Sandy Hook Massacre: 14 never-before-seen photos

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Adam & Nancy Lanza

Adam & Nancy Lanza

Yesterday, State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky released the long-awaited but not-a-full report* of the State of Connecticut’s investigation into the Sandy Hook massacre of December 14, 2012, wherein alleged shooter Adam Lanza killed 20 children and 6 adults in Sandy Hook Elementary School, after first shooting his 52-year-old mother Nancy 4 times in her face in their home at 36 Yogananda Street, Newtown, Connecticut .

* See “Secrecy continues over Sandy Hook massacre

Nancy Lanza had just returned from a 3-day “mini break” to Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, wherein she stayed at the Omni Mount Washington Resort, checking out at 12:27 pm on December 13. Nancy had left Adam alone in their $1.4 million mansion in Newtown, CT. Reportedly, these “mini-breaks” were something Nancy often took.
Lanza home 36 Yogananda St.
The Lanza family home at 36 Yogananda St., with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on 2.19 acres. Curiously, the real estate website Zillow says the house is not for sale. Assuming Adam’s brother, Ryan, inherited Nancy’s estate (since she is divorced), why would Ryan hang onto the house?
The state attorney’s report details every step Lanza allegedly took as he “shot his way” into the school building, as well as evidence seized from his possessions, including news about school shootings, a school shooting video game, and materials on pedophilia and rights of pedophiles. The report describes Lanza as having Asperger Syndrome: a type of autism characterized by restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests; significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication; and reduced empathy. But the report offers no motive for his alleged killings.
Click here for the HufPo article. Click here for the full report.
Along with the written Report of the State Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury on the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 36 Yogananda Street, Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, are some never-before-seen photos.
Here are 14 of those photos (source: Radar Online):

SH1Firearms and ammo found inside a safe in Lanza’s bedroom.


Lanza’s badge from the Newtown Technology Team

SH3A photo of a shattered window at the elementary school


The windows of Adam Lanza’s bedroom in the basement appeared to be blocked out with garbage bags held up with painter’s tape.

SH8SH9Video games such as Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto IV, Call of Duty 4 and Metal Gear Solid were also photographed as evidence.

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Another photo of the smashed window in the lobby of Sandy Hook school (source:

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0 responses to “Sandy Hook Massacre: 14 never-before-seen photos

  1. I think they have never been seen before, because they are fake. Does any of them feel real to you? All staged.

    • Even if they are genuine, what is the point of posting them?
      Because they are “never-before-seen” and SHOULD be seen? Why?

  2. I have to add, for such a busy family and a son that lived in his bedroom, that carpet is sure clean and no footprints anywhere. Just me.

    • Glenn, I thought it was all spotty. Then I realized it was my display..
      Spew.. 😆 No really it’s filthy.

      • If you dig into police photos of the Lanza home, there are police photos of the bed not being made!!! As someone stated, why would he fix his bed before going to his probable death!!! And never mentioned is how did a boy with his mental and physical disabilities get a drivers license!!! How did he concentrate long enough to learn how to drive? And why would a mother trust her car and her ultimate responsibility of a car wreck, to a son she had to get away from. No record of drivers license in the name of Adam Lanza in Ct or surrounding states!!! How did he get to the school and why did he pass 5/6 schools on his way to SH? Other police videos show proof of the search scenes bring manlipated and proof that items were moved around and staged!!

        • @Karen…the compact car surrounded by police tape at the Sandy Hook school was registered to a male who had a police record. I can’t remember his name right now off the top of my head, but there is also the police audio where they were running the plate. Notice how the plate is whited out in the photo above, so no one can trace it. I have the actual plate number written down somewhere, and the person it was registered to. If you need it, I could probably dig it up after some searching.

  3. This is NOT a home that was lived in. Sorry but this is just as fake as the rest of the Sandy Hoax

    • I know right? The bed room is way too clean. I don’t even think that badge is even real. Government stages everything, and are good at getting the media to fool us.

  4. Glenn47: they sure do look to be staged.
    These could have been taken anywhere.
    That surely doesn’t look like furniture that would be in a palatial $1.4 million home – it looks like it all came from a salvage shop. You mentioned the clean carpet. It looks to be run-of-the-mill too. Hardly what you’d find in an expensive house. And how about that cheap light fixture on the ceiling!!?? None of this jibes.
    No covers on the bed – just a single tidy pillow and clean pillowcase and sheet…the empty bookshelves…the crummy old tube television (notice no DVR, DVD, Blu-ray, or even an antenna…what good is that TV?). Why the close-up of the games, but no sign of an XBOX?? Virtually nothing on the desk, and the monitors don’t seem to be hooked up…no keyboard or mouse.
    This room does not look “lived in” by any stretch of the imagination.
    What are these supposed to tell us? And why hold on to them all this time? Underwhelming, to say the least!

  5. +1 CJ – sorry but I didn’t see your post before I typed my windy reply 🙂

  6. my first thought was like everyone elses… nothing on the shelf.. and oh, look, there are some bullets nicely arranged by the safe, like some kind of still life.. and oh, yes.. there is his badge(so they claim) right on top of another pile..and lets see, they took out everything that was personal, i.e NOT evidence.. and left just the stuff that was? c’mon these pictures are an insult to the intelligence of a moron.

  7. While I’d agree w/all of the above, I have a younger [he’s in his 50s] brother, Richard, who has a strong Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD]. His variety forces him to endlessly re-arrange objects into meaningless tidy rows or lay-outs, w/the result that his apartment looks completely sterile, as if no one lived there, though he does. I have a mild form of it I keep under control, unless I’m stressed way beyond what I can deal with, but it’s nothing like what these people suffer. Richard’s is so severe that when we went to visit our dad in hospital, after we sat by his bedside, Richard re-arranged the few items that were on our father’s night table! Sheez!!
    Anyhow, It may be that both factors are at play here: the police just did more of the same until they ‘got it right’ for their purposes [cover-up].

