Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 3.

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Note: This article is based on collaborative research by Anne Berg, Alison Maynard and the author. For many readers, it will be a rehash. Its value, we believe, lies in evidence that the mainstream media and other official sources effectively confused the public with misleading photography and contradiction concerning the timeline of events. It appears that we are supposed to overlook these blatant contradictions in timeline and testimony in order to accept the official narrative. ~C.

 The Greek word “labyrinthos” is translated in the Online Etymology Dictionary as a “ ‘…large building with intricate passages,’ especially the structure built by Daedelus to hold the Minotaur, near Knossos in Crete.” The word’s ancestor, labrys, means a “double-edged axe,” which was associated with royal power.

We can think of no better metaphor for the Sandy Hook phenomenon, both in relation to the central mythos of the school itself – a shabby brick structure whose corridors and doors had supernatural logic- and physics-defying powers – as well as the Sandy Hook story, an elaborate maze by any reckoning. And, of course, we have the Minotaur, who is the Obamaniac deep state in the guise of Adam Lanza.

So down we went again through those haunted, gone-without-a-trace halls, this time to a door from which a class of second graders is said to have issued, escaping the Minotaur and becoming part of Sandy Hook’s photographic icon.

To enter this door, we first needed to visit the CT State Police report files for whatever information we could gather in between heavy redactions.

And, as luck would have it, we hit pay dirt; that is to say, a lot of the dirt had already been thoroughly turned over by a researcher writing pseudonymously as “Sandy Hooked” at To give credit where it’s due, “Sandy Hooked” has a golden shovel, turning up some choice nuggets in the unwieldy and labyrinthine CT State Police report files. Wherever “Sandy Hooked” has dug, Doubters have surely benefited.

However, a caveat: we believe that “Sandy Hooked” may not be operating on his/her own and may, in fact, be “working for the opposition,” trawling for reactions from the Sandy Hooked Doubter community. This is, admittedly, conjecture based on several observations; among other things, Sandy Hooked is working on a domain hosted by WordPress, which did a major takedown of Sandy Hook Doubter web sites this past August. Yet, “Sandy Hooked” lingers, one of the few non-casualties.1 (If we are wrong about our conjecture, we would welcome the evidence. We believe in giving credit where it’s due.)

In any case, we call readers’ attention to this prolific site with the above caveat and the additional observation that many of “Sandy Hooked’s” analyses are as labyrinthine and murky as the Sandy Hook story itself.

The double doors of Room #5. Sandy Hook Elementary’s Room #5 was situated in the moldy northeast corridor of the school. Unlike other classrooms that we explored in Parts 1 and 2, it had a main doorknob capable of being locked from the inside and outside, and on the fateful day that outside doorknob was locked, according to the state police.

Above: Interior plan of the old Sandy Hook Elementary school; red arrow on Room #5 is the author’s.

But even more unusual, Room #5 was connected to Room #3 by an inside door. (This is corroborated by the State’s Attorney Report — page 22 online; page 18 in print). That inside door was also locked. According to Sandy Hooked’s research, Room #5 was the only classroom with this fortuitous arrangement. As you will see, it made possible a purported rescue and “evacuation” from the school, as chronicled in two photographs beloved by Sandy Hook true believers and the mainstream media.

Ferreted from Sandy Hooked’s post titled “What’s Up with Room 5?,” we have these other reported facts:

  • Room #5 couldn’t be cleared until police broke into it. But instead of breaking in through the locked main door, police chose to break through the locked inside door, from Room #3.
  • The breach of the inside door was noted by police in writing on the wall next to Room #3, instead of the wall nearest the breached door.
  • Room #5 was barricaded by police later, reportedly the only classroom to be treated this way.
  • Some of the police testimony makes no mention of breaching the inside door. Two examples cited by Sandy Hooked follow:

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 000199903 p.2 “I then ran back inside and met with TFC Cournoyer and TFC Cipriano. We then went to room #5. Upon entry to this room we found a room of children and their teacher huddled in the coat area of the room.”

CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00011235 p.2 “I assumed the right flank position and cleared the next two rooms (classroom #7 then classroom #5) teachers and children were escorted out of these rooms and sent toward the exit near the lobby.”

A Room #5 mother who eluded the Minotaur. Among Room #5’s mysteries is one concerning a mother who should have had a close brush with Adam Lanza, but mysteriously did not. (A hat tip to Sandy Hooked for clueing us in to this one, although s/he doesn’t link the incident to Room #5 as we are doing here.)

The story goes like this: On the morning of 12-14-12, around 9:30, a mother is said to have gone to the school to drop off a letter for one “Mrs. Taylor” that her child had written but left at home. (Mrs. Taylor was the Room #5 second-grade teacher, as we shall discuss later.)

The letter is said to have contained the child’s apology for “cheating.” (The mother’s statement is found here in the CT State Police report: CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00005519).

