Sarah Palin Is Finished For 2012

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I loved Sarah Palin in 2008. When she first spoke to America upon being selected by John McCain as his VP running mate, she was electrifying and inspiring. I still remember this:

“The right reason is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good, and to leave this nation better than we found it. No one expects us to agree on everything. But we are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and … a servant’s heart.”

But now, even I have become weary of her.
Simply put, she is severely overexposed. I am tired of reading and hearing about her and her family — Sarah spouting off seemingly on everything under the sun; daughter Bristol’s unwed motherhood; Bristol on Dancing With the Stars; the publicity-hound father of Bristol’s baby, Levi Johnston; and now the latest tabloid rumor of husband Todd Palin’s dalliance with a “massage therapist” hooker, allegedly leaving DNA evidence.
I hate to put it this way, but the entire Palin family is taking on the patina of trailer trash….

Was it really necessary to kill this moose for her reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska"?

Is Sarah Palin’s Political Career Almost Over?
The American Dream – January 21, 2011
In the United States today, perhaps only Barack Obama is more of a polarizing political figure than Sarah Palin is.  When it comes to Sarah Palin, the vast majority of Americans seem to either absolutely love her or absolutely hate her.
The number of Americans that can’t stand her seems to be increasing, and this is really bad news for Palin as she considers making a run for the White House in 2012.  A staggering 59 percent of the respondents to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll said that they would not even consider voting for Sarah Palin in 2012.  The same poll found that just 8 percent of registered voters said that they would “definitely” vote for Palin and 31 percent of registered voters said that they would possibly consider voting for Palin.  Those are really, really dismal numbers.  Sarah Palin has tried to cast herself as the leader of the Tea Party movement, but right now it is just not working.  In fact, it seems that Palin can’t do much of anything right lately.  At one time Sarah Palin was considered the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2012, but now all that is ancient history.
But this is a time when Palin should be at her strongest.  The Republicans dominated the election back in November and several dozen Tea Party candidates were sent to Washington D.C.
Unfortunately, all of the recent polls and surveys that have been taken recently show that support for Palin is rapidly diminishing….
*According to a new CNN poll, 56 percent of Americans view Sarah Palin unfavorably.  Not only that, but the number of independent voters that view Palin unfavorably has risen by 14 percent in just the last few months.
*The same Washington Post/ABC News poll mentioned earlier found that Sarah Palin would lose a hypothetical matchup against Barack Obama by 13 percentage points.
*Other polls are even more ominous.  A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that Sarah Palin is trailing Barack Obama by 22 points.
*A Neighborhood Research survey of Iowa Republicans also discovered that support for Sarah Palin is slipping.  When asked about potential 2012 Republican candidates, 24 percent chose Mike Huckabee, 19 percent chose Mitt Romney and only 11 percent picked Sarah Palin.  The poll also found that Sarah Palin had an “unfavorable rating” of 19 percent among Iowa Republicans, which was the highest unfavorable rating by far of all the potential 2012 candidates.
Other polls have shown Sarah Palin doing a little bit better in Iowa, but everyone agrees that she has a huge image problem at this point.
So exactly what is the problem?  Well, part of the problem is that Sarah Palin literally seems to be everywhere.  On CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, it seems like they are constantly talking about Sarah Palin all night, every night.  In fact, Sarah Palin is a “regular contributor” on Fox News and whenever one of their shows needs a “rating boost” they just bring Sarah Palin on.
All the major newspapers run stories about her at least a couple of times a week.  She regularly gets far more Internet searches than any other Republican politician.
Her daughter was recently on Dancing with the Stars and a reality show featuring her life in Alaska on TLC recently wrapped up.
So why is everyone talking about her so much?
Well, she is far more “interesting” than most of the other Republican candidates.  Guys like Huckabee and Romney are downright boring.  The media needs someone to be a “star” for the Republicans and Palin fits the bill.
But the bad news for Palin is that all of this overexposure is magnifying all of her flaws and her poll numbers just keep dropping.
Every time something big happens, the media waits to see what Sarah Palin is going to say.  Unfortunately, she is not very good on her feet, and she has a dismal team of advisers around her, and the result is that she keeps putting her foot in her mouth over and over and over.
At this point, most establishment Republicans can’t stand her.  Stalwart establishment Republicans such as Barbara Bush and Karl Rove have recently made public statements suggesting that she should just shut up and go home.
So Sarah Palin has tried to cast herself as the “anti-establishment” Tea Party candidate.  The only problem is that over and over and over she has been alienating libertarians, and that is a huge problem because libertarians are a core component of the Tea Party movement.
Yes, Sarah Palin still has a small core of very enthusiastic supporters, but it is going to take far more than that to win the White House in 2012.  If Sarah Palin continues on the same path that she is currently on, she doesn’t have a prayer of even getting the Republican nomination, much less actually defeating Barack Obama in the general election.
Right now Sarah Palin is trying to pitch a tired, worn-out neocon establishment Republican message to a Tea Party movement that is made up increasingly of libertarians and anti-establishment conservatives.  It makes for entertaining subject matter on the evening news, but it is not a winning formula.  Sarah Palin can make all of the videos about the greatness of the Tea Party movement (such as the one below) that she wants, but until she wakes up to what the American people really desire (liberty, freedom and a return to the U.S. Constitution) her candidacy is going to be dead in the water….
Read the rest of this article HERE.

