Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 2.

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Note: This article is based on collaborative research by Anne Berg, Alison Maynard and the author. For many readers, it will be a rehash. Its value, we believe, lies in evidence that the mainstream media and other official sources effectively confused the public with misleading information. It appears that we are supposed to accept the official sources’ many blunders and mistakes as “human error” while remaining convinced that only establishment media are qualified interpreters and reporters of the 12-14-12 incident. ~C.

ABOVE: From the CT State Police report via Getty Images

In Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement, the rough (very rough) draft of a love letter is read by the younger sister of its intended recipient. The ensuing misinterpretations spell disaster for the writer, who is wrongfully accused and imprisoned for rape.

One misinterpreted letter can cause serious repercussions – as true in life as in art.

This is about such a letter. But in this case, the victims are the readers.

Many Sandy Hook researchers have asked why there is no surveillance footage of Adam Lanza as he blasted his way through the SHES front entrance window. From page 24 of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook:

For example, in an era of ubiquitous video surveillance of public buildings especially no visual evidence of Lanza’s violent entry has emerged.”

Memory Hole Blog recently reposted a series of articles by James R. Hanson, an attorney with a long and distinguished record. Hanson gives as evidence for a hoax the lack of any crime scene photos. He refers specifically to a “new door camera system” installed in the fall before the alleged shooting:

 “A coincidence that struggles for credence is that the new door camera system, proudly announced when installed last fall, did not record an assailant shooting through the glass entryway door and plunging inside.  There is also no photograph of this door.  Has it been replaced?  If so, may we see the door that was in place that day?  Do the school financial records show the cost of purchase and installation of a replacement?”

Wolfgang Halbig asked that same question and prepared FOIA requests to obtain work orders for the system. Ultimately, Halbig found himself the subject of organized mockery and persecution. Persistence is not treated as a virtue when it knocks on the devil’s door.

Yet, the question raised by all three of the above inquiring minds was perfectly legitimate. It was spurred, in part, by multiple mainstream media articles that describe the implementation of a front entrance security system still being tested, based on a letter said to have been written by Dawn Hochsprung herself. (Mrs. Hochsprung was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary, allegedly one of Adam Lanza’s first victims.)

A letter with a long beard. A conscientious search on the Web turns up numerous articles by news sources that mention the system installation and/or Mrs. Hochsprung’s letter, among them:

One of the earliest articles to reference Mrs. Hochsprung’s letter comes from the CBS News article (posted at 7:05 p.m., 12-14-12), which reproduced it in full. See the letter below in quotes (boldface is mine):

“Dear Members of our Sandy Hook Family,

“Our district will be implementing a security system in all elementary schools as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure student safety. As usual, exterior doors will be locked during the day. Every visitor will be required to ring the doorbell at the front entrance and the office staff will use a visual monitoring system to allow entry. Visitors will still be required to report directly to the office and sign in. If our office staff does not recognize you, you will be required to show identification with a picture id. Please understand that with nearly 700 students and over 1000 parents representing 500 SHS families, most parents will be asked to show identification.

“Doors will be locked at approximately 9:30 a.m. Any student arriving after that time must be walked into the building and signed in at the office. Before that time our regular drop-off procedures will be in place. I encourage all parents to have their children come to school and return home on the bus and to remain in school for the entire school day. The beginning and ending of our school day are also important instructional times and therefore we want all our students to reap the benefits of full participation in our program.

“We need your help and cooperation for our system to work effectively. Our office staff is handling multiple tasks. Though they will work diligently to help you into the building as quickly as possible, there may be a short delay until someone can view you on the handset and allow you to come in electronically. There are times during the day when office personnel are on the telephone, addressing student concerns, or in the copy room; there are other times when only one person is in the front office. Please help our staff by identifying yourself and provide your child’s name.

‘Keep in mind we will be following our district guidelines which may need revision once we test the system.

“Please know your involvement continues to be critical to our school’s effectiveness and your child’s success. We continue to encourage and value your presence in our classrooms and are counting on your cooperation with the implementation of this safety initiative.


Mrs. Hochsprung”

The letter contains all of the clues necessary to prove that the front entry system was not new, was not capable of surveillance, nor was it the fruit of efforts by “Mrs. Hochsprung.”


1. “700 students”: Four days before the alleged Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, during a Newtown Board of Finance meeting, a report was provided, dated October 1, 2012, with head counts for all of the schools. See below: the SHES head count is listed as 454 students.

