Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 1.

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Note: This article is based on collaborative research by Anne Berg, Alison Maynard and the author. For many readers, it will be a rehash. Its value, we believe, lies in evidence that the mainstream media and other official sources effectively confused the public with contradictory reports and photographic overload, on the one hand, and photographic obscurity on the other. It appears that we are supposed to attribute the official sources’ many blunders and mistakes to human error while remaining convinced that only establishment media are qualified interpreters and reporters of the 12-14-12 incident. ~C.

The doors at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were once subjects for rigorous discussion. Think back to those early days when controversy raged over locked bathroom doors and front entrance door cameras. But like Huxley’s “doors of perception,” Sandy Hook’s seem to have had a hallucinatory effect on most, supplanting critical thought with a one-way trip to oblivion.

Those peek-a-boo port-holed classroom doors, for instance, that could only be locked from the outside. How inconvenient if you’re attempting to keep a raging lunatic out. Yet, how convenient if you’re shooting for a particular mortality outcome while constructing a scene from a thriller.

Sandy Hook’s interior doors were perfect for the plot. You could easily picture Adam Lanza’s goggle eyes (with or without sunglasses?), Beatle helmet hair and cartilaginous neck framed in those windows, like a mescaline-induced nightmare.

With the horror behind the doors in the spotlight, the bass-ackwards locking mechanisms were mostly ignored (apparently by safety-conscious SHES Principal Dawn Hochsprung as well as the sleepy-headed public), until the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission recommended that school hardware should lock from inside. You have to marvel at such blinding hindsight.

      ABOVE: Room 12 door handles at the Sandy Hook Elementary school as photographed by Gunsalus for the CT State Police report. Room 12 was Kaitlin Roig’s classroom. Left: Interior door handle; Middle: Exterior door handle; Right: Interior closet handle. Why does the closet door lock from the inside while the room door handle doesn’t?

A theme of confusion and illusion. The official/media portrayal of other doors at the school and other buildings involved in the incident deserves a review, too. Through their keyhole, one can spy a theme of confusion and illusion; whether the outcome is purposeful obfuscation or mere carelessness is a matter of opinion.

What was shown? What was hidden? Why a particular door, as opposed to another? Asking those questions so late in the game may actually be well-timed, since all of the mainstream media (MSM) reports are now in.

The doors tell a similar story. So let’s begin at the entrance to the Sandy Hook School, the one described in an excerpt from a police report provided via a FOIA request by Wolfgang Halbig:

That’s the one I mean.

A gaping hole. Nearly everyone has seen the famous Connecticut State Police photo of the Sandy Hook Elementary window near the entrance doors of the school. Nearly everyone knows it was shot out, allegedly by Adam Lanza, to allow entrance either by ducking forward or bending over backward, being careful not to catch one’s crotch on the shards.

The window in the photo is a fright, but the furnishings appear nice and intact, perfectly aligned and tidy. Even the magazines on the table are squarely stacked.

We’re expected to believe that the six-foot+ Lanza (and, later, a limbo line of police) entered this peaceful sanctum through the hole, crunching forward on glass fragments, without leaving the chaotic signs that violence usually marks its territory with. No boot prints. No stained upholstery, no upside-down furniture, no destruction of anything fragile, such as a flimsy magazine rack that Lanza, it’s presumed, painstakingly slid out of the way and arranged at a nearly perfect 90-degree angle to the window.

Here’s one perspective:

ABOVE: From the CT State Police report via Getty Images

According to sworn affidavits in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports (CT Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection), a long line of policemen entered through the window hole.1 If that’s true, as Wolfgang Halbig has asked, why didn’t one of them think to unlock the main door for his chums?

Improbable as this scene seems to Halbig (and likely everyone reading this), certain Sandy Hook believers have insisted on its authenticity over the years. From the cleverly named “Crisis Actors Guild,” for instance, a voluminous wag, “Shill Murray,” claims that the magazine rack sustained a bullet hole. S/He even provides the images below:

ABOVE: From Crisis Actors Guild, “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open,” Part 1

Shill Murray is an urbane enough writer through most of it, until a reader challenges him/her. Then s/he spurts acid and scurrilous language:

[Screen shot above can be found in the Comments section at this link.]

CB: Do you see a bullet hole in the magazines depicted in the photos above? I don’t.

What I do see is a flimsy prop, possibly set in place as a “time capsule” to substantiate the official report that SHES was open in December 2012. All of the magazines but one were 2012 editions, as Shill Murray demonstrates in the first of his/her 15-part series, “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open.”

Shill is so punctilious in his/her examination of those neatly arrayed magazines that you can’t help but marvel. Such timeliness and orderliness are in stark contrast with the dated-looking, chaotic piles we see in other areas of the school.

