Sarah Palin & Karl Rove Want Birthers to Shut Up

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Either the U.S. Constitution is the highest law of the land, or it isn’t. And if Americans still hold the Constitution to be the highest law of the land, then its integrity must be safe-guarded, respected, and protected.
So what is it with the elites of the Republican Party? Why are they so hellbent on not just avoiding, but denying and suppressing the Obama eligibility issue, which pertains to nothing less than the very integrity of the Constitution?
One after another, GOP and so-called conservative elites refuse to address this matter. New Speaker of the House John Boehner won’t. FoxNews’ Bill O’Reilly wasted a perfect opportunity to confront Obama about it. His fellow firebrand talking head Glenn Beck not just avoids it but went out of his way to mock “birthers.”
Among conservative national talk radio hosts, only Rush Limbaugh and to a lesser extent Sean Hannity talk about it, which is most strange because, as WorldNetDaily publisher Joseph Farah points out, the Obama eligibility issue is not just all-important, it is a winning issue.
The latest GOP elites to dodge this issue are Karl Rove and none other than Her Preciousness, Sarah Palin.

Bush & Rove

Yesterday, in an interview with O’Reilly, Karl Rove, George W. Bush’s former consigliere, urged conservatives to focus on “real issues” and said Republicans should speak out against those in the party who question whether Obama is a citizen of the United States. Rove said whatever percentage of Republicans are so-called “birthers,” it “ought to be less.”

Alas, her kiss is not for "birthers" 'cause Sarah finds you "annoying"

On Thursday, in a rare public appearance in Woodbury, NY, in which reporters were allowed, Sarah Palin had the appalling arrogance as to chide some of her supporters for sustaining the “annoying” claims that Obama is foreign-born and Muslim.
As reported by Beth Fouhy and Frank Eltman of the Associated Press, February 17, 2011, when asked whether she intends to run for the presidency in 2012, Palin touted herself by saying “No one is more qualified, really, to multitasking and the things you need to do as president, than a woman, a mom.” She then “distance[d] herself from the so-called birthers, who believe Obama was not born in the United States, and others who contend he is not Christian, as he insists, but Muslim. She said she does not question the president’s faith or citizenship and added, ‘It’s distracting. It gets annoying. Let’s stick with what really matters.'”
GOP elites are hellbent on avoiding, suppressing, and mocking the issue, but ordinary rank-and-file Republicans aren’t. Like the little boy who cried out “The Emperor has no clothes!” because he had not yet been corrupted and intimidated by his “elders” and so, spoke the truth that everyone could see but were afraid to say, a recent poll found that “birthers” make up a majority of those voters who say they’re likely to participate in a Republican primary next year. They are not just a majority; “birthers” are a majority that is increasing!
Tom Jensen of the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) reports on Feb 15, 2011 that:

51% say they don’t think Barack Obama was born in the United States to just 28% who firmly believe that he was and 21% who are unsure. The GOP birther majority is a new development. The last time PPP tested this question nationally, in August of 2009, only 44% of Republicans said they thought Obama was born outside the country while 36% said that he definitely was born in the United States. If anything birtherism is on the rise.

More than rank-and-file Republicans, the legislatures of eleven of America’s constituent states have introduced or are considering eligibility bills — legislation that would plug the hole in federal election procedures that in 2008 allowed Barack Obama to be nominated, elected and inaugurated without providing proof of his qualifications under the U.S. Constitution. They are Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and the most recent one, Tennessee.
So when GOP elites such as Karl Rove and Sarah Palin deride eligibility as “not a real issue” and “birthers” as “annoying,” they are mocking their fellow Republicans in at least 11 state legislatures as well as a majority of thsoe who will be voting in 2012’s GOP primary elections. What a winning formula! – Not.
H/t Fellowship co-founder Steve.

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0 responses to “Sarah Palin & Karl Rove Want Birthers to Shut Up

  1. Every time Karl Rove and Sara Palin open their pie holes, they show a disconnect with true Conservatives. Obama is a Muslim plant, financed by the Arabs and Soros, to lay the foundation for a New World Order.

