Sandy Hook schemers who haven't read 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook' are attacking the book on Amazon

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I am one of the contributors to Nobody Died At Sandy Hook, co-edited by Professor James Fetzer.
The book is being attacked on by a phalanx of Sandy Hook schemers who haven’t even read the book.
Please, in the interest of truth, if you had read the book and think well of it, write a review on
Thank you.
Nobody Died at Sandy Hook
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November 3, 2015

The War on “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”


Flurry of Negative Reviews Attack New Book

Numerous “trolls” and “shills” have harnessed the world’s most popular retailer to attack Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, posting anarray of “one star” reviews and derogatory remarks on the book’s Amazon page. The collection of essays was released October 22, edited by Prof. Jim Fetzer and author Mike Palecek, and features in-depth contributions from several academics and independent researchers.
A telling aspect of this controversy is that many of the reviewers admit they have not even read the book before submitting their review. There is the strong probability that this is part of a more elaborate organized campaign led by the well-heeled parties that have directly benefited from the false event.
On the other hand, reviewers who have made the effort to purchase and read the book are unanimously submitting “five star” reviews, often with detailed commentaries.
“A titanic war is taking place on over this book,” Fetzer explains to MHB. “Everyone who has read the book has posted a 5-STAR review. A blizzard of 1-STAR reviews is appearing from a legion of phonies, trolls and shills.”
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.47.08 AM
For example, here is one of several very positive reviews.
review of Nobody Died At Sandy Hook
Such reviews are offset by very negative assessments, such as those below, one of which dismisses the volume as “fictitious propaganda.” The second review is submitted by “HONR,”–referencing Lenny Pozner’s “HONR Network,” the dubious organization that has filed bogus copyright claims against the media outlets of independent Sandy Hook researchers.
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.38.17 AM
The editors and contributors of NDASH are seeking to get the word out against a clearly coordinated program to suppress the evidence and expert analyses encompassed in the book. Here is a recent presentation of the book by Fetzer on his interview program, The Real Deal.

Fetzer also made an appearance on Susan Lindauer’s Covert Report, broadcast on Truth Frequency Radio.

Jim Fetzer delivers a shattering analysis of his brand new book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” which relies on his legendary research into primary sourcing to expose the absolute incongruities of that day. Backed by photos of the crime scene– before the shooting ever took place– Fetzer shows how the psychological operation was planned and executed. Keen observers have noted puzzling omissions of death certificates for the 20 children and 6 adults who allegedly died that day. And the absence of blood saturation from the crime scene.
But Fetzer takes it further, examining ballistic reports that no way did shell slugs at the scene get fired from Adam Lanza’s gun. The ATF report that neither Oto Lanza nor his mother frequented gun ranges in the Connecticut area, and therefore could not be labeled “gun aficianados.” Once again, whether you agree with all of Jim Fetzer’s conclusions, his research is highly provocative and necessary to a complete analysis of whatever events transpired— and did not transpire— on that day. It’s another great interview with a tremendous guest, with a genuine expertise in false flag and psychological operations. He makes a powerful argument that Washington’s playing “Operation Gladio” with unsuspecting American citizens for the sake of ramming gun control over the resistance of America’s untrusting citizens. This interview is Jim Fetzer at his best!

The entire interview is available at Truth Frequency Radio.

UPDATE has removed — i.e., banned — Nobody Died at Sandy Hook from its listing, although the site sells 19 other Sandy Hook books.
In order that Americans know the truth about Sandy Hook, Fetzer has made the book available for free to anyone to read. To read/download the book in PDF format, click here: NobodyDiedAtSandyHook.
If you want a hard copy (sure to be a collector’s item!), Fetzer found an alternative printer/distributor for Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — Moon Rock Books. Click here. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free.
For links to all the posts FOTM has published on Sandy Hoax, go here.

