Sandy Hook hoax: Where were the 100s of students being evacuated?

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Sandy Hoax
Today is the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook school massacre.
Two years ago, on the morning of December 14, 2012, a lone gunman with no history of violence or of mental illness (Lanza reportedly had Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a form of autism, not of mental illness), 20-year-old Adam Lanza, first shot his mother Nancy four times in her head, then drove to the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES), armed with a rifle, two pistols and a large supply of ammunition.
There, at around 9:30 AM, Lanza gained entrance into the school by shooting and shattering a plate glass window next to the glass doors of the school’s front lobby.

A view of the shattered glass window from inside

A view of the shattered glass window from inside

Lanza went down the school hallways into Classrooms 8 and 10 and, in the space of 5 minutes, shot to death 20 children and 6 adults, including principal Dawn Hochsprung — the same Dawn Hochsprung who, despite having been killed, was interviewed and quoted by the Newtown Bee about the shooting that morning:

Sandy Hook School principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows – more than she could count – that went “on and on.”

At 9:40:03 AM, before the arrival of police and first responders, Lanza put a gun to his head and shot himself to death.

Curiously, Social Security Death Index originally had Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as Dec. 13, 2012, one day before he killed 27 people, then himself. (See “ still has Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as a day before the Sandy Hook massacre”)

It had taken Lanza only 5 minutes to shoot and kill 26 people in a hallway and in two separate classrooms.

Or so we were told.

But science says individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome like Adam Lanza typically exhibit poor motor skills and clumsiness. Research says that between 50% to 90% of children and adults with Asperger’s have problems with motor coordination (Ehlers and Gillberg 1993; Ghaziuddin et al. 1994; Gillberg 1989; Szatmari et al. 1990; Tantam 1991). For that reason, motor clumsiness is included as one of the diagnostic criteria for Asperger’s. (Source)

In the two years since, this blog Fellowship of the Minds and countless other citizen bloggers and YouTube videos have meticulously probed and investigated just about every aspect of Sandy Hook. Our conclusion, separately arrived at, is that the Sandy Hook shooting massacre is, in the words of former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig, “a contrived event.” Or as FOTM’s Mike aptly put it, Sandy Hook was “a hoax, a con job, a theatrical production, complete with stars, supporting characters, and extras.”

See “Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors,” “Sandy Hook dad goes from laughing to grieving in blink of an eye,” and “Professional crisis actors simulate mass casualty events”.

This post is about another oddity of the Sandy Hook hoax — the lack of empirical evidence of children being evacuated from SHES that fateful morning, despite the Connecticut State Police (CSP) Sandy Hook Report‘s insistence that they were being evacuated.