In the State’s Attorney Report, we find on page 9, footnote #13 the following: “On December 13, 2012, the student enrollment was 489. Official attendance had not yet been recorded as of 9:30 a.m. on December 14, 2012.”

However, a CityData page provides a census of 776 students at SHES for the year 2006. A lot closer to the “700” mark. This is a big hint that the letter probably wasn’t written in 2012, but much earlier, when the SHES census was up.

 2. “Visual monitoring system.” This means a camera of some sort connected to a “handset” through which people could be observed. There’s no mention of a recording device.

3. “Mrs. Hochsprung.” Dawn Hochsprung usually signed with her full name and title, as shown (from the Sandy Hook Elementary School Handbook, 2010) below. The signature line on the above letter creates the impression that it was a prefab letter generated each year as a reminder, likely in a student rulebook.

The letter was likely written in 2007 by a previous SHES principal (Donna Page). In a 2007 annual report for the Newtown Board of Education (, an expenditure of $4,322 was made for a “front entry security” system for Sandy Hook Elementary. The same amount was invested in systems for the Hawley School and Head O’ Meadow School. This is probably the system described in the letter by “Mrs. Hochsprung.” Not a new system, but a relatively old one.

More conflicting information from official sources. Oddly, the State’s Attorney Report (p. 21, following the pagination in upper left) refers to an elderly call box installed in 2005, not 2007. It describes a “camera,” but specifies that it was only for “monitoring,” not “recording.” Convenient.

It’s clear that the letter from “Mrs. Hochsprung” was old, creating multiple misperceptions. Was it fed to the media for that purpose? A non-existent surveillance camera could distract investigators from other glaring inconsistencies and anomalies, such as the doors of Room 5. (More about that in a future article.)

Or did the media find the letter and just spring on it, possibly to make the point that even a security system is no match for a lunatic with a gun?

One thing that’s certain is that a decrepit, shuttered school doesn’t need a new surveillance or monitoring system. In fact, the absence of one facilitated what I believe was a hoax.

Another letter. We also know that Dawn Hochsprung was a real fan of security technology thanks to another (undated) letter that her friend Gerald Stomski wrote to the Connecticut School Safety Committee, apparently sometime after 12-14-12. (See “Somebody who really died after Sandy Hook” for more on Mr. Stomski’s tragic death.) Here is an excerpt:

“In 2009 when I was elected as to [sic] the CEO for the Town of Woodbury, I met with then Principal Dawn Hochsprung regarding her writing a grant for security upgrades at Mitchell Elementary School. I questioned at the time, why were school administrators applying for and ultimately setting up security measures for their respected schools. Without possessing the necessary background in the fields of security and safety, I wondered if this was the most logical way of protecting our schools. Upon further investigation it was revealed to me that not only were administrators responsible for this activity, but that school maintenance workers, janitors, teachers and school administrators were responsible for these safety controls. Questionable decisions at best.

“I worked with Dawn Hochsprung on writing a successful grant and assisted her with the proper application and installations of these security controls for her school. Additionally, Dawn Hochsprung and I formed a relationship whereas we discussed on numerous occasions, what would need to be done should a shooter breach the school security, forcibly entering the school, and open firing once entered. Our discussions led to “trying to buy time” to “notify school teachers, staff and students that eminent [sic] danger was in their school”. Dawn and I even had discussions regarding “giving up your life” should it be necessary to protect her school and her children. She stated, “NOT ON MY WATCH”, would anyone be able to enter her school to conduct an act of violence against her school.”

Why settle? Given all of the above, why would Dawn Hochsprung, principal of SHES since 2010, settle for an inadequate security system for her school? Through no fault of her own, she inherited a monitoring system with no recording capability, as well as vintage 1956 windows that weren’t bulletproof at an entrance that was like a fishbowl. But given her proactive stance at Mitchell Elementary (Woodbury), why didn’t she follow suit at Sandy Hook?

Why settle for classroom doorknobs that locked only from the outside? Wouldn’t doorknob replacements be an expenditure that Mrs. Hochsprung would champion, given her past experience in obtaining security controls?

A building loaded with asbestos and black mold was bad enough. If building repairs were needed at SHES, the presence of these contaminants would have posed serious health risks. Given this, it’s fortunate indeed that – as stated in a Newtown school system report – the allotted budget for SHES building repairs for 2011-2012 was exactly $0.

Keyhole. To conclude, the letter signed by Mrs. Hochsprung was ultimately misleading. But the one signed by Gerald Stomski raises the questions we should have been asking all along about the doors at Sandy Hook Elementary.





