Satanism as a new political movement in America

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Did you know that when Barack Obama began his presidency with his mother-in-law (Mooch’s mom) inviting a voodoo priestess to perform a Santeria ceremony in the White House? (See “Under Obama, demons have entered the White House“)
It is therefore not surprising that since 2008, self-described Satanists increasingly became active in America — holding Black Mass in public places, making invocations at city council meetings, setting up satanic (Christmas) holiday displays at city halls, and erecting a statue to Satan in Detroit. See:

The organization behind many of the Satanic activities is the New York-based Satanic Temple that first showed up on our political radar in 2013 when, in the name of “religious parity,” the satanists demanded their “right” to erect a 7-foot tall monument to Satan next to one of the Ten Commandments outside the Oklahoma State Capitol building. (Satanic Temple’s project eventually fell through when a man drove his car into and shattered the Ten Commandments monument.)

Satanic Temple's proposed statue outside Oklahoma State Capitol building

Satanic Temple’s proposed statue outside Oklahoma State Capitol building

In an article for The Conversation, April 19, 2016, Joseph P. Laycock, an assistant professor of Religious Studies at Texas State University, points out that The Satanic Temple (TST) is more than a religion, it is a burgeoning political movement that is bent on and is effecting political change.
Laycock notes that a horror film, “The Witch,” has become “one of the surprise hits of 2016” in part because of an endorsement from The Satanic Temple (TST), which is collaborating with the movie’s A24 studios on a promotional four-city tour called The Sabbat Cycle, in which screenings of the movie are followed by politically driven satanic rituals. The stated goal of The Sabbat Cycle is to inspire a “satanic revolution.”
Promotional poster for "The Witch"

Promotional poster for “The Witch”

The Sabbat Cycle is part of the Satanic Temple’s PR model since its inception 2013, in which the shocking and the frightening are used to lure media attention to their cause, which the Temple claims is the “separation of church and state.” But the Temple has no objections to non-Christian religions, certainly not to Islam or Judaism, but focuses its attacks on Christianity. That tells us that its cause isn’t really the separation of church and state, but rather the undermining of Christianity and Christian culture — all in the name of the First Amendment and religious pluralism. As Laycock puts it:

Since its founding, TST has waged a highly active campaign to demand greater separation between church and state, and to challenge the privileged relationship Christianity has with government.

TST first made headlines in 2013, when it held a rally in Florida, ostensibly to congratulate Governor Rick Scott for passing a bill, Senate Bill 98, that would allow students to read “inspirational messages of their choosing” at assemblies and sporting events, which the Temple twisted to include satanic messages. And so the rally featured a sign declaring, “Hail Satan! Hail Rick Scott!”

Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves at a Satanic Temple rally on Jan. 25, 2013, on the Capitol Steps of Tallahassee in support of Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Senate Bill 98.

Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves at a Satanic Temple rally on Jan. 25, 2013, on the Capitol Steps of Tallahassee in support of Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Senate Bill 98.

Today, Satanic Temple has 17 chapters in the United States and Europe and claims an estimated 100,000 members – a figure based on the purchase of membership cards and various forms of online support.
Invoking the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), Satanic Temple chapters across the U.S. have launched campaigns demanding the same religious rights and privileges afforded to Christianity, including:

Satanic Temple at Michigan State Capitol, Dec. 2015

The Satanic Temple performs a satanic ritual at the Michigan State Capitol in December 2015. The Satanic Temple/Facebook

Laycock attended a Sabbat Cycle screening of “The Witch” in Austin, Texas. He writes:

Following the screening, everyone migrated to a bar and music venue called The Sidewinder, where TST held their ritual. Members from the Detroit and San Antonio chapters began setting up and handing out satanic American flags painted in only black and white. I mingled with a small crowd of Satanic sympathizers and the curious. Leather jackets, tattoos and pentagrams were in abundance. […]

During the ritual, a speaker played an excerpt from a speech by Baptist pastor Dr. Jeff Owens, in which Owens warned his congregation, “Satan does not want you to do what he wants you to do. Satan wants you to do what you want to do.” (Other eyewitness accounts of the ritual can be found here and here.) Owens had been warning that Satan uses people’s pride and selfish desires against them, but the ritual imposed its own interpretation onto his message: To TST, Satan represents moral autonomy and personal responsibility.
[Satanic Temple spokeswoman Jex] Blackmore eventually appeared from beneath a hood and took to a podium to deliver what can only be described as a “satanic jeremiad.” She warned that Christian theocrats were taking over America and that those present – atheists, satanists, fans of heavy metal and punk music – were allowing it to happen: “There’s too much apathy and not enough resistance!”
She told the audience, “We do not seek followers, but collaborators.”
Afterward I spoke with some young people from the crowd. One explained that he was attracted to Satanism because “It’s about knowledge,” not dogma. […]

As the event wound down, I was able to interview Blackmore. Like [Karl] Marx, Blackmore saw her revolution as inevitable: the Christian Right would naturally drive people to rebel against it.
She told me that […]  TST wants to challenge the popular belief that America is a “Christian nation.” […]
In many ways, TST is the heir to the “New Left” of the 1960s and such figures as Abbie Hoffman and Allen Ginsberg. […] it is […] unclear what effect TST might have on America’s political center of gravity.
Nonetheless, millennials now outnumber baby boomers. They’re a more diverse generation than their predecessors, and major changes to the political landscape seem inevitable.

