Sandy Hook victims' funds reap millions of dollars in donation

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Santa Claus came to Newtown, Connecticut, on Sunday, February 24, 2013.
On that day, an event called “Community Giveaway” took place at Newtown’s Reed Intermediate School, where thousands of town residents came to pick-and-choose from among the thousands upon thousands of gifts donated by generous people from across America and the world. They had felt sorry for the town because of the massacre of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School the previous Dec. 14th.
From noon to 3 pm, Sandy Hook School students and their families, as well as the school’s staffers, browsed through the gifts and took the ones they wanted. From 3 to 6 pm, the event broadened its scope to allow other Newtown families to browse and select gifts.

Sandy Hook giveawayCommunity Giveaway at Newtown’s Reed Intermediate School (photo by Newtown Bee)

The thousands of gifts in the Community Giveaway were only a fraction of the donations received by Sandy Hook victims’ funds. Some of the funds are private, such as the Emilie Parker Fund on Facebook created a day after the massacre, which do not make public how much money they’ve received. (Go here and here for some fundraising or memorial sites that have a creation date before the massacre.)
But other Sandy Hook victims’ funds do make public the total amount of monetary donations they’ve received. Those donations are in MILLIONS of dollars. Below is a list of the total amounts received by some Sandy Hook victims’ funds. These are only the funds I was able to find:

  • More than $1,000 was raised “in just over 3 hours” by Newtown High School’s Peer Leadership group for The Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The group did it by enlisting seven NHS faculty members to stand in as servers at Pizza Palace Restaurant on February 12, with the restaurant’s customers — many of them students of the teachers — encouraged to tip generously during the special event.
  • $2,500 raised by Isabel Linzer, a high school student at Yorktown High School in Virginia, who collected donations at her school, in her community, and from businesses.
  • $10,000 raised by Andrew Ernest, a senior at Oswego East High School in Oswego, Ill. , for the Newtown Memorial Fund. On February 18, 2013, the teenager traveled to Newtown to deliver in person the $10,000 he had raised over one month through efforts made at his high school. The Newtown Memorial Fund has a Facebook page and a website.
  • $1 million raised thus far by the Newtown Memorial Fund, “to provide for the immediate and ongoing needs of those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.”
  • $1.3 million raised by the My Sandy Hook Family Fund, started by a group of Newtown parents. According to the Newtown Bee, the $1.3 million “is already being distributed directly to the 26 victims’ families, with each receiving approximately $47,000.” Since the $1.3 million represents only half of the fund’s goal of $2.6 million, when/if the fund reaches its total, that means each Sandy Hook victim family will get $100,000 from just this fund alone.
  • $9 million raised by a United Way/Newtown Savings Bank fund, from which a foundation — the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation Inc. — was created to disperse the funds. The Foundation is headed by a panel of local and state leaders who are in charge of reviewing requests for distributions from the fund. The panel includes Monsignor Robert Weiss of Newtown’s St Rose of Lima parish, former Newtown Finance Director Ben Spragg, Danbury Hospital’s chair of psychiatry Dr Charles R. Herrick, Newtown attorney Anne Ragusa, and former finance committee chair of the Legislative Council Joe DeCandido. Meanwhile, the fund will continue to receive donations.

By my count, the above comes to a total of $19,015,120 — over $19 million.
The $19+ million represent just the donations I was able to find, most of them from the Newtown Bee, Newtown’s local newspaper. Curiously, when I click on the URLs for the individual news articles I had retrieved just a few days ago, I now get this message: “Page not found: The requested page could not be found.”
Just one more oddity on top of the many anomalies about the Sandy Hook massacre. (For FOTM’s posts on some of those anomalies, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.)

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0 responses to “Sandy Hook victims' funds reap millions of dollars in donation

  1. Looking at that photo w/o a caption , would anybody in their right mind guess that these people are parents of the so-called victims . Looks like they are at a flea market or something . The more info that comes out on this f.f., the more you can say BULLSH.T.