You can find the CSP Sandy Hook Report here or

We’ve been shown only ONE photo image (below) of purported SHES students being evacuated from the school that morning, led by two Connecticut State police officers to the nearby Firehouse.
SH students evacuating
The now iconic photo was taken by local newspaper Newtown Bee‘s Shannon Hicks, who said she had taken the photo at 10:09 AM on Dec. 14, 2012.
Alas, we have good reasons to question the authenticity of Hicks’ photo. (See Professor Jim Fetzer’s “Sent worldwide, Shannon Hick’s ‘iconic’ Sandy Hook photo was faked“.)
Even if we assume Hicks’ photo to be authentic, only about 12 children are shown in the photo. Where are the other children, estimated by Fetzer to number at least 469, given SHES’s enrollment? The image below shows the evacuation that we should have seen if the media had portrayed it:
Sandy Hook children being evacuated, had there been one
Nor did we see images of those HUNDREDS of school children outside or inside the Firehouse, as Redsilverj points out in a video uploaded to YouTube on July 17, 2014:
Sandy Hook evacuation
Remember Shannon Hicks’ iconic photo of children in a single file being escorted out of SHES on the morning of the massacre? Hicks claimed that she had taken the photo at 10:09 AM on Dec. 14, 2012.
Well, there’s a way we can confirm or disconfirm Hicks’ claim.
Police patrol vehicles that responded to the school shooting that morning were equipped with dash cams, and the dash cam videos are time-stamped. Those videos are in the Connecticut state evidence file. Dash cam #2’s video, for example, is labeled 00055705 in the state evidence file and can be viewed on YouTube here.
Let’s take a look at what the videos — from the dash cams of three patrol cars parked in front of SHES that morning — show at and around 10:09 AM, Dec. 14, 2012.
According to the CSP Sandy Hook Report, evacuation began at 9:58 AM. Here’s a screen shot at the 6:33 mark of Redsilverj’s video, showing the three dash cams at 10:00:00 AM, Dec. 14, 2012.
Do you see any children? (Click image below to enlarge)
SH dash cams
Here’s a screen shot at the 14:58 mark of Redsilverj’s video, showing dash cams 2 and 3 at 10:08:19 AM, Dec. 14, 2012, below which is the CSP Report saying that at “10:08:19 Children are escorted out of the building from the northeast corner of SHES”.
Do you see any children? (click image below to enlarge)
SH dash cams2
Here’s a screen shot at the 15:47 mark of Redsilverj’s video, showing dash cams 2 and 3 at 10:09:18 AM and 10:09:14 AM, respectively. Recall that Shannon Hicks’ photo of the 12 children being evacuated was taken at 10:09 AM.
Do you see any children? (click image below to enlarge)
SH dash cams3
Here’s a screen shot at the 16:08 mark of Redsilverj’s video, showing dash cams 2 and 3 at 10:09:38 AM and 10:09:35 AM, respectively, below which is the CSP Report saying that at “10:09:29 Students are escorted from SHES.”
Do you see any children? (Click image below to enlarge)
SH dash cams4
Here’s a screen shot at the 17:02 mark of Redsilverj’s video, showing dash cams 1 and 2 at 10:10:33 AM and 10:10:32 AM, respectively, below which is the CSP Report saying that at “10:10:31 CSP Det Van Ness and unidentified DEEP (ENCON) officers are escorting children from the northeast corner of SHES.”
Do you see any children? (Click image below to enlarge)
SH dash cams5
Redsilverj’s video shows many more instances when the CSP Report clearly states that children are being escorted from SHES, but no child or children can be seen in the time-stamped dash cam videos. Watch for yourself!

To conclude, the timeline of the Connecticut State Police’s official report on Sandy Hook does not match the time-stamped videos taken from the dash cams of trooper vehicles in SHES’s parking lot on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012. The CSP Report again and again states that children are being escorted out of the school, but the dash cam videos do not show any children being evacuated from SHES.
Why is that?
A simple explanation is that no child/children were evacuated from Sandy Hook Elementary School on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, because the school had been abandoned long before. (See “Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?” and “Workers tearing down Sandy Hook school sworn to confidentiality”)
That, of course, also means that no child/children were shot dead on Dec. 14, 2012. (See “No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File”)
That, in turn, would explain why Newtown and the State of Connecticut to this day refuse to make public the death certificates of the 26 people allegedly killed at SHES on Dec. 14, 2012 — despite FOIA requests from the AP and in spite of the fact that death certificates, like birth and marriage certificates, are vital public records accessible by the public. We are told the reason is because releasing the death certificates of the 20 supposedly-dead children would hurt their parents’ feelings. But why would releasing the death certificates of Adam and Nancy Lanza hurt the feelings of the parents of the 20 “dead” children? (See “Newtown clerk refuses to issue Sandy Hook victims’ death certificates”)
It doesn’t make sense. And to quote Judge Judy:

“If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.”

I really do understand how difficult it is for many Americans to imagine, even less to believe, that our government and media (see “CNN deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school”) can be as conniving and evil as to perpetrate such an enormous hoax. I humbly suggest you do the following:

  1. Let go of your a priori (your presumed-to-be-true presupposition) that our government does not and cannot lie to us.
  2. Then examine the evidence calmly and dispassionately, by reading the posts FOTM has published on Sandy Hook. Go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.
  3. After you’ve examined the empirical evidence (such as this post on the testimony of the dash cam videos), ask yourself whom you believe — the government/media? or what your own intelligence tells you.

See also:


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88 responses to “Sandy Hook hoax: Where were the 100s of students being evacuated?

