Sandy Hook: The boys who were evacuated TWICE

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Among the many curious things about the Sandy Hook school massacre is the phenomenon of doppelgängers.
There are those who say that some of the school children allegedly killed by Adam Lanza miraculously appeared in the Sandy Hook children’s choir months later, not just alive but looking 2-3 years older.
Then there is 6-year-old Noah Pozner who managed to achieve the phenomenal feat of being killed twice — first at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14, 2012; the second time two years two days later at the Army Public School half a world away in Peshawar, Pakistan on December 16, 2014. (See “Dead again: Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner also killed in Pakistan Taliban shooting!”)
Now, thanks to the sharp eyes of FOTM reader who calls himself (with tongue firmly in cheek) Barry Soetoro, Esq., we’ve found two more doppelgängers. They are two boys, presumably students at SHES who, strangely, were evacuated twice from the school on that fateful day in 2012.
One of the many curiosities about Sandy Hook is the dearth of images of children being evacuated from SHES on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012. SHES children were estimated to number about 600, but the dash cam videos from three police cars parked in front of the school that morning showed no children being evacuated.  (See “Sandy Hook hoax: Where were the 100s of students being evacuated?”)
Instead, only two photos of SHES children being evacuated had been made available to the American people, both taken by local newspaper Newtown Bee reporter Shannon Hicks, who claimed she had taken the photos at around 10 AM on Dec. 14, 2012, after police had entered the school to find Lanza supposedly dead by his own hands after killing 20 first-graders and 6 adults.
Here are the two photos (please make note of the green SUV in both pics):
Sandy Hook evacuationConnecticut School Shooting
The two photos show two different groups of students being evacuated, right?
Are you sure? Look again.
Notice the blond boy in a navy top and blue jeans at the head of the line in the first picture? Let’s call him Boy #1. Can you spot him in the second picture?
See the smaller shorter boy in a grey top and blue jeans at the end of the line in the first picture? Let’s call him Boy #2. Can you spot him in the second picture?
I’ve cropped the two pictures to better show the students, and arrayed one on top of the other so that you can compare the two. (Click image to enlarge)
Sandy Hook evacuation cropped
You might say, “Ha! The children probably moved around while they were being evacuated, so that Boy #1 fell behind and went from being first in line to the back.”
But wait!
How could the two boys shift their positions in the line so quickly?
See the green SUV in the two pics?
The SUV is the key. There is simply no way for the two boys to have so quickly changed their positions in the lineup, not to mention the other kids in the two photos are entirely different. All of which point to the two photos as being of two different groups of students (except for boys #1 and #2) being evacuated.
That leaves only one explanation: Boy #1 and Boy #2 were evacuated TWICE. Now why would they do that?
Will wonders ever cease. muttley
There are other reasons to question the authenticity of Hicks’ photos, which most likely had been taken in a school drill, instead of on the day of the alleged massacre. See Professor Jim Fetzer’s “Sent worldwide, Shannon Hick’s ‘iconic’ Sandy Hook photo was faked“.
For all the posts we’ve published on Sandy Hoax, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.
H/t Barry Soetoro, Esq.

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0 responses to “Sandy Hook: The boys who were evacuated TWICE

  1. Great find!

  2. More duct tape please. 🙂
    Great post Doc.

  3. Wow! 😀

  4. It seems even more staged when you see that they take the boy at the head of the line and the boy at the end of the line in the first picture and move them both, together, first then last, right to the exact daggum middle of the line in the second picture. There are no coincidences!

    • Either that or two sets of identical twins, identically dressed and with identical haircuts, were in two separate (but identically organized) classes (and the same two classes) that were evacuated at different times.

      • two sets of identical twins, identically dressed and with identical haircuts”
        What’s the statistical probability of that? Noah Pozner must also have an identical twin — in Pakistan! And the Sandy Hook Firehouse just happened to have 26 Christmas trees stored behind the building on Dec. 14, 2012, all ready for an anonymous donor to purchase to commemorate the 26 children and staff supposedly murdered that morning. LOL
        “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” –Alice In Wonderland

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  6. Something really bothers me about that second photo . . . I mean, if you were a parent, and the school was on lock-down because of a shooter, would you really stand idly around the parking lot of the school? Wouldn’t you be afraid of something like. . . . oh, I don’t know, gunfire? Sounds like the firehouse had been set up as a meeting place, so why would the police allow parents on the parking lot where they could be a target of an active shooter, or at the very least, be compromising a crime scene?