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0 responses to “Sarah Palin Is Finished For 2012

  1. Boy, you certainly fell for the Alinsky method, didn’t you.

    • How curious it is that you, Kitty, after reading all the posts I’ve written on the Fellowship, imagine me to be a weak-minded puppet who does not think for herself. Do you really think Palin can be elected with these poll numbers?
      Beware the claws of a true Palin devotee. One can say that your comment itself is rather Alinskyite!
      I wish you Peace on this Sunday.

  2. William Jacobson says it better than I can: If “She Can’t Win,” Then Neither Can We:
    There is no better way to demoralize a key segment of the Republican Party, and damage our chances in November 2012, than to announce a year before the primaries even begin that Palin should not even enter the primary fray or should not be seriously considered because she cannot win a general election.
    We do not need the Republican equivalents of 2008 Democratic PUMAs, people so embittered by the perceived unfairness of the primary process that they stayed home or switched sides in November. And that will be the result of attempts to shut Palin out of the process through the “can’t win” strategy.
    The same holds true for other potential Republican candidates — let them all enter the primaries and let them all be seriously considered regardless of what polling tells us now is the likelihood of success.

  3. Just what the left wants – us to get tired.

    • Not everyone left of the extreme right is on the left side of the political spectrum. I am not a Democrat, but I can state the following with one hundred percent certainty. Sarah Palin is an idiot, who was thrust into the limelight in an act of extreme desperation on the part of McCain’s handlers. Palin is in no way qualified to be President, Vice-President, or even the governor of the state in which she lives. She is is, as John Cleese(a graduate of Cambridge, I might add) so aptly describes it. Cleese said, laughingly “Sarah Palin is like an attractive parrot, who can mouth the words quite well when she is trained to do so. But also like the parrot, she has no idea of the meaning of the words she is speaking.” Those who are so desperate to see a woman in the White House should look elsewhere, to more intelligent and capable women, of which there are many.

  4. I respectfully disagree. The media understood they could not force SP to go away so they figure the best thing to do was give us all the SP we can stomach on the premise that eventually we will get fed up with her. I don’t blame SP for the overexposure this was expected and I don’t blame SP for responding to her critics time and again (it showed SP to never back down from a fight).
    As of now SP can do whatever she want for as long as she want. If we don’t wish to hear, see or know of her it is up to us to tune her out and if she decides to run for POTUS then it will be up to us during that time to decide if she got what it takes. Remember her running is not a “shoe in” Sara will have to “earn” the nomination, which means she will have to fight against Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romeny, and from what I heard even Rudy Gulliani. So a SP nomination is wholly dependent on if the rest of American is still willing to give SP a chance.
    I say let’s see what happens. By next year thing will be much clearer

  5. Straw poll in N.H. are we talking about the same liberal land N.H. Steve old buddy? 😉
    In all seriousness anyone who is a true blue conservative will always have trouble in a place like N.H. North states love their liberals, even pseudo Repubs like Mittens. To them those kind of Republicans are liberal light.
    But like I said it’s early time will tell

  6. Will, I agree with your analysis. A lot of the overexposure is not Sarah’s doing, but the leftist media continually trying to smear, destroy and make an example of her and her family for the “crime” of being happy & successful conservatives.
    I don’t think Sarah will run for office anytime soon, if ever. She knows she can be much more effective doing what she’s doing now. I don’t think it would hurt her to drop out of sight for 6 months or so, if that’s even possible, considering the left wing circus being orchestrated around her.
    Other conservatives need to fill the void and be as vocal as the left. We’re definitely too polite.
    Personally, I think Rudy Gulliani is the person with the right stuff and the best chance to be your next president.

    • True CC what the media is trying to do is elect us our candidate someone who would be absolutely useless to all conservatives and easy to beat.
      Think about it, say if Mittens, Rudy or Huck wins the nomination all the media has to do from there on out is run with the same tired old meme “Evil rich White men trying to keep black man from making second term” that alone is enough to get most of my folks (God how sad) in an uproar and out to the polls and the Caucasians still suffering from “White guilt” to either join them or stay the hell home.

      • concur w/both your statements Will. The media is purposely attacking Palin (AZ shooting) to make her look bad.
        I could get on board w/Rudy…but not Huck or Mitt.

  7. She is as feirce and Independant a Warrior
    It’s a ACT….$arah is a calculated act that was miscalculated.
    There is NOTHING behind the curtain.