  8. Cover up and staged lies continue.

  9. Why is the safe door open? Cops opened it to get a picture?
    I’d never leave mine open…

    • I do hear that! And it just occurred to me: as a contractor-builder, the house looks to be high enough off the ground that it may be a ‘daylight’ basement suite. The windows were taped, yes, BUT they may not extend all the way to the floor, just enough to make them a good size.
      Still, there could EASILY be a single walk-out door under one of those plastic cover-ups. All in all, another bizarro mind-bender from the same folks who gave us 9-11, the greatest crime ever on US soil, PURPOSIVELY never investigated properly.
      Look; it’s NOT a conspiracy, OK? It’s only da business, as usual. Got a problem w/that? Move to Russia.

    • Here is the major factor to ALL of this-THERE ARE NO SHELL CASINGS, ie-meaning shell casings from any of the weopons used in alleged shootings. To my knowledge and research, there has been NO documentation as to any bullet shell casings found on the scene that Will Prove what guns were used! The only thing we have been told is what was suposedly found on the Fake Lanzas’ body which was 2 hand guns, but still NO Shell casings found!

      • Gary, I read the whole report ( sorry don’t remember which page) but they say that in one room ( I think 10 ) there were 20 or so casings 5.56 which would correlate to the bushmaster.
        Then in the other room I believe they said 2 spent .40 cal in in ceiling and 1 he used on himself. He had a Sig 9mm on him which was not used.
        In total they said the weight of all guns and ammo was I think 30 lbs.
        Again I’m not saying I believe this or not just saying what the report states.
        It’s more than we had before.

  10. A good reminder why all school staff should be armed with at least one firearm at all times while on school property to protect our children.

  11. Wake Up America or DIE!

    As stated in the 7th photo, his bedroom is in the “basement” of the house correct? Since when do windows extend right down to the floor in a basement? Two of them actually look like the size of a door? That room is definitely not in any basement!
    You are all correct, this is completely fabricated!
    Is it any surprise after what your Gov’t did by blowing up the World Trade Center Towers, + building number 7 on 9/11, that they would stop at nothing, and stoop so low as to kill innocent little children to achieve their agendas? (By the way, what number do you call when you are “scared” or have an “emergency” in America, 911?) They (the Gov’t) are treating you like fools that will swallow ANY story they give you. They are in such a hurry to achieve certain deadlines of their grand agenda that they hardly answer to any of these mysteries, or when they DO, it’s a rushed, botched cover up as seen in these pathetic photos.
    As an Aussie, I am deeply concerned about how your treacherous Gov’t is treating our most valued allies! YOU, THE PEOPLE!
    Just my 2 cents

  12. Whether the scenes are staged or not makes no difference to me. I’ve seen many McMansions that are sparsely furnished & decorated because the owners are house poor. The point I’m making is that not only did Lanza have Asperger’s syndrome (NOT a violent condition by any means, look it up), he DID have a serious mental disorder….perhaps schizophrenia. His mother was trying to get guardianship thru the courts so she could have him committed for evaluation…she knew he needed help that she couldn’t give him.
    WHY would this be staged? Just to get laws passed to get guns banned? I agree, that’s a knee jerk reaction, to say the least, whether staged or not.
    No law could have prevented this. My take is Lanza learned his mother was trying to get guardianship so she could have him committed. He retaliated. Period. He’s dead, so no one will ever know the truth. Many innocents were shot and killed by him….many more traumatized for the rest of their lives.
    How could it have been staged? These kinds of things always have leaks. I’ve heard nothing, have you?
    Yeah. The moon landing was staged, 9/11 was staged, Ted Bundy was staged, the Manson murders were staged, the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger was staged, the killing of bin Laden was staged, the Somali pirate kidnappings and deaths were staged, Elvis, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, ad nauseum, were staged and they’re all alive and well somewhere.
    Use some common sense people! Have any of you taken a criminal investigation class? Forensic studies? Have lab experience? Blood spatter experience? Anything?
    I didn’t think so. Kick back and enjoy your conspiracy theories. Avoid the reality that in this world of ours, horrible things happen.

    • Pamster,
      Just because some of us ask questions and are skeptical about the official version of Sandy Hook doesn’t mean we think the moon landing, Ted Bundy, Manson murders etc. etc. were all staged. It’s also news to me that one must have “taken a CI class, forensic studies, have lab and blood spatter experience” in order to ask questions.
      For someone with such a sneeringly-superior high regard for herself, you should look up the meaning of non sequitur and ad hominem.
      But then you had already declared “Whether the scenes are staged or not makes no difference to me.”

    • Wake Up America or DIE!

      Just one question Pamster. Do you REALLY believe that 9/11 wasn’t a staged “false flag” event, and that Al Queda WAS actually to blame for it?
      If so, It seems I care more about YOUR country and the American people than YOU do!
      Enlighten yourself please.

      • Warning: Vid is anti-Semitic, and Christian. After hour in.
        blasphemy is blasphemy.
        even my ears hurt!!!!

    • Pamster, nice try, but your conspiracy theories ring hollow. Why not do some reading on this site and educate yourself? A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • It took a little while to stage these scenes–not part of the narrative on day of alleged attack. Why just now being released.
      And for Pamster below?? How about explaining how this happened in a school that had been declared environmentally unfit and closed since 2008—and show us just ONE food order or repair signed by the principal or even a purchase order for supplies…just one???

    • “Alice in Wonderland & the World Trade Center Disaster: Why the official story of 9/11 is a monumental lie” – David Icke, author
      The amount of information in this book is staggering. Very well-researched,

  13. Mr. Aussie, in the States we have basements that are partially above ground. Some even have walk in doors or sliders and/or full length windows. So that theory doesn’t hold. Thank you for caring, though.

    • Wake Up America or DIE!

      My mistake Pamster. “Down under” in Australia our basements are called basements because they ARE completely “down under-ground”. What you are referring to, we call “ground floors”. So I guess “My bad”.

  14. Was his family democrat, was he. ? You might want to check out all of the killings and a link to the democrat party. You might be caught off guard by what you learn, just saying.

  15. no pictures on the walls

  16. The badge is fake. Its the same pic as everything else. If he shot himself into the building, then why is there so much glass outside on the ground? I would think it would have blown the glass in. Maybe a logical explanation for that though.