    • mairin, excellent point. Also if those are concerned parents I don’t think they would just be standing and waiting. I know if my kid was in there I’d be moving toward the door to find him until someone tries to stop me. They just look way to patient to me.
      Also notice teacher shows left side in first pic, then for second pic she swings to other side of line. Yea that will fool em. LOL

    • Never in a million years would ANY parents manage to get past the police at the bottom of the road, walk all the way up the drive, and stand around in a parking lot while SWAT was conducting room to room searches. Additionally, not a single vehicle would have been allowed to leave the parking lot for at least a full day.
      Notice how every single car is facing the same direction? What does that remind you of? Oh I know! The only time you see cars parked like that is when they were all filed in by a guy directing parking… like at a sports stadium, Amusement Park, or…. a Mass Casualty Drill!
      And to further reinforce my point, look at the big aerial photo above and you’ll see a yellow “police line do not cross” tape stretching clear across the road starting at the fire truck… now look at this photo of the “parents” and where they’re located…
      If anyone doubts my assertion that the cars were all filed in by someone directing traffic, use google earth and look at any school in the area. The cars are always parked normally. But not at sandy hook.

  7. So despite a huge police presence, including SWAT teams, the only ones available to escort the children off the premises where there still may be an active shooter appear to be a safety officer and a few disinterested teachers? And the police were so efficient, that with minutes of the “carnage”, they were able to confirm it was safe to leave the building in an arms up/hands out formation (because no one suspected there may be a shooter in the wood or anything that maybe targeting the kids as they exit . . . because that has never happened before) But it was still too dangerous for the kids to get their coats on . ..

  8. actually as an art student and someone who stared way too long at stuff in class from many angles to draw said stuff, and also took photography as one of my electeds, the SUV is not the object to base your viewpoint from as an observer….it is the base of the picture, the first thing you would lay out or paint in for perspective as you filled in the rest of the this case the parking lot asphalt and the painted lines for the cars..particularly the dark polymer crack repairs in the asphalt and the angle of the kids shadows, and their locations in picture one and picture two…..and as a person that’s jumped around really quickly to take pictures of given situations I’d run in for a close shot and then run back and pull everything in the shot together with my zoom lens…with these distances here a matter of five-ten seconds is all it would take to capture these two images….. that’s all I’m going to say…not challenging here, just making an observation as an artist about angles, vanishing points and focal length…

    • joad, you still out there?Help us out a bit would you? You’re saying we’re focusing on wrong thing.Look we’ve been at this for so long I don’t know what’s what anymore. Are we reaching for straws?
      If you go above our Masthead and click on
      You will find many many posts.The first few were OMG those poor kids. And then the anomalies started.and kept coming. Not just here but all over the web.
      Joad I’ll admit some may be far out, but some just stink to high heaven.
      Maybe some kids died, but not like the say. If you are just looking at angles. Read from bottom to top.
      You’ll learn at least as much as we do.
      Thanks, Stevey

    • “not challenging here, just making an observation as an artist about angles, vanishing points and focal length…”
      Sorry, Joad. But I have no idea what your point is.
      Please explain.

  9. Everybody please post a comment for Lenny Pozner on his YouTube videos asking him how Noah P. could have been killed in yet another school shooting in Pakistan two years after he was killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Poor Lenny, no parent should ever have lose the same child twice the same way.

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  11. And maybe you are just too stupid and ignorant to understand the concept of statistical probability.

  12. The two boy #1’s are not the same boys – look at the hair! The two boy #2’s don’t have the same pants or shoes either. This POST is a FAIL!

    • Christopher,
      I’ve cropped the 2 boys from the two evacuation lines (Line #1 & Line #2), then enlarged their images, so we can better compare.
      1. The taller boy in Line #1 had his hair blown by the wind; taller boy in Line #2 appears to have lighter hair because it’s catching the sun. Just look at the face of taller boy in Line #2, how it’s suffused with light.
      2. Both taller boys wear the exact the same dark navy top with the same light grey decorative design on the front,
      3. Taller boy in Line #2 appears to be wearing jeans of a lighter blue color, but that again can be explained by sunlight.
      1. Like Taller Boy in Line #2, Line #2 Shorter Boy’s hair and pants also appear lighter in color than Line #1 Shorter Boy — which can also be explained by the stronger sunlight.
      2. Shorter Boys in both Line #1 and Line #2 are wearing the exact same light grey top.
      All of which means your rude COMMENT is a FAIL!

      • Hi Dr Eowyn, I have read and studies carefully too and very nearly convinced myself too, but I can’t overcome the fact that the boys shoes are very different and so it makes me think they are not the same kids. The one marked boy 1, I also can’t say the jumper design white bit matches. However, I was totally stunned by other exposing posts. Many thanks for your hard work !

      • I know this is old but comparing the two black tops shows that they are NOT the same top.