  2. Everyone knows Obama doesn’t have U.S. or American citizen birth certificate, including all the GOP’s mentioned. The problem is that the Supreme court won’t do anything about it. That’s why they have given up talking about it. In other words, we are all screwed.

    • But that’s exactly why our brilliant and wise Founding Fathers designed the United States as not just a republic with a national government where governing power is divided into three branches (incl. SCOTUS), but also as a FEDERATION where constituent geographic units (the states) have their own separate powers and authority. Without the Founders’ design, we wouldn’t have 11 states today introducing/considering eligibility bills. We can at least stop The Fraud from seeking reelection in 2012!
      Instead of going out of their way to badmouth “birthers” — fellow Republicans — why won’t supposedly “conservative” elites such as Palin and Rove support what these 11 states are doing?

  3. First of Eowyn, you do not listen to the governor very much and it is clear from other articles you have written that you are supporting someone else. To place Gov. Palin with the elites is wrong, she has never been apart of that class. Why you being snarky, because she is making money? Isn’t that suppose to be the American dream? Or are you against capitalism?
    At the Long Island Business Assoc., she did not dismiss the people that do not believe Obama is a citizen. Like I said if you knew her, listen to her speeches or read her posting you would know that she feels the same why about Obama as Rush does. If you know her you would know that she suggested people read the book the ‘Radical and Chief’ by Stanley Kurtz. She said that those issues were a distract to HER. What Gov. Palin was meaning is this country is going to hell in a hand basket and there are more important issues right now. Does anyone honesty believe that if we could prove Obama was uneligibile that the commies would do anything about it? NO.
    Gov. Palin knows this and cannot dwell upon it and doesn’t care what religion he practices. What good will it do? She said “I WILL LEAVE THAT FOR OTHERS TO DO”. Get it……FOR OTHERS TO DO!!!!
    In others words she was not degrading those that want to continue the search she just can’t be distracted by it because someone has to keep an eye on what Obama is doing to this country. My God man it doesn’t take a rocket science to see that Obama is covering up something anyone with common sense knows this and the governor does.
    We need to put all are energy into getting this man out of office because he will never get thrown out for not being a natural born citizen.
    Slamming Gov. Palin by calling her elite because she is not focused TOTALLY on this one issue is just wrong. Rather you want to believe it or not she is one of us. Get over it.

    • “and it is clear from other articles you have written that you are supporting someone else.”
      Do point us to those “other articles” of mine which you’ve read in which I said I’m “supporting someone else.” And while you’re at it, please do give us the name(s) of that “someone else” whom I’m allegedly supporting. If you succeed, that’ll be an astounding feat for the simple reason that I don’t even know whom I’m supporting. You must be psychic!
      Furthermore, what if I do “support someone else”? Is that against the law? Are all Sarah acolytes fanatic like you, for whom it’s Sarah Palin or else? If I needed a reason, it’s your kind of lunatic fanaticism that’ll dissuade me from giving her my vote.
      My colleague and dear friend Steve has already responded to you, upon which I need make no addition or improvement. Now, get out of our blog, you Sarah-worshipping clown from Oklahoma. I worship no one except the Almighty Triune God.

  4. I believe that Mr. Soetero is still an Indonesian citizen. I believe he was adopted by Lolo Soetero and that he attended Occidental college as a foreign exchange student. Regardless of where he was born he is ineligible due to his dual citizenship. He is ineligible because of his father’s citizenship and his adoption. I believe he was born in Kenya and use Abercombie, Tim Adams, his grandmother and the Kenyan embasssy as proof. Though the Supreme court will now conference on the Hollister case due to a clerical error I am not holding out hope they will decide to actually ask for discovery. The certificate of live birth was a political advertisement, it is not a legal document. The lies and subterfuge used by the Dept. Of Health in Hawaii and by the department overseeing passport information when individuals seek information using the FOIA, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are hiding information that would be damaging to Mr. Soetero. I am extrememly disappointed in Sarah Palin, John Boehner and Issa since they are in a position to seek the truth and fail to do so. I search for truth. I seek justice. I yearn for accountability. The public knows, the RNC knows, the DNC knows and noone acts.