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0 responses to “Sandy Hook schemers who haven't read 'Nobody Died At Sandy Hook' are attacking the book on Amazon

  1. This is a great work–haven’t read it yet but have been, since the beginning, also fully convinced no one died at Sandy Hook, and have followed every part of this dialog. I was intrigued by James Fetzer’s answer to Susan Lindauer’s question on “Covert Report” about where Allen Phillips got the photos of the Lanza house and school, though, since I’ve been wondering that myself. Basically, he said, “We can’t reveal that.” Authenticating the photos is important to authenticating at least this part of the claim.
    Also, what is meant by “Oto Lanza”?

  2. dinophile, there are good reasons why sources cannot always be identified. I would be dumbfounded if anyone were to contest the authenticity of any of those photographs. Just look at those I featured in the video introduction to the book. I included 50 about furnishing the Lanza home and 50 more about refurbishing the school. Look at those photographs. Do you have any doubt?
    Susan mistyped Adam Lanza’s name. I asked her to fix it, She missed one.

    • I guess it’s a matter for the jury, so to speak. Why could these photos not be of some other location at some other time? Is there anything uniquely tying them to the home and school? I don’t know how they stack up against the police videos, although I guess I could do my own examination. I have only seen a couple photos so far, as well, not having the book. I just wonder how Mr. Phillips got access, given that he is Australian. I know he worked on the Boston Bombing event, too. What are his credentials?

      • I suggest you do your own research. You don’t need any credentials to think or to surf the net and that’s all I do. TRy it.

        • Sorry I mixed up your name! I don’t think “surfing the net” is responsive to my concern, though–unless you mean hacking official files, which I am NOT able to do. But in this day and age it may be what citizens NEED to do in order to keep their government in line. If you are able to do that, more power to you.

          • I am not suggesting anyone hack anything, leave that to Anonymous, they’ve done pretty well at it so far. Why are you using a tag instead of your real name. You could start there if you are such a concerned citizen.

  3. These people have found so many inconsistencies in the Sandy Hoax story,I’m truly surprised there aren’t criminal investigations of those involved under way. I expect that will come to pass later though.

  4. I found it interesting that it seems both reviews were written by the same person.
    From the day it happened, while being shown live on TV, it never seemed real.
    I have thought since day one it was fake and with all the evidence and contrived evidence and pictures and interviews with local people of the area, it all confirms it was not true.
    Too many people committed fraud and profited from this travesty to ever back down with their lies. A sad thing for America.

  5. I reported many of the “reviews” as abusive towards the author. Plus marked them as “not useful” as my part.

  6. Ever notice how these “school shooters” are never taken alive?

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  8. Im convinced all the shootings are fake the theatre in colorado the reporter that supposedly got shot on camera the biker shootout in texas im starting to womder about all the police shootimgs and the baltimore incident as a matter of fact i dont believe anybody anymore i assume everyone is lying and 95% of the time people are lying and for no reason. Believe nothing and Trust no one. The good trustworthy people with integrity will standout when you meet them or have any kind of dealings with them.

    • Concerning the Colorado Movie shooting has kept me in the fence since that night. The news interviewed two different men and they both said the shooter that came in the exit door was about 5’8″ when the man they arrested was several inches over six foot. Then someone said later that evening, that he was found out in the parking lot laying in a fetal position. The shooter himself, said, I am being set up. His lab partner said he was a really nice guy and gave no hints of violence. Funny, I never saw any of those interviews again, ummm,.

  9. Well, the only thing I have to say is that the school was definitely in session that day–not as an adjunct school for special ed or some other small group–but as an actual school. I live near Newtown and know a couple with school aged kids (homeschooled, so not there) as well as a woman whose grand-nephew was there that day and was actually interviewed on the radio. There definitely was a Sandy Hook Elementary School. i think this is critical and maybe a ploy to hoodwink the “truthers” to later discredit them. Could the decline in internet activity have been not real and made to seem that way? Does anyone know if this could have been rigged?
    I’ve tried to get my friend’s niece to call Mr. Halbig to tell him herself, but she’s not one for truth–just popularity, if you get my drift.