  1. This is one of those stories, that really is difficult to tell without supporting video. Thank God for the internet where we have that exact privilege. I actually downloaded that particular video when it first came out, because I was worried it would “disappear” like a LOT of the evidence this was a HOAX in the first place. The police car’s “dash cam” evidence is the best supporting evidence of all.
    There are a LOT of other “facts” that don’t tie in together, and yesterday Infowars posted a “face off” between the two biggest names in opposition to each other. You should give it a listen. It’s pretty good.


  2. On sixty minutes they were using Sandy Hook to attack Anthem.

  3. Keith Johnson made much more noise than sense.

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  5. “I really do know how difficult it is for Americans to imagine, even less to believe, that our government and media (see “CNN deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school”) can be as conniving and evil as to perpetrate such an enormous hoax.”
    Actually,it isn’t hard at all. It’s REALLY hard to see how people can actually BELIEVE all the HOOEY this Usurper-in-Cheif has spewed to cover his play. This Badministration has shown this absolute denial of TRUTH so many times in the past,since Soetoro was first said to be an American Citizen in spite of his denial of that,witnessed in person by many and seen on video by hundreds of thousands,and in the face of irrefutable evidence that disproves his Citizenship and any POSSIBILITY of his ever being a lawful and legal Candidate for the office he now occupies,against Federal LAW.

    • truck,
      As Steven Broiles observed in his comment on another thread, “you would be surprised at how abysmally ignorant people are and wish to remain.”
      Here’s an example of people who not only refuse to even consider that Sandy Hook is a hoax, they ridicule this blog although they refuse to read the many carefully-constructed and -reasoned posts we’ve done on Sandy Hook:

      • Jesus told us to be gentle as doves but wise as serpents. Unfortunately, very many of us have the dove attribute and live by it but omit the serpent’s wisdom. Because of that, the dragon’s slaves take advantage of our goodness, and that is evident here. That is just part of the problem, for the Satanic army has metastasized through all areas of our lives. Many don’t know the facts and are unwilling to question the very questionable; many others are, secretly and at one rank and job specialty or other, conducting the warfare; and the rest of us have to call on God and use the wisdom of serpents where needed.

      • That link you provided is written by nitwits and for nitwits.

        • That link provided was for people who can use their common sense to deduce when something is real or BS. I guess that makes you the nitwit right Mike? Sounds to me like you’re basically advertising that you’re a liberal.

  6. just shows this government will/has go to no ends to secure its objectives

  7. i thought that was a disappointing exchange. The facts of the case were not really discussed. The discussion about the cameras was stupid. KJ really had nothing. He was all over the place.

  8. Sandy Hook Elementary was located at 36 Yogananda Street, named after an Indian Yogi that was quoted as saying “all people are just ACTORS of BRAHMA’S stage, for him to MOVE AROUND to create ‘Maya'” which is ILLUSION/Delusion. Capice??
    Jews worship BRAHMA, they came from India. YHWH is Yuya, the “asaf Ja”/civil Egyptian governor of the Indian emperor aka “Ja asaf.” “Joseph.” The “pharaoh” was the military governor called “faujdar.” Look it up at Wikipedia: “Asaf Ja.” Read it carefully, it tells you clearly this “asaf” was named after the asaf of “Solomon.” That means AMENHOTEP III was “Solomon”…actually “Shulmanu”, the god of the city of Urusalim, the real name of “Jerusalem.” That is another one you can look up at Wikipedia…until they remove it, like they always do after I expose the TRUTH. Word: Amenhotep is BuddhaNama spelt backwards. Look at his throne names: is is aka “Neb Maa tRe”: The GOLDEN BUDDHA, and when he got fat late in life? He became that FAT BUDDHA “TipA.”
    That Gene Rosen actor…guess what? I found him ACTING as a DEAD PERSON in a screen in a “Life Extension” program at end of “Vanilla Sky”…he is on a TV screen talking to relatives visiting him when Tom Cruise is brought there at end of film.
    You are welcome. The Mother asked me to let everyone know this.