    • His dual citizenship isn’t relevant to his legal standing to be President.
      The United States does not recognize dual citizenship. Under U.S. law, if a person is a U.S. citizen, by birth or naturalization, he’s a U.S. citizen, period, regardless of what some other nation thinks of his citizenship.
      The only relevant question is whether or not he’s a NATURAL BORN U.S. citizen.
      If he was born in Hawaii, as he claims, then he IS a natural born citizen under U.S. law, regardless of any other citizenship he may hold.
      I don’t agree with that, and I don’t like that, and I would like to see that changed but that’s the law for now. That’s what we have to deal with.
      This business of pointing out his (likely) Indonesian or British citizenship is a red herring, and costs us credibility with the mushy middle.
      In case you hadn’t noticed, the mushy middle is where the real battles are fought.

  5. this little tiny snippet about “The Fraud” being ineligible to hold the “Highest Office of the Land” IS HUGE! Along with all of the other crimes he has and is currently comitting. The more they dismiss,the bigger it gets. THIS WILL COME BACK TO BITE THEM-“HARD”

  6. There’s a simple reason the birther line of attack against Obama is misguided: most voters either don’t believe it, or they don’t care, and too many judges are Clinton appointees. This is not the way to get the Socialist Democrat out of office. The top issues on Americans’ minds are all economic ones – jobs, the national debt, federal spending, energy and food prices – things that hit them in their wallets and pocketbooks. To paraphrase the famous sign in the Clinton war room, “It’s still the economy, stupid.”
    – JP

    • Someone once said the mark of a simple mind is one that thinks in either/or.
      Whoever said that we should care EITHER for the economy OR for presidential eligibility? I care about both — and many more, including the war in Afghanistan, the sorry state of our culture, Marxist unions, too many RINOs….
      You presented a false either/or dichotomy, and get an F grade for logic.

  7. All three of you have covered the essential issues, so I will add my support to your thoughts.
    It would be truly grand if we had a Supreme Court that would at least clearly rule on the well-reported fact of the Fraud’s birth in Kenya, and we see the Obamamama removed before his end of term. This would send a strong message to the fascist elite that they will not get away with that deceit a second time. Unfortunately, this will allow VP Biden, another too-long-in-office sloat, a life-time opportunity to display his incompetence to the fullest, so the nation would not be any better off.

    • I was up earlier [6:00 a.m.] when I wrote my response to this posting, and the “three” to whom I referred were Eo, Zorro, and Jennifer. Then I left to start breakfast for my house-mates. I didn’t return until just a few moments ago, so when I did hit the “submit” button my comment was tardy. I hope this lapse didn’t add to any confusion. My regrets.
      As for “Nativevoice”, I believe he would be better off instead of being rude [at the least] to Eowyn if he’d develop better research skills before posting anything that chides her. Eo’s kindly corrected me in the interest of accuracy when I needed it, and I was grateful for it. If I were her I’d dismiss your postings as “ad hominem” attacks, but she is kinder than I.
      Finally, Steve has forewarned you on your approach, and I say “Ditto!” to that. Try thinking harder and longer before your next posting.