(Images below are by Walkley for the CT State Police report, from IMGUR,

So it seems justifiable to place the magazine rack on the already long list of Sandy Hook anomalies.

A shattered door window. A 2017 article provides a very different picture of a SHES door, creating more mental clutter and confusion. Below is the photo and caption from the article:

Note that the caption refers to “a door,” not the front entrance door “of the Sandy Hook Elementary School” damaged in the “shooting rampage.” You might understandably conclude that this door was one of Adam Lanza’s targets.

These brown doors are nothing like the metallic silver doors in the entrance photo shown previously. Yet the Yahoo article treats them as if they were the same doors, with a paragraph directly below the photo referring to “the front doors of Sandy Hook.”

Maybe the confusion created by Yahoo is unintentional; maybe not. But why not show the doors and window being discussed? Surely a hole with the circumference of a tire would get more reader views than a window that simply looks vandalized.

The same brown doors depicted above can be found in several other Sandy Hook Elementary photos from the Connecticut State Police report, identified by IMGUR as having been broken out by police officers.

When were they taken? There are no dates, so we can’t be sure. Nothing specific is provided about these doors in the State’s Attorney report except for this (page 21): The conditions of windows and doors were documented, but some may have been disturbed by police and emergency personnel during the emergency response and protective sweep of the building.”

But what if the photos were taken before 12-14-12. If so, why? For a commissioned architectural study prior to demolition of the ratty-looking school? It’s anyone’s guess, but if so, vandals could easily have been the door-smashers, given the frangible nature of the glass.

It’s also possible that the vandalism occurred on 12-14-12. According to this article, based on the Connecticut State Police report (which took five years to complete), certain “dignitaries” trampled evidence at the crime scene and “heavily armed officers not clearly identifiable as police” were hanging about. What happens to the thin blue line in such circumstances?

Another shattered door window. The media trotted out yet another Sandy Hook Elementary door perspective in a video that competes with the ones above. This one is compliments of MailOnline. See below, noting that the left-hand door’s glass is shattered while side windows remain intact.

Closer examination reveals that this is an interior view of the brown doors discussed above.

The photo below of the same type of brown door at yet another SHES entrance reveals the interior door’s push-bar handle. (You have to zoom in on the left-hand door to see it.)

Photo Credit: IMGUR archive of SHES, Farr – Scene Photo #9

Interesting, once again, that these doors – ostensibly shot out by police – were featured instead of the front entrance photo with the blown-out window. Why? Perhaps it was because of that dang magazine rack.

Whoever broke through the brown door must have had one heck of a time getting his/her hand through the gap over that nasty-looking shard to reach the inside push bar. Not an easy maneuver.

Circling the doors. Sandy Hook doubters are already familiar with the circle dance performed around the Sandy Hook firehouse that was captured on videotape by a police helicopter. Around and around people went, out one door, in another and out the door again, creating the illusion that there were mobs of people and mass confusion. This deserves much more discussion and readers can still find some of it on YouTube, notably, Sofia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook.”

Hidden doors. There are more doors of interest at Chalk Hill Middle School (375 Fan Hill Road in Monroe, CT), which was Sandy Hook Elementary’s twin, made into an “exact replica” according to one ABC report. (You may well ask why, given the horrors that allegedly occurred in the school, anyone would want children in a replica environment.)

Chalk Hill is where Sandy Hook survivors were bused a few weeks after the 12-14-12 incident to finish out the school year. And, according to various sources, they were there well before the incident, too, leaving a breadcrumb trail of invoices behind them.

Unlike Sandy Hook, however, Chalk Hill has done a splendid job of hiding its doors in all of the online photos from U.S. news sources that we were able to find. A large metallic overhang makes it next to impossible to view the entrance where SH children were escorted inside before and after 12-14-12.

Photo Credit: Bill Bittar,, Nov. 18, 2010

Below is the same school as a Sandy Hook “replica.” Confusing, but at least this is honest. Chalk Hill’s use as a Sandy Hook replica before 12-14-12 was cleverly concealed from the public.

Photo Credit: Bill Bittar,, Jan. 3, 2013

It isn’t clear from the above photos whether or not Chalk Hill has any front entrance doors at all. However, here is a photo that proves the existence of Chalk Hill’s back entrance doors, compliments of Google Maps.

ABOVE: Chalk Hill Middle School; Photo Credit: Google Maps

 Insights from Israel. While U.S. media largely failed to capture pictures of the Chalk Hill school’s exits and entrances, Israel succeeded in the window category. Always at the ready to record disasters waiting to happen, the Israeli press (Times of Israel) came up with this beauty (below), crediting AP. Peaked and window-heavy, it bears no resemblance to the shuttered-looking, flat-topped Chalk Hill Middle on Fan Hill Road in Monroe.

