Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig

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A year and two months after the alleged massacre on Dec. 14, 2012 of 20 first-grade children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut, we now have a credible honest man saying, with no doubt or hesitancy, that what we’ve been told about the massacre simply isn’t true.

The massacre was “a contrived event,” which means it didn’t happen. The whole thing was fake.

Who is this man?

Wolfgang Halbig

He is Wolfgang W. Halbig, a humble straight-talking 67-year-old man who has an impressive professional record as a law enforcement officer (U.S. Customs inspector and Florida state trooper), an educator (public school coach, teacher, assistant principal and principal), and a nationally-recognized school safety consultant who has served as an expert witness in the Columbine and other school shootings.

Below is his biographical sketch:

Wolf bio sketch

In a stunning radio interview with Dave Gahary of American Free Press, uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 13, 2014, Mr. Halbig:

  1. Enumerates all the things that are wrong and suspicious about what happened at Sandy Hook that day;
  2. Describes how he was refused answers to his questions about the massacre; and
  3. How he was threatened by two law enforcement (LE) officers for asking those questions.

Like many FOTM readers, I rarely have the time or patience to watch long videos. In the case of Halbig’s interview, it is more than 43 minutes long. So I listened to and transcribed from the interview to write this post, because reading a report in text not only is quicker, we also are better able to retain the information.

What follows is my report on Halbig’s interview. Words between quotations marks are Halbig’s.

A. “Things that don’t make sense” about Sandy Hook

Being a school safety consultant who has traveled to every state in America to investigate and testify on school shootings, Halbig calls every shooting “a puzzle” that must be pieced together. In the case of the Sandy Hook massacre, however,  the pieces of this puzzle simply “don’t fit.” Those pieces include:

  1. When the police arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) that morning, they parked ¼ mile from the school’s front door instead of doing what first responders are supposed to do in an active shooter event, which is to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible so as to save as many lives as possible.

  2. Paramedics and EMTs (emergency medical technicians) were not allowed to enter the school. Instead they were kept waiting in the Sandy Hook fire station nearby, 500 yards down the road from SHES.

  3. Trauma helicopters, which can provide the quickest and best medical services in an emergency, were not sent to Sandy Hook. Life Star, the medical helicopter service at Danbury Hospital’s Trauma Center, told Halbig “we were never called, never asked.”

  4. Where were the ambulances to transport the wounded to hospitals?

  5. Why did police declare 26 people to be dead within the first 11 minutes of the shooting, when according to Connecticut law, only a doctor can declare someone to be legally dead?

  6. Why did the FBI classify the Sandy Hook massacre? This has never been done before. Even the Columbine School massacre was not classified information. To this day, the FBI report on Sandy Hook remains classified information, not releasable to the public.

  7. Why did the State of Connecticut wait ELEVEN whole months to issue its official final report on the Sandy Hook shootings to the American public? Note that the final report does not include the FBI’s still-classified report.

  8. Police transmissions don’t lie because they are made by sworn and trained law enforcement officers. On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, recorded police transmissions said “We have multiple weapons inside the [SH] classroom — a rifle and a shotgun.” But nobody could find the shotgun in the school. Instead, a shotgun was found in the black Honda parked outside the school.

  9. At 9:45 AM that day, a police officer found a surviving kindergarten-aged girl in the hallway. The officer sent her back into Room 8 — a crime scene with students and teachers shot dead. What police officer would do that?

  10. Similarly, that morning, two Connecticut state troopers entered Room 10 and found an unharmed boy hiding in the bathroom. The troopers ordered the boy to stay in the room — a room with dead people. “That’s not police protocol.”

  11. Having investigated and given expert testimony on many school shootings, Halbig says “I know what tears look like.” But the parents of slain Sandy Hook children, as we’ve noted here on FOTM, did not cry. (In the now famous case of Robbie Parker, the father of allegedly slain 6-year-old Emilie, he went from laughing and joking to pretending to choke back tears in the blink of an eye.)