Satanic Temple spokeswoman Jex Backmore

Satanic Temple spokeswoman Jex Backmore

See also “Satanists endorse Bernie Sanders for President“.

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36 responses to “Satanism as a new political movement in America

  1. This phenomenon is so extremely distressing. I am grateful, as a Baby Boomer, that my time is limited on Earth . . . the fact that now good is called evil — evil is called good; black is called white, and white is called black. My poor old brain is just plain resisting this new “norm,”

    • AL, in this case the phenomenon, or appearance, is surely not the underlying reality or “how things really are.” The reality here is almost certainly the same reality underlying Pussy Riot–from funding, recruiting, organizing of events, to the nonstop and worldwide MSM coverage. That fundamental reality behind this grinning mockery of everything Christian is Jewish hatred, not just of the Christian faith but of all of Western Civilization going back two thousand years, and stronger today in its hatred of America and Europe than it was toward Christian Russia during the last century. My first suspect would be Soros, along with his flunkies at the CIA, but in any case, without the same Jewish resources behind Pussy Riot, TST wouldn’t even be a blip on anyone’s radar. It’s also worth bearing in mind that attacks on or attempts to suppress “religion,” because of its supposed divisiveness, or in the name of diversity, enables the Jewish-owned US Congress and courts to annihilate Christianity, and Christianity alone, in the name of fairness and civic order.

    • I share your concern Lulu, but wonder at the thought that these people who think they are so smart are actually joining a losing team. Christ wins in the end and they have no idea what awaits them if they don’t turn from this satanic deception.

      • HP, Christ doesn’t win in the end…He has already won! ; }

      • I agree in part with you Helene. However, when you say “they have no idea what awaits them if they don’t turn from this satanic deception” does not take into consideration the warnings from Our Lord Jesus who made it clear that they await burning and the gnashing of teeth, where the “fire is not quenched.” Accordingly, they choose their own terror and self-destruction, which is the goal of their master anyway. How insane is that?


    I know that Desiree Rogers, some former WH assistant, is related–great granddaughter or great, great granddaughter– to Marie LaVeau, the Voodoo Priestess of New
    Orleans. CCR-Credence Clearwater Revival– all from the Bayou, whose songs are based on what they know, wrote one song, “The Witch Queen of New Oreans,” that
    talks of the midnight sounds that can sometimes be heard on the Bayou pertaining to ceremonies and rituals for Marie LaVeau.” In fact, her
    grave is a tourist attraction in New Orleans. So, God only knows what kinds of filth have been going on there since Day 1. That was the first year of NO CHRISTMAS
    TREE, as I recall.

  3. Praying that their spiritual eyes are opened to the truth of who Jesus and Satan really are. They have no idea what it is they are worshipping and that his goal is to destroy them
    Matt 10:28 And do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul. Rather, fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

  4. What a bunch of sick freaks.

    • Well, brother, ain’t that the truth! But as you well know, we can’t fix terminal stupidity, which is self-correcting, but not always in time for the rest of us….

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  8. This is so heartbreaking to think our children are exposed to all of this, while being denied exposure to God in so many places now.
    As for the mother in law connected to voodoo, no surprise, she acts like a hellion on wheels. Many complaints from several places she has traveled with the family, on our dime, have complained. One was a five star hotel in Asia. The employees there said she was unbelievable and treated them like serfs.
    You wonder what occurred in the lives of these people to make them turn to the devil. Were they like others and shunned in school and now feel important? We they last chosen for a team? Are their parents involved also?

  9. The Traditional Catholic Church, in Her Wisdom, has always forbidden palmistry, tarot cards, divination, Ouija boards and every sort of possible communication with the spirit world—except prayer to God and the Saints—because She does not want anyone to be deceived and hurt.
    The Devil or “Adversary” is a real spirit, perverted and perverting. Alcohol and drug use (even prescription drugs) can become a portal for demonic activity. Ditto pornography of any sort and fornication. (Dr. Henry Makow, in an article over three years ago, maintains that fornication leads to “possession,” and if a non-Christian non-believer gets it, then anyone can understand.)
    I believe we are living at the beginning of an Age which the Bible calls the End Times, and that Satanism is coming out into the open. This is not funny or amusing. It is not a game. People across the world, at least corporately, have lost their morality. And your post points out a sublime truth that has to be looked for: The Devil uses our own traits and appetites against us. A main reason why the Devil hates Christianity in particular is because Christianity forces a person to SUPPRESS his appetites and passions, CHANNELING them into the direction Our Lord wants them to go.
    Abortion is, to the Satanists, a sort of “sacrament,” and I believe that abortionists are, or will become, possessed. Abortion did not come upon society by happenstance or accident; The way for its public acceptance was planned for, years in advance. Dr. Henry Makow, David Icke and others have done the world a great service in exposing the pedophile rings active in government, specifically, of England. It is a sordid world of Satanism, Satanic ritual abuse and kidnapping and child murder. It’s going on here in America, also. A tree is known by its fruits, and we’re about to see even more of Satanism’s rotten fruits.
    This is a very important article, especially given the fact that we are now in the Feast of Beltaine, which began April 19th. (BTW, I checked out the Times Square live cam and I don’t see any arch up as of yet).