Although the mother’s name is redacted, the Visitor log confirms the allegation. See below:

(From “The Impossible Timeline,”; red rectangle is by Sandy Hooked.)

The mother’s testimony also includes the following:

The mother left the Sandy Hook parking lot at 9:34 a.m. (The first active shooter report is said to have come in to Newtown and Connecticut emergency fire and law enforcement radio dispatch at 9:35:52. – Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, p. 255)

The mother saw no passing cars on her way in or out. Given the above, how is this possible? How did she not cross paths with Lanza the Minotaur?

The mother saw nothing odd or out of place.

The mother saw an older gentleman dressed in dark clothing inside the school, shuffling around with his hands in his pockets while walking toward the first grade classrooms. (These would be Rooms 8, 10, 12, or 50 and 52). Hooked thinks the man was the father who was there for a gingerbread-house-making event. This would be Chris Manfredonia. But Manfredonia was only 41 at the time, and not likely to be discerned as “elderly” or “shuffling.” Did Manfredonia sign in that day? Another unsolved mystery.

So, who was in Room #5, anyway? It isn’t a question that the otherwise inquisitive Sandy Hooked has posed, but we are posing and answering it here.

Room #5 was a second-grade classroom led by teacher Amy Brackett Taylor. According to this article from Bend Bulletin, the children in Room #5 were those who made up the famous “conga line” photographed by Shannon Hicks for the Newtown Bee. We suggest that you pause here to read the article. (And when you do, please notice the little girl referred to as “a peanut” dressed in a pink top. More about this in Part 4.)

Just to clarify: We can safely assume, based on the Bend article, that the conga line was supposed to have issued from the doors of Room #5.

You might wonder why such a dramatic rescue – which involved the breach of an interior door – was never reported in reference to the famous conga line. Why not? The mainstream media, typically poised like a jackal to seize such opportunities, must have slept through this one.

Now let’s turn our attention to the photographer of that moment in time when the conga line emerged before an audience of casually dressed, relaxed-looking parents.

Did Ms. Hicks hiccup? According to this article, Shannon Hicks, a Newtown Bee associate editor and photographer, photographed the evacuation described above at 10:09 a.m. on 12-14-12:

“At 10:09 am, 10 minutes after she [Hicks] climbed out of her vehicle, she snapped the shutter on an elementary school class being led out of the school by two Connecticut State Police officers.”

Here is the iconic photo that purportedly resulted of children being shepherded by police to the neighboring firehouse. (Children’s faces have been blacked out to protect their identity.)

The “Iconic” Photo. Photo Credit: Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee/AP

The statement about the 10:09 shutter click is debatable, however, because of a slideshow that Hicks made from 20 of her photos and released on YouTube. Note that this slideshow is said to have been posted on December 14, 2012.

In Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (pages 124-125 online; pages 76-77 in print) Vivian Lee writes that the slideshow was discovered to have been uploaded at 5:44 p.m., Dec. 13, 2012, then made public on Dec. 14.

The evidence for Ms. Lee’s allegation is provided in this video by “QKUltra.” Cinderella et al. aren’t techies, but we present this as credible evidence.

Screen shot above is by QKUltra,

(In case this vid vanishes, just search for Newtown Bee Stinger, YouTube. QKUltra is very good about mirroring his vids, and has been doing so for years.)

If the timing of the video is off, so is much else. Compare the iconic photo with a similar one from the slideshow (as before, children’s faces have been blacked out):

The Casual Parents. Photo Credit: Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee/AP

As pointed out by others, notably in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (page 124 online; page 76 in print):

  • The length of the shadows show that the photo couldn’t have been taken at 10:00 a.m., but must have been taken much earlier in the morning. On 12-14-12, the temperature was below freezing 2 at the time this shadow pattern would have been plausible, in which case, we might expect to see vapor issuing from mouths and frost on the ground.
  • There has been online speculation that the little girl in the aqua blue shirt (in the “iconic” photo) is yawning, not screaming, consistent with an early morning shot.
  • The photos appear to have been staged in order to get the best shot – with parents looking on, their casual body language inconsistent with a recent act of terror. The photos feature different lineups of some of the same kids, but with others missing in one photo. For example, the little girl wearing a pale pink top and skirt in the photo above is not in the “iconic” photo.

All of the above oddities have been noted by other researchers. To these we can add one more:

If all of these second graders came out of Room #5, wouldn’t all of them be in both photos? It would seem unconscionable for the police to have left some of these helpless innocents behind (with their eyes closed as they passed through a hall containing dead bodies), while escorting another group out first.

More slideshow hits. Let’s take a look at another photo that Shannon Hicks placed on her slideshow.