    • YOU have NO idea what it is like to be a part of this close knit community. FIRST of all, the fund calculation is wrong, since you DOUBLE COUNTED the UWay support fund which was donated to the NEW foundation FOR FREE even though it cost the ALOT of money to set up & process. SECOND, while everyone is grateful for thought behind the donations, logistically it created a NIGHTMARE. TRUCK LOADS of gifts and mail started pouring in while people were attending 26 funerals. We didn’t ask for it. Where do you put 63,000 TEDDY BEARS???? People with full time jobs took the time to handle this, warehouse space had to be procured. THIRD the voracious media has been sticking a mike in faces of anything that moves. I now know how much the media reports inaccuracies, because the people willing to talk to them HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’s REALLY GOING ON!. The one’s in the know are busy, behind the scenes, trying to make the right decisions for the families and the community, they have no time or incllination the talk to the media. FOURTH, what is not reported is the generosity of companies providing free services to families that can’t go back to work, the people’s mortgage’s and heating bills that are being paid, driveways plowed, the mental health services being provided, the lovely “pay it forward” donations that come out of the blue from some far off place with a sign posted saying “today’s coffee is on Melissa from Michigan”, etc.
      We ask you to please be kind and know that you truly have no idea what’s going on here if you are getting it from the internet or the squeeky wheels with hidden agendas. PEACE!

      • You are right, we have no idea. That’s mainly because there’s been a media blackout on the “facts” of Sandy Hook, strange procedures such as the bodies being taken out at night and no direct identification of the victims by the parents, the lack of evidence of the supposed damaged front entrance, the lack of cctv footage, the curious contradictory comments of such witnesses as Gene Rosen and the Coroner, the deliberate obfuscation of timelines and witness testimony of several shooters, the rapid and even premature setting up of web pages asking for donations and posting of dubious photos of the victims, etc, etc.
        You mention that various “free” services are being provided, so why is all the money necessary and will there be an account of monies disbursed and to what purpose?
        I would love to be supportive, but there are too many odd goings on and some of us have a gut feeling that something is wrong. Perhaps, if you are closely connected, you have had opportunity to talk to first responders, although I gather those were forbidden to enter the school.
        There have been other tragedies such as in Haiti where they are still waiting for money collected on their behalf, then there was Katrina where people lost their homes and are still waiting for restitution. The Sandy Hook operation seems more organised by comparison and as someone commented the people of that community are not poor, and it seems most of them are well connected..

  2. I’m confused, why do people feel they need to donate money and why do the “bereaved parents” feel the need to ask for money? Money can’t replace a loved child. The whole thing stinks of fraud. I despair of the human race at times like this. . .

    • I’m confused too, minou. I don’t understand why the loss of a child — who is not the family’s breadwinner — warrants the parents receiving large sums of monetary donations. These victims’ funds just leave me with an icky feeling of unease.

  3. Are there really children know by the community, to have died there?

    • LivinginNewtown

      Yes. And it sickens us to read these hoax theories. Whether the donations are warranted is one issue. The reality of what happened is another, and I hope that none of you ever have to deal with trying to convince the world that your grief over a lost child is real.

  4. GracieJean Kelly

    I’m sorry, but this whole thing really pisses me off, because I am a “natural disaster” (really, HAARP), but none the less HURRICANE SANDY victim here in New Jersey and most of my friends and family have lost their HOMES, BUSINESSES, VEHICLES, and FEMA has YET, I mean HAS YET, supplied any money to any of these people yet. Only private donations thru fundraising and such, and that is great and well appreciated, because this storm totally rocked the Jersey Shore (which is where I live) so when I see a bullcrap hoax town getting all this money, even if these children died, I mean WTF is this money for? Did the school blow up? Do they need it for a new school? NOPE. I mean, did these kids pay for their parents bills? NO. I get the whole, like.. okay.. let’s set up foundations and scholarships and all that hoopla, and I know some teachers and adults died, but that does not surpass the damage and devastation that has gone on here in NJ and I know NY from Sandy and people are DYING out here FINANCIALLY and here is some elusive hoax bullcrap raking in all this dough, I mean, it’s really ridiculous. Sometimes I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore, cuz I literally get so angry sometimes at all this bullcrap going on in today’s society, but I really got to remember above all, GOD FIRST. Even before these websites and stuff, because I can get real wrapped up in this stuff and before I know it, I’ve spent a good portion of time doing this stuff and then I have to go about my day, and then I’m not filled like I should be, because I didn’t spend any time with God or in the Word and just got angrier looking at stuff like this. Although, it keeps me informed, I need to also balance it out. Does anyone else struggle with that sometimes?

    • GracieJean,
      I, too, get disturbed by what’s going on. But I don’t let the news eat me up, spoil my mood, or ruin my day. I keep posting because I firmly believe in the absolute importance of being informed and informing others about the Truth. If we choose to be uninformed because “ignorance is bliss” (which really is burying our heads in the sand), then we become part of the problem.
      When things get to me, I take time out, no matter how brief. I hug my precious Gaby, look at the flowers (or buds) beginning to bloom in the garden, take a walk, call my best friend…. And if things get really bad, I call out to Jesus for help.
      God is Truth, and Truth is God. Stay centered in God, and He will protect you from spillover effects of anger and depression.
      Be joyous! 😀

  5. maybe, due to the materialistic lifestyle we lead, most people just cant imagine that money & things wont make every situation right…..