  12. Sandy Hook’s medical examiner Dr. Wayne Carver refused to let the parents see the bodies of their slain children, and instead gave them photos of the bodies, which is “unheard of.” Halbig knows about the inconsolable grief of parents and is himself a parent. Parents whose children had been shot dead “would kick the door down” demanding to see the bodies.

  13. Why was Sandy Hook Elementary School torn down? This is not the case with  any of the other schools where shootings had taken place, including Columbine School.

  14. Who installed the new security system at SHES? This should be a matter of public record.

  15. The shooting-to-death of 26 people would leave 45-60 gallons of blood. Who cleaned it up? What biohazard company was hired to clean the crime scene?

16. Why is there not even one lawsuit by a Sandy Hook parent against SHES for negligence? Halbig has never ever seen a school shooting without parents suing the school for negligence. 

  1. Why are there so many fund-raisers for the Sandy Hook shootings? Halbig: “I’ve never seen so many fund-raisers” in the case of Sandy Hook. One fundraising alone, by United Way, netted $17 million, from which “every [SH] parent got a big chunk of money.”

  2. Alleged shooter Adam Lanza, 20, is said to have Asperger syndrome — a high-functioning (in academics) form of austism. Halbig points out, however, that like those with autism, children with Asperger have “very very poor motor skills” and “very poor muscle tone.” How did Asperger-afflicted Adam Lanza with “very poor muscle tone” carry a rifle, a shotgun, a handgun, and bullets? How did Asperger-afflicted Adam Lanza with “very very poor motor skills” shoot 26 people dead — not wounded — in less than five minutes, firing one bullet roughly every two seconds?

B. Officials who refused to answer Halbig’s questions

When the alleged massacre first happened, like all of us, Halbig was in shock. But a week after, he started asking questions.

About two months after the alleged massacre, in February 2013, invoking Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act, Halbig began phoning and sending letters to various local and state officials, asking the same questions that you’ve read above. The officials include the SHES superintendent, members of the school board, secretary to the school board, Newtown Chief of Police Michael Kehoe, and the Department of Education of the State of Connecticut.

You can read the letters he sent on Veterans Today.

To date, a year after he called and wrote to those officials, Halbig has received NOT EVEN ONE RESPONSE. No one returned his call. No one replied to his letters. Halbig: “If you refuse to respond to simple questions, there’s something wrong. Why would you not tell us what happened?”

C. The Threat

Two months ago, at about 10 AM “right before Christmas,” two law enforcement officers — homicide investigators — from Lake County Sheriff’s Office (Halbig lives in Lake County, Florida) knocked on his door. The two officers were dressed in plain clothes.

They showed Halbig their badges; read to him the dossier they had on him (Halbig: “somebody did their homework”); and warned him that if he doesn’t “stop asking questions about Sandy Hook, the Connecticut state police will file felony charges of harassment against” him. 

As Halbig put it, “If I don’t comply, bad things will happen to me.”

The two officers then advised Halbig to “hire an attorney.”

Note that Halbig had asked the questions politely, and that it is within his legal right to ask those questions because he invoked the Freedom of Information Act.

D. Sandy Hook is a lie

Wolfgang Halbig was asked point blank what he thinks of the Sandy Hook shootings. This is his response:

“In my professional opinion [as a school safety consultant], I suspect Sandy Hook was a scripted event that took place, in the planning for two or 2½ years.”


Note from Eowyn: That would explain why so many of the homes of Sandy Hook victims had a strange sale transaction date of 12/25/2009 and sale price of $0. December 2009 is exactly three years before the alleged massacre.


Halbig does not believe any child was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


In his words: “Sandy Hook raised public fear in every school, private and public. If people used children and teachers as a prop to enhance their agenda, shame on you.”

As in Watergate, Halbig says we must “follow the money.” He notes the unprecedented scale of Sandy Hook fund-raising and public donations, and that Attorney General Eric Holder awarded “a big check” to every police officer involved in the Sandy Hook shooting. Halbig suggests there’ll be “witness relocations” and people who will not be “paying taxes for the next 10 years.”

