Satanism comes to North Carolina State University as a student club

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William Nardi reports for The College Fix, Dec. 24, 2018, that a new student club, Satanic Students at NC State, just completed its inaugural semester at North Carolina State University (NCSU), a taxpayer-funded public university.

According to the satanic club’s website:

The mission of Satanic Students at NC State University is to 1) encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, 2) reject tyrannical authority, 3) advocate scientific examination of the universe and our place in it, 4) promote morality and justice based on rational, humanistic values, and 5) be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will.

According to Technician, the official student newspaper of NC State University, a recent slide presentation at a Satanic Students meeting denied that the club worships Satan because “Satan doesn’t exist”.

That doesn’t make any sense. If the Satanic Students at NC State believe Satan doesn’t exist, then why call the club “Satanic”?

The satanic club’s founder and president is Peter Aker, a third-year studying chemical engineering. He said the purpose of the club is not to be inflammatory or to promote any particular system of beliefs, but that “Satanism is more of a philosophy and ideology, and not so much a religion. We don’t believe in a literal Satan. Instead, we use its philosophy and the symbology behind it to form our opinions on the way the world should go.”

Aker claims his club has “the same amount of validity” as other religious groups on campus, but has a better message — “It’s more modern. It’s less restrictive and puritan. We don’t preach that you’re going to go to Hell if you do bad things … What matters is what you do here, while you’re alive.”

In other words, it’s the same old Aleister Crowleyism — Do As Thou Will.

Aker admitted that his club’s five-part mission statement is based loosely off of the seven tenets of The Satanic Temple, which Aker lauds for advocating topics such as women’s reproductive rights that was promoted by several of the temple’s chapters as “Menstruatin’ With Satan,” in which feminine health care products were collected and redistributed to communities in need.

Alec Nabinger, a fourth-year student studying sustainable materials and technology, described some of Satanic Students’ principles to which he was drawn when he joined the club: “It’s more of just, the Satanic ideals of bodily autonomy, knowledge through science, accountability.”

Aker said the club has 8 members.

A 2017 column in Crisis Magazine addressed the rise of “Satanism” groups in America (Breitbart):

The real issue is all about the mainstreaming of Satanism in America. Much as the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate was about acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, so also Satanic groups seek social acceptance. Indeed, this is what the Satanists themselves declare. For them, it has nothing to do with religious practices. Many of them even allege they have none. They simply want to mainstream Satanism so that it will be viewed as normal.

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18 responses to “Satanism comes to North Carolina State University as a student club

  1. 1 Timothy 4:1
    1: The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

  2. Satanism is about becoming god-like.

  3. One of the reasons why I have never met a true “atheist” is that I have never met someone who’s words and/or actions convince me that they truly don’t believe in God.

    Even the “Satanists” seem to believe in the existence of God. This mumbo-jumbo about “scientific examination”, etc., is code for rationalism. Why would a group need a figure like “Satan” if they believe that everything should be “scientifically” proven?

    God is the author of the Universe. You can’t “argue” with God. Things come into being through the will of God.

    I think we know why these actions are popular. Not only do they offer license to activities that God would have us avoid, they reinforce the notion that man is supreme. Those who have studied philosophy may notice some correlations.

    The principle reality is that no matter what one studies, it is not superior to God. All one can learn is a more perfect understanding of God’s power. Groups like these are the height of hubris.

  4. For supposedly educated people these imbeciles positively suck at proper grammar.

    Read the top line on the sign:


    I know four year-olds that have better grammar skills.

    • David Zublick, with his sickening soft voice, is notorious for his sensationalist videos about things that never come true.
      Don’t believe me? Just wait, then go back to his videos, and determine for yourself.

      • I agree. It isn’t that I don’t wish them the worst, I do. But anyone can make ridiculous predictions based on personal fantasies. And you’re right again. His voice gives me the creeps.