  13. My favorite Sandy Hook CRISIS ACTORS are Nicole Hockley (fake mother of Dylan) and David Wheeler (fake father of Benjamin).
    The Newtown CT “shooting” was a GUN GRAB hoax, to trick Americans into surrendering their AR15 rifles. Adam Lanza didn’t exist — he was invented in PhotoShop.
    Forensic PROOF Sandy Hook was fake:
    To learn WHY they staged Sandy Hoax, watch the shocking Documentary HERE:

  14. There’s something wrong with the official version of the Sandy Hook shooting, but this here is a red herring; they are different kids. Of the black shirted kids, one appears a little older and taller and his pants aren’t as baggy. The grey shirts are a closer match and it’s difficult to say, but it appears that minutes went by between the two shots (judging by the different adults) so it’s two different classes and different kids.

    • Take a closer look, Mike. Your “eagle eye” is missing the details.

      • The more I look at the pictures the less they appear to be the same kids. Boy 1, leading the pack carrying papers he was probably told to leave behind, has what appears to be a more groomed/modern haircut. If it was wind that created that perfect part, he seems to be the only one to have been effected by it. The other kid has a generic – come here Mom’s going to cut your hair – bangs look. Boy 1’s sweatshirt is a little shorter than his younger looking counterpart’s and it has what looks like writing on it (arched on top, straight underneath) whereas the other kid’s shirt has some kind of spaceman/super hero picture. As for the grey shirts, they’re blurrier and it’s too close to call, but since they are apparently from different classes = different kids. The only question I have is, judging from the angle they are walking, why they were released from the main entrance where the killer blew out the glass and left his car parked with God-knows-what in it.

  15. Sandy Hook “school evacuation” looks fake.

  16. I honestly believe it was all a hoax…with that being said, I don’t think these are the same kids. Look at their shoes. They’re different between pictures. Why go through the trouble of changing shoes to fake a photo but keep the same clothes?

  17. Johnny Doughty

    The boys are not the same….different shirt logo and shoe style on “boy #1” This wasted my time!

  18. It takes only a moment of comparison to see that those are two different boys wearing the same colored shirt.
    The differences are many: Their hair isn’t the same color. Neither, when you look closely, are their pants. One is wearing pure black trousers, the other is wearing jeans that have that marbled effect. One has his gray shirt tucked into a black belt. And if that’s not enough, their shoes are a different color. One is wearing light colored sneakers, the other’s shoes are black.
    Look more closely and more objectively.

  19. Look at the pic above with the sobbing girl holding the boy’s shoulder. The “sloppy edits” are artifacts from low res imagery, but the hands on the shoulder? Look carefully at the position of her arms. Her left hand is _under_ her right hand. What you’re seeing that looks like a weird hand shape is her left thumb sticking out from under her right hand.
    Please, be more careful. The stakes here are high.

  20. Stop!!! I was in the shooting across the hall no joke

  21. Kid #1 definitely is not the same..I’m not sure about kid #2… My biggest problem with these pictures is the placement of the words “Parent Drop Off” painted onto the parking lot. Using the green SUV as a guide look at the way it’s painted in the aerial view. It’s painted perpendicular to the green SUV. Now look at the pic of the parents standing around watching the evacuation where you can also see the words “Parent Drop Off” right under their feet. The letters in those 3 words are painted in a different direction. Yes I can see in the aerial view there is another area of the parking lot that says “Parent Drop Off” painted in the same direction as it appears under the parents’ feet but it’s way too far from the green SUV to claim that’s where they were standing. I have no clue how or why this is, however it’s definitely strange.

  22. Clearly, it’s NOT the same kids in pic one and two. Compare the shoes on boy#2 on both pics and compare the shirt and hair on boy #1 pics.

  23. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see that these photos were taken from two very different angles, one from the side, the other more from the front and the latter one shows less depth of field making it appear the two boys are closer together. Look at the direction of the arrow painted on the ground.

  24. Boy #1’s hair is NOT blown by wind (top pic). It is obviously parted by a comb on the right side. In the lower pic, #1 has hair combed straight down in bangs. Different kids.

  25. Different kids. The kids with the light top have different coloured shoes and the kid in the first pic has a hole or white spot on his black pants in the left shin area that the kid in the second pic doesn’t have.
    The other kids clearly don’t have the same black shirt as the graphic is different.

  26. I do not think they are the same kids but Im a little concerned about the girl farthest left with the pink pants and the girl in front of her appearing to be laughing. All those kids should be traumatized

  27. They are two different boys. Look at their hair. Boy 1 has a mohawk. The boy 1 in the 2nd pic doesnt. Where are the papers in his right?

  28. Boy number 2 in top picture has dark sneakers and dark jeans
    Boy number 2 in bottom picture has more faded colored jeans and has light colored sneakers
    Boy 1 in top picture has almost a Mohawk looking hair style while boy number 1 in bottom pictures hair is a different style completely


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