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33 responses to “Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 2.

  1. Cinderella:

    Your report is superb, your writing mesmerizing.

    The simplest, Occam’s Razor explanation for all the anomalies you pointed out (the lack of surveillance footage of alleged mass murderer Adam Shooter shooting the glass door into Sandy Hook Elementary School; the allotted budget of $0 for building repairs for 2011-2012 of a school severely contaminated with asbestos and other environmental toxins; classroom doorknobs that locked from the outside….) is this:

    SHES had been abandoned long before the alleged shooting massacre. Thus, no need for video surveillance, or for building repairs, or for sensible classroom doorknobs that lock from the inside.

    They simply had to bide their time until a plot is put together that would eventually net them millions of dollars from the state to rebuild SHES into America’s only elementary school that resembles a luxury getaway for millionaires.

    • Cinderella Broom

      Yes, I agree with all of your conclusions, Dr. Eowyn. The school was a “massacre” waiting to happen. It was easy to plan how it would happen … merely by assessing the school’s many deficiencies. Overnight, it went from a derelict building to a potential cash cow. How very ironic. Truth is stranger than fiction often enough, but here we have the ultimate example of that maxim.

  2. I’ve been trying to get Sandusky to reopen the investigation into Sandy Hook. The most damning evidence out there that destroys Connecticut’s final report on Sandy Hook comes from their own forensic labs.

    The Connecticut Crime Lab took DNA samples from all parts of the alleged murder weapon, a Bushmaster XM-15S, AR-15 variant, including:

    1. Trigger
    2. Trigger guard
    3. Grip
    4. Stock
    5. Forend
    6. Barrel
    7. Magazine in the rifle
    8. Live rounds inside the magazine
    9. live round inside the chamber
    10. Two magazines taped together on the floor

    Here’s what they found:



    The evidence conclusively proves that Adam Lanza was NOT the Sandy Hook shooter (if there ever was one) and if there was a shooting, there were at least two suspects who may have been involved.

    • Cinderella Broom

      Excellent. Thank you. You mean Sedensky, I think. But I don’t think you’ll be successful in convincing Sandy Hook cover-uppers to conduct another investigation. Thus, citizen investigations and well-stated observations, such as yours, should continue.

  3. Excellent research, ladies; & ditto the comments. Creepy doorknobs!

    Such a massive fraud, who could ever forget the day & the months thereafter as every deceptive detail was exposed! Soooo many people belong in jail. Can Gitmo hold them all?

    __FYI: New Wolfgang Halbig interview from 9/26/18 re the ongoing SHES lawsuit. The host who posted it had his entire YouTube channel quickly demonetized by the Google Gestapo.

    This Twitter short link goes to the Halbig interview at YouTube:

    • Since YouTube regularly censors nonPC videos, those who post videos to YouTube should also have the videos in MP4 format and inform viewers where to find the MP4 videos.

  4. “Many Sandy Hook researchers have asked why there is no surveillance footage of Adam Lanza as he blasted his way through the SHES front entrance window.”

    Yet many journalists have not asked this question.

    “Or did the media find the letter and just spring on it, possibly to make the point that even a security system is no match for a lunatic with a gun?”

    They were probably fed the misinformation. Yet many journalists have not asked this question.

    Truth is, no one in the media “raised the questions we should have been asking all along “

  5. ((((“A coincidence that struggles for credence is that the new door camera system, proudly announced when installed last fall, did not record an assailant shooting through the glass entryway door and plunging inside.)))

    How could this new door camera system be if the school in question has been reported closed years earlier due to asbestos contamination????

    If this letter sent home is real, it must be referring to a school these children were attending at that time letter was posted.

  6. Dawn Hochsprung is an enigma. As longtime SH researchers struggle for clarity, we need to be open to the research of others, and adjust our conclusions if necessary.

    Cinderella here has demonstrated Hochsprungs fervor for security. In light of this something has become a bit clearer to me with regards to Dawn Hochsprung.

    A few years ago I visited Newtown for the third time. On that visit I knocked on every door of Crestwood Drive, the road adjacent to the left (looking at the old school from the front) of SHES. The only ones who answered were a couple at the very end of that road. She invited me in and we chatted for about a half hour. Before I went inside I noticed that the residents here at 14 Crestwood were in the process of constructing a very large, brand new multi use building. I wondered at the time (and now convinced of) if it had been financed by a black ops budget.