  9. Excellent post, Dr. Eowyn!!

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  12. There IS a second photo showing a few more kids, but there are three problems with it. First off, it proves a couple of the kids “evacuated” twice. Second, how on earth could “parents” have managed to get past the police barricades, all the way up the road, and then post themselves up right in front of a school being evacuated AND searched by SWAT teams? (The USA jacket is a nice touch i must say) And lastly, look at the shadows. No way on earth would a person cast shadows that long at that time of day. I used a very high tech program called Helios Sun Position Calculator that allows you to input the time, day, month, and year… including the exact Geo-coordinates … and it crunches the numbers and gives you an EXACT measurement of shadows in either a unit of measurement or in a ratio according to the height of a vertical object… like a person. The program factors in every single factor including latitude, longitude, earths axis tilt, the wobble of the planet caused by the moon, as well as procession… a wobble of the earths axis that takes 26,000 years to complete each loop. Long story short, that photo was taken well before 10am.

  13. Randal Haverson

    Gun nuts are whack jobs, and this website confirms it.

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  15. Forensic PROOF: AR15 wasn’t used at Sandy Hook. Police blew out the window with a 12-gauge shotgun Breaching Round. Adam Lanza is fake. Newtown was a Hoax.

  16. The Newtown CT “biggest school shooting in US history” was a Gun Grab Hoax.
    Forensic PROOF Here:
    Sandy Hook “parents” include Veronique Pozner (aka Haller), mother of “Noah Pozner.” Noah died TWICE (first at Sandy Hook, then DIED AGAIN in Pakistan) — which shows how fake Sandy Hook is.
    Veronique appears to be a foreign diplomat attached to the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, DC.
    Francine Wheeler (mother of Ben Wheeler) is an ACTOR.
    Adam Lanza is FAKE.
    The 2 famous Sandy Hook evacuation photos were faked:
    Not One More Fake Shooting.

  17. I think the people believing in a hoax have more mental problems than Adam Lanza ever had.

    • I think people like you, Mavis Riley, who are willingly blind to the many anomalies of Sandy Hook are either mentally ill or just plain stupid. You are a Brit in Swansee, UK. Don’t you have enough problems of your own? Why don’t you mind your own business?

      • Mavis Riley, your laws, culture, and even British civility are being attacked by those who came to the UK to practice jihad and impose sharia on you, and neither your media nor your government officials will tell you the truth. Your women, even at a young age, are being kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered with impunity by Muslims. That is an indication of mental, emotional, and spiritual problems, and preservation of basic human civility requires more knowledge than you presently have. The Sandy Hook hoax was a set up to disarm our citizenry and provide the excuse to evaluate the mental well-being here of children and adults. Those in power seek more power over all they can take, property and lives. Have “Brave New World”, “1984”, and “Robin Hood”, been banned yet? Read them while you can, or have someone else read them to you.
        If there had been a sense of responsibility in those responsible, the man who beheaded Lee Rigby outside of his army barracks would not have been able to commit that savagery, let alone brag about it, corpse in the background and pedestrians walking by, on camera for twenty minutes in the land of public video.

    • Boy I am starting to think you are a little off. I See all of your posts on YouTube and you say it happened no matter what. You need to open your eyes.

  18. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most incredible and meticulous post. It is the evidence that speaks telling us about all of the inconsistencies in this matter. Anyone who reads Dr. Eowyn’s posts on Sandy Hook should know that they are extremely well-documented and supported with substantial evidence. To choose to be blind towards the facts, the truth, is most idiotic and stupid.

  19. To answer your question, “Where were the hundreds of students…?”, not having had their vaccines, they were all home with the flu. Every parent had a notarized physician’s excuse slip, but there was no one to whom they could be presented. I hope that clears everything up for the conspiracy theorists. You can all go back to sleep now.

  20. GREAT work on the screen caps of the dash cams. As I figured, if I went to the vid it wouldn’t be there. Always good practice in this “memory hole” age to at least have visual evidence, so they can’t merely say you entirely made up your specifics.
    Good page.

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  22. How come for all the believers there is no blood going in and out of the hallway by the broken glass? And none on the rescue people?

  23. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    What does it matter? I mean, tell me, what (and why) does it matter? Just ask yourselves.

  24. Wow, how disgraceful this post and moments are. You actually spent time, “proving” that this shooting was staged/fake?! That’s so funny, in a very sad way. I mean, sure, it’s pretty hilarious that you actually spent all this time telling us that this was fake!!! HAHAHA!!!! Who in the WORLD would fake an elementary school shooting?! Really!!! But it is sad that you actually posted this article. If I was one of the parents whose child was killed that day, I’d hunt your ass down and beat you senseless. Senseless.