    • william, I’m no expert, but I think if you shoot out the glass you might get an “exploding” effect. Some in some out. As opposed to say throwing a chair thru the window and the momentum would take most in. Does that make sense?
      OK, I’ve read the whole report and here are a few observations.
      The pics are “Staged”, not saying faked but definitely staged. Look at the video games all neat and in a row. Stuff like that.
      I can not find a good picture of the house to see if the windows that are taped are even there. That is weird. In this day and age no one has taken a damn picture of the house.
      Now that room looks too clean for me. Computer equip looks chincy considering it was a “hobby” of his.
      The pics just confuse things more. The report talks about a lot of knives and swords found there. They are gone and I think a lot of other things are gone.
      OK what I’m saying is these pics, if real are the “After ” shots. They are taken after stuff was cleaned up and then neatly arranged.
      Dumb if you ask me. Why would you do that?
      Just adds more fuel to the conspiracy fire.

      • Thanks for your reply. I just noticed there are no evidence markers near the shot out glass. tthere would be shell casings outside. No evidence of bullets hitting anything either. No markers there either. The bed doesn’t look slept in.

        • william, good point on the little markers for the shell casings. As I said in earlier response it may or may not be room, but I said after it’s been cleaned. But 2 photos do show little markers.
          The 22 he supposedly used to kill mom and the hard drive which the report said he destroyed and says they can’t get much info.

    • And if he shot himself in there would be bullet holes in the door on the opposite wall. That sheet of glass would offer no resistance to the bullets.

  17. Really are people that dumb?

    I can’t believe they made the phony name tag with the same glazed over photo they used for the media. That sticks out like a sore thumb, or worse, like a bright red dress in a black and white movie. Next time they want the job done right, they need to call someone who could pull it off.

  18. Just my opinion….no CSI here…lol
    For a basement to have large windows like that and with doors, they are usually built into the side of the hill. The outside doors or windows are on the down side of the hill and the basement part is built into the hill. Otherwise, how is it a basement. Those windows in the photos of the room do not match any of the windows on what appears to be the front of the house on the down side of the hill. Just FYI…………….

    • I’m not sure those are windows in the bedroom at all. Look at the window with the partially removed trash bags. Look at what appears to be straight parallel lines of blue painters tape. What is the grey stuff along the top of bags?

  19. On the photo of the corner desk unit, what is the strange looking table covered with a cloth and has two bowls, a water bottle and photos? Also, the walls are strange. They are either covered with white sheets or large white paper.

  20. There is no way that room would be that clean, look at the place, no posters, no books (and as previously mentioned, no xbox console either) the place looks like it doesn’t even have dust, no carpet stains, even mental hospitals aren’t that clean. Also notice how they blanked the plates out on the vehicle this time, as well as blurred the price sticker on the game? Also one presumes they must’ve hired someone to crack that safe (if, of course, that the safe was closed and locked when they arrived) if lanza was dead and his mother was dead, nobody would know the combination, how long does it take to crack a safe like that, I wonder? The cops must’ve hired out, I don’t imagine they teach safe cracking at the academy. Curiously, they did not blank out the title of that book, likely because it supports their narrative (a book on how to be happy, indicating depression, which suits the pretext).
    If that is truly lanza’s room, the place must’ve been cleaned professionally, I would also note covering over windows and such like that is typically what people will do if a window is broken. (Maybe from when whoever it was, broke in, and killed him the day, or however long, before?) Also pamster’s logic is wrong, if lanza was planning to retaliate then him going to the school to kill children makes no sense and has no connection to his alleged motive, Thus this theory fails, while also trying to get readers into the mindset of “reasonless crime”, which is a canard, even the motives of a madman have a reason, even if the reason is ridiculous. As a final note, some misc. points:
    1. No one who plays video games regularly has that clean of a room, ever.
    2. Who in the world sleeps with just one pillow on a bed, and with just sheets, especially in winter, in CN?
    3. The window in the school, someone who knows ballistics should look at that glass spread, and whether they said he bashed it out or shot it out, if he shot it out, where’s the hole in the opposing wall? If he smashed it out, he must’ve been rather strong.
    4. Didn’t they say Lanza’s place was filled with boobytraps? Where is the evidence of those? Also I thought it was police procedure to not alter what is construed as a crime scene, if his bedroom was considered such (as it looks like it was) why is it so clean?
    Not that it means anything but: I’m no linguist, but from what little I know (and I could be wrong) “yogananda” is a sanskrit word. Apparently it is a compound word of yoga “to yoke” and ananda “joy/happiness”. First, what kind of american city names a street for some bizarre sanskrit word? Second, “to yoke happiness”… they want us to believe a killer lived on a road that has a name which effectively means something similar to “sorrow”? (happiness yoked or chained.)

    • “2. Who in the world sleeps with just one pillow on a bed, and with just sheets, especially in winter, in CN?”
      Seumas, that’s an EXCELLENT observation!!!

      • Speaking of observations, I neglected to include this one, which looking back seems to me may have some value. As a long-time carpenter-builder, the first thing I noted about the aerial view of the house was that for some reason there are two radically different asphalt shingles used on the roofing. That’s very strange, especially on a house that supposed to be worth that much.
        Secondly, the L side is clearly an addition and it wasn’t done very well, which is in keeping w/the mismatched roofing material. Its roof lines should have been far better blended in w/the older style, so as to make it look intentional from the get-go. Good carpentry –never mind design– always ensures that an add-on does NOT look to be one! Again, this is very odd in a house deemed worth more than a million dollars, even inflated dollars.
        Finally, the windows on each floor are supposed to match in size and style, yet the two on the L are far smaller than the two on the R side. Along the same lines, the dormers atop the L side windows should have been larger and more proportional to the overall house, as they now appear to be tacky add-ons.
        Even if there were multiple owners, this house is in an area whose overall culture and social mores are more conservative than what we on the West Coast are accustomed to feeling, which I know from working there in late 1987 in upper-class neighbourhoods. Thus it is overall an anomaly for owners to allow this to happen, yet it did. That discontinuity also fits w/all the others observed and reported above my remarks.
        But WtH do I know, I’m just the carpenter-builder….