E. What Needs to Be Done

Halbig plans to:

  1. Visit Newtown in person to ask people questions “eye ball to eye ball.”

  2. Raise money to hire attorneys to depose the “key players” to testify. Anyone who lies in a deposition has committed a felony.

  3. File civil law suits against the Sandy Hook/Newtown school board because “They’re counting on no one’s going to sue.”

When the interviewer reminded him that “if this [conspiracy] goes up to the highest level, to the White House, your life is in danger,” Halbig said “I had a great journey” and is prepared to die to uncover the truth of Sandy Hook.

His final words to us:

“I cannot believe people sit back and they listen to the national media — that idiot box telling them what to believe. There’s nothing wrong in asking questions.”

Wolfgang Halbig can be reached at (352) 729-2559.

For the links to all the posts FOTM has done on Sandy Hook, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.

H/t FOTM readers John Rolls, josephbc69, TPR, Glenn47.

UPDATE (March 19, 2014):

  1. A video on Halbig’s history of failed business efforts, either voluntarily or involuntarily dissolved. The latter can be due to simple inactivity or fraud. I don’t believe the video has made a compelling case that Halbig is a fraudster. Nor does this video negate or detract from the fact that Halbig has asked very good questions about Sandy Hook. That begin said, we should exercise caution and discernment in donating to his Sandy Hook investigation fund.
  1. Sandy Hook skeptic Professor James Tracy warns that Halbig may be coming under the influence of questionable “handlers.”


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69 responses to “Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig

  1. Trust but verify. He is rapidly aligning himself with disinfo jerks, opportunists and research recyclers. He is also raising money for his legal action, etc. and any time someone uses a possible false flag to raise money everyone is entitled to look at them again – whether it’s possible luciferian weirdo Robert “Robbie” Parker or appeared out of nowhere Wolfgang Halbig.

    If he is genuine, I support Halbig to the hilt. But I have to repeat: trust but verify. If he recants or fizzles out he’s just mulched a lot of other people’s work, including those who never seem to get a mention even though they originated some of the real smoking guns: ThePaulstalService, Namesnotmary, Living on Planet Z, Kateslate… Yes, all on YouTube.

    When people like Fetzer, Smallstorm, Jones and others get involved, nothing ever progresses, but the light certainly gets pulled away from the real researchers who were in there from day one.

    • Good advice, Trust but Verify. I hadn’t heard yet, which are the “disinfo jerks” Mr. Halbig has associated himself with? I did see a copy of his letter to the Newtown Police on Prof. James Tracy’s Memory Hole blog a few weeks ago, but I don’t think Tracy is disinfo(?)

      As previously mentioned in a prior post, I was definitely moved by Mr. Halbig’s video & very much want him to be totally legit. Even so, questions did cross my mind anyway (“conspiracy habit” I suppose) such as:

      1. There’s always a possibility he was “sent out” to rope in the stragglers who are still saying Sandy Hook was a hoax (convenient job history for “such a time as this” > former police/trooper + education). He did say in the video that “just writing about it does no good” (or words to that effect). I assume he was referring to blogs & alternative news sites who won’t “let that dead dog die” (such as FOTM 😀 )

      2. I, too, wondered (felt a twinge of suspicion) when he mentioned being at Columbine! (as Seumas describes in his 2nd comment below).

      3. My third twinge came when he mentioned needing money for a lawsuit against them, which I actually agree with the suing part. But in cases like this, a civil lawsuit, I’m pretty sure attorneys normally work on a CONTINGENCY FEE basis, where you would be suing municipalities/police depts./school boards, etc. (all govt. entities, likely self-insured), &/or the NFL (major bucks!). The attorney would only get paid IF the suit is successful monetarily. Of course there would be expenses (travel, etc.) but attorneys usually fund that up front as well & get their percentage/fee & expenses when the suit is successfully settled &/or taken to jury trial & won that way. Of course Mr. Halbig did not say he wanted to sue them for financial reasons, but mainly to get them deposed under oath (all fine & good), but monetary “damages” are always included in civil suits. The lowest amount used to be $5,000 (could be different in different states).