The caption reads: “Chalk Hill School in Monroe, Conn., where Sandy Hook Elementary School students from neighboring Newtown began classes on Thursday (photo credit: AP/Jessica Hill).”

It turns out to be Jockey Hollow Middle School in Monroe, photographed by Jessica Hill on Jan. 3, 2013. Ms. Hill either photographed the wrong school despite the likely presence of signs outside – or the sign outside read “Chalk Hill Middle School.” If the former is true, chalk it up to human error. If the latter, you must wonder: Why all of this identity confusion?

Were children in the Sandy Hook and Monroe school systems regularly being shuffled around from one town to the other, swapping classrooms and buildings like germs? Silly notion, but consider the very real evidence that Chalk Hill Middle’s address (375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe) appeared on invoices for Sandy Hook Elementary long before 12-14-12.

Shape-shifting. Sandy Hook Elementary’s identity crisis began long before it became mixed up with Chalk Hill. In a 2003 Newtown Community Facilities document no longer available online, it was once mistaken for Hawley Elementary School.

Cinderella grabbed the above photo and caption from the document PDF early in 2016. Here it is again from a screen capture by researcher Mona Alexis Pressley in her article, “Sandy Hook Had 2 Principals, 2 School Buildings, but 0 CAPT Scores for 2009”:

Big honking typo? Could be – if the Newtown Ministry of Proofreading was on holiday when the document was released.

Or is this part of the same bizarre theme noted above, in which Sandy Hook Elementary was whatever certain people said it was? A school whose doors, windows and magazine racks obeyed certain laws of physics, yet not others; a school on the move, as it were, jumping around from one address to the next, while effortlessly migrating its phone number; a school that could be counted on as a storehouse and a prop for a horror show.

Speaking of props, what about the safety system camera that was supposedly at the front entrance? More about that in Part 2.




1Excerpted from Connecticut’s Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports, here are several quotes by various law enforcers on the scene during 12-14-12:

“A group of State Troopers then started to walk into the school from the front door. I believe they walked in through the broken front window. They each had their guns drawn and were asking what was going on.”

 “I entered the school through the broken glass window on the right side of the main doors.”

“TFC Blumenthal and I entered the building through the hole in the glass window.”

“I do not remember how I entered the school, but it may have been through the window.”

“I entered the main entrance of the school either through the front door or the broken window.”

“I am not sure if I checked the doors to see if they were locked but I eventually entered the school through the broken glass windows.”

“We all entered the building through the broken window and entered into the lobby of the school.”

“We entered the main entrance through either the front door or broken window.”

“Utilizing the blown out window, we joined other officers and entered/secured the lobby area.”

“We all entered the building through the broken window and entered into the lobby of the school.”











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58 responses to “Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 1.

  1. Fascinating, spell-binding article, Cinderella.

    My net impression, after reading it, is that TPTB just made things up as they went along in this hoax, which would explain the different doors, and the different schools all identified as Sandy Hook Elementary School. Recall also CNN’s supposed live aerial footage of first responders running into SHES the morning of the shooting, actually showed them running into a different school, most likely St. Rose of Lima pre-school.

    How a school can have classroom doors that lock on the outside is another mystery.

    • Indeed. During all of our research into this fiasco I kept saying, “seeing is not believing”, meaning, we did not have control of the imagery or the narrative. They would intone the narrative over specially selected images that often did not even make sense, let alone match the narrative.

      This is really in the realm of advertising or “mind-control”. And there is no question but that they made this up as they went along. They had a basic outline of a plot. As things shifted (usually as the result of some zealous agent or another), they had to build onto the plot to account for the script changes.

      Literally NONE of this would withstand any careful or thoughtful scrutiny. It was hoped that pure emotion could hold off legions of skeptics. The entire production was pure Science-Fiction. This was Ray Bradbury on acid.

      Today, I notice that most have totally forgotten that a controversy existed. This was their hope. All that is remembered is that 26 “died” due to “guns”. This is already being referenced as an historical event in the way that some reference “The Inquisition”. Everyone is “certain” of its truthfulness. Why? Because politicians and historians say it was.

    • I remember seeing that video (for the first time) on this site, Dr. Eowyn. It certainly does raise questions! Thanks for providing the link. ~C

      • I tried to click this link-

        Here it is again from a screen capture by researcher Mona Alexis Pressley in her article, “Sandy Hook Had 2 Principals, 2 School Buildings, but 0 CAPT Scores for 2009”:

        And it’s not there, imagine that… it says, “We are working around the clock to restore the site/feel free to drop-by anytime soon …

        Hmmmm….. maybe they’re on to the fact that we’re on to them ??