  21. For a kid to be so fragile and needing pretty much 24-7 monitoring. They are saying the mother left him alone for 3 days???? Not buying that.
    Also I think the windows were taped over since they were of a different location and wouldn’t match the surrounding land.
    Other pictures of that school, look different than these. They also looked like an abandoned building, perhaps it was a victim of asbestos or mold.
    There was no playground equipment shown in other pics.
    When something is empty, it has that feeling.
    I loved the picture of a town resident, holding up a sign saying it was faked from his window in his house.

  22. picture of adam and his mom does not even look like them! all the pics of adam do not look like this the pics of him look like an under weight wide eyed drugged out freak! utube has some interesting vids on the ley lines etc

  23. flyingtigercomics

    Initial impressions: he sure did put a lot of weight on since the HP Lovecraft photoshopped skeleton face ID, didn’t he?
    And his mother is basically an exact duplicate of Ann E Haddad…

    • flying,
      That pic of Adam Lanza I posted is supposed to be an earlier younger pic of him, before the more widely-publicized skeletal-faced one — or so we’re told.
      Who is Ann E. Haddad?

  24. Let us not forget that had SandyHook had armed security that fateful day, many or all of those kids and adults would be alive today.

    • Jan, I speculate that is another angle they are actually trying to push for, because they want people to push for Prison Guards in Prison Schools, you know, social conditioning and all that. The scenario is set up so that the things people will demand to “fix” the problem will be utilized for the further “prisonification” of schools (among other totalitarian/fascist/kakistocratic goals) the only routes not proposed (and often obfuscated) are ones that would impede the advancement of “progress”. (Read: kakistoplutocratic rule/ Police State implementation) In a nutshell those who serve evil want to “make” people ask for their own imprisonment, for “their safety”.
      Funny story, apparently architects that have built prisons are starting to be hired to build schools, or so I hear, a nearby school was even built by such (that’s what I hear locally anyway, I have not followed through with that, however.) and it does indeed look like a prison facility, a person would be hard-pressed to not mistake it for a prison.
      As an aside, in that shot of the house, can anyone tell if that is legitimately on a hill or not?

      • Seumas, I speculate that is simply a “safety” issue and not a potential prison expansion matter because the safety issue of our vulnerable children is a simple one imo; I believe there are less attacks against people when there are armed guards present, simple, easy-peasy.

        • That would be applicable, if it were true, trouble is the presence of armed guards will not deter those that are determined, much less so if the guards themselves are of a mindset to abuse that power, consider what happens to children in juvenile detention centers (or inmates in prisons, the presence of guards is no insurance someone won’t be killed) they’re less safe in there than they are out in public. However, the way this scenario is engineered, anything called for will be altered to the advantage of those who seek to do evil.
          Perhaps a better solution might be to have perimeter guards, who have to pass a moral competency test before they can work as guards, who are stationed around the school far enough that they are not typically seen by students? Not that this couldn’t be abused either, of course. The real solutions to problems like this isn’t in having more people with boomsticks, the solution is having more people with high moral caliber, integrity, and courage (including the kids). Good moral folk with courage are the natural enemy to the very sorrowful creatures who cooked up this school shooting narrative in the first place, that is why morality etc. is never addressed in these subjects.

          • “The real solutions to problems like this isn’t in having more people with boomsticks, the solution is having more people with high moral caliber, integrity, and courage (including the kids). Good moral folk with courage are the natural enemy to the very sorrowful creatures who cooked up this school shooting narrative in the first place, that is why morality etc. is never addressed in these subjects.”

          • The presence of armed guards absolutely WILL cut down on any potential violence as proven through the history of the world. What planet do you live on Seumas?
            Lock and loaded here.

            • Consider that Ft. Hood, being a military base, had armed guards a-plenty, whether or not the scenario presented by the media was false or true, those armed guards weren’t a deterrant. There were also security personel present at VA Tech and Columbine, obviously neither of those cases were deterrants either. We already know the official narratives in each of these cases is complete malarkey, we also know that the presence of security guards was not a deterring factor in any of these cases, regardless of their origins. The answer isn’t in having guns present (an idiot with a gun, is still an idiot.) the answer is having good, moral, and courageous people… because one person with a gun is no match for people armed with proper wits about them in such a scenario, as well as existing knowledge of terrain (if someone can hide, someone can ambush and generally claim victory). Being physically armed is not enough, a person must be mentally armed (and fit) in order to wield any weapon properly and effectively.
              The solution proposed would only open the gates wider for further false flags of this same type, and effectively puts foxes in the hen house. Even if such guards were not corrupted, the potential for their weapons to be taken and utilized against others still exists, and putting the guns in the school is effectively providing a resource any two-bit thug could capitalize on. To say nothing of giving the children a weak mentality of relying on “the people with guns to fix it” further grafting them into the kakistocracy nanny-state model, and teaching them dependence on the state, by proxy. (Not to mention the previously mentioned acclimatizing them to a prison-model society.)
              Of course all this could’ve been prevented (If any children did indeed perish according to the official narrative) by having the children be home schooled, which is another option completely ignored by those writing the narrative, because it does not suit their purposes.

              • Seumas, theo Foot Hood situation is not what was or is portrayed in the news media, I had a family member there that fateful day and know the facts different than what you believe. I rely upon facts and not spin, so you’re out of luck as you remain so far from the facts.

                • One last observation, if I was speaking disinformation (which you seem to be implying) why is it the points made are not addressed, and why do you seem decidedly focused on trying to goad an argument? Were I spreading disinformation, why would I be pushing for Morality et al, and suggesting solutions to the problem which tend to be obfuscated or ignored by those who are pushing an agenda? Curious things, those.

                • WOW, now THAT’S truly a bombshell notice, to use a tired, but still attention-catching phrase. I found the whole Fort Hood incident VERY puzzling, and would be immensely grateful if you could share just enough knowledge of it so we get a more nearly correct idea of what really happened.
                  I’m NOT asking you to compromise yourself in any way, just enough to eliminate the worst errors and misconceptions we may have. Many thanks, Joseph

              • OK, I agree, you know nothing about what you are trying to talk about here. I get it.