Photo Credit: Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee/AP

Note how these cars are parked very close the SHES building wall, two cars deep. If, indeed, they were parked there on 12-14-12 at 10:00 a.m., where was Adam Lanza’s car? It was supposed to have been parked up against the same wall behind police tape. Compare the above photo, purportedly taken after the massacre at around 10:00 a.m. with the ones below of Lanza’s car behind police tape on 12-14-12, before it was towed away.

Above Photo: Meehan, CT State Police Report, Parking Lot Photo #16

REUTERS/Connecticut State Police/Handout via Reuters

Here’s an aerial view of Lanza’s car:

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Below is yet another view of the same area in the parking lot, with a foursome running away from the school. (The child’s face has been blacked out to protect her identity.)

The Running Foursome. Photo Credit: Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee/AP

You might ask why the policeman is running away, instead of rounding up more teachers and students. And why do the vehicles in back of the foursome appear out of proportion – rather too large? Once again, they’re parked very close to the building, two cars deep, leaving no apparent room for the Sandy Hook Minotaur’s black Honda.

Ask yourself if the above parking arrangements are anything like the one captured on 12-14-12 by CNN below:

We think it’s plain to see: The line-up of cars behind the four running people doesn’t match the aerial photo, either.

The simplest and most logical reason why the black Honda doesn’t appear in the previous photos is because it wasn’t there. We propose that the reason it wasn’t there is because the iconic and slideshow photos were taken on a previous date. This is consistent with the evidence in QKUltra’s video, which attests that the photos were uploaded on 12-13-12.

The photos were later used to substantiate an “evacuation” of second-graders from Mrs. Amy Taylor’s Room #5. In other words, we have reason to believe that the photos were staged. And if those photos were staged, we can safely assume that everything was.

Who’s who? It may be important to identify some of the adults in the photos that Shannon Hicks took. (The square-ups that follow are screen shots from those photos.) Obviously, not everyone can be positively identified. But here is a brief rundown of some principals:

  Leading the lineup was Rachael Van Ness. Currently assigned to the Western District Major Crime Squad out of the Southbury Troop Barracks, she is also said to have served with the CT state police in this link. Mrs. Van Ness has a LinkedIn profile that also credits her for work as a “self-employed” “detective” as well as “writing and editing.” In this report, she is quoted as having apologized to Newtown families for not providing the CT state police reports “in advance of the release as we had always planned.” Timing is everything with Sandy Hook.

Although not caught on Hicks’s camera (to our knowledge), Officer Ed Benecchi is also credited with arranging the conga line outside of the school. From this article: “ ‘I told them we were going to play follow the leader and whoever kept their eyes closed would win,’ Trooper First Class Edward Benecchi wrote.”

  We don’t know for a certainty whether the face at left (from the iconic photo) belongs to Amy Brackett Taylor, Room #5’s second-grade teacher. But she certainly does resemble the woman on the far left in a photograph at this link, identified as such. And her casual-Friday attire (white top, beige sweater, blue jeans) looks like the same ensemble worn by the woman at the far left in the photo of the running foursome:

  So, why would Mrs. Taylor (or whoever the woman is) appear in two photos showing such disparate emotions? In the first, she appears calm and in control. In the second, she appears to be running for her life with a look of anguish. Which photo came first? And was this woman involved in two rescues or just one? Cinderella et al. admit to utter bafflement.

Mrs. Taylor is still teaching school in Newtown; however, to date, we could find no statements by her about the conga line, the breach of Room #5’s interior door, or Sandy Hook Elementary.

Not so in the case of another Amy Taylor associated with the St. Rose of Lima School, who made public statements about 12-14-12. Go here for more on the other Taylor.

  This woman’s back is turned to the camera in the slideshow photo, but we believe that she may be the same woman in another dramatic photo that appeared (on December 14, 2012) in The Atlantic Monthly, heading up an article by Emily Chertoff (Michael C’s daughter). The blue jacket and size of the woman (click the link above) led us to this conclusion.

The children she is comforting in the Atlantic photo are Henry and Kelly Terifay, whom you can see identified if you go here. The woman in the blue jacket may be their mother, Lisa Papp Terifay.

  We were unable to identify this dark-haired woman at left (from the “iconic” photo) dressed in blue stripes, wearing glasses. But what’s interesting is her resemblance to the dark-haired woman wearing blue stripes (but no glasses) in the “Running Foursome” photo, below. We have the same questions about this pairing as we do about the “Mrs. Taylor” photos.

Camera-shy. Let’s go back in time – to the article that examined the photos Shannon Hicks took on the fateful day. We call your attention to this excerpt from that article (bolded italics are mine):

“Regarding her photograph’s popularity — for lack of a better term — Hicks said it came as a surprise and brings little personal relief. It is the cache of photographs buried on her camera’s memory card, she said, that are hardest to look at and impossible to forget.”