      • Oh, yes, we’d be MUCH better off with Biden! He’s truly incompetent!
        Obama is evil, not incompetent. He’s very good at being very bad.
        Biden would be very bad at being bad, so that’s good.
        Got it? 😉

    • Joseph,
      America will survive an incompetent fool such as Biden just as we have survived all bad presidents, but America will not long survive with a compromised and suborned Constitution.
      P.S. Thanks for your always kind words. 😉

  8. I don’t know where he was born, but I do know that the issue has been heard in the courts. Fortunately or unfortunately, we have to let the legal process take place and eventually accept the results. Thus far, they’ve not been good for so-called “birthers”.
    What I personally can’t do is become a one-issue voter. I won’t not support SP or any other candidate who retains a majority of my positions for the sake of this one. And while I understand the passion people have for it- it is, in fact, a losing position. Even if (and it won’t) the SCOTUS hears this case, they’d never put the US in a position to admit we’ve had no president since January ’09. It’s too late. Too many things have happened. We’d be open to too much ridicule and potentially prosecution on the world stage. How do you justify the US military conducting combat operations on foreign soil without a CiC? Every treaty, every law signed by Obama would be null and void. (Yes, most of us would agree that would be a good thing, but the rest of the world certainly would not.)
    The unprecedented nature of such a ruling would throw the entire world into an even greater tailspin. The markets would tank. The dollar would be worthless. It won’t happen. I’d predict 9-0 against if the Court ever ruled on it.
    So I think that’s where presidential hopefuls have to position themselves. A birther won’t be elected POTUS. Regardless of your position, this reality must be understood. Instead, I think we should be more worried about firing this guy in ’12.

    • “but I do know that the issue has been heard in the courts.”
      Do tell us when, where, what case, has “the issue been heard in the courts.”
      “What I personally can’t do is become a one-issue voter. I won’t not support SP or any other candidate who retains a majority of my positions for the sake of this one.”
      Do be so good as to indicate who on Fellowship of the Minds has proclaimed him/herself as such a “one-issue voter”?

      • Eo- I would point to this list of suits filed on behalf of “birthers” with most being dismissed. While a dismissal isn’t the same as a trial and acquittal, a brief is still filed and reviewed and adjudicated by the court’s members; a decision is rendered.
        Also, I didn’t mean to infer that the Fellowship endorses this one issue only. What I said was that I won’t be a one-issue voter. One can certainly say, “I don’t think Obama is a US citizen and I wish Sarah Palin or Chris Christie would say the same publicly, but I won’t withhold my vote for them for realizing what that would do to their chances of being elected.”
        I expect to take some flak for my position on this topic -which is okay- but I kind of view it like a military exercise. I’d like to just nuke the majority of the middle east, but the ramifications to such an action would do more damage to us in the future than it’s worth. It’s the cut off your nose to spite your face approach, and worthy as it may be, it still leaves you without a nose.

        • Bob,
          I know you know that all these suits were denied a hearing for “lack of standing” — the judges’ claim that every one of the plaintiffs lacked “standing” (i.e., the judge says the plaintiff was not “materially affected”) to bring the lawsuit in the first place — not because of the case’s substantive merit. In some cases, the suits were dismissed without the judge(s) even bothering to give a reason.

          • Eo, et al– Well, I won’t argue the law since I’m clearly not qualified. But I’d be surprised if every complainant filed in a known liberal court; surely Alan Keyes knew where to file for -at least- a reasonably positive outcome. Maybe they didn’t have standing, maybe their suit was simply without warrant, and maybe some judge with a family didn’t want to be the one to suggest a full-scale inquiry into the eligibility of a sitting president. Regardless, 0-for is a pretty poor record and that must mean something.
            Now, just to be very clear, you all know I’m no apologist for ODumbo. I’ve got over 300 images on my Flickr site to attest to that. I also recognize that -as Steve rightly said, there’s more to this than just the birth certificate. However, if it’s determined that he got a free ride through Harvard (does anyone really doubt that?) and he’s not as smart as the media portrays him, then what? We all say, “Yep, I knew it.”
            But we can say that now.
            I’ll bet my right arm that Barry got a free ride through Harvard; that his grades were gifts and his thesis likely doesn’t exist. He’s obviously a poor student of history and a mindless advocate of worn-out progressive politics, proven time and again to fail under multiple circumstances. In fact, his entire agenda has failed miserably and always will among people who truly wish to remain free.
            But we all know that, regardless of his grades -and regardless of where he was born. Yes, if he’s a non-citizen than the media is largely to blame for not investigating him as they should have, as are John McCain and Hilldog. In the end, we can’t let his place of birth or his obvious misunderstanding of the American ideal distract us from the ultimate goal -remove and replace.
            As for LtCol Lakin- Again, I’m sure I’ll be blasted for my opinion on this, but he deserves to be in the brig for refusing to deploy. If he could not in good conscience serve under a CiC he believed to be illegitimate, he should have resigned his commission. What he did was grandstand AND increased the danger for American troops serving in combat by not deploying. It doesn’t matter how many times he deployed prior, his personal code of ethics, or whatever drove him to violate several articles of the UCMJ; he was guilty of those infractions and knew that in doing so, he would face a Court Marshall.
            Sorry guys but Lakin is in prison for violating the UCMJ and his oath as an officer- to suggest he was right in not deploying is to suggest that every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine who has, was wrong. Lakin chose the wrong course of action and military martyrs don’t play well in this country.