  25. The Photos are real I live next to Newtown all these photos were in the news days ago.

    • cornell, great link thanks. The house and rooms look more lived in. I did notice 2 what looks like 75 rd drum magazines. Yikes you can do some damage with them.
      Take a look folks. Around 100 pics.

  26. Did anyone else notice that there are two pair of glasses like those worn by Ryan Lanza. No pictures ever of Adam wearing glasses. Obvious thar this is all a lie.

  27. Cornell, I looked at these photos posted by CT NBC, some pf the Sandy Hook photo group & Newtown photo group are the same photos. I know that NBC is a propaganda arm of the current administration so can we trust anything they post?
    (cornell racz | November 28, 2013 at 7:52 am | Reply
    The Photos are real I live next to Newtown all these photos were in the news days ago.
    I also know that liberals are using bloggers for propaganda to disqualify anti-agenda posts. I wonder about Jan. She has no info to back her claims when asked for, just words. She’s also the only one using her full name. Go back and read her posts. She puts down and then says have a blessed day. Is she trying to make Christians look bad too? I believe I found on-line that she is a professional writer & blogger. I started to post my findings but did not know if it was appropriate.

  28. Having spent over 20 hours looking at the so called evidence…I have determined that Sandy Hook was a hoax. I am convinced without a doubt. The strongest evidence is none other than the imposter himself, Barry Barak Sotero Obama in a photo op with the little EM I LIE Parker AFTER her death and in the same dress she was photoshopped into her “parents” family portrait in. The second was the fact that not ONE individual involved shed even ONE tear. This is not even possible. I lost a pet and cried for a week without control and I am not a big crier. If you can get past these two facts, there are literally hundreds of inconsistencies. The duping delight displayed is truly nauseating. These people should be in prison and POTUS OBVIOUSLY should be impeached…NOW before he has us all killed for REAL!

    • RJ, while I respect your position where you believe there is clear distinctive proof that the Sandy Hook massacre did not ever take place, I happen to believe the incident was true even though all of the investigative information cannot be released due to policies and legal proceedings. I personally hold the media-reporting-in-general on the incident as true.

      • Dear Jan: You too have the right to believe however you choose. Personally, I believe in TRUTH. For instance, I made a radical departure and never lied to my child about santa. I decided that deceiving her would not be my best option if I wanted a loving
        relationship of trust throughout her life…Oddly, it worked! She turned out healthy,happy and extremely well rounded! I have learned over my many years on planet earth that many people prefer being lied to…OK! This is not my choice and therefore I will not be ignorant of the facts. They aren’t warm and fuzzy, they will not manipulate anyone and at times they are rather uncomfortable. Personally, I believe TRUTH set me FREE! However, in my ever so humble opinion, Sandy Hook is 100% fraud. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE and not even good fakes! Replete with bad acting…Robbie Parker! Gene Rosen! Adriana Munoz! Wayne Carver! Carly Soto! Not just acting, but REALLY bad acting! Ambulance blocked not leaving school for hours, no bodies, no bullet casings, no blood, NO TEARS, contrived witnesses and photos, no eye witnesses, 100’s of inconsistencies, missing death certificates, no birth certificates, aliases, some victims already dead, DEAD people spotted elsewhere, FAKE teachers, Fake Principal, Crisis Actors out of Denver and LA, DEAD child in photo op with President after event, children interviewed (truly some of the best evidence) calling event a drill, DEAD actors photographed at Boston Bombing at the “Sandy Hook” 26 Mile Marker, Parents and actors displaying”duping delight”, murder weapon in trunk, mystery men running towards Masonic Lodge in military style camos, Sandy Hook slated for demolition long before event, Adam Lanza’s fake persona and then showing a mix of photos of Ryan and doctored photos of “Adam”, Adam’s fake I.D. Nancy Lanza alive and well as Anne Haddad among several other aliases, Peter Lanza involved in same LIBOR banking scandal as the father of Aurora shooter, James Holmes and bot with CIA ties, Fema drill related to “Children in Crisis drill same day in Sandy Hook event. FACEBOOK and other memorial sites begging for money for “victims” BEFORE event. I could go on and on ad on and I am not even going to reference the dozens Masonic symbols that are rife in this hoax.
        SERIOUSLY? Jan, if you insist on believing in LIES AND if I were a con artist…I would see in you a “mark” and would like to present you with a BRIDGE I own in DEEP SWAMPLAND for sale CHEEP! HURRY! THOUSANDS rushing with wheel barrows FULL of $$$$! Bring stairway to heaven and unicorn…will TRADE!

        • RJ, the real truth is that if Sandy Hook had armed security and armed staff, the death toll would very likely be miniscule compared to the massecure that you appear to support. I do not support your premise but believe our staff and students should never be gunned down in a place most people believe should be a safe place.

        • RJ, your own failures in life and your failures to understand what many people already know is no one else’s problem but your own. Get educated, you come across as a complete and total troll.

          • Jan, RJ makes some terrific points. Why are you attacking him personally? If you have credible information to refute some of the items he mentioned, please share them with us.

            • Ditto.
              If you continue to behave this way, JanCorey, your comments will not be published.

            • Sorry Mike, but you are incorrect in your latest rant. I have never attacked anyone, ever. Only provided a factual-perspective that some do not fully understand, usually due to their inability to fully understand a complicated matter or by just ignorance of not knowing how to thoroughly investigate any given topic. I have tons of credible and all-verified information and it is available to anyone that has enough ambition, credentials, and experience to seek out the truth. I will not stoop down to the gutter-level to “teach” lazy people things that are still remise of. Facts do scare some people, but thanks for proving my points.

              • Jan, if you have credible facts that refute RJ’s excellent points, let’s hear them. That what this forum is about, exchanging information. Give us some info that proves SH is exactly what the state run media has told us. I’m all ears.

                • Mike, I don’t waste my time on trolls like RJ. Sorry. The facts and evidence is easily available, but one must first have a sincere desire to learn.

                  • Jan, I’ve asked you twice to share some of your “facts” concerning SH, and Joseph, above, asked you for facts re: Fort Hood. To date, you have listed NOTHING. It’s obvious that you have no facts, only opinions. And that’s fine. Just don’t claim to have facts and information that you don’t have. I say that with all sincerity.