Now let’s move forward a few months to March 25, 2013. That’s when James Tracy contacted Shannon Hicks to ask her about the availability of her photo cache. See the account below from page 305 of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook:

March 25  8:59AM

Newtown Bee Associate Editor Shannon Hicks responds to query from memoryholeblog on whether the multiple photographs she took at Sandy Hook Elementary as the shooting transpired have been shared with law enforcement or will at any time be made publicly available.

“The photos I took on 12/14 have not been shared with anyone,” Hicks said in an email. “We have no plans to do so, either. I would appreciate it if you consider this our final contact,” she continued. “I have enough work to do without getting involved in the kind of ‘research’ that continues to hurt those who live in Newtown.”

Shannon Hicks to James Tracy / [email in possession of author], March 25, 2013.

“Hurt those who live in Newtown”? Why would the release of “buried” photos “hurt” people who never seem to duck when a camera is in the room, creating as many photo-ops as their calendars can accommodate, writing books and reminding the public endlessly of the Sandy Hook experience?

Unless, of course, the buried photos would drag up issues similar to those explored in this blogpost.

The double-axe. As discussed at the top of this post, the origin of the word “labyrinth” is a tough little root that means “double axe,” associated with royalty. It’s our opinion, based on the above, that the Sandy Hook “royal family” wielded a psychological axe of dual timelines and dual roles for participants in the masque. Unless you see the duplicity for what it is – half-mockery, half-illusion – you are doomed to wander the maze forever, searching in vain for the exit door.


H/T: “Sandy Hooked”


1Shortly after this post was published, Sandy Hooked’s site was removed by WordPress. For an account of the takedown, visit Sandy Hooked’s new site here: Based on this evidence, Cinderella leans toward the belief that “Sandy Hooked” is a genuine truth seeker, although his/her conclusions may differ from those of many other earnest researchers. Sandy Hooked’s effort has been prodigious and worthy of note.

2 The temperatures in the link are from neighboring Danbury on 12-14-12. Be sure to click on the View button, then scroll down to Daily Observations for Fri Dec 14 2012. Not until 8:53 a.m. EST did recorded temperatures rise to 34 degrees F. All other recorded temperatures before that time are below freezing.

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42 responses to “Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 3.

  1. Cinderella gets huge kudos for delving behind all these “doors.”

    Is this Amy Taylor at St. Rose of Lima, so knowledgeable about what went on at an entirely different school that day, the same Amy Taylor of Classroom 5 of Sandy Hook Elementary? Was she running for her life, or casually observing a line of sleepy children march by her in the parking lot? Or both?

    Is the prize behind Door #1, Door #2, or the curtain?

  2. Cinderella Broom

    All such good questions, dinophile. Double doors, doppelgangers, double roles and dual timelines compose the double axe wielded by the planners, as we see.

  3. Lot’s of obvious effort went into this piece. Is it a theory or a conspiracy, a much more inflammatory word.

    I can remember shortly afterwards articles were run showing alleged play actors at different school shootings in one case with the same little girl being held by one of her parents. Great work, I’m going to stay away from this ibe, Dr, E

  4. Absolutely wonderful work. Thanks to all who helped with this. I really like how you presented the information. I mentioned in my previous comments that it is obvious to me that many of these photos and video vignettes were compiled from material taken on disparate dates and times.

    I love your comment about the temperature. I was going to remark on the “casual Friday” attire and the cop in shirt sleeves but you saved me the trouble.

    I never tire of looking at this. I was not aware of the interior door breach, for some reason. I also don’t understand the stated reason for it.

    It helps me to recall how much this tale changed from the outset to the almost final version. Remember all the action initially with the man in the woods and the Gingerbread Father in camo? There were also tales of teachers escaping through windows and going the Subway for sandwiches.

    We know from the condition of the school and subsequent discoveries related to the former Chalk Hill School that this is a completely staged drill. It also involve St. Rose of Lima in some somewhat mysterious way. I remember the tales of priests arriving, etc.. I also remember the free interspersed of shots from St. Rose and the alleged SHES site.

    You’ve obviously nailed it with the cars in the parking lot and the Lanza vehicle. It also helps to remember the access road in and out and that it runs right past the firehouse.

    I saved many links during this time period. Most, if not all, are no longer functional and I lost a hard drive in between. I do have a memory, however, and for some reason I remember little bits that seem incongruous.

    Your timeline obviously makes the visiting mom tale a little problematic. There was another post by a local who “played hooky” from work that morning who went for coffee and snacks. He drove past the firehouse and said there were dozens of obviously official vehicles parked there. He called his wife, who worked at the high school to ask if she’d heard anything. As this was too early, she had not.

    We also know from Dr. Fetzer and Dr. E’s and other’s work that the scene was at least partially staged at another date. There are pictures of it that include Dr. Carver and the magic autopsy tent.