  8. I meant to say AN act….excuse my error.
    Think what you want, it’s great to be loyal BUT loyal to what…it’s all about money for Mrs. Palin.

    • Funny DEO I kept asking the same from African Americans (My people) who for decades continually voted in the same person over and over and over again with no results What. So. Ever. Falling for the same scheme from our so called leaders who does absolutely nothing besides talk a good game and convince a large chunk of us that no matter what we do wrong in our lives it’s all “Whitey’s fault”. My folks time and time again invest so much emotional and financial capital into the same clowns time and again only to watch these so called leaders continually bask in TV spots, fame and money…no I take that back we did get that great public housing, welfare, shitty schools, and so on.
      Yep I can really relate to your comment about the whole “Loyalty” and it’s all about the “money” thing.

  9. I will probably get “creamed” for what I am about to say…but you have to understand that I trust NO politician.
    There is a difference between a true conservative and a Republican or RINO. McCain is a RINO (I live in Az) and was endorsed by SP and it was mutual. I believe she rallied with the Tea Party to get them duped and on her side. Quite awhile back someone sent me something that said that SP said her mentor was Kissinger. Now, if that isn’t enough to put some doubt in your mind…I don’t know what is.
    There always seems to be an underlying reason that politicians do what they do. I believe that allot of the churches are going to be using their influence as well…and the Bible…to round up sheeple when the time comes and to influence them. This is why you must be a clear thinker and have a mind of your own as well as KNOW the Bible and have a true relationship with Yeshua.
    I am looking at Mike Pence in Indiana. He might be running in 2012. The thing that hurts is that there are only two parties that have great numbers and those are the Democrats and the Republicans. If one runs Independent, they generally lose. Independents scarcely get a look from the majority.
    We need to get back to Biblical principles or at least be on the side of those who are trying.

    • No one will cream you PA we’re just here to talk we all have an opinion and it’s cool to disagree.
      By the way someone will be knocking on your door in 5 minutes don’t resist they will just take you somewhere and when you come back you will see things our way…;-)

      • LOL Will….the day I HAVE to think like someone else is the day my Lord can take me home because I think more like Him than anyone. Or at least I try to.

        • BTW…I am not saying she is not a good and decent woman. I respect her for many things she has done. I just think when it comes to politics…with her…there is a little something amiss and I don’t quite know what it is yet…but I am sure that when the time comes…it will all be revealed.

  10. DEO, if it’s all about money for Sarah Palin, then she’s solid proof that capitalism works! (And why shouldn’t she be compensated for all the good work she’s done and the unwarranted media abuse she and her family have endured?) I think she’s shown a lot of grace and courage considering the outrageous attacks against her.

  11. Eowyn,
    I could just give you a big wet Liberal kiss right now!!
    And you ain’t LIVED until you’ve had a liberal wet kiss.

  12. Damn, I hope not… she’s more qualified than the current guy and makes left/liberals types nuts.

  13. Well, how about a heartfelt hug? Hand shake? High five?
    Ok, then; how about a thanks from me for allowing my sometimes silly comments?
    Thanks, Eowyn……………

  14. I forgot to ask, what happened to your regular commentor “Ron Baby”, he has been MIA, ‘hope he’s O.K.

    • It’s been many months since “Ron Baby” chose to no longer participate, after he got a strange fanciful notion into his head that Joan and I were “ganging up” on him to “get rid of him.” I politely informed him that I do not need to conspire with anyone to “get rid” of him; if I wanted to do so, I would simply ban him — which I had never done.
      He then got his own blog that he called “Conservatism Upper Division Studies.” That lasted a few months until he recently deleted the blog from the web. As best as I know, he’s O.K.

  15. Thanks, Eowyn….

  16. I have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time as indicated by 99% of my posts… but IMHO winning elections comes down to taking the independents and SP is not favored by them.
    I don’t know who would make a good candidate ATM but whoever decides to run should run on a repeal/replace Obamacare, anti-big-government, less entitlement, less spending and free market platform.
    BTW, it would help if this candidate could also speak intelligently without a teleprompter.

  17. Several days after the shooting of “Gabbie” Giffords, I flipped on the tube to see the breaking news on CNN. Wolf Blitzer was on a rant over Sarah Palin’s use of the phrase “Blood Libel”, Blitzer was really angry.
    I knew at that point MS. Palin’s run was over.
    MS. Giffords is Jewish, as is Blitzer; the “Blood Libel” reference is very rude to older Jews. The Jewish lobby wields power beyond belief, Palin jumped the shark.

  18. way too early for me to make any judgement calls or throw my hat in the ring.

  19. Mitt Romney will be elected president in 2012 and again in 2016.
    People are forgetting that there’s a lot more financial destruction to come in the next two years. By the time we limp/crawl in to 2012, people will want someone with a financial background. Romney offers that.
    This will be done on earth!
    There is no other scenario that makes sense at all.


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