      4. Last but not least, when I first saw the video & the part re the threats, etc., I thought, “His wife probably wants to clobber him for getting involved!” 😉 He may be ready to die for the cause, but I bet she would not appreciate that too much!

      I hope I am wrong on all counts because I liked the guy & his passion. And Dr. E did a fantastic job as usual transcribing the outline in detail. I appreciated being reminded of all the points in the video (you are so right about being able to read faster than watch videos. I hardly ever watch videos, but I did his!)

      • The disinformationists are Fetzer who always brings in irrelevant matters and does his grandstanding and “Smallstorm” who besides wanting to sell DVDs (of other people’s work) also enters the fray as with 9/11 with both a monetary motive and a very confusing new age type spin.

        • FTC,

          Accusing Fetzer, whom I don’t know, or anyone of being a disinformationist, i.e., a person who lies for political gain to help a political entity or cause, is a very serious charge. One would hope and expect you provide solid evidence, which you have not done in your comment. Bringing in “irrelevant matters” (“irrelevant” according to you), “grandstanding,” having a “monetary motive” (“wanting to sell DVDs”) and engaging in “new age type spin” is NOT disinformation.

          If I were you, I’d be more careful with your accusations and character assassinations. You can be sued for slander and libel.

          • Slander and libel? This is not even remotely close to the level required for defamation. Secondly, truth is at least a partial defence.

            And raising eg “jews did 9/11” in a thread about Sandy Hook – as Fetzer did, is definitely irrelevant even on a common sense basis.

            Cognitive dissonance aside, Sandy Hook has specific issues, it isn’t part of some general bigfoot-UFO-woo woo spectrum. Or at least it isn’t unless there’s books and DVDs to be sold.

            And disinformation isn’t always about political gain. Sometimes it’s that most common of motives- financial gain. In fact the politically motivated disinformation is monetary advantage based too.

            • FTC, you are full of your own personal opinions, yet you provide no substantial evidence to support your conclusions which are your presumptions. Get off your emotional bandwagon. It is my opinion that you have your own “agenda”.

              • You are entitled to your own opinions. What you can’t have is your own facts.

                As for being full of “my own” opinions, isn’t that rather the point?

                I’ve listed discrepancies at Sandy Hook (and other events) and provided links to the work of others since they’ve nailed issues already and there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

                Falling behind “leaders” of a “movement” is silly and dangerous. It’s just another ‘Hegelian’ trap.

                Particularly when I don’t want their books and DVDs.

                • FTC,

                  First you demonize Fetzer and the Storm woman, accusing them of spreading “disinformation”. The word “disinformation” means lies. But you have not pointed out what exactly are the “lies” they’re disseminating.

                  Now you call them “leaders of a movement.” You are creating a straw man. What “movement”? Both are simply two of many many bloggers and youtubers trying to decipher the Sandy Hook mystery. Good grief. If I or anyone read Fetzer’s blog or watch Storm’s youtube video, that doesn’t mean we’re “falling behind” their “movement.” It’s called THE MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS.

                  I know neither Fetzer nor Storm, and have allowed you to waste too much of my time & energy on this already. This is the LAST time I engage you on this subject.

                  • It’s obvious that a “movement” of “truth” is emerging- ReviewManify and TeamWakeEmUp have been on lapdog media and the lapdogs themselves have begun to acknowledge that there is a general trend of unification of purpose.

                    And if Fetzer and “smallstorm” aren’t trying to be leaders of a movement, why are they jumping in front of anyone who gets column inches?

                    And as for the marketplace of ideas… Some people stress the ideas… Other people stress the marketplace.

                    And indeed, since this is your blog, I am happy to absent myself from it rather than argue with you.

                    • “since this is your blog, I am happy to absent myself from it rather than argue with you.”

                      Thank you.

                      But how about if, instead of arguing about Fetzer et al, you elaborate on what you mean by “a movement of truth is emerging” and “lapdog media have begun to acknowledge that there is a general trend of unification of purpose”?