    Thanks again for all the hard work. I’ll study the links and see if anything else jumps to the fore. At this point it takes an act of will to believe something as sloppily done as this was.

  5. Thanks for your comments, Lophatt. It alerted me to a missing paragraph on the temperature, which I have added back in. Sorry about that. All other comments are likewise appreciated.

    • Nothing to be sorry for. It’s very good and understandable as well. There’s so much “wrong” with this drill that a person can get lost in it.

  6. I’m totally aghast by these findings. Cinderella, well done, thanks.

  7. I actually found this website because I was looking into the Sandy Hook theater, I mean Shooting. I had a lot of questions of my own, but not many answers, and I found that you had the ability here to not only provide answers, but to also have comments from intelligent and thoughtful people, who are not easily fooled, but rather choose to believe only the truth, and not the stories handed out by those in power.
    Knowing that Alex Jones is being sued by a couple of the Sandy Hook parents, I wonder if his lawyers have this information at hand, and will bring it up during any possible court date. Because the perfect defense against libel and slander is truth, or even evidence which causes one to question the accepted story.
    I am especially on edge right now, because of some of the vitriol from the left about the Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court. I found out that if you dare to call out Dr.Ford, or even just say questions remain about her truthfulness, you get nothing but either ridicule or threats. I tried to explain to someone about how I at the least thought that this woman lied about some parts of her testimony. Here is what I got back.
    Gary DeBacher -Tim Kies I’m not even going to read all that. I’m not nominating clinical psychologists for juries, but I say again, if you listened to her and don’t feel she was telling the truth, you are not a clinical psychologist.
    This person on a friends FB post said that about her telling the truth. I have tried to withdraw from these people, because they are almost exactly the same as the gun control crowd. Not interested in truth, but only winning.

    • “Knowing that Alex Jones is being sued by a couple of the Sandy Hook parents, I wonder if his lawyers have this information at hand, and will bring it up during any possible court date.”

      I read in news accounts that Alex Jones’ lawyer stated that the trial would “not be about Sandy Hook”. I take that to mean Jones and his lawyer have no intention to use the trial to dispute whether the alleged shooting massacre is actually true.

  8. The girl in the blue in the line of kids is the one that stands out as a focal point. I also noticed shadow differences in various pictures which indicates people being inserted. If you look at the parked vehicles from an aerial shot they are overhelmingly black, tan or white. Look at any lot of parked cars from an event from the air and you will see a rainbow of colors. The overhead shots look like a movie set. Many years ago I took part in several casualty drills as a “patient” to be rescued by emergency personnel. This was over 40 years ago and the wound mockups looked very real. I was tasked to play a patient with violent dementia. I had a tag placed on myclothing warning that I was violent. I resisted any orders given to me by the rescuers and physically resisted when touched. I actually flung 2 firemen across the room. It took 7 of them to subdue me and I apologized to the guys I flung. They understood my reasoning for the realism.

    • A few years ago someone did a detailed analysis of the shadows. It was amazing stuff. It was very clear that what was often presented as contiguous footage or sequential images was actually taken at different times and even seasons.

      I’ve always believed that part of this drill was evaluating how well they could respond to public scrutiny. Remember, it started of entirely different. They were chasing “Adam’s” brother, there were multiple guys in the woods, etc..

      Then, as the storyline began to firm up, obvious holes and inconsistencies began to be obvious. So, besides the high dudgeon and feigned outrage, they had to “cut and paste” supporting material here and there.

      This was every bit a test of their ability to lie, sometimes unconvincingly, and get away with it.

    • Dr. Oz of TV fame featured several residents from Sandy Hook on his show shortly after the event. One was a third grader referred to as Little Louie and his mother and grandmother.

      Little Louie’s mother described the scene looking like a movie set when she arrived. Not sure how many movie sets she had seen previously, but her son did one better. Responding to a question from Dr. Oz he replied they were having a drill and hiding under tables. Little Louie was not heard from again on the show.

      For those interested, the cash flow spigot is still on in Sandy Hook and Connecticut.
      Grant to pay for Connecticut and Sandy Hook Promise work on violence prevention

      ~NEWTOWN — A $500,000 federal grant that Connecticut will use to help students recognize red flag behavior before it erupts into school violence features programs developed by the homegrown nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise. And there’s more where that came from.~

      • Yeah, I remember “Louie”. There went his trust fund! I forgot earlier, many found evidence that the drill was supposed to have kicked off on the 13th, hence some of the confusion with various internet postings.

        Early on there were reports of official-looking cars at the firehouse on the 13th. It really is amazing what one can accomplish with sufficient lucre to spread around. I guess that’s one way to really get to know your neighbors.

        People who try to do the right thing either drown on their bike rides, die young or disappear.

  9. I agree with your analysis. I don’t think the obvious inconsistencies were due to sloppiness, but rather were testing devices. The unraveling Sandy Hook story created a maze similar to what is used in a testing lab with mice and rats. The planners learned a lot watching their human subjects take the bait, and can use what they learned to ensnare more minds.