            • Bob, you wrote: “As for LtCol Lakin…he deserves to be in the brig for refusing to deploy…. Lakin is in prison for violating the UCMJ and his oath as an officer….”
              It certainly appears to be the case that the verdict rendered in Dr. Lakin’s court martial agrees with you. I am curious about one thing:

              All officers of the 7 Uniformed services of the United States take swear or affirm an oath of office upon commissioning…. One notable difference between the officer and enlisted oaths is that the oath taken by officers does not include any provision to obey orders; while enlisted personnel are bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice to obey lawful orders, officers in the service of the United States are bound by this oath to disobey any order that violates the Constitution of the United States. [Source: Wikipedia]

              My questions to you are:
              1. How had LtCol Lakin violated, as you put it, “his oath as an officer”?
              2. Since all U.S. military officers are sworn “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” under what circumstances, if any, would you support an officer defying an order?

    • “I don’t know where he was born, but I do know that the issue has been heard in the courts. ”
      No, so far, the courts have refused to hear it. No court has ruled on the merits of the case. They dare not, because the outcome is so obvious.
      So, we’ve seen some world-class ducking and dodging. Cases have been dismissed on the flimsiest pretexts.
      As for Keyes knowing where to file, I think you give him too much credit.

  9. I want to see proof of eligibility because what had been provided was a short-form computer generated birth certificate that proved nothing and two very different affidavits from Nancy Pelosi, one that went to Hawaii and the other 49 to the remaining states, or is that 56 remaining states as Obama remembered it? There are numerous other discrepancies that I need not go into now. Palin, O’Reilly and Beck apparently do not care that Obama is likely an imposter as well as the fact that an innocent man, LTC Terry Lakin is serving prison time over this issue. Why are the elitists protecting Obama on this issue remains a mystery. Obama either has much to hide or is gaming us all which is unbecoming of any putative president. I refuse to play stupid. I will not take Obama at his word especially given his track record for mendacity. I never assume anything, rather need to see proof, not just someone’s word on it. I refuse to be that trusting or dense. I do not care to shut up on this issue and will protest and do whatever it takes to get at the truth. So anyone is welcome to call be a “birther” or teabagger, whatever, if they want. I want the truth and that is not asking for much considering Obama holds the highest position in the nation. Karl Rove lost my respect when he shot his mouth off that Christine O’Donnell was a bad choice and wouldn’t win, and got emotionally charged over it again and again on various programs; so, communist Chris Coons was the better choice for him? He should have saved it until after the election but he wanted her to lose, plain and simple, so sabotaged her. What in the h_ll was he thinking? That, I am convinced, was in retaliation for the Tea Party not allowing him to have a voice in their organization. I do not know what was on Charles Krauthammer’s agenda who did the same, so now we have a Marxist Democrat who will vote the liberal agenda every time. If this is true regarding Sarah Palin, I will write her off (as well) as having lost credibility with me.