    • They decided against erecting a replica of the Temple of Baal in Times Square, no doubt because of the negative publicity by the alternative media — no thanks to the MSM — and resultant uproar.

      • That’s definitely a relief! As a yellow cab driver and now as an Uber driver, I have assiduously avoided Times Square ever since Hizzoner Bloomberg installed the pedestrian malls. 7th Avenue is down to TWO LANES due to pipe replacement and construction, and it is a motorist’s horror!
        But I am glad the Ba’al Arch won’t be there. (But the Devil lovers will be back…)
        I never realized it, but an arch can be a PORTAL. Manhattan has three of them—one in Washington Square Park, one over the Manhattan entrance to the Manhattan Bridge (called an arch, but it’s debatable) and one on the Upper West Side around 140th St. (?), the view of which is obstructed by other buildings.

    • Your wisdom overwhelms me brother tell me what can i study or read up on to get more insight on the info you’ve come upon. If i dont meet you in this lifetime i hope to shake your hand in the next you truly are one of Gods worriers please email me with any further info

  10. Excellent conference on Generational Spirits by Fr. Ripperger (Ph.D, former professor, exorcist and Traditional Catholic Priest, formerly with the FSSP , 6 generations from 1893 to present. The conference echos your post, Steven in that the Spirit of the current Generation is Depravity, which is leading into paganism and in the USA to tyranny.

    • Thank you for mentioning Fr. Ripperger, Sher, whom I believe is still alive and can be watched for free on You Tube. In or about 1970, Fr. Ripperger authored a college-level textbook on psychology that was a landmark book and is still in use.
      Thanks for mentioning him. It’s been about a year since I listened to him, and I will go back and listen to him again. (I believe he’s from Nebraska).

      • There has been a significant amount of new material, recently posted on you tube, by Fr. Ripperger, under several channels. I recently watched a 2-part video, recorded in 2015, on Spititual Warfare. More seems to be available now by searching using his name. I first found him on the Sensus Fidelium channel but the priests there are anonymous. Fortunately, Father has a destinctive voice so I was able to save his work on my playlist.

  11. Mooch’s mom, a voodoo priestess, performed a Santeria ceremony in the White House?!!!

    I thought they had no more surprises, but I have never heard this one! Thank you for shining a light on a very dark place.

  12. Wicked!!

  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent and important post, well-documented and thorough. We must fight satan and his evil minions with the help of St. Michael the Archangel, the Head of God’s armies and our dear friend, a holy mighty angel.

  14. So that farce group has backing and constantly gets attention, that indicates they’re probably sponsored, in order to expose them, finding out who they really are and who started and funds them would be the first thing to do. Obviously the names the “heads”/”figureheads” use are fake, at least partially, if not completely.
    What do we know about their origins, etc.? Remember, if they can be exposed, then their clout will deteriorate.
    (Also as an aside, the actual title of the movie isn’t with a w, its with a double v, for whatever reason, not a criticism, just pointing it out for its strangeness.)

  15. Thomas Johnson

    Here is Real Good Video and Information that you and some other people are putting out for us to see. It all Scares the Heck out on me. You People – Folks That That Voted For President in 2008 & 2012, You All Get what You Deserve. Millions & Millions and My Family and I do not Want or Need This Possible Looking Horrible Night Mare that USA will b e Facing in My Children, Grandchildren & in the Very Near Future, My Great Great Grandchildren that Marie & I will Have. Our Oldest Grandchild is 18. Lot of Grand Children are Presently in 9th to 10th Grades at this time on April 21, 2016. With others are 4 yrs old and older at this point.

  16. I find it strange that atheist have anything to do with this. I have a nephew that is an atheist and he would never buy into this nor participate. He doesn’t believe in either God or Satan which is truly sad.

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  19. Deirdre Mullen

    Spiritual wickedness in high places. It was all written down long long ago, and we see it unfolding before us. Just pray as directed by Our Lady of Fatima, for the conversion of people to the immaculate heart of Mary, and pray for souls to return to God and for Catholic clergy to return to the true sacred mass and to TEACH their flock. That to me is the most frightening – how Catholics have nobody to teach them about their religion. Christianity is being stamped out all over the world, but we were told what to do and we must keep the faith.

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