  25. Fellowship of the empty minds. A more appropiate name?

  26. Upisme:
    What is wrong with you?
    Your IP address says you’re in Denmark. Given the state of your country — tax rate of 62%; 40% of govt welfare going to “immigrants”; Muslim “migrants” who torture and kill cats for fun; a school almost blown up by terrorists were it not for an U.S. Army captain; children harvested for organ transplants — one would think you have better things to do than to come on an American blog to spew gratuitous insults at people you don’t even know.

  27. So a mass shooting at a school with no blood in the crime scene photos and no students visible leaving the school when they should be and no death certificates and everyone supposedly connected to this having been told they need to stay quiet. Gotcha.
    Oh wait I forgot…the amount of secrecy over all this is because of the children. Riiiiiight.
    Blows my mind people still believe this farce after looking into it and I am not one of those people who thinks something like this couldn’t ever really happen. I’d have no problem believing in this (and I did when it first happened before I eventually started to read into it) if all the evidence didn’t clearly indicate it is one big hoax.
    Oh and where are the pictures of boogeyman Adam Lanza and his supposed brother other than the two or three that allegedly show them as young kids? I have a brother and there are some photos of him and me throughout our teen and early adult years. What about pics of Adam and his dad or Adam and ANYONE in his family.

  28. Perfect point. Look at columbine. Chaos and people evacuating from everywhere. And it was a high school so 3/4 were “children” also so that’s crap about protecting the children. The evidence from all the aspects by far justifies the falsehood. Show me a heap of blood in the classroom bathrooms and Lanza’s body, and ill sway slightly. And its amazing how his glock got jammed after he killed himself and the hat he was wearing wasn’t made till a year later. Hmm

  29. What many seem to forget with these exercises is that part of the evaluation is how well the eaters absorb the storyline. If they can scream at the “doubters” and manufacture hatred for dissent, they win valuable prizes.
    It doesn’t take a psychologist to identify those who “think with their emotions” as opposed to their brains. Anything described as associated with “children” sends them into paroxysms of sorrow. The simple truth is that NOTHING justifies suspension of critical thought.
    SHES, BMB, Columbine, pick your poison, won’t withstand critical analysis. When one thinks about it, what they’re saying is “we will be angry at anyone who questions the veracity of the designated propagandists”. It isn’t our fault that they present garbage in support of a lie.

  30. richard perricone

    it was no an “exercise” It really happened. I lived in Bethel, CT, right next door. It really happened, unfortunately

  31. richard perricone

    All I know is that we know a family that lost a kid, and that there were funeral processions for almost a week. I also know local police and my ex worked at Danbury hospital. That’s enough for me to be sure

  32. richard perricone

    It’s not a town that would hide something like this far from it

  33. richard perricone

    You really believe hundreds of thousands of people wee in on the hoax? Right next to one of the richest counties in the country? How stupid, or crazy, are you people?

    • I believe the FBI, and they said it didn’t happen. In fact, the FBI said there were zero murders in Newtown in 2012. Zero!

      • I should believe the FBI when they tell me they’ll respect me in the morning? I wonder how much it costs them to keep these shills on the payroll, 24/7, 365? They’re all on the same script, “but I KNEW someone….what about THE CHILDREN (sniff).”
        There’ a term for this. It starts with “horse” and it ends with “shit”.

        • richard perricone

          well, I live near there and I know people. LOL. I’m just trying to set you people straight, but crazy will stay crazy. I can bring a dead child to a truther and they still won’t believe. I’m done here

          • Right Wing and Proud

            You’ve presented no real evidence whatsoever. Yet there has been tons of picture and article link evidence against Sandy Hook being real. Sorry Richard, but you really shouldn’t have tried to push your BS Sandy Hook story as “truth”. Assuming you’re a liberal, it makes sense that you would go along with a lie rather than conjure up real proof that it actually did happen. So I suppose I should believe you and not the FBI? Because I’m to believe that you truthfully are from Connecticut? Yeah sure, I’ll research your name and find out what I come up with.

        • Hee hee…aint that the truth! These clowns have been shilling for fun and profit for almost five years now. I wonder if the Obongo administration offered them some kind of retirement plan? 😎😁

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