    • Doors lock on the outside so the room can be locked when not in use. SOP to protect supplies inside from wandering students. All schools have locking classrooms for this reason. Never noticed? I’m a teacher, your room key is important, and you get charged for it if you lose it.

  2. Some politicians glommed right onto the hoax to enact gun control laws almost immediately…. Seems funny that the NY-SAFE ACT which was passed in the middle of the night was brought forth by 3 of which 2 are now convicted felons…. Andrew Cuomo who should be under indictment for multiple crimes committed while NY Governor, Dean Skelos, former Speaker of the NYS Senate and convicted felon and last but not least that slimy POS Sheldon Silver….. Sheldon Silver has been twice convicted of the same crimes and was sentenced once to 12 years and the second time to 7 years. Silver was supposed to report to Federal Prison on October 5th but he has again evaded justice by convincing yet another appeals judge to have a bail hearing for him to remain free while he has yet another appeal. Seem funny to you that 2 of the 3 raming that law through are now convicted felons? Something stinks worse than roadkill in July about the whole deal from the faked crime to the gun law that only screws the honest….

    • We know that the “anti-gang summit” that was held supposedly in response to crime in Hartford was the nexus of the political “rollup”. Very high level players indeed, including Holder, Napolitano, Blumenthal together with CT LEOs and Malloy et al. It should not surprise us one bit if other corrupt officials were in on the ruse and planning their own responses in advance.

  3. Cinderella, many thanks for transforming yet more Sandy Hook anomalies into a coherent and entertaining article. Almost six years later the official deception is both disturbing and morbidly funny.

    The Sandy Hook event was cleverly planned and executed from beginning till end. The chaos and sloppiness were according to script, testing how much they can get away with. Apparently what they get away with has no limits.

    Thank you Cinderella and Alison,

  4. “… a long line of policemen entered through the window hole.1 If that’s true, as Wolfgang Halbig has asked, why didn’t one of them think to unlock the main door for his chums?”

    If they had three-digit IQ’s they would be doing something else for a living.

  5. Interesting about the “Circle dance”. I saw the lying MSM do that during the “Kosovo war” where fake Albanian refugees were shown getting food from a fake relief agency. I noticed the same people showing up in the “relief line” and people smiling when they thought they were out of range of the camera’s.
    The Albanians were very smart, they hired one of the top PR firms, and lobbied key members of congress like Tom Lantos to pull off their coup. And the KLA were/are a notoriously evil muslim terrorist organization, who besides murder & ethnic cleansing of Orthodox Christians & Roma, do organ/human/narco trafficking.

    • Well, if you think about it broadly enough, the Kavanaugh things is similar. Each of these frauds further normalize the lies. Those who were raised in this atmosphere simply don’t question anything presented to them. For them, if its on TV, it’s “true”.

      Many remember Karl Rove’s little arrogant speech to a journalist. “…that’s right, today that’s the reality, and tomorrow there’ll be another. And while you’re trying to sort out that, still another (or words to that effect)”. Maybe this is what he was talking about.

      People are no longer participants in life. They are mere observers. If they have to act at all they merely do as they are told.

      • It’s the BIG LIE. Tell it often enough and people will believe it. What most people still don’t realize is that the media is a major tool of the deep state. People really don’t understand this because of the cozy morning TV “news” shows and the jocular, pseudo-friendly tone of the fake news purveyors. Viewers are jollied into believing these teleprompter readers; they feel that they “know” them and are on a first-name basis with the news stars. Sandy Hook provides the perfect example of that as people were invited to witness the town’s “grief.” Smiling faces, jokes, cute kids, dry-eyed testimonies, maudlin and contradictory performances and &c. convinced them it was real. No need to look further. The joke is ultimately on them, the believing public.

  6. I still wonder if part of the plan was to evaluate both the public’s awareness and their ability to push this nonsense. Certainly, in a sense they have been successful. I still don’t believe any of it, but that may not be what matters, ultimately.

    We know from the drill synopses that these things were evaluated. My guess is that they continued to evaluate them in terms of how well they responded to questions about about absurdities involved.

    I loved the article. I appreciate both the quality of the writing and your individual wit. I always have this mental image of some cop or official explaining this to someone else with a straight face.

    When one adds all of the other unusual events connected here it goes beyond implausible. Public records that no longer are “public”. Five years for a report?

    After all these years I am still amazed by the fact that virtually no one has come forward with insider information. All of the bus drivers, cafeteria workers, office people, etc., that had to know something was wrong would be expected to turn up at some point.

    I realize that Halbig has encountered some help, finally. I know that some have died and others disappeared, but I would think it would be difficult to keep the lid on something like this. I’m sure that too is a part of the ongoing evaluation.