    Let me now share what this woman told me about Dawn Hochsprung.

    The woman at 14 Crestwood Dr. was apparently familiar with Mrs. Hochsprung. She told me that in the months preceding 12-14-12 that Hochsprung began locking a gate that existed between Crestwood Dr. and the school. Why? This resident told me Hochsprung “may have been having premonitions.”

    She went on to tell me that Dawn Hochsprung confronted the nephew of 14 Crestwood Dr. for leaving a dumptruck in the aforementioned area. This seemingly innocuous piece of history has always left me wondering.

    This woman also shared with me that she had resided at 14 Crestwood Dr. for 40 years, and had “seen and heard children at recess.” It seemed to me here that she was attempting to dispel notions that the school was inoperative.

    This woman told me that “most of the parents had moved away.” This always disturbed me, considering that all of the child victims – minus Emily Parker – were buried in or near Sandy Hook.

    Here are the other points of interest with regards to the woman at 14 Crestwood Dr.

    * She had heard that there were “conspiracy theories”
    * She knew people whose “grandchildren” died at SHES
    * In relation to the new SHES – she did not believe there were enough children to accommodate the size of the new SHES
    * She stated that the residents “can’t afford a new school.”
    * She said she was not aware that there was no video of a mass exodus from the school (which I clued her into)
    * She said no one “could get through the town because of the funerals” (the alleged funerals for the slain)
    * She said she “met Dawn Hochsprung before she became concerned with security…”

    When I last visited Sandy Hook in 2016 there were two fences separating Crestwood Dr. from the old SHES. It was truly surreal – and disturbing.

    Cinderellas post here, in addition to my own experiences, has lead me to speculate that perhaps Dawn Hochsprung was an unwitting victim in the 12-14-12 event. Or was she connived into participating?

    Let me add this. In my own research I came across a “photo” presented as evidence by CW Wade that seemed to show, from the end of a hallway, what appeared to be bodies in the foyer of SHES. My response to Wade was: show me close ups. No response.

    This is what I mean by research flexibility. I am still uncertain as to the role that Dawn Hocksprung played.

    Many thanks to Cinderella and this site to perpetuating the necessary curiosity of Sandy Hook. We will continue to advance into the extreme darkness of this Connecticut hamlet.

    • Another SHES student is buried outside of Connecticut. Besides Emily Parker, now in Utah after a Hollywood production funeral, there is Noah Pozner. If we are to believe Veronique De La Rosa, a tall order, little Noah was buried at a cemetery in Monroe, CT.

      It was only a temporary arrangement though. Miss Veronique announced that her son Noah was going to be dug up and shipped to Washington state where she was moving to.

      Almost six years later we have to assume that little Noah found his way safely to Washington state. Only problem is that “parents” Lenny and Veronique have been operating out of Florida all this time, moving constantly for reasons only they know. Very CIAish. And where is Noah? If not in Connecticut, Washington state or Florida, then perhaps Pakistan?

      • Incredible Anne. Did this “move” find its way anywhere onto the MSM landscape? If it did I missed it.

        One of the tidbits of info I did not share is that 14 Crestwood told me that most of the parents had moved away. According to Find A Grave, 13 0f the 20 child victims (at the time, besides E. Parker) were interred in identified, local Ct. graves. Having never lost a child, I am not sure what is normative here. Would the parents leave behind the buried children?

      • I wondered if she lost her embassy job? I just read where Halbig won his suit and a group of families immediately filed another suit against him. I remember that at least she was headed to Washington. That’s quite a navigational error. Pakistan? Gotta hand it to him. The little guy’s a trooper.

        • LOL. So late to the party I am. Usually it seems. Anyway, my understanding is that Reuben dropped his suit at the last minute when Wolfgang was just about to be able to depose him and start discovery on “Lenny Pozner”. Interestingly, the group of families also apparently includes the doppelganger FBI agent who is butthurt at being called an actor. Hope he gets grilled real good about his firearms training and where he was taught to carry a loaded “assault rifle” upside down and backwards among mothers and children.

  7. Thanks for these insights, Joseph. While I understand what you’re saying here, I’m not convinced that Mrs. Hochsprung was an innocent bystander in the plot, nor did I mean to imply this. My point was this: Given her extreme interest in school security measures as described by Gerald Stomski, why were there yet so many security risks at SHES? It doesn’t add up, especially when you consider that some of the shabby deficiencies, such as the door locks, could have been solved relatively easily. That is all I was saying. From what I know, some of which I can’t divulge, letting the principal of the school off the hook would not be my recommendation. Just my opinion, of course. Thanks again for sharing the facts about your fascinating encounter.