    • It is always hard for me to talk about this without being misunderstood by someone. Usually, we have to discuss this as if it actually happened. From there that leads to discussing it based on the story they told about it. Then we start to find obvious problems with that and end up debating various scenarios that obviously didn’t happen because the whole thing was a drill.

      So, in terms of the mystery mother, obviously, if there was such a person (doubtful), she would have seen “Adam” (nonexistent). The “geezer” (in his 40’s), may or may not have been playing a part in the drill. It doesn’t matter because it was all make believe.

      All of the EMT bags are interesting, considering that the story says they weren’t allowed in. Just look at the shear number of them. All unopened, neatly lining the hall.

      Jim Tracy’s call to Hicks is telling. If she had evidence that she had not shared with police, I would assume they’d be interested in that. Of course she doesn’t, since it was all make believe.

      If I had to guess about the door in Room 3, I’d say that during the drill they decided to practice their breaching skills. It makes absolutely no sense to the official tale.

      I agree about “Sandy Hooked”. While there is a tone of interest in truth, the overall impression is that he/she believes it happened. Maybe they leave the site there as a backup in case the Lenny thing peters out. Frankly, I’m not so sure I believe there’s a “Lenny”.

      Lastly, it looks like there’s good money in conspiring with seditious interests. Every time I read something on this there is another “connection”. Chertoff’s daughter? Wow.

    • That’s interesting. I tend to think about it like a test of how well your assets can be controlled to do damage control. It is like fine-tuning a team. When someone gets noisy, they may use the police, or the courts, but always the media.

      So it isn’t so much about providing a plausible story, its about stifling any dissenting voices. It is “better” if the “fix” is even more unbelievable. The message is “we’re in charge of ‘reality’, and we’ll do as we please”.

      Most of the time it has simply been “high dudgeon” . “How DARE you insult these families……..(?). I’m old enough to remember when “I read it in the newspaper” was synonymous with “it isn’t true”.

  10. Something comes to mind, while google etc. are going to be compromised in providing satellite photos, the U.S. is not the only ones that have spy sats etc. for geospatial intelligence. One wonders, does a russian agency have any satellite pictures of the area on the given days in question, how about the u.k., or other nations? Perhaps some other disparate departments might have photos as well, (if the trend of “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” applies as much to big time departments with satellite data as it does to getting mail, insurance, and medical info screwed up, maybe someone has photos that could shoot down the event as well as concrete proof, that large a number of departments is hard to co-ordinate entirely and micro-managing/scrubbing every last bit of data would be a very difficult task.) like the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (although very likely to be compromised of course, given they are a government agency.)

    Anyone have any ideas on how to obtain such satellite picture data? (and of course, a caveat, by my mentioning of this any subversive agents reading this blog will get the hint to scrub that trail, or alter it in some way thereby ruining this lien of inquiry, but hopefully it won’t get noticed. If it comes to risking them cleaning up a trail versus mentioning a potential lead, I’d rather err on making mention so someone with better ability than myself could potentially follow up and expose such.)

    • Satellite images by other countries would be useless. 1-2 years ago, I saw a video on YouTube showing Newtown and surroundings being covered with thick clouds/chemtrails on the day of the alleged shooting massacre. The video, of course, had since been taken down.

  11. Outstanding, meticulous analysis, Cinderella!

    According to the timeline of Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) locked its front door at 9:30AM. That morning, “at about 9:30 a.m., as announcements were read over the loudspeaker to the students, shots were heard across the school.” (CNN)

    But the mystery mother checked out of Sandy Hook Elementary School at 9:32AM that morning. That makes no sense, unless of course the mother checked out of ANOTHER building to which SHES had been transferred — as proven by food delivery invoices obtained by Wolfgang Halbig.

    • I know this is serious stuff, Dr. E., but I am tempted to laugh every time another anomaly, such as the one you pointed out, rises like a wart on a nose. It’s just so obvious: How can people be so blind? As James Perloff points out in his wonderful book, “The Truth is a Lonely Warrior”: “…people will often accept an absurdity if a majority of others appear to believe in it.” It’s confirmed by conformity research that Perloff cites, such as the Asch experiments. ( The planners knew this, of course, and capitalized on it. People, by and large, are much more concerned about how they are perceived by their peers than whether or not their perceptions are based on facts or truth.

  12. The silver mini van with a roof rack is in both pictures above, the one from the Bee and the aerial. It gives a point of reference for other vehicles seen in both pictures. Not disagreeing with you, just pointing out an observation.

  13. So what’s the theory of who has the hutzbah and ability to organize and pull this off?

    Who benefits? how? money?

    The more people in on it the less likely. Isn’t S H just too many people involved to not have leakers?