  7. The following excerpt is from an 11-13-13 WSJ article entitled “Sandy Hook Elementary Schools Demolition Nearly Complete:”

    Newtown officials threw a blanket of secrecy over the project.
    Construction workers were not allowed to take any materials – including
    items like bricks, glass and doorknobs. As the Wall Street Journal
    reported in October:
    Construction crew members have signed nondisclosure agreements
    forbidding them from speaking about their work or photographing
    or taking video recordings of the site. All materials from the school
    will either be demolished on site or be destroyed elsewhere to
    ensure none of it is sold or collected. Officials declined to say where
    the material will be disposed.
    “You don’t want to see a brick from Sandy Hook School on eBay,”
    said Robert Mitchell, chairman of the town’s public building and
    site commission.
    Mr. Mitchell later added: “We still consider it sacred ground.”

    To consider SHES sacred ground “sacred ground” is macabre, demented, and frankly, Satanic. But that’s not the issue here. Let’s rewind to an excerpt from an article written 10 months BEFORE the WSJ piece, by Carey Vanderborg on January 2, 2012, in The International Business Times:

    In an effort to ensure a safe and secure environment, the school is
    encouraging students to take the bus, to help everyone return to familiar
    routines. Parents will also be permitted to enter into the classrooms or
    auditorium throughout the day.

    Furniture and supplies for the new school were removed from Sandy
    Hook to help recreate the classrooms at the new school. Teachers also
    photographed their classrooms at Sandy Hook to replicate everything
    about them, from the pictures on the walls to the crayons left on the
    students desks, all in an effort to make the students feel as comfortable as

    It took almost a year for the light bulb to go on over the heads of school administrators, public officials, teachers and parents to figure out the souvenir on eBay thing? They didn’t consider this when “furniture and supplies for the new school were removed from Sandy Hook….?”

    Replicating the old school “to make the students feel as comfortable as possible,” where they told us unspeakable horrors unfolded, is utterly mind boggling and unconscionable. To accept that actual, responsible administrators would behave like this is simply foolish.

    Two clear examples of in plain sight programming that undoubtedly left the ghouls slapping their knees in laughter.

    • Excellent comments & observations, Joe!

    • Yes, it didn’t make sense at the time. Why would someone that had just suffered a traumatic attack want the place duplicated? Of course, if the place had already been substituted, say at Chalk Hill, it would help with the narrative.

      Besides, the story was that they all got together, destroyed the crime scene, and hand-carried all that stuff to the “new school”. Everyone else was prohibited from entry, of course.

    • To consider SHES sacred ground “sacred ground” is macabre, demented, and frankly, Satanic.

      It is my personal belief that trauma rituals don’t even have to be real to harvest the negative energy from the gullible public. JFK, Princess Diana, 9/11 etc all cast huge spiritual nets over the people and the evil prosper in return. I think false flags like the Marathon also work in such a manner as demonstrated by the massive amounts of monies poured into the solidarity funds. Unwitting tithing for Lucifer in a sense.

      • Agreed Marko. In the Scriptures we are told of authentic, satanic rituals (read Deuteronomy chapter 18) which, as you have well said, offer a pathetic tithe to the god of this age.

        The unthinkable, satanic deceptions of today are lures cast out into a world filled with people who have been grossly medicated by the prince of the power of the air.

        Innate human responsibility to other humans is satiated during a time of apparent crisis by sending dollars to, in the case of Sandy Hook, the alleged victims. The giver can then sleep well.

  8. I saw overhead videos of the “circle dance” too. One showed a male teenager being spoken to by a woman (presumably, one of the organizers). After she spoke to him, he walked in a different pattern around the fire department and parking lot. There’s so much evidence proving this was a false flag. The one piece I’ve spoken of before is that of David Wheeler. This piece of evidence did it for me. He played 2 parts……one as the father of a “murdered child” and one as a military personnel wearing fatigues, helmet, sunglasses and carrying a rifle (he did not know how to carry a rifle properly). Wheeler has a distinctive face and he tried to hide it behind the sunglasses. At one point, he is walking with other “soldiers” and sees a video camera pointed his way. He ducks his head and moves out of the advancing line and goes between a couple of cars to hide. It would have been comical except our government was trying to pull off a huge illegal deception on American citizens. Like Lophatt said, how can so many people participate in this ruse, both citizens and government officials, and keep quiet about it? Were they paid off along with having their lives threatened? That would cost a LOT of money. Maybe some of the Leftist actors didn’t want any money or need to be threatened as they were all for a national gun grab. I want to know how many of our representatives in the Congress and Senate, along with other government officials, knew this was all a huge sham? They can’t be that stupid or oblivious can they? Really? We know there are many traitors and cowards in both parties. As more time passes, we are now awake and cognizant of the revelations we have experienced since President Trump ran for president. The deep state and world globalists have admitted to their decades and decades of demonic plans for us. We see examples of the evil on a daily basis now. I’m sure we should purge 90% of all government employees in all departments and agencies of our government. It’s time for a reset.