    • My question is “why would anyone speculate on armed invasion of an elementary school”? Of course SHES is what gets pointed to but really, I don’t believe any of them.

      If I’m reading this correctly Hochsprung allegedly talked about armed people shooting in the school. Why? Who would think about that? Sure, it could happen, with about the same likelihood as a meteor strike. Could it happen? Sure, so could a volcanic eruption.

      • My answer: So that people would say she had “premonitions” about the “massacre.” Mrs. Hochsprung has been apotheosized since 12-14-12. People regard her as Saint Sandy. It’s hard to topple an idol who is also thought to be a seer. And, when you think about it, her passion for school security was realized in the new school. We may be on the way to a total gun ban thanks to events like Sandy Hook, another feather in Mrs. Hochsprung’s cap.

        • The REAL “seer” was whoever “told” Dannel and the Lt. Gov that this was going to happen. (shhh Ericay Holderbay).

    • I am not convinced, nor am I attempting to convince Cinderella or anyone else that Hochsprung was an innocent bystander. And I don’t believe I implied that Cinderella implied this. I said Hochsprung may have been connived into participating. I am certainly not “letting the principal off the hook.”

      To wonder about the security risks is to ignore the date in question. 2012 is not 1912. No “state of the art security system” would be without audio and video record capability.

      We were also told, according to Stephen J. Sedensky’s report, that SHES “was Adams life.” So given this, Adam Lanza would have understood that “doors would be locked at approximately 9:30 am.” He would have then planned to enter the school PRIOR to the doors being locked – not after, which would have forced him to shoot his way through the plate glass windows to the right of the entrance doors.

  8. Those who know me will probably cringe when they read what I always say about this drill. Namely, belief is NOT the default position. We have no obligation to “believe” whatever nonsense the media attempts to feed us.

    As to surveillance, we have already established that the school was abandoned. Despite whatever the lady said that Mr. Miroddi visited. Second, obviously there was no “assault” to be filmed. That alone would necessitate some excuse for not producing the footage.

    In my view there was no Adam Lanza. That makes it even more difficult to produce evidence. If Dawn Hochsprung was the principal of SHES she would have been in a different school. I totally agree that the letter was written much earlier and “modified” for the occasion.

    I’m afraid that much of SHES follows the old adage of “in for a penny, in for a pound”. Once you realize what is what it is difficult and unnecessary to talk about impossible scenarios.

    I would DEFINITELY caution anyone NEVER to pay any attention to CW Wade. I think it wise to stick with what we know and adjust if something truly valuable turns up. I am convinced that there are ways to validate what a lot of us think. Of course this would not be easy and could not be done “in the open”.

    To me it is important to show it as the mass hoax that it was. I do not expect anyone to be prosecuted, although they certainly should be. It is enough to inform enough people that it damages their future manipulations.

    Many people labored long and hard to discover what we know. I have not seen anything yet that is capable of destroying those efforts. Indeed, lying is on the increase. Many of the same principles used in SHES are used in their other mind-control operations. The proof of its effectiveness can be seen in the number of hysterical believers in the official SHES story and many others.

  9. Man, I hope no one here is misunderstanding why I shared what I shared in regards to my visit to Newtown. I shared my conversations with the woman at 14 Crestwood for the sake of first hand information. That’s all. What she told me, in my mind, NEVER validated ANY part of the official story . On the contrary, it raised further suspicions.

    You had to be there.

    I shared the CW Wade photo because I had never seen it before or since. I wondered why this shadowy figure was the lone purveyor of this seemingly substantial evidence, since we were all righteously clamoring for crime scene photos.

    Yes, it is wise to stick to what we know. I would argue it is also wise to be aware of the tactics and “evidence” of the enemy. We need to be prepared when challenged by sidelined, doped up citizens with whatever is out there that reinforces the official story of 12-14-12.

    • Joe, thank you for sharing your road trip to Sandy Hook. Much appreciated.

      Regarding children seen and heard by the residents of 14 Crestwood Drive. In the vacant SHES a before and after school program (Education Connection) was run by Donna Denniston. The safety zone map here also shows the location of Children’s Adventure Center on 14 Riverside Road. So for someone living nearby the sound of children’s voices could still be heard.