                    • Facts are in thousands of locations, get busy and get at it so you can learn the truth. You can do it Mike, you just have to have some motivation to actually learn something you don’t yet know.

                    • Mike, why you insist on being spoon-fed is anyone’s guess. Put down your fritos and dip bowl and do some research yourself. There are billions of facts available for anyone who has any motivation to actually learn something and stop asking everyone to do your work for you. You should be ashamed of yourself, I know I am ashamed of you. Plus, you provided no links to your inquiries, what the heck???

                  • JanCorey, spoken like a true debunker – NEVER any facts, just hearsay. And hearsay is NEVER evidence. Stop wasting people’s time with your bullshit, please.

                    • Charlotte Claire

                      There are loads of facts pertaining to Sandy Hook, showing it to be a total hoax or psyop, not the least of which are the number of Newtown dwellers whose house taxes were 0. The fact that the school in which it is supposed to have occurred wasn’t used for years, and bulldozed right after the “tragedy.” The smiling, bereaved “father” suddenly looking all sad when the cameras came on him. The little boy on the talk show who said he’d been told there would be a “drill” that day — he was cut off by the host immediately. These are only a few. Sometimes I think much research has been done on this as was done on the JFK assassination in the first year fter it. This has nothing to do with rumors or heresay. What a ridiculous thing to say. Wolfgang Halbig is one courageous truthseeker, and he has been threatened.

              • “I have never attacked anyone, ever”
                and then you proceed to do just that, calling us simpletons with the “inability to fully understand a complicated matter”; “ignorance”; “not knowing how to thoroughly investigate” not just Sandy Hook but “any given topic”; “lazy people”; lacking in “enough ambition, credentials, and experience to seek out the truth.”
                Yes, indeed, you JanCorey “never attacked anyone, ever”. You would be funny if you aren’t so grandiose and malignant a narcissist.

                • Dr. Eowyn, at least you are consistent at being wrong throughout your trolling. I choose, however, to remain factual instead.

                  • That comment is so utterly w/o ANY redeeming value I can barely write this. As good a scholar & writer as I am, I’m but a child next to Eo’s superb sleuthing skills. You are something, all right, something that IMO doesn’t belong here, so I hope & pray that you flap yr foul wings and return ASAP to the stinking brood nest you came from, and I ask God to grant me this much!

                    • Thank you for your kind words, Joseph, but we shouldn’t spend even an additional second on this obnoxious woman, this sideshow. We have much bigger and genuinely important matters to concern us.

              • Jan, you are annoying. No really. All in favor.
                Sheesh you need to unclench

                • Steve, it is clear you don’t believe in our Lord God or follow his teachings. Use the little time you have left on this earth to gain yourself an education so you can stop rolling in your own filth. May God grant you peace in your final lower-resting place.

                • Steve-O, I’m w/you on this twit 150%: time to show her the back door, ASAP!

                • Steve, I need to unclench what? Really now, you seem to be so confused by facts. Don’t continue to beat yourself up so much, there are many like you that are not well-educated and don’t often get confronted with facts. Even if one were to disagree, the facts remain constant. That’s what is so fascinating about them, facts will always prevail and will never falter or alter in any way, shape, or form. That’s what I find so intriguing about facts. Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter, the facts will always remain constant.

                • Facts make many people like you feel stupid. Don’t continue to beat yourself up, your gay-ness is fixable.

  29. Dr. Eowyn, my deepest apologies to you if you are offended in any fact or commentary I have provided to your site. My goal is simply to inform and to help to educate those that are not as up-to-speed yet. I will be more sensitive if that is possible and will try to respond to questions and inquiries in perhaps a more elementary-fashion so as not to make the more-meek feel so intimidated from their lack of understanding. Love your blog, keep up the great work you are providing and hopefully we can both help some of these people become better informed.

    • OK, I’ll try once more, as I like to think you have good intentions.
      As per my original request a long ways above, and your stated objective being that you “…have never attacked anyone, ever. Only provided a factual-perspective…”,
      can you now PLEASE give us some truth-laden insights as per your above statement, that “theo [sic] Foot Hood situation is not what was or is portrayed in the news media, I had a family member there that fateful day and know the facts different [sic] than what you believe.”
      Please set us upon the same path of truth as you know it. As you are, so are we also truth-seekers, and now await whatever you can share. Thank you!

      • All of the truth-laden insights is available to everyone, one just needs to have the motivation to seek it out. It’s at your fingertips. Get busy yourself and find the answers you are seeking instead of relying upon others to spoon-feed you. Be an adult, give it a try and if you are persistent, you’ll have some success for sure.

      • Josephbc69, yes, the Foot Hood situation is not what was or is portrayed in the news media, I was there at Fort Hood, not at the time of the shooting, but there on base talking to many. .

  30. Jan, you are a legend in your own mind. It’s obvious to everyone reading this you have no facts or information regarding SH or Fort Hood. I think you should seek professional help. Seriously.

    • I agree Mike, it needs to be careful here. If Doc decides to cut loose,she won’t know what hit her. Guaranteed! 🙂

    • Mike, pls see my reply to Steve above, and ditto that here, w/a big “Amen!” as she goes out the back door. I don’t think we want the neighbours seeing her, as they –as we– have seen & heard enough already from this creep.

    • Mike, thanks for proving my points about uninformed people like you trolling the net to raise Hell for no reason at all except to occupy some of your boredom-time. Your trolling will not stop us here at openly discussing a topic and attempting to educate some people on this subject. You lose Mike; sorry (for you). Best wishes on your recovery Mike, remember drugs do not actually help you, they only cause damage. Best wishes to you also through these holidays.

      • Jan Corey of South Haven, MI,
        What an utterly obnoxious person you are. You keep claiming you have facts, but in all your comments on this thread, despite repeated requests from Mike and Joseph — requests stated more politely with more patience than I have — you offer not ONE single fact, only insults delivered with a sneering superiority. You truly are a legend in your own delusional mind.
        An example of your delusions is your inability to know what a “troll” or what “trolling” is. Trolls are VISITORS to someone else’s blog — not the owner or writers of a blog. Look it up in a dictionary or, better yet, just look in a mirror.
        That’s what you are — an Internet troll. I see you’ve been kicked off other sites, for making the same obnoxious comments:
        You are wasting everyone’s time and have exhausted even the most patient and tolerant. You are no longer welcome on FOTM.

