Sandy Hook School Shooting: A Medical Practitioner Analyzes the Official Report's Errors and Anomalies

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A meticulous and well-documented analysis of Sandy Hook by a medical professional (respiratory therapist) with over 25 years of experience, showing how the proper procedures were not followed by the first responders at the scene. Here’s a pull quote:
“Because the school had been declared safe enough to be evacuated and to allow 3 paramedics and other officers to enter into the school, there is no logical reason that other EMS personnel shouldn’t also have been allowed in, to provide assessment and possible care. Knowing this, if more people were available to provide care, equipment and supplies (including assessment and resuscitation equipment) there would have been no reason to continue on with the Triage protocol of declaring a child dead without effort at resuscitation….
To close, in my opinion, certain sections of this document prove that, at the minimum, a new investigation MUST be opened, not only into the shooting and its aftermath, but also into the investigative team, including Newtown Police Department, Connecticut State Police, and any state and federal agencies, who responded to this event. The medical aspects are only one small part of all the inconsistencies, improbabilities and conflicting statements in the official report.”

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