    • Indeed, “how can so many people participate in this ruse, both citizens and government officials, and keep quiet about it?”. I’m really not as surprised by the participants as I am by those non-participants that HAD to know they were lying.

      Anyone who either worked for the school district or a contractor who performed work for the school district. Any parents of students who were attending the “real” Sandy Hook or other district schools that knew. What about the teachers? Surely most of them knew what was going on in their districts regarding schools.

      Yes, there are those who are “true believers” that would rationalize their actions by claiming they’re for the “greater good”, but most people aren’t that involved or delusional. Fear is a big motivator and being ostracized. Still, it doesn’t account for EVERYONE in my book.

      I’ve grappled with this one for years. I have said, that a private investigator is needed. I understand that this is partially a test to see how well they can control the media. After all, what good is it to blow the whistle if there is no one to spread the word?

      My suspicion is that people HAVE talked. We just don’t know about it yet. When one starts adding up the list of people who MUST know that something is “wrong” at least, it’s staggering. Everyone from grounds maintenance people to grave diggers.

      We shouldn’t forget either, that this was essentially a federal operation. Money was no object. No one was in any danger of prosecution. Still, why are we surprised. Didn’t they bring us 9-11? That was rather “bold” as well.

      I can’t help but think that somewhere out there is a relocated bus driver, or cafeteria worker that knows things. The internet has been fabulous for shedding light on this hoax and others like it, but one shortcoming is that we tend to strategize “on the air” so to speak. What’s needed for some of this is some good old-fashioned sleuth work.

      We also need to understand that none of these players is ever going to be brought to justice over this. The purpose in illuminating this is to make it impractical for them to continue with these. When Joe Sixpack knows that TV “journalists” are synonymous with “liars” we will have arrived.

      • The fear factor no doubt plays as big a role as the money factor in this Sandy Hook event. It conveniently took place in a small community where people know each other and know of each other. Loose lips will get someone in real hot water among their local peers. Gag orders no doubt were plentiful too. Besides, being in national and world lime lights can be quite intoxicating. Locals became celebrities with books, tours, speaking engagements, White House visits, movies and Super Bowl performance. They are not going to tip over the gravy train.

        Then you have the many local residents who still believe the main stream media version of the event. Even mentioning what the media presented may not be gospel truth will get you cut off in mid sentence. The rebuttal is that they know some who knew someone who had someone at Sandy Hook that day. There may be a token local who knows and wants to talk, but where would this person go with his or her knowledge? What “reputable” media would give space to such a story? If they did it would be in a mocking and demeaning way, portraying this person as a loon.

        For the higher ups it is just part of their job They do not go around blabbering about their assignments. The ones even higher up, those who’ve joined the globalists’ plan for world domination, they have nothing to gain by spilling the beans. They despise anyone not in their league.

        As Lophatt points out, people have indeed died and vanished in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Some are known cases among researchers, others not. A long time secretary at Sandy Hook Elementary School (for 28 years) died peacefully two years ago. She was among Newtown teachers, school employees and town dignitaries invited to the White House for a special ceremony in February 2013. Jerry Stomski, security expert with knowledge of Sandy Hook, had a less peaceful death in 2015 after moving away from Connecticut.

        • I’m sure you’re right, Anne. I am just stating how difficult it is for me to imagine keeping my mouth shut had I been there. I have heard a few “unofficial” tales over the years, some from people close to the action.

          It almost seems like one of those New England settings in a Stephen King mystery. Many know the “dark secret” but it’s too dangerous to discuss.

          • Lophatt, you are so right about dark secrets in the woods of New England. Most never see the light of day.

            The people you mention as being close to the action, my guess is they were never featured in main stream media. Were they believed by anyone there who had bought the fairy tale? My experience is that you can’t even bring up Sandy Hook with local residents. The subject is taboo.

            Stephen King made New England settings famous with blood curdling novels. Ira Levin made New England famous as well with the town of Stepford.

            Mr. Levin lived in Wilton, CT less than 20 miles from Newtown. He based the town of Stepford on Wilton, a “step” from Stamford a short distance away. He said characters in The Stepford Wives were based on observing people in and around Wilton. That’s enough for anyone’s vivid imagination.

            Mr. Levin also wrote Rosemary’s Baby and The Boys from Brazil. Something tells me he did not write these novels without background knowledge of the topics.