  5. I doubt they have empathy for babies killed in the womb. Reproductive rights trump human life.

  6. Too bad he’ll never know who Paul Harvey was, especially around 1965:

  7. What does one expect when this country threw their moral compass away years ago. No surprise here. Sad! But the left love it. I saw sugar like this just before I got out of the military in 90’s. They were allowing warlocks and witches worship in the military. Now damn Muslims.

    But don’t dare allow your Bible sit out on the side table in your dorm room at school or military barracks. And heaven forbid let your cross or Start of David show. How dare us show our faith terrible, yes.

  8. Aker’s tenets of Satanism, starting with a denial of the supernatural reality, at least of Satan, the prominence given to human reason over grace, and a rejection of religion because of its rules, especially about sexuality (for embarrassingly obtuse reasons),—much of it could be right out of a Teilhardist conference sponsored by Georgetown or by almost any other formerly Catholic college or university in America, except the Teilhardists within the RCC are more openly concerned with effectively denying the divinity of Christ, except as a usefully leftist, SJW metaphor, something like the way Aker personifies traducing Christianity from the outside in Satan. Pathetic buffoons, all of them.

  9. It will be interesting to know if taxpayers, alumni and parents of current students are posting complaints to NCSU.

  10. I’m wondering what they’d do if someone proposed a “murder club”, or a “pedophile club”? There is no end to things like this. These evil bastards can’t lose with tactics such as these. If it gets too weird they just outlaw all religion. That suits them well.

    There is a point at which a society has to exercise their rights as a society. Instead of going along with their myth that what we have is “bad” and “never should have been”, we need to claim what’s ours as ours and declare them as disruptive.

    If they want to rent a barn and practice this crap, fine. As long as its publicized and they don’t do anything illegal or immoral. Of course, that isn’t going to happen, is it? That brings us back, full circle, to the central problem. These groups are evil. Do we want to “legitimize” evil?

  11. I’m saddened by all the literal CRAP going on in our institutions of higher learning….esp. the PUBLICLY funded universities and colleges to whom we entrust our children once we’ve sent them on their first “baby-steps” into the great big world beyond the safety and values of our own homes. I’ve seen social mores & “taboos” /educational standards/ moral expectations swing back/forth through years, & I’d always thought there would be a normal and expected, timely “counter-swing” to the present socialistic-driven immorality, open-borders, lawlessness, loss of Christian faith/values—back to a “revival-like” era, where the Ocasio-Cortez/Pelosi/Harris/Sanders etc etc faded into an historic echo….sort of like all the FAILED SOCIALIST regimes in the world to date. But, IMO, the 2x election of Barack Insane Obama rang the death knell for our government so far as our founders envisioned it, at least for the foreseeable time. Even the failing/failed Soviet Union took 70 years to collapse completely, and even now, Putin struggles to regain it’s old and tired influence in the world—without any appreciable advances in its old economy, old economic policies, and old, exhausted production capabilities & abilities of its workforce. Likewise, There might NOT be a “counter-swing” to our present state if and when the Trump presidency is “over-turned.” This may well happen, in one way or another, via Democrats, ironically, who were the party of the first Rebellion Against the United States. IN all probablility, they will be the party to take a second “run” at the dissolution of our sovereignty…..both in our executive branch, & now, at our sovereign borders….& once again…at the elected viability of our FIRST Republican, Abraham Lincoln….which could seriously end the viability of our LAST elected president, also a Republican, Mr. Trump (and in this way….go full circle to the position this Democratic party was in at the advent of the party of Lincoln—the “never Lincolns….the oppositionally defiant….the government of paralysis, division, and defeat of the electorate). This will also be a death knell to an elected presidency to any who will follow Trump…regardless of party. Our government is paralyzed now in the legislative, & is also being legislated, instead, from the highest court (against the Constitution) —and the executive, law-enforcing arm, will soon be neutered out of existence by the legislative and lower courts/highest court /even the illegal State courts–i.e., “sanctuary laws”……Maybe NOW, all these centuries later, we can appreciate George Washington’s historic warnings/opposition to a “party system” in the developing USA. ???? TERM limits on ALL of this—even the Supremes—-would “fix” a lot of this BULL being perpetrated upon the populace…and might well “save” our Republic. The magic trick is….to get people who are career politicians (in a supposedly citizen-servant government) to vote to “give up” their political power and opportunites at tremendous (unearned, undeserved) wealth—-sort of the Putin and Noriega characters of our culture. NOT gonna happen without public outcry and unruly/secretative, unhappy public vote—such as that which elected Trump to begin with…….PERHAPS this will NEVER happen WITHOUT a STATES CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. I can forsee this…if organized…..if only!