  6. And that dear friends, is how you get people to go along with this FF. They knew using little children to further their agenda would stimulate people to give. This is sickening.

  7. Upon further examination of the picture, I find it strange that people there are clearly seniors, most likely not the parents, find the need to go there in the first place? Even though the article said they let people from the town come in later, why would seniors find the sick need to go and profit from a tragedy. Why didn’t the school donate the rest to Sandy victims? This just smells strange, sorry.

  8. It’s pay day for the townsfolks!
    There had to have been a way of ensuring that those initially unwilling to participate would have a change of heart. This is the ‘booty’ they all get to share in pulling off such an enormus hoax! And the “bonus” prize goes to the “Best Actors” who also got the coveted photo op with the ‘Liar-in-Chief’ afterward!

  9. It would be interesting to know just how many people have had their and their families lives threatened over this false flag incident. Makes you wonder what were the financial gains of the actors involved. It must have been a lot of money……maybe that’s why they were smiling and laughing when they were being interviewed a day or two after “supposedly” losing a child. And, you can bet, even though the actors are just as evil and traitorous as those who are behind the incident, they are not exempt from being snuffed out by their benefactors if they reveal the truth.

  10. jared farmington

    Dr. Eowyn, Please know that there are MANY of us who are following your work, and PLEASE keep it going!!! I have learned more from your website about Sandy Hoax than any other, including the SSDI date of death anomaly which to me is the smoking gun. Lots of smoking guns but the media is complicit on the false flag here.
    Everyone PLEASE remember that whether you think guns are good or guns are bad, our 2nd Amendment right to own firearms is a right given to us by GOD and CANNOT be taken away by any man. This right is NON-negotiable and “Shall not be infringed” upon by anyone. Any President or Congressman who advocates changes to this right is committing TREASON. This is made clear in the Constitution. This is YOUR life and YOUR rights we’re talking about here. Fight for them!

  11. GracieJean Kelly

    Oh, yes I def agree Eowyn with being informed is definitely top priority, I mean TOP priority. I get made fun of a lot, and get called names and then I love when people who basically know NOTHING try to act like they know something, when I have dedicated (sad to say) years of my life to researching the truth to a lot of things, even as trivial to celebrity bullcrap, but as you know, when you get down to the surface, it’s really not trivial at all, but sometimes people are so idiotic, like sometimes I just want to ask some of my friends like, “Are you really that mindless, like for real, come on!!!”
    I grew up a daughter of a Vietnam Vet who was always talking about conspiracies and the government and big brother and I was always told he was paranoid, and yadda yadda, and I’m beginning to think maybe he wasn’t, lol. I used to just think he was really smart, infact the smartest guy in the whole world cuz he was always talking about things no one else in the world ever talked about, and well, now I see a lot of the things he was talking about on places like these and now I think to myself, maybe he wasn’t so “crazy” after all, because it’s so quick to just write someone off as “insane” or some of the “pc” terms when someone might know too much or actually knows a thing or too. I’m beginning to realize that in my own life now. I know I’m not insane, and quite intelligent, but have been called
    crazy or “too much time on my hands” or I’m sure you guys have heard it all yourselves when I talk about things like these, so I guess perhaps a family curse or a blessing? LOL
    In any event, yes, I don’t ever give up, but sometimes I will say after I spend a decent amount of time online looking at these websites, YouTube videos, and stuff, I feel a darkness over me. Hard to explain. I’m not as ridiculous as my mother who won’t even watch the “news” on TV. Because it makes her sad, I mean I get it, it is sad, but…
    Oh, also, another thought… I was watching an interview with the Wayans brothers on Oprah (Oprah is on my own person of interest list, meaning DONT TRUST THE B!@$#@ The woman is of no faith, she never will say “Who is your God Oprah?” It’s annoying, stop trying to impress the masses and pick someone. Even though I know it’s probably the Illuminati Kabballah Monster ).. NONE THE LESS… Keenan Ivory Wayans was saying he does not let his children watch simulated violence on tv because we have a sympathetic receptor in our brain, and without even knowing it, the more we expose children to simulated violence thru video games and television it is actually decreasing that receptor (I believe he said receptor) and eventually that child is going to be de-sensitized from seeing acts of violence in real life so it won’t even be like a horrific big deal anymore, like it would have to someone say even 20 years ago. You follow me? He totally had a point, and I really believe that. But, who is diligent enough to start being on top of their kids with video games and television? I don’t have kids nor do I want them, haha so less worry for me, but what do you guys think? I just have a Maltese to worry about, haha.