            • Excellent points, Anne. I “get” it, but part of me doesn’t. Most of us understand the “limits” when it comes to spoken thoughts and communal acceptance. They differ from one place to another and it’s always easier to speak one’s mind at a distance.

              Being “liberal” doesn’t help either, especially with the total shift to absolute conformity that we’ve seen in the last few years. With those people conformity is everything.

              Still, you’re right, the people I heard things from were not “in the news”. Like other places New England (and even Connecticut) isn’t monolithic. There seems to be quite a spread of opinion between the haves and the eaters.

              Nonetheless, I’m fairly sure that the locale was a consideration during the drill planning sessions. There are other parts of the country where this may have been a bit more difficult to pull off.

            • Just as an addendum to what I just wrote, above, one of the reasons I find it so hard to accept is that my family lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and eventually, Maine for several generations.

              A few years ago I was in D.C. and I was standing in front of my hotel. A guy from Maine introduced himself. By the time he finished talking he had told me all about his brother’s suicide in his barn, his crazy aunt and several other personal things that I had no right or wish to know.

              I considered him an EXCELLENT example of the breed. I worked for a company for about ten years that had its headquarters in Connecticut. I’ve been there many times.

              • Obviously the Sandy Hook event changed people and not just locally. It was quite a production including props such as the White House and commander-in-chief at the time.

                However, the Sandy Hook brand has become a local, very profitable industry. Foundations, charities, annual fundraisers, healing seminars, gun protests, concerts, weekly fun events, etc. – all profiting from an alleged shootout at a sorry looking old school. The income from these activities is enough to shut up the average citizen.

                Lophatt, your encounter with the Mainer in DC reminds me of a Vermonter I encountered in California some years ago. Coming back to my car in a shopping center parking lot I saw a young man standing by my car. He said that he was waiting for the owner of the car with the Connecticut license plate, pointing to his car parked next to mine with a Vermont license plate. Tears in his eyes, he told me that he missed New England so much he had to meet the person from Connecticut, also far away from home.

                The young man was a student who had newly arrived from Vermont to attend college in Los Angeles. I felt his pain because I too missed New England. Still do. There’s corruption there as everywhere else, but they have not reached the level of this former golden state.

                • I know what you mean, Anne. I totally agree with all you’re saying. I do “get” it, its just that part of me wants to believe that most people are basically honest.

                  Sorry your new found friend was so unhappy. My guy was just talkative and when I told him about my ancestry he just wanted to “catch me up”.

                  I understand that having the federal leprechaun arrive with an unlimited pot ‘o gold is hard to resist. One of the early commenters from there did three or four videos. I saved the links, but of course they’re all gone now.

                  He was a working class guy. He talked about how much the town had changed since the strangers started arriving. That was about the time of the weird house purchases and the gas line fiasco.

                  Basically the small local businesses were bought out or pressured out of existence by the moneyed newbies. He had a slew of observations that had the ring of truth to them. It was clear to him that something was in the making that would have a profound effect on everyone there.

    • The fraud and cover up go waaay beyond the participants. I don’t have any good idea about it.

  9. Great work. I am so suspicious of this whole event. The gentleman running through woods behind the school that was captured on news/police chopper was odd. Not to mention the water stains seen in photos inside this highly rated school.

  10. This is investigative journalism at its finest. The research that went into this article is awesome. Looking forward to Part 2.

  11. Regarding the door locks.
    Many if not most institutional lock-sets have a number of customize-able features. The locks can be keyed so that a master key will open all locks in the system while each lock can have a key that will open only a specific lock. Another feature can put a turn or push button on the inside handle that will lock the door from outside entry. Alternately, instead of a turn or push button, a switch on the bolt plate (edge of door) can select whether to door can be opened or not without a key from the outside.
    The photos above fail to show the edge of the door, a critical piece of information for these purposes.
    Some lock-sets can only be locked with a key and have no mechanism for key-less locking.
    Also, identifying the brand of lock-set would allow for understanding what features are available for this particular model.
    All that being said; One would have to know how to use such features such as the door edge lock selector or lock with key only.
    That the lock shown has a keyhole and shows that it can, in some way, be locked and only opened from the outside with a key.
    I’m not trying to discredit the information given in this post. I just want information to be as complete as possible to give us the best chance for being right.

  12. Appreciated, You Know Who. I don’t know the brand of lock-set used at the former SH school. Would you say it’s safe to conclude that those door knobs were pretty old? Is there a way to determine how old? My question is: If during previous drills they knew the doors couldn’t be locked from the inside, then why the hey didn’t they address that issue? Seems like an easy enough thing to do, especially given Mrs. Hochsprung’s obsession with safety and security, according to her friend Gerald Stomski. Once again, nothing adds up at SH except for all of the money that came pouring in afterward.