  10. I personally like Sarah Palin but like other Conservatives I believe she has been overexposed in the media and her records in politics has been less than stellar. As far as the other critics of us “Birthers”, well when the truth does finally come out, I plan to overnight them a box of wet naps to clean the egg from their face.
    We “Birthers” know the truth will eventually come out, we don’t care how long it takes, we will be vindicated in the end

  11. It is comforting knowing that we are not alone. I never before gave the name “birthers” much thought. It may have started as an opprobrious description of those viewed negatively (or feared) questioning Obama’s eligibility, but I must say I have grown accustomed to the word and am proud what it truly represents and that is a person who is not influenced by others and can think and reason with logic for him or herself and, as Glenn Beck would say, question with boldness. I will not shut up about Obama’s eligibility. NEVER! I will get as many as I can to question as well. I owe that to my country.

  12. Somewhat off topic, but is why I do NOT believe anything the propaganda talking heads, particularly Carl Rove, spout off in the media…
    Persecute me for what I believe, its no bother to me… The truth cannot be disputed. On September 11th, I was glued (like many) to the news all day. In my mind I questioned the total destruction of the twin towers, but when I saw building seven systematically demolished in seconds (from a small fire) into a pile of rubble…. well, I now questioned the actions of our own government.
    More questions have been generated than answered since 9/11. I now question everything the US government does and says. I question whether or not our cable and news organizations are “free” journalist or coordinated government propaganda entities.
    Do I question the nativity story of Barry Soetoro?
    A B S O L U T E L Y.

  13. All I can say is GO HERMANATOR!

  14. Just to offer a little bit of defense for Sarah… that quote the AP included was pretty vague, and we’re supposed to take their word for it she meant it toward the “birther” movement. Knowing how the AP operates, she was probably telling the reporters to stop asking her about it, and they gleefully turned it into her criticizing conservatives.
    But Karl Rove, no defense for him, he’s just a RINO.

  15. Sagebrush,
    Is that the same Babylonian owl god that the global elites worship every summer in the Bohemian Grove of Northern California?

  16. Johnny B. O'Brien

    Until Karl and Sarah can answer why Obama is using a Conneticut SS number that once belonged to someone born in 1890. Until Karl and Sarah can answer why Obama filled out a SELECTIVE SERVICE registration on a 1990’s form and backdated to 1980, their opinion doesn’t mean a hill of beans. Personally I have lost respect for both of them for trying to lead us down a path of lies along with the rest of the liberals on this issue.

  17. Johnny, very good points that I too have brought up in the past with fellow conservatives. There is a long list of discrepancies concerning Obama’s question of eligibility and I have explored those in detail which is why I am so frustrated with others like egocentrists like Karl Rove, Bill O’Reilly who are publicly blindly taking Obama’s word as gospel. The war with Obama’s agenda is on many fronts, not just a select few like our valatile economy, but his eligibility I believe is very high, if not the highest, on the list. I will never blindly assume he is legitimate. They, like Bill Maher, make an assumption that people are basically stupid and incapable of thinking for themselves. I truly resent them for that.

  18. When Obama fails to run because he can’t produce his long form birth certificate, America must ensure all “those in the know” are both prosecuted and go to prison.
    The Injustice to Lt Col Lakin demands it.

  19. As an aside, sadly Sarah Palin is fast proving she is all puff with no substance, the constitution trumps everything. full stop. this is the basic of democracy in the USA.
    The states are to be pre-eminant and the federal govt serves the states, NOT the other way round.
    All leaders who do not believe or live to that should be sacked and never voted for again no matter their party affiliation.