  12. GracieJean Kelly

    Man, I write way too much. Just for disclosure, I do have a writing addiction, currently not in treatment.

  13. I don’t GET IT!
    Sandy Hook is a very wealthy neighborhood.
    What’s the $$$ for? What was the “giveaway” for?? This so called bloodless massacre was the best thing that ever happened to that town. FREE GOODIES!

  14. GracieJean,
    I appreciate your sentiments about your Dad, and my thanks for his service! Whatever he had to say, I’m sure he was on to something. As for your Mom, I can certainly relate to not turning the TV on… in my case it’s because I can’t stand being lied to nor being force-fed the agenda de jour. I do want to say that their are plenty of us parents who have no problem fulfilling or obligation and dilligence in keeping our children away from all television and violent video games. From what I’ve read by your writing, I’m sure if and when the day comes that you have children, you too will follow through with that same diligence!
    God Bless You.

  15. GracieJean Kelly

    I would probably have my child living in some sort of John Travolta bubble boy bubble contraption or something, lol! I don’t think I’m going to have kids though.. but none the less, I have a lead, I don’t know if anyone cares to use it, but this woman LIVES in NEWTON, CT and she runs a blog, she is a woman who HOMESCHOOLS her children but of course, it says in this blog, she has only lived there for like a year or so( and I’m not saying homeschooling is bad, but it just figures she doesnt have children in the school, recently moved there, yadda yadda), and this blog almost seems fake the way she loves the hell out of the town, but none the less: If anyone would like to press this woman for information or leads, I just don’t have the balls to do it, I mean, maybe I would, but I’m at a loss for what to say really? I just honestly don’t know what to say because she seems fake, so I feel like I would be annoyed, but maybe one of you more zealous ones would be interested.

  16. LivinginNewtown

    I don’t doubt that there have been conspiracies over the years. Don’t subscribe to every conspiracy theory you hear, though. That would be just as dumb as not considering the possibility of conspiracy. I haven’t followed any of Dr. Eowyn’s posts, but I do live in Newtown, and personally know that the shootings happened. The reason his links to the Newtown Bee don’t work is because the newspaper recently upgraded its website. Just search the new website with the article you are looking for. Also, Dr. Eowyn has counted the United Way fund twice (The Sandy Hook School Support Fund and the United Way/Newtown Savings Bank are the same thing). Don’t take my word for it – check it and see for yourself.

  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this intriguing post. The entire Sandy Hook matter is very strange as to how it has been handled, leaving more questions than ever, which have been set forth by you in various other posts of record. Now we have a large garage sale going on which I simply do not understand: for what and why? I am certain that there are many kind people who have participated in this; nevertheless, I still don’t understand.

  18. I hope to God I can never see such a tragedy like the shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary ever again in our lifetimes.

  19. V.E.G. – Are you telling us that you saw it, you believe it, or are you trying to convince us that it happened?

  20. Not sure whether to count this as unintended consequence or intended…
    Board member Carol Walsh pointed out that if the town didn’t provide money to increase security at the private schools, “we’re looking at the possibility of students moving over to our public schools.” She said Newtown now could accommodate additional students in the lower grades, but not in the upper grades.

  21. I haven’t figured out who to share this with, and I’ve avoided most sites to post on. However, this is the first faith based one. Anyone posting from newtown, I’m still waiting to hear who you knew. I’m frustrated. There have been no postings from teachers talking about those that died. Just parents. No kindergarten teachers talking about former students. That was weird. But…I’m a strong believer in straight to the point. Go to newtown schools web page. Click on schools, click on sandy hook, click on staff. Check out all three active web pages in first grade except Kaitlin’s. if no one else comes to the same conclusion I do, I’ll forever let this go.

  22. A lot of people are saying the children’s caskets were empty in Newtown. The families in Newtown don’t do any talking. Many parents have websites asking for financial donations but they don’t return phone calls or email to me. Not one person expressed interest after I shared my experience of speaking to the families of the Aurora shooting. The Aurora victims families never saw the bodies of the twelve victims. All of the families had funeral service.

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  24. I have an idea of what’s going on. The children are still alive and sang at the Super Bowl 2 months after the supposed shooting. Yes, the elite want to shove it in our faces that they are playing games to get our guns. The second largest Satanic church is in that area and homes were given to many of these folks in 2009…public record. Come on America…wake up…please!


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