                      What members of the “lapdog media” have begun to acknowledge that the official story about Sandy Hook is a crock of manure?

        • It was Smallstorm’s video that brought out the question of the hidden Christmas trees behind the fire house. That was a huge valid point. Dr. Eowyn then wrote a separate article about the trees, so you can read it here somewhere.

      • One problem I have is with his assertion “Halbig points out, however, that like those with autism, children with Asperger (sic)”

        I am an adult Aspie, and I actually shoot pretty good- But I AM more accurate with my non-dominant hand and non-dominant eye. No one I’ve asked (LEOs) have been able to explain it. I may be uncoordinated on an overall basis, but I did play basketball in grade school and was drum major of my band in high school. I also took piano lessons for many years. So take his “expertise” on Asperger’s needs to be taken with a grain of salt….

  2. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    Trust but verify

  3. NaturalBoredCitizen

    In my country the truth is an Illusion and the facts are unimportant only the agenda matters. Ask: Why is this and what are they up to? If the agenda can only be accomplished by lies, deception and illusion, then how can the outcome be good or moral? You know the answer: It Can’t be. Citizens need the right to a process for our own Grand Juries and the ability to accuse and charge those who violate their oaths. I guess all this fundraising and money flying around to families and others explains the recording of $0.00 on all those homes, now doesn’t it? I suspect that shortly all these family victims will suddenly move away and never be heard of again.

  4. This is breathtaking! If the Sandy Hook murders were pure stagecraft, then we have to note the hideous strength of resolve this president has to disarm the citizens.

    Disarming a population like ours is an extreme high-risk move. Why would anyone try it if they didn’t intend to follow thru? In view of how relentless these adversaries are, let’s be sure to be ready for them. Is your home ready? Are you ready?

    • Yep and yep. Rock and roll

    • I would also admonish folks out there the same advice as was given to us… “Go out and buy a sword”. Same advice is good today, especially since blades don’t run out of ammo. Having a long blade or sword for self defense, as a backup is good, especially when the ammo runs out. People should also take up some Fencing, Classical swordsmanship, or Kendo lessons on how to properly wield such things. (Also they should get a sword that is truly battle-worthy, the show pieces or other ornamental steel ones, that are more readily available, will break easily and aren’t good for much more than hanging on a wall.)

    • traildust, just look at what happened after the Boston bombing (which is questionable in itself). Police went door to door, making people come out into the streets. They searched their houses for the terrorists and weapons. Normally, police would go door to door and tell people to lock up and stay inside. I and others believe it was a test for future martial law. They wanted to see how much people would cooperate with lunacy. Well, they did cooperate. It is going to be easy to take our homes and our guns (not that I have a gun, NSA). All the false flags have been tests of our response. Go all the way back to Waco and David Koresh. How did America respond to the massacre? Silence, for the most part.

  5. This whole controversy just goes to speak of the state of our nation. I think that it is irrelevant as to whether it actually happened or not. I think the more relevant point is that people would think that it was contrived. There is so little trust left in our Govt. that most consider them capable of anything. If Sandyhook doesn’t fit you, then maybe 9/11 or the Mcmurrah federal building will. Our trust with big gov is fractured and as long as NSA, TSA and DHS continue to grow I don’t think it will ever be recovered. Keep your powder dry

  6. Thank you for writing this. When something is not as it seems, there is a reason. When someone tries to silence a person that is seeking the truth, there is a reason. When one building is torn down at the scene, but other buildings of other scenes left standing, there is a reason.
    When several good investigators are coming up with conflicting information, there is a reason.
    When workers are asked to sign a non disclosure statement, there is a reason.
    When the whole scenario was not carried out in the countrywide rescue but instead looks like a high school play, there is a reason.

    It has been said, that everything they are throwing at the people of this country, is all a test to see how much we will take before pushing back, you have to pay attention to all the red herrings being tossed out.
    Never before in our history has so much been taken from us and so much that goes againist the Constitution, you have to sit up and pay attention.
    For the first time, an adminstration is allowing and even bringing in MOA to build and practice at their own terrorist camps all over the country.
    Wake up, please and pay attention and ask question.
    Go back the last five years and make a list of every right that has been violated and every industry attacked you will be stunned.

