Well Skippy here are the stat’s from your site
      37 followers|55,686 views Really spreading the word aren’t ya. With that attitude no wonder.
      We too started with zero readers. But we were nice. Made friends. Left links. Got added to blog rolls.As of today if you look on right to stats you will see as of today
      16,945,569 hits
      I’ve never did that before. People can see it it’s in the open. We do not blow our own horn, but for you if you want to join the fight make friends first so we can all fight the common enemy.
      Steve co-founder

      • Well stated Steve. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff of FOM’s for all the work you do to keep this site up and running. Having spent forty years as a “chief paper shuffler” for top-level executives in the ‘corporate’ world, I cannot imagine what it takes to maintain this site. As adults we should be able to agree-to-disgree without getting verbally abusive. Thanks again and may God Bless.

      • LOL….i started that site on January 1st….so i got 55 thousand hits in 2 months starting from no where and you know what. It means absolutely nothing, in fact, i cant stand posting this bullshit anymore and America is gutted by the serpent seed antichrist network. Your website didnt do anything either. Who cares…Is your attempt to discredit me > ? Its meaningless like everything else. Bottom line is that you people arnt even funny in your caption contest. You’re retarded and it shows. Weak.

    • “I post the real news on my wall daily”
      …which implies Fellowship of the Minds doesn’t?
      You are, at once, obnoxious, contemptuous and grandiose. No wonder no one reads your blog.

  37. One should play Blue Öyster Cult’s “Hot rails to Hell ” when viewing this fall on youtube … goes together like soup-n-sandwich, just sayin…

  38. Hey Snippy thanks for noticing my “caption” regardless of the fact you didn’t get it. Eat some fruit, chill out and lets have your “caption” assuming you have at least a little bit of a sense of humor.

  39. To The Beatles tune.
    “Lady” Madonna, demons at your feet,
    Here to escort you, to Satan meet.”

  40. “Coming Master,” although precipitous, the She-Hag’s descent was rather sudden but not completely unexpected as satan called her home…

  41. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the devil’s horses
    And all the devil’s men
    Took Humpty to hell, and I say Amen.

  42. To SNIPPY, aka TWIG:
    Looking through the comments you’ve made on FOTM (not just on this thread), I now realize your feelings are hurt because you’ve entered captions in our previous contests but were never chosen as winner. So here’s a Certificate for you, offered with sincerity, in recognition of all your captions:

  43. Piss on your caption contest….Its meaningless. All i did was bring to light how retarded you people are and it shows. Your captions sound just like the pathetic homosexual local news anchor team on the tv set everyday. Lucifers minions have gutted your country and they brainwashed all of you to be the demoralization that you are. Take a good look around at how evil destroyed your country and how i came on here and apologized and how you spiteful scumbags are still drilling me so i say fuck you and your phony little flock of brainwashed patsies. Go fuck yourself…Now your country dies and you see how weak and pathetic you really are. I could give a shit about the google page i made…If you scroll down it proves the beast system takeover, in fact, my wall makes your whole website look like a patsy little joke….Thats just the way it. I wish i never started it because i hate it. I did it for good intentions but witha society brainwashed like you, it was pointless. It doesnt matter what quality stuff i post….America is a nation of spiteful backstabbers who defend the very evil that destroys their own existence. You have no future….Christ is the only way out of oblivion….Its time to die….Ameica was a lie from the moment you were born….9/11 was a serpent job and vaccinations are the ultimate beast system genocidal tool. Now you know why Africa is infected with lab made HIV…Piss off brainwashed America…You suck the big wet chunk.

      • Even the memes you morons post are televised brainwashing.

      • Locke Enlode

        DCG, I was thinking more along the lines of a brain/soul combined enema but I beleive the prognosis is grave nonetheless.

    • Snippy, I apologize. for this fiasco. I agree we are fucked. I have stepped away from blogging for just that reason for the last 3 months. It seems useless at times.
      Unfortunately for you I came back full of piss and and may have caught my wrath.
      Let’s take a breath and talk. Agreed we are screwed.
      Fukashima, what the hell can we do about it.? Banksters, Nwo, Illuminati, what ever. What can we do? Not a friggen thing.
      So why waste time on things we can’t change? We have anger. And I am so sick of playng by the rules and being nice guys.
      We have one play and one play only I think. King obama can issue executive orders till he chokes on them. The only way to stop them is if Congress does not fund. Which at the moment doesn’t seem to be working out to well.
      From here on in I do not want to here any kooky theory, or bitching about sheeple or obama.
      The way to stop it is congress. Now just how in the hell do we get a country to rise up and put the fear of God in these pasty fat white men who would squeal if they broke a nail.
      I’m not advocating violence. But these girlie men need to know if this country folds because of 15 million illegal immigrants that they could have stopped. They will be held accountable. One way or the other.
      It will be their last election, and Americas as well.
      Now use your anger and think. I need help and ideas. You in?

      • Locke Enlode

        If we succumb to their rhetoric, we have already surrendered and the enemy has achieved their most important objective, defeat of the heart and soul. The hell with them… Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

  44. Hey Twig or Snippy, Your caption sucked! And it doesn’t surprise me you know so much about hunting for that last little “kibble” you crack head.

  45. Snippy, i like your website. It’s very informative and i will be going back there. Thank you for your effort, i feel your pain.

    • Hey, SNIPPY. You may call yourself “Slick” and congratulate yourself on your own website like you did with your (TWIG) own caption, but I know you’re SNIPPY because you can’t disguise your IP address — the same IP address as SNIPPY’s and TWIG’s and now Slick’s. Are all psychopaths as stupid as you?

      • Locke Enlode

        Do not the depths of depravity know no bounds? Apparently not? And he even got a trophy for showing up without any merit. Doc, sorry to see your attempt at civility returned with obvious mental disturbance but placating trolls never works. I believe in the scorched earth policy regarding trolls since they so richly deserve it. Sick ’em, Doc! Sick ’em with the full force of Eowyn’s flashing sword!

        • Locke, I was thinking along these lines. Tell me what you think.
          [caption id="attachment_114876" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Like This? Yes I think so. Like This? Yes I think so.[/caption]

        • I hear you, Locke! You don’t think exposing SNIPPY’s (aka TWIG, aka “Slick”) lies, duplicity, and preening grandiosity is humiliating enough? LOL
          He is also forever banned from getting his comments published on FOTM. 😀

          • Locke Enlode

            Doc, exposing the troll Snippy, wimpy, Norman Bates, twigless berries, slick, is just the countdown to the ICBM launch. Catching him in his multiple personality disordered narcissistic poisonous trolling is giving the launch command. Burning his britches with direct truth and logic and then banning his diseased mind and soul is the missile hitting ground zero. Nuke em and puke em. Mission accomplished. Problem solved… problem stayed solved!

  46. Locke Enlode

    Now… can we get on with this caption contest or what? Nuke ’em and move on. Next!

  47. The overage Immaterial Girl slips on a slick spot of Snippy on the Stairway to Hell.

  48. Madonna assumes her fall back position.

  49. Locke Enlode

    Unbeknowst to ms. Ciccone and the rest of satan’s spawn, St. Michael the Archangel had installed a trap door on the Stairway to Heaven.

  50. Ms Ciccone your eyes are on sky but your heels are sly.

  51. Photo Captions:
    1.Ms. Ciccone,Be Careful.
    2.Ms. Ciccone,be careful.Look before you walk.

  52. This picture is proof positive that her career is collapsing and on the way down ! Way,way down !