    • Well, I suppose the ultimate answer is, they’re lying. The entire thing is a lie. A fiction. They didn’t bother to make the “set” match the script.

    • I don’t know how old, but lever type ‘doorknobs’ started being used because of The ADA probably in the mid to late 90s. Now just about every institutional installation uses some sort of lever or paddle. A lot of gumment operations retrofitted their doors and continue to do so. These lock-sets can cost upwards of $300 and more as you add features. I doubt that using the ‘proper’ doorknob and how it functions entered the minds of the folks that wrote this play.

  13. I know someone that was from Newtown CT…. They claim to have friends that have friends that have friends that lost someone in the Sandy Hook Hoax…. This person, a very nice lady for the most part showed up in a small town near me with a pocket full of money to buy a house. When you talk about it to her she says she knows people who died there. When you ask for details she clams up tight. She almost seems scared of something….

  14. Yes, Watertender, Sandy Hook is the six degrees of Kevin Bacon on steroids. I think if we do a genealogy search we will all find ancestors from Newtown.

  15. When I tried to Google the person I know from Newtown my computer shut itself down. It has done this several times if I try to click onto anything concerning events there

  16. Not sure if it will help much Cinderella, but here: this is a program that you just drag and drop stuff onto, if you title the .exe “exiftool(-a -k -U -g1 -w txt)” then it’ll auto-read the file “dropped” on it, and make a text file output of the data it finds in the same folder that its in… it is also freeware. As with anything though be sure to run it through and your own antivirus programs to make sure it is clean.

    It can be used on pictures like jpegs and pngs, but also PDFs and many other things. Might be helpful getting a little bit more information out of any files or anything you might have acquired. (if the text file generated from something is larger than 2 kb, it’ll probably have some info in it.)

  17. There is just one thing, and ONE THING ONLY that you need to do to prove that Sandy Hoax is just that, a complete fabrication, a hoax. First, look at what the weather looks like from all of the footage being shown and bandied about as having taken place on December 14, 2012, and then go look up the weather temperature stats for that day in The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The two are as different as night is from day. Only ONE of those two things can be correct, not both. Surely Connecticut has at least one airport, right? I am 100% sure that the weather station at that airport which records temps, wind speed and direction 24/7/365 will corroborate TOFA exactly!!
    Connecticut is a VERY small State of our Union, too small in fact, to account for any major variations in weather patterns, not like say Kommiefornia or Texas. They could sort of control the coverage of the hoaxed event, but they couldn’t control the weather!!!

    • To me it is beyond question that some video and still shots were done at different times of the year, (maybe even different years). That was something discussed through everyone’s investigations.

      This is why “seeing is not believing”. It isn’t “proof” of anything. They controlled the narrative and the visuals. They spliced in anything that they thought useful.

      There was much that didn’t get much discussion that I think should have. There were little videos and written pieces by locals of what they saw on the morning of the operation. I believed them. None of them continued to report. One of them openly said he was afraid and had been threatened. His videos disappeared.

  18. I went past the house of the woman I know who is from Newtown… There is a for sale sign on her house now… I stopped by where she worked because I do business with them and asked where she was because she usually took care of my transactions… They told me she abruptly quit and moved giving no reason. The house is an expensive home in a newer development built in early 2013 and the purchase price at that time was $1…. Something smells like a manure spreader… You sort of get that impression too?

  19. I had asked her about SHES a couple of times and she clammed right up. She was working there last week… Now she has gone poof… Who knows if my questioning had anything to do with her abrupt departure but the timing is quite telling.

  20. At the top of the shot-out glass in front of SHE is a distinct bullet hole with radiating lines indicating that it was caused by a large-caliber handgun round (like 10mm) or a shotgun slug. It is most definitely not a hole made by an AR-15 round (which is 5.56mm).

    Did any of those cops crawling through the blown out glass consider they were disturbing a crime scene?

    • Cinderella Broom

      It looks like they didn’t consider much of anything. Thanks for the information on the ballistics. Much appreciated.

    • The cops have those “breeching rounds” for shotguns. People have speculated about this before. The same thing is being said of the Mandalay Bay window. There is photographic evidence that it was in tact until the alleged breech of his room.

      Remember, seeing is not believing. They offer photographic “evidence” that is often out of sequence and not even taken on the same day. When you’re the “wizard” you control the strings in the control room.

      • In this instance though the “wadding” from the breeching round along with the powder is left on the back of the magazine rack. The snide blogger at the Crisis Actors Guild website claims a bullet went through a magazine in the rack (not evident in photo h/she provided), yet the traces of a breeching round having been fired after the rack was moved to a perpendicular position are unmistakable. Nothing in Sedensky Report referring to such, yet evidence photo was taken.


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