    Barack Insane Obama accomplished his stated campaign goals: HE FUNDAMENTALLY changed America to an image he held as a result of his sperm-donor father’s anti-colonialism. He wrote a book about it, even tho’ the man, his sperm-donor father, deserved NO recognition for being either a FATHER or a contributor to his upbringing—-, his radical mother and grandparents raised him to adore the beliefs/motivations of his absentee father/sperm donor. Barack Insane Obama became a romantically-influenced child, starved of a father who would LOVE HIM for being HIM…an offspring, a DNA torch-bearer into the future….and so lacking, Barack Insane Obama BECAME the torch-bearer on his own, grounded in the mythology fed to him by his mother and grandparents. He brought the political issues/outlook/problems of Sub-Saharan Africa to the USA. He had NO GENETIC or social or historic link to our own USA African-Americans. He shared NO slave history with them, and yet….by virture of his “Black”skin and chosen identity (despite being raised by a White mother and her White parents in a privileged environment/private schooling in Hawaii….NEVER having lived in the main “lower 48” in the USA until he was an adult…….) he scammed our American Blacks with his “identity” and many times with a faked “Southern Drawl” (where did THAT COME FROM??????….he, having NEVER EVER lived in the South? Barely lived even half of his life at the time of his first campaign on the American MAIN continent????? What a FAKER!!! And yet—-“They” ate it up, believing he was their champion…..he’s STILL faking this today on his speaking “tours” and it irritates the hell out of me….Hillary-Billary did this same thing through the years/still does this, too……what…is this a vaudville cuircuit or something for the likes of them???? AND….why do people BUY THIS SHAM?????).

    So, back to the topic…..if Barack Insane Obama could lie and cheat and inveigle his way into the White House…..why is it so shocking that Satanist would now occupy long-established universities and colleges, in recognized “clubs” or registerd organizations, across the USA?

    Many times, as a public school teacher, I think, “I am so glad my kids are raised/made it out of this system successfully—-just BARELY ahead of all this madness. I am also sooooo glad that I will carry this joy to my grave….and that my grandchild was accepted/enrolled in a safe pre-school-to-12 private religious school here in SoCal. She is behind a guarded fence every day. She has a ratio of 11 students to one teacher and one aide per classroom. Her arts: –music, art, drama, etc….are funded to the hilt, which she has participated in deeply, even as a pre-school student. She will “make it” through even today’s social warps…..but the successful students in her cohort group attending my public school…will necessitate the HEAVY involvement of his/her parents in his/her public school education……not very often found these days. Parents are SOOOOO ABSENT in their kids’ public school ed. today….which, I assume, extends even into the public college and public university levels. HOWEVER…I do have parents who follow my posted grades on computer, communicate with me…send me notes (to which I reply immediately), nice notes/cards at appropriate times in the school year, and generally establish an open and positive dialog with me from parent to teacher about their child/my student. I can ASSURE YOU that this makes a WORLD of difference in both child’s education and a teacher’s special interest towards any given student. It works to personlize your child’s education in today’s world of impersonalization/cookie-cutter education—and in a world where, often, your absence results in a void filled by others whom might not be of your choosing.

  12. And hiding behind all that high sounding talk lurks a devil they assert does not exist.

    Interestingly, “Do what thou wilt” lives comfortably alongside the Google moto, “Don’t be evil.”


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