        • I am the “other” JanCorey, but Dr. Eowyn at least you are consistent in your rants, attacks against others, and your trolling, you are wrong every single time. Clearly there appears to be a problem where when you don’t believe proven and documented facts, you attack the messenger which is so childish and ridiculous you aren’t worth the time to even respond to. Go back to every single comment I posted and have an educated-adult read it to you and teach you what facts really are instead of you attacking others simply because you have been proven to be wrong. At least you are consistent, you haven’t been even close to the truth not one time yet. Best of luck to you in your recovery and educated-people will pray for you and for your forgiveness, take care of yourself before others will make decisions for you.

          • No, you are the same JanCorey who was kicked out of the Mark Jacob Lives blog. How do I know that? Because you both use the same gravatar and have the same email address. Here’s your exchange with the owner of Mark Jacob Lives:
            So on top of being grandiose, unceasingly insulting, and delusional, you are also a liar.
            This is the LAST time a comment of yours is published on FOTM. You need professional help of the psychiatric kind that we can’t provide on FOTM.

          • “The other JanCorey” Yea, that would explain a lot. LOL

          • @JanCorey, you are bordering on being an insufferable tool. Stop spouting your beliefs like a religious zealot. Dr. Eowyn provides PROOF, and you provide hot air.

        • @JanCorey:
          So ButtHead..ssig_banned_100-100
          Oh Yea and might I add, ssig_biteme_100-103

  31. Definitely all staged photographs. The crazy thing is that it took a full year to make the fake report. If they wanted to do a decent job of faking things, they should have scattered spent brass cartridges all over and at least made a few bullet holes.
    I have posed a few questions over and over to people about this hoax on many websites and in e-mails to congressmen, Senators, media types, journalists, friends, and even a few LAPD guys I know from the pistol range I frequent… and not once has anyone been able to answer them.
    – Where did all the students go? I can find only two photographs which show a total of around 20-25 children, and a few other photos of mostly those same children paired up with an adult or LEO. There were 400+ students that attended Sandy Hook, why aren’t they found in any photo, helicopter footage, etc?
    – Why are all the cars in the parking lot facing the same direction? Use google earth and look at any school parking lot. This doesn’t happen. I will say where it does happen though. Sporting events with parking enforcement, car shows with parking enforcement, amusement parks with parking enforcement… and… wait for it… DHS Drills!
    – Where did all the faculty vehicles go? About 10 years ago there was a drive-by shooting about a half block from a friends apartment near downtown Long Beach (ca) where I was and not only did the police block off ALL vehicle traffic for about 20 hours, they also wouldn’t allow any vehicle to leave. So I was stuck there until i was able to grab a cab home (and return). There is no way on earth any faculty would have been allowed to leave with their cars.
    – Why are the same people entering the fire station, going out the back door, around the building, and back in through the front over and over? Just look at the raw helicopter footage. it’s all there.
    – Where are the bullet holes? Lanza allegedly fired over 150 rounds of .223 (or 5.56… i forget) in this school. As an avid shooter of AR-15’s and AR-10’s, I can say without any doubt that those buildings would have TONS of visible holes, blown out pieces of wall, broken windows, etc. Those bullets have a muzzle velocity of 3,300 feet per second and if fired at children, bullets would be skipping off the floor and all over the place.
    – How did a 120lb skinny dork manage to put on a level 4 vest weighing 40lbs, carry an AR-15 (8lb unloaded), and 300+ round of ammunition IN MAGAZINES (1.2lb per 30 rounds), two handguns (~2-3lb each), and more… and manage to march into a school, fire off 150+ shots INDOORS with no hearing protection, shoot accurately (what the cops claim), and managed to stay standing? I’ve shot an AR-15 indoors with full double hearing protection at a local range and my god… the concussion of the weapon’s report bounces off every wall and hits you right in the face. I’m 6’2″ and 240lb and have been a shooter for 25 years and I highly doubt I could have fired that many rounds indoors WITH hearing protection. After the first 30 you’re getting dizzy, by 60 you stop and decide to save your ammo for the outdoor range the following week. LoL.

  32. Excellent points, Andrew!

  33. Mad catholic girl

    It happened but not like it was reported. Adam Lanza was set up and according to the official CSP neither his or Nancy Lanza’s DNA were found on the guns. They were both excluded and DNA evidence on a birthday card found on Adam, as well as .22 cartridges produced a DNA match to a convicted offender in the NY database. What was the name of those Jewish hippies arrested in Greenich again. Former art students in a purple van dressed up as nuns? Hmmmmm? Where did we hear that shit before?

    • Your source for the claim about Lanza and DNA evidence, please.
      And please, for a “catholic girl,” mad or not, surely you have a better command of the English vocabulary than to resort to 4-letter words like “shit” which only demean you.

  34. Staged? The nut had a mental disorder. I would expect his crap to be lined up neatly. His bed would be made. He was sick. Any abject fool who feels he or she needs a gun and thinks it is their God given right needs and should have a mental evaluation before getting such gun. After a mental evaluation by a panel of mental health experts, give you a clean bill of mental health, you should be able to buy what ever you want. We have closed down all the mental institutions in our country for better or worse. Gun laws do not differentiate between NUTS and sane people. So they (the NUTS) have the same exact God given rights as you FUCKTARDS!

    • “as you FUCKTARDS!”
      You must be referring to yourself, “Jacin Rome”:
      Seriously, at age 48, you’re really kinda long in the tooth to troll the Internet like some pimply-faced 14-year-old who lives in his mom’s basement. And you’re a smoker! Who’s the fucktard now?

    • “After a mental evaluation by a panel of mental health experts“…And just who do you propose to set up the panel, the government? Yeah, that will go over real well…
      “Gun laws do not differentiate between NUTS and sane people.” Who can determine with 100% accuracy that any one, at any point in their life, will go off and kill someone (either with a gun or another weapon). How is it that current gun laws can’t even prevent criminals from killing people?
      “We have closed down all the mental institutions in our country for better or worse.” Hyperbole much? As if there isn’t a single mental institution open ANYWHERE in the whole country. Good grief, you are way too dramatic.