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  8. It’s easier for those of us who grew up in an era when we were taught World and US History, Civics and how our government is supposed to function to discern between reality and a smoke screen, because the evidence of this conspiracy slaps you in the face! Those aged 30-35 and younger typically cannot see it for what it is because their education has been woefully degraded. This difference is not just the youngsters versus geezers argument, there’s more to it than that. Granted, there have always been elements of treachery and corruption in our government, but those of us who are older have witnessed unbelievable changes and contrasts over the last three decades or so. I have no problem believing Mr. Halbig. His credentials speak for themselves. He’s not a coward like so many of our legislators who know the truth about Sandy Hook. Maybe I’m assuming most of them know because of their many connections. How many of them are being paid off to assure their silence? Can you imagine how many muffled whispers discussing the realities of Sandy Hook have taken place in secluded back offices and closets around DC? Any who don’t know Sandy Hook is a false flag have to truly be idiots. It’s disgusting we allow them to represent us. It will be interesting to see who else with certifiable credentials may question this event publicly in the coming days. I pray God and his angels are watching over Mr. Halbig as he continues his investigation.

  9. I do wonder though, if Mr. Halbig was involved with testifying about columbine, which was also a psy-op, just what was it he said about that event? If he was speaking to the affirmative that it was fishy, then we can suspect he is trustworthy, if he towed the party line at that time, going with the official narrative, then we can suspect he might be up to something this time.

  10. Don’t know if any of you are familiar with PPSimmons. He says he has big news coming out about Obama in March. It’s suppossed to be earth shattering. Wonder if it could be connected to this?

  11. I remember reading the news coming out in March pertains to Obummer’s real birth certificate which has led to that cover-up and his sealed college/university records.

    • Interesting, greenworxx! March always seems to be a “busy month” for hot topics, year by year. It was March 2011 that Donald Trump first began kicking up an MSM media frenzy on one of the Morning shows & then The View re Obama’s birth certificate & Trump’s supposed/might/maybe run for Prez. Of course he caved in once Obama released the FAKE long form! …which made people wonder what was being hidden by the Trump “distraction” (he got LOTS of negative media coverage). Well, no major war broke out, which is what people usually guess might happen in March since March is named after the “god of War,” Mars.

      So here we are three years later & someone else plans to release big news in March re Obama birth certificate. It would be great to have the necessary legitimate “proof” to settle that mystery finally. Then again it could cause havoc with Obama-worshippers should their man in Office be exposed as a fraud!

    • Thanks for the list. The name “godfatherpolitics” made me laugh! Mood Music:

    • A scary one that I visit occasionally:
      They say a financial meltdown is coming by April 11, because on April 1 the FED (no longer independent) can’t borrow more money from the international banks, and there is approximately 11 days of cash remaining after that.

  12. Clearly, what we have here is yet one more conspiracy theorist, so let’s all ignore him and go back to sleep, OK?….

    Jes’ kidding ya know…. Dontcha?

    More seriously, let’s all pray he’s not disappeared or has a heart attack, in spite of no cardiac history, a fav method of witness/critic disposal….

  13. Dennis H Bennett

    If Obama used pictures of slain Syrian children to gain sympathy/support for his fractionated, murderous rebels, it is not all that much different to see him do it at SHES.

  14. Let me just play “advocatus diaboli” on a couple of your points:

    >1. When the police arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) that morning, they parked ¼ mile from the school’s front door instead of doing what first responders are supposed to do in an active shooter event, which is to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible so as to save as many lives as possible.

    In a situation where one or possibly multiple shooters are, police will not park in front of the door where they’re instantly sitting ducks.
    That’s basic tactics.

    > 2. Paramedics and EMTs (emergency medical technicians) were not allowed to enter the school. Instead they were kept waiting in the Sandy Hook fire station nearby, 500 yards down the road from SHES.