    • While, ultimately, it is “The Controllers” who order this stuff, the U.S. Government, with a lot of help is driving this. Homeland Security (as an agency), with help from a plethora of federal and state government and non-government entities.

      It really didn’t take any “Chutzpah” at all. When you know you can’t be damaged or prosecuted, what’s to worry about? Essentially this was a media drill. It was all controlled imagery set to a completely controlled narrative.

      All of the various vignettes were designed to support the tale. No “independent” media were allowed to participate.

      I have asked your question many times and, given the passage of time and what’s happened, it looks to me like they’ve been very successful at keeping the lid on. They don’t have to worry about prosecution. They are the threateners and intimidators.

    • If there is one thing we can learn from the fake Russia Collusion scheme, it’s that TPTB are more than capable of something like this. You wanna know how they keep so many people from opening their mouths? Money! And if that doesn’t work, look at what happened to Seth Rich.

  14. Qwerty121’s point re preventing leaks with so many people involved was thrown at me by very close friend whom I tried to convince that it was a hoax, not a false flag of other variety, but hoax, as in, “no one ever died’.
    This person, involved in military in past, could not buy my story.
    I so hoped that somehow Remington could exhume JUST ONE grave. just one. alas.
    Searched for all the old articles, as stated, they have been “bleach bitted”. The only residual I found (couple of months ago) was the photo from the Peshawar school shooting in Pakistan, the one with the large poster of Noach Pozner along the fence, identical photo to his FB photo shown one year exactly prior at SH. So neat trick, Noach managed to die twice in two school shootings, what a miracle. That photo is still probably accessible. Peshawar.
    What most impressed me, was the performance by Wayne Carver, but specifically his one statement which was googlable at the time, stating something akin to “I hope that this does not come back to bite the people of Newtown”. Not exact quote. No other way to parse it, other than he knew it was a fake, and knew that everyone involved was in on the “play”. Exhuming a random grave would have been utilitarian,

  15. Now is a good time to post a comparison of this and any other false flag shootings with the shooting in Crimea where video and actual footage exist. A shotgun used to kill 18 and injure hundreds . This should be the nail in Obama and the Deep state coffin and an eye opener for the world. A third world country with strict gun laws and detailed footage compared to the false flag Sandy hook. Then lets find out what happened in vegas

  16. Humanity worships science. Please allow me to provide science here.

    The world was offered the Van Ness/Hicks photo for digestion on 12-14-12. That photo quickly became an assimilator of the Sandy Hook narrative.

    Connecticut state police dashcam video from that day never reveals ANY exodus from the school – major or minor. One cannot over-emphasize the significance of this piece of exculpatory evidence.

    The Ct. St. police dashcam video shows no parking lot activity – NONE – before or after the alleged 10:09 Hicks photo. One would have had to actually sit down and devote a number of hours in watching the dashcam video to come to this scientific conclusion. I did. No children, no adults.

    There was interspersed footage, however, of what appeared to be persons in official capacity aimlessly darting in and out from between parked vehicles.

    Let me turn the tables here on those who have leveled the charge that SH could not have been covered up for this long.

    According to multiple sources, SHES was said at the time to have housed between 400-700 students, which does not include staff. So you are telling me that in the age of the cell phone, with its video record capability and all of the parents and neighbors who flocked to the school, with local business surveillance cameras, with media choppers flying overhead, and with Shannon Hicks snapping photos and videos, with law enforcement dashcam video, THAT WE STILL HAVE ZERO VIDEO FOOTAGE OF ANY SHES MASS OR MINISCULE EXODUS FROM A SCHOOL UNDER SIEGE?!?!?!

    I appeal to your scientific nature – your scientific resolve. If you have ANY evidence that would scientifically demonstrate that there were human beings EXITING the SHES ON 12-14-12, PROVIDE IT.

    If there is an emergency situation taking place in ANY building, there will inevitably be an exodus of humanity, AT SOME POINT, from that building.

    It appears however that SHES 12-14-12 event has managed to skirt science and reason, and has been relegated to the metaphysical.

    • Yes Joseph, I think that’s what they’ve done. They have decided that they will control the narrative and the visuals. Note that there were no other sources for this. Only their approved sources were allowed to speak or supply images.

      In a “normal” disaster, the news hounds would have been out interviewing anything with two legs. That didn’t happen either.

      In my opinion, a large part of this exercise was testing their ability to control the action. There were even obvious changes to the plot that simply went away. SHES appears to me to be almost totally a media drill.

      • Right Lophatt. Remember Paul Vance the next morning? He threatened potential prosecution to any who might dare to propose a dissenting thought from the official account. Where was the outrage from the media on this?

        They DID control EVERYTHING, didn’t they? WOW.

        Too bad for them we exist.