    • As an aside, sadly Sarah Palin is fast proving she is all puff with no substance
      Somewhere along the way, due to her Christian background, she picked up a patchwork of right ideas , so she says a lot of right things a lot of the time.
      However, she lacks the grounding in history and constitutional principles to to be a real conservative leader. She simply hasn’t got the foundation necessary to operate consistently out of the PRINCIPLES of our Founding Fathers.
      Nor does she understand the scope of history or the nature of our Republic’s enemies. And, sad to say, the libs are right on one point. She really doesn’t know much about the world.
      She’s also sometimes shown more loyalty to feminism than to conservatism.
      She should leave the Presidency and king-making alone and stick to fund-raising and cheer-leading. She’s pretty good at that.

      • Yes, Mike – she does speak more like a feminist than a conservative. She actually said that people who suggested that women with young children should stay home and take care of them were “neanderthals”. (which she also mispronounced)
        She must not have heard the most recent news – neanderthal are not different from modern man . Since I believe the Bible completely, including origins, this makes no difference to me. But her implication was that traditional women’s roles are “primitive.”

  20. I sympathize with both sides of this. Eowyn and Steve are right, it’s disheartening when the so-called leaders refuse to help you fight on an important issue. And it’s particularly disheartening when so many voters fall for the “wedge issue” argument.
    Just last week Boehner and Cantor refused to take the lead on defunding Planned Parenthood because they said it would distract from the budget debate. Thank God Mike Pence kept it going. But OMO, the marginal tax rate on capital gains is something the entire country has to discuss whether we own stock or not. Call me cynical/selfish, but as someone who has no inheritance waiting, I really don’t decide my vote by the death tax rate. Some of us do want to talk about other things.
    But on the flip side I see where Bob Keyser is coming from. Thomas Jefferson had to capitulate on slavery because it was the only way to win the revolution. Sometimes those choices to have to be made.
    The RINO establishment is looking for any excuse to get rid of Sarah, and I think she knows they would use the birth issue to destroy her. CPAC is essentially gone as a conservative venue. And Republicans have proven they’ll turn against the tea party whenever they need to. No one, not even Michele Bachmann, is powerful enough to push the birth issue.
    So I guess I come down somewhere in the middle.

    • Candance,
      Obama’s eligibility is a “wedge issue” only because GOP and conservative elites are making it so by not supporting LtCol Lakin and birthers and, in some cases, mocking us.

      • Eowyn, I totally agree. The RINOs keep control of the establishment by slapping the “wedge issue” label on anything they don’t want to talk about.

  21. Assume the president is not the leader of our ruling class but the top executive of an important corporation, whose credentials are now being widely questioned. Let’s say a claim of not having a valid Bachelors degree is in the news, which if true, means our executive has a history of lying about who he is (fraudulent resume, application, lied during interviews), what he has accomplished (opens up a lot of territory) and what he believes (we know nothing except the person is a shameless self-promoter, huge ego and no conscience). Rotten apples are discarded because they really do spoil the whole barrel. But as things are today our system says, This isn’t the fraud we’re looking for…he can go about his business…move along. Hey, are there a lot of flies in here or what?

  22. “the “annoying” claims that Obama is foreign-born and Muslim.”
    Whoa! Hold the phone there!
    These are TWO. SEPARATE. ISSUES.
    Conflating them destroys the credibility of the birth certificate issue. Any reasonable person, looking at only the publicly avialable facts about Obama’s birth, will see there is legitimate reason for concern, and that the matter deserves a fair hearing. This IS a winning issue.
    The Muslim thing? This is, in truth, just what Rove is saying about the birth issue – a sure recipe for losing credibility.
    There is ZERO evidence that Obama considers himself a Muslim, and there is a TON of evidence to the contrary. To point to the fact that some Muslims consider him a Muslim because he was raised as such, as if that proves he is one now, is simply stupid. It matters not the least what others think he is – what matters is what he thinks. Nor does it matter how he was raised, or whether or not he, as a child, proclaimed allegiance to the moon-god Allah. Many people leave their childhood religion, and any sensible person knows that. All that matters is what he is NOW.
    On the other hand, the evidence is overwhelming that he is a committed Marxist, which is incompatible with a religious viewpoint. Lying about it is not, of course, so in mostly Christian (professing) America, he plays Christian. In Muslim countries, he plays Muslim. In both cases, he’s lying, just like when he said he condemns the racism of Jeremiah Wright.
    Please don’t harm our position by conflating the birth issue with being Muslim!