    Same as above, you don’t let paramedics on a site where shooters may be on the loose.

    > 5. Why did police declare 26 people to be dead within the first 11 minutes of the shooting, when according to Connecticut law, only a doctor can declare someone to be legally dead?

    As you write yourself, you need a doctor for a *legal* declaration (i.e. one that will hold up in court). That however doesn’t preclude the police from making a statement of fact as it appears current to them.
    When a police officer sees somebody with a gunshot to his head, he doesn’t need a doctor to tell the press “somebody was killed”.

    • Philip, good questions. We need to ask, and get answers about this.

      Now speaking personally (I’m an artist, not a cop), I have seen police race straight to the scene of an active shooting on more than one occasion in a neighboring, crime-ridden town, and not stand back like that.

      I can’t speak for standard operating procedure for EMTs in such a case.

      We are often hearing on the news of police reporting someone rushed to the hospital, and refusing to say the person is dead until the official pronouncement.

  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most incredible and significant post. First of all, I acknowledge your thorough approach in drafting this post, especially for listening to a very long video of Mr. Wolfgang Halbig’s interview, taking copious notes and setting forth this matter with such accuracy and clarity. I also acknowledge the fact that you provided his professional background. In my opinion, Mr. Halbig’s professional experience in law enforcement, education and safety, provides us with the most credible and significant analysis that we could ever hope for, as to whether or not Sandy Hook was a farce or an event that really happened.

    Clearly, from the facts set forth above pursuant to Mr. Halbig’s formal analysis, Sandy Hook was a contrived event. The fact that none of his questions were ever responded to or even remotely acknowledged, and the fact that his life was threatened for merely asking questions as is his right under the law, confirms the evil manipulation which took place in this matter.

    There is an agenda in this country that is purely cunning, purely evil. This is like a final incident for me, setting forth that our battle of good against evil will become worse and more challenging.

    I have also found it noteworthy that there has been so much silence in this matter from the time it occurred to the present time. Nevertheless, like St. Thomas More’s silence until his trial, this silence is deafening.

    We all must pray to Our Lord for Mr. Halbig’s safety and security. I commend him for his courage and love of truth. We must also pray to God to help us, as the battle continues against the forces of evil, against principalities and the devil. We must ask for the help of the entire Church Triumphant. We have come to the point where innocent children are being used for the purposes of evil. How much worse could it be?

    • Thank you, Joan. Given your administrative law judge expertise and background, your analysis and assessment of Mr. Halbig’s testimony are especially valuable and probative.

  16. Wow! Great article. Great set of questions, all of which deserve answers, not threats. I admire him for being willing to die to get to the truth of it all. May God Bless him!

  17. Scroll up to end of my post for an update on Wolfgang Halbig.

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  31. You people are crazy.. I lived in Newtown CT from 2012 to 2013. If you believe it’s fake, you’re out of your mind. Stop doing drugs, I suggest & come back to the real world.

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  36. Wolfgang Halbig knows what he is talking about clearly there are far to many unanswered questions
    Unanswered!!! – I am retired and
    had time to go over many things
    And between Sophia Smallstorm’s investigation and Mr. Halbig’s asking for proof of who cleaned up the blood and other things that they refuse to answer
    This could be nothing but a drill gone bad and threats to Mr. Halbig shows something is wrong with what the people did to try and change the USA
    Constitution ( our first Constitution) check it out for your self. This is not the only hoax that has happened!!! something is dreadfully wrong !!!! and they need support to keep going !!! call me “Citizen Jane”

  37. Wolfgang Halbig is 100% legit. He has a very positive reputation in central Florida, as Head of Seminole County Public Safety and Security. He is passionate about keeping kids safe and initially believed MSM news about SHES. In his practice as a National School Safety Consultant, he investigated many school shootings, in an effort to make improvements. The ONLY school shooting that didn’t make sense was SHES

  38. William Knutson

    William Podgorski age 49 dead.
    State Trooper investigating sandy hook.
    This is no joke.

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