    • Maybe you can explain the lack of Internet service for a few years before.
      The school was moldy and even locals said. It was empty and nothing happened.
      If anyone was in there that day, it was for the drill.
      It would be great if you could explain the parking and registration signs and the supply of water and langards all ready also. And why nearby EMTs were denied access to help.

    • How do you know the school was definitely in session? What is your real name and can I interview you? Cheers Allan Powell

  10. <even locals said. It was empty and nothing happened.
    How do you really know? Yes, the EMT's were denied access. yes, it was a hoax, yes DHS was involved, but the school was operational.
    Maybe they're keeping their cards close to the vest on this to later discredit all the good research done by finally proving this elementary (!) fact. They'll say: "Case closed."
    People with relatives up there should do some digging. I smell a huge rat.

    • cs,
      Seriously, does this (taken “at the crime scene,” according to the State of Connecticut’s final report on Sandy Hook) look like an operational school to you?
      Sandy Hook Elementary School corridor
      Humans lie, but the Wayback Machine — a digital archive of the Internet which uses a special software to crawl and download all publicly accessible World Wide Web pages — doesn’t lie. And the Wayback Machine shows a complete absence of Internet activity at Sandy Hook Elementary School from 2008, through the alleged shooting on 12/14/2012, until mid-2013.
      Sandy Hook Elementary School's Internet activity on Wayback Machine
      You can verify it for yourself by going to
      Why am I rehashing stuff I’ve already posted that you (presumably) had already read?

      • Don’t know what to say except that this may have all been pre-planned for reasons previously stated. And the pictures provided could’ve been taken after the classrooms were emptied.
        I just know people that have no reason to lie have stood by the fact that it was a school and was operation.

        • “I just know people that have no reason to lie have stood by the fact that it was a school and was operation.”
          Then let those “people” come forward, identify themselves, and answer the questions we’ve raised. Unless they do that, it’s all 3rd-party “I know someone who lives there and they say it’s true” hearsay. Incredible, unbelievable, and meaningless.

          • Weak answer, I agree. I’ll see what I can do. But if there’s anyone else out there that has a somewhat connection to this all, please come forward.

          • I’ve seen several anonymous assertions by people claiming they had a cousin, or niece or their sister uncle’s brother’s friend was at Sandy Hook. Try getting any of them into an interview. The mainstream media is syrup, smiling parents saying how grateful they are their kids died because of how strong they are and they chose love and …what tosh. The day Lenny Pozner agrees to let me interview him on Jim’s show or elsewhere, I’ll start a rethink. Do your thinking for yourself or somebody else will do it for you. Cheers to All, Allan Powell

        • Incorrect, many people have many reasons to lie. Dozens profited and profited highly with this hoax. Many are still covering their rears.

      • Thanks for that photo, Dr. Eowyn, as well as the reminder about what the Wayback Machine shows. I agree there is substantial evidence that the school had not been operational since 2008.

      • I don’t know if you have noticed but there appears to be a bunch of blue post it notes in the left of the image behind the stacked furniture etc. They probably contain instructions for the displacement of the hallway items in the classrooms. I can’t image why they would be there otherwise. Any thoughts Doctor? Cheers Allan Powell

        • “Any thoughts?”
          None whatsoever. LOL
          The blue post-it notes are the least of our concerns. It’s the drilled pretend bullet holes that are downright fascinating.
          pile of dust from drilled bullet hole in Sandy Hook school

  11. The fact that none of this has been prosecuted or even mentioned by any major political figure reveals just how corrupt our government has become.
    Kudos to Naomi Wolf for speaking out about this, early. Can’t think of any other kind of political figure who has.

    • I mean other than Jim Fetzer of course.
      I’ll have to get that book, it’s getting rave reviews on Amazon.

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. I am so proud of you for participating in the content of this book. I also thank you so much for your meticulous and well-documented research and/or evidence. I will have to read this book.


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