    • This blog isn’t conflating the birth issue with the allegation that Obama is Muslim. It’s the Associated Press who’s doing it.

      • I stand corrected. Thank you. Actually, on re-reading, it appears that the original article has Sarah Palin conflating the two. As Candace pointed out, that may just be AP spin.

    • Mr. Obama can play both Christian and Muslim because the religion he belongs to ( and virtually ALL of our last 9 Presidents) is of the occult variety. For example, he has been attending church lately, and claims to read his Bible. Chameleon like, he adapts to any situation.
      He was selected (and not necessarily by the people) to be the President. Period.
      They have all been globalists; perhaps outwardly appearing to want U.S. sovereignty, but always working towards the same end.
      Being a member of the CFR, TLC, Bilderberg, Masons, Skull and Bones, Club of Rome… does not mean you will achieve the position you are running for – it just means that you CAN run! Just look what we had to choose from last time – McCain, who is CFR – and Obama who is Bilderberg (and God knows what else). In the big picture – it doesn’t make much difference.
      Bible prophesy being fulfilled before our very eyes.
      “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” Revelation 22:20

  23. Mark v,
    When you hear Obama in an interview with George Stephanopoulis mention his religion as Muslim are we to assume he didn’t know what he was talking about?
    And, oh yeah, he corrected it when George corrected him.

    • And when he mentions – repeatedly – that he’s a Christian, are we to assume he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?
      Or shall we look at the totality of the evidence and conclude the obvious – that he’s a Marxist?

  24. “There will be states demanding proof. ”
    I think those state requirements will go to the SCOTUS, who will rule that states cannot impose any “new” requirements, based on the U.S. Term Limits, Inc. vs. Thornton case. Following that reasoning, they will decide that federal elections are a federal matter, and that states cannot impose any restrictions that are not already in the Constitution.
    Remember that John Roberts is known to be “a slave to precedent”. The Thornton case was a 5-4 decision. Of the current justices, only Scalia & Thomas were on the right side of Thornton. We’ll have a 7-2 decision against us.
    I would like to see it differently, but that would be wishful thinking.

  25. You poor poor Obamabot over there in/near San Marcos, California. Your ignorance is so appalling, it’s not even funny.
    You want evidence? Start with today’s post, “Why Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is a Fake,” then go to our “Obama Chronicles” page and click on all the red-colored posts.

  26. “show some proof birthers”
    Um, I think you’re confused. We are the ones asking for proof. It is up to Obama to supply it. All we’re asking for is a simple birth certificate of the kind issued by hospitals in Hawaii, for births in hospital (as is claimed for Obama), signed and dated according to Hawaiian law. That would be wha’ts commonly called the “long form” certificate.
    We’re really not interested in the “short form” version that has been presented, because, even if it’s genuine, it doesn’t prove that he was born in Hawaii. Why? Well, because no proof is needed to get one. You can just “call in your order” for one. No witnesses. No proof. Nothing. In fact, if he was born in a Hawaiian hospital, the short-form birth certificate should not exist.
    If the Dems want to make us look stupid, all Obama has to do is to release that one document, like John McCain did when his citizenship was questioned. Just. One. Document.
    So far, he has not, and the governor of Hawaii, a huge supporter of Obama, who promised to produce it, has recently announced that it does not exist.
    Now, that’s all publicly available information. All well documented by mainstream news organizations. No Fox News lies, no wild conspiracy theories, just mainstream news.
    So, who is it who has the problem here?

  27. As the saying goes, you opened your mouth again and, in so doing, removed all doubt that you’re a fool.
    “All prayers, no facts”? Did you even click on the links I gave you? Do that before you come on this blog and write another ignorant foolish comment.


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