      Sandy Hook Elementary School

    • Thank you again for sharing it, Joe. Firsthand accounts like this are valuable, especially since other attempts to get this kind of information have ended in lawsuits, police visits or jail sentences. Too few feet-on-the-ground investigations have been the outcome. I would say that you were very courageous to knock on doors as you did and talk to a “local.” And you have every right to question conclusions that may seem too pat. In fact, you should, as we all should. My response was simply offered to clarify my own conclusions — which are never completely “conclusive” in the Sandy Hook saga. It’s like a perpetually unraveling sweater. That said, no one in good conscience should ever be afraid to present whatever they have to add to the ball of yarn. And what you have added, in my opinion, is valuable information. Anne Berg’s insight helps to put it into perspective. Thank you both.

      • The fact that I live only 3.5 hours from Newtown helps – A LOT. I am sure many others, given the same close proximity, would do the same.

        And if I am jailed in the future, I am sure there would be an outpouring of FOTM’s $upport to get me out – smile.

        Maybe Anderson Cooper would acquiesce and join me on my next trip there, since he has, for years now, cowered away from Jim Tracy’s invite.


        • Just make sure you make enough noise so we know they’ve got you. And stay away from Lenny until we get there.

    • Joseph, I hope I didn’t inadvertently insult you. It wasn’t my intent and all of that wasn’t directed at you. I appreciate your going all that way and reporting back.

      I think it is hard to hear so many twists on this tale over the years, not your version. I apologize if I seemed to be addressing all that on you. I wasn’t.

      I admit that I can only partially understand some of the local’s reaction to all this. I hear what people tell me about it. I think they’re telling me the truth as they understand it. I just have a hard time digesting it.

      Thanks again.

      • Only my wife can insult me Lophatt, but I appreciate your concern, and I certainly understand the “twists on this tale.”

        I am writing this response after CB’s Pt. 3 – and her suspicions of “Sandy Hooked.”

        How can researchers possibly be properly vetted?

        I don’t know, and I believe they knew this from the beginning.

  10. Here is another intriguing item…. The SHES was insulated with ASBESTOS… Any asbestos removal is accompanied with reams of paperwork and test monitoring especially on the scale it would take to remediate a building of that size… Where is the documantation for the removal and disposal of the asbestos in that building??? I work in and have worked in buildings and ships that are full of asbestos. ANY disturbance of asbestos or remediation work be it 2 inches of 1/2″ pipe insulation or an entire boiler room full requires multiple agency paperwork… Just an observation…

    • A public discussion of the old SHES site was forbidden. We don’t know if this ban has been lifted. If not, many are in serious violation and may suffer the consequences (sarc).

      “….extra vigilance is needed to shield Sandy Hook families and the community from exploitation.”

      The now so famous Sandy Hook families and their community have done a mighty fine job in exploiting themselves – to the tune of millions of dollars.

      Most of the building will be completely crushed and hauled away to an undisclosed location. The town also is requiring documentation that metal and other materials that can’t be crushed and are hauled off-site are destroyed, she said.

      In addition to the demolition crew confidentiality agreements, the project management company, Consigli Construction, also may do background checks on the workers.

      The contractors’ confidentiality agreements, which were first reported Monday by The News-Times of Danbury, forbid public discussion of the site as well as photographs or disclosure of any information about the building.

      The precautions exceed those at other construction sites, town officials said.

      Jim Juliano, a member of the Public Building and Site Commission, said he initially considered whether the heightened precautions might be excessive. But he believes extra vigilance is needed to shield Sandy Hook families and the community from exploitation.

  11. Would it surprise any of you, that James Murren and Steve Wynn are both from Newtown CT? Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts Las Vegas? #LasVegaSTRONG
    Funny, talk of and evidence of a drill at SHES…

    James Murren who was Secretary of Department of Homeland Security and owner of Rapiscan1000 which never worked from day one?
    You know, those back scatter X-Ray machines that were put in gov’t buildings and airports around the entire world? Paid for by YOU, dear taxpayers? OSI is marketer for Rapiscan machines, owned by Deepak Chopra.

    I digress, am heading back to watch friendly animal videos.

    • You know who else is from Newtown? One Josh Sugarmann who was the Communications Director for the Coalition to Ban Handguns, and an advisor to Bill Clinton on firearms issues as founder of the Violence Policy Center. Although previously coined in an obscure article by the NYT, Sugarmann is widely credited with popularizing the term “assault weapon”.

      (Besides of course the hottest author on the planet at the time ) Hard to believe no enterprising presstitute didn’t see that as the “ultimate get” for a soundbite.


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