      • It’s good to see a comment, have it prompt a memory, and go back. In this case, Lophatt mentioned Sandy Hook being “almost totally a media drill.”

        His comment reminded me of the Sandy Hook 911 calls, which I have a full transcript of. However you will not see recorded on the transcript what could be heard midway through call number 3 from acting head custodian Rick Thorne at 9:36:13 am. Thorne has just told Operator 1 that “Something’s happening,” to which O1 responds “OK.”

        It is at this point you faintly, but clearly hear a female voice in the background state “I heard a rumor this is fake.” O1 then tersely commands, “Jen, hang up. I need you to get off that phone. Alright Rick?…Rick?”

        I am sure I do not need to connect the dots, but let me ask – WHY, HOW could there possibly be a 911 caller indicating that what was happening was fake DURING the event?!?!?

        Did she turn on the TV and witness an event being offered as real life, that she knew was not?

        Who was this woman and why has she never come forward?

        I shudder to consider.

    • Outstanding observations as usual, Joe. It would almost appear that the Sandy Hook site was a vortex, like the Bermuda Triangle, where people and vehicles vanish into thin air. But, of course, we know better.

      Did you know about Salamander Technologies?

      It was used to tag and track everything on two legs and four wheels during the Incident. No doubt The Salamander Knows who/what came out of those mysterious doors and who/what did not.

      • Interesting. No, I was not aware of this. It certainly fits, however, and explains quite a bit. This actually bolsters my theory that the primary purpose was an exercise in mass manipulation and “reality” management.

        As long as I’ve followed “The Controllers” I’ve always said that they never have just one purpose for what they do. They usually have multiple goals but are happy if some of their targets are met.

        In this case, the obvious on is destruction of the Second Amendment. But that’s just the obvious one. I think a more long range, “stretch goal” was this information management. As Joseph pointed out, they used threats, intimidation, lawsuit, peer pressure and even murder and/or disappearance.

        They have kept this up for some time now. As a measure of success, it doesn’t get much better than doing these outrageous, irrational things and managing to carry on as though it was all quite “normal”.

        So, from the “you can’t see the bodies”, to autopsies in the parking lot, secrecy oaths, EMT’s issuing death pronouncements, (etc., etc….), the more they push the plausibility envelope and manage to stifle any realistic comment, the more “successful” their drill is.

      • Did not know @ ST’s, CB. How about someone contacting them and asking for data from that day in Newtown, Ct.?

        That’s if you don’t mind running into a stone wall. Give me the Bermuda Triangle, CB. It’s not nearly as dark as Sandy Hook.

        Earth to Salamander….

  17. Let’s take a poll. How many of ya’ll believe 9/11 was a hoax as well?

    • Depends 121. Elaborate on what you mean by “a hoax.”

    • Claire Underwood

      Inside job, the false flag, not hoax. Innocent people died in the tower s. I’m rather skeptical of the planes having any passengers , Pentagon deaths, a nd of course, Osama bin Laden died from kidney disease in late 2001, all the videos of him taking credit for the attacks we d’s st aged, along with the 2010 assassination by seal team 6.

  18. hoax – shoulda said another conspiracy different from the govt account.

    same people or different groups able to pull off major events govt hides???

  19. Excellent post Cinderella Broom. I have followed this for some time and appreciate all your hard work.
    I have 2 questions:
    It is obvious that women in the beige sweater, white shirt & jeans (Amy Taylor?) is in both pictures-the iconic & the running. My ? is – why is she running out 2 times-did they let her go back in to get more kids? These 2 pictures of the same person make absolutely no sense. The police would never let her go back after she got out with the “first” group of kids – you would have to believe the police let her go back into a crime scene? Never happen. Plus I have a problem with them taking the kids out through the front door past a dead Lanza & whoever else when they could have gone out a different way like the supposed 400-700 others did w/o any dead bodies to ‘not’ see.
    Also that running pic looks totally photo shopped the proportions are way off. Its a joke.
    As far as the cars in the lot being too close to the wall I think it is just the angle the shot is taken. If you look at the yellow line it is close to them in one pic (bc angle) and can be seen in the aerial photo not as close.
    I also don’t buy that all those people would be allowed to stand around “waiting” to get their kids outside the front when they were being evacuated to the fire station IMO @ 10:09 they wouldn’t be letting anyone down there that close.
    My other ? is the time of the picture posting-it says 22:44 wouldn’t that be 10:44 pm not 5:44 pm? Thanks again can’t wait for part 4.

  20. i have been following your site for some time you know there are far too many people out there who will believe the MSM. i have been trying to get people to open their eyes and minds to finding the truth no matter how painful it may be.i used to live not too far from this area i now live in the great north woods of maine. i have always said that sandy hook was a false flag and that an exercise was going on that day and they used it to stage this injustice and gross child abuse to further their anti gun agenda. thank you for this site and the good people who help make it trust worthy.


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