    • “The nut had a mental disorder.”
      What would that be? How do you know that? Not even the State of Connecticut’s final report on Sandy Hook says Adam Lanza had “a mental disorder.” But you, Jacin Rome, who goes on blogs to hurl gratuitous insults, knows! You should look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder ’cause it fits you to a T.

    • Hey, Jac’s in Rome somewhere

      • Jacin,
        Oh, he was sick was he ? Did you know him personally, or are you just supposing that what you heard on the “news” was factual ?
        BTW, our founding fathers felt that we all needed a gun, and that’s why they wrote the 2A into the Constitution. Or were they sick too ? And they felt we all needed guns for a multitude of reasons which include to help suppress insurrections, to repel invasions, to fight off tyrannical governments when they go rogue, and to protect ones self and family from any nut who would want to kick their door in, or sneak around at night being up to no good, or to take down some nut who goes berserk in a crowd, etc, etc, etc. and anyone who doesn’t like our Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land, can pack up and move to one of the other 190 or so other countries in the world, before they get charged with treason and/or subversion, given a fair and speedy trial, then hung from their neck.
        Capische ???

      • Oh dear, sorry Steve. Meant to reply to Jacine. Pardon me, it’s late and my eyes are blurry.

        • HolyCrow, so here I am early in the AM and open my email and see first reply. LOL I’m like what I do to you? Then I come here and had to put away my claws. 🙂
          Yes Mr Jac is a whack.
          PS I fixed your post.

  35. wonder if he made his bed before or after killing his mother

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  37. all you have to do is look at all the columbine crime scene photos to see a real crime scene of a school shooting. Sandy hook was staged. If that was a real shooting they would have had hundreds of photos just like columbine did. We don’t need to see pictures of dead kids, just the aftermath. Just our government at work like 9/11.

  38. He makes his bed with military precision, (before waking up early to murder his mom and kill a bunch of kids pronounced dead before the coroner arrived), yet leaves his nightstand in complete disarray: apparently driving off without his glasses or his car key. All those game systems but not a single controler, OR the right console for the games entered into evidence. He and mommy live alone in a million dollar home, he has brand new furniture, but a 30″ T.v. From 1995. Riiiiiight.

  39. Probably cracked after many a sleepless night on that tiny pillow.

  40. Metal gear solid is a play station game. The two in the left are xbox. No play station or x box as said before

  41. “fucktards”. Shame shame on you, for not believing everything you are fed.
    But no, we are not going to present logical answers to your questions. We will just try to shame you into silence without answering. Mainly because we do not have logical answers. Since when are autopsies performed at the crime scene? Notice the catering truck next to Adam’s car. Some guy in scrubs is getting a sandwich, Notice the empty triage tarps and one lady sitting there reading a book with a blanket covering her legs. She was the only one taken away in an ambulance,
    No bodies, no survivors taken to the hospital, no children, school looks vacant-furniture pushed up against the windows, no Christmas decorations (other than the 26 Christmas trees behind the firehouse.
    Fire truck says :”city of Detroit” on it.
    I might have believed this had “Fast & Furious” not happened.
    Keep your assault weapons. You may need them. Mr. Obama is trying to guarantee that The can march across our southern border with components to build a nuclear bomb (or several) in someone’s basement. No missiles, bomber or even a Trojan horse. .And if the forget wrench, they can slip back through the border, get the wrench, and return.
    On 9-11 they will detonate them. It won’t finish us but it will be terrible, and will leave us vulnerable to military invasion. Life is going to be tough with war in our streets. Far from preventing it, Obamais trying to guarantee it will happen. Keep your guns. Pray for us. .

  42. The “window” on the far right but on the wall that the bed is on is a door. Look at the size across the top. Looks to be the exact width of a door.

  43. I stumbled across this site (FOTM) this morning and I have to say I have been absolutely engrossed. While I should be busy at work, I have instead read everything I could possibly click on to feed my brain with more and more insights of the posters to this blog. I must say, I am amazed at the amount of detail and level of dedication you have for this and other mentioned FF events. I find myself feeling that I am reading a crime novel in bed but cant seem to put it down to go to sleep. I will say this. While I have nothing in the way of fact or other insight (due to my overall ignorance of these FF events), I am VERY interested to see what the remaining pages of this book will tell.

    • Tons of questions answered and comments debunked by watching the police video of the home. Watch that carefully before pointing out what you feel is conclusive in these photos.
      Thought experiment: if there was in fact an amazing conspiracy here and the info was available for you to expose the whole thing, how much harder would it be to find all of that info when trying to comb through uninformed statements? Please try to keep it to useful info or clearly identified opinion. So that if there is something to find here it can be found sooner.

  44. Based on those photos, the room with the bed and then the computer room look completely bogus as though someone was in the process of moving and just hadn’t got around to the furniture and their computer.
    That id badge also looks fake and is by a pair of glasses. We know Ryan Lanza wears glasses. Did (assuming he actually did exist) Adam wear them? Nothing we know indicates he did.
    Just watched the video and what a load of crap:
    -graduate pictures of Ryan Lanza but nothing for Adam. No pictures of Adam at all. No parent only has pictures of one of their kids
    -the room they show has a Ryan Lanza motor club card
    -the convenient single bullet found in the computer room
    -the supposed Adama Lanza blacked out window bedroom that sure seems to just be some extra bedroom/storage area given all the junk in the closet
    -showing the mother’s room yet not showing the bed where I gather she was supposedly shot and would have some blood. One would think that would be something a police video would want to record.
    Just a load of garbage and I doubt this guy even existed. If he did, he must have been like Sloth in The Goonies, locked up away with the image that he did not exist.

  45. I don’t know if someone mentioned it, the comments are very long, but has anyone mentioned the glasses next to his ID? Only Ryan wore glasses, Adam didn’t. And those specs look nearly identical to the ones in Ryan’s pics. Are there any family pics that show both brothers together?


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