Sandy Hook Father: You’ll Have to Take My Guns From My Cold Dead Hands!

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I Like this Guy. He’s about the only thing in this whole mess that is genuine.    th_clapping

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video of a father, Bill Stevens, whose daughter attended Sandy Hook Elementary school, scene of the mass shooting in December, is making its rounds today of his testimony against gun control at a Working Group Public Hearing at the Connecticut State Capitol on gun violence prevention.

Although his daughter was not harmed in the shooting, his daughter’s friend’s little sister was a victim.

In his testimony, he was very clear on his stance against going after legal gun owners and that no one will take his freedom away to protect his daughter.

Stevens told the panel that he is not there to cite statistics, lives saved by a gun or the economic impact. He was there to remind those people about the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, the Constitution of the State of Connecticut in regards to self-defense.


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0 responses to “Sandy Hook Father: You’ll Have to Take My Guns From My Cold Dead Hands!

  1. Praise God and pass the ammunition! Yes I’m a Quaker by convincement these past 45 yrs, and I say YES to everything this fellow says. I want to protect myself, my family, my friends, and YES, even my Friends who do not espouse firearms as self-defense. NEVER forget that when seconds count, the police are only minutes or hours or what-the-Hell-ever away! Thus it has always been, and so shall it ever remain.
    That’s called ‘human nature’ folks, just in case some of you soft-hearted people intend to change it. Go ahead, push the river uphill all you want, just don’t ask my help. Because I’ll out on the back forty , sighting in my firearms, so when the time comes –and I pray that it does NOT– I will be able to save your sorry asses, even if you choose not too. Maybe it’s as simple as you feel suicidal, but want someone else to do it for you? You must be the same people who deliberately walk BEHIND my SUV even after I continue my back-up under full alarms.

  2. How’s that. I clicked “Liked” On my own post..LOL

  3. This man is BRILLIANT! He has restored my faith in humanity… for today at least 🙂

    • Kevin, today is perfectly good enough, for no man knows what tomorrow brings, but if we are faithful unto this day, than we shall be the same for the next day, if it even arrives! Therefore take no thought for tomorrow, as it has cares enough of its own. Today, just let your ‘Yes’ be Yes, and your ‘No’ be No, and for all the days of your life!

  4. Umm, Joseph. You didn’t just make that up…did ya?
    I mean it’s awesome who ever said it.
    @ Kevin, your right what we do here at FOTM is sometimes referred to as going down the “Rabbit Hole”. You know where up is down and down is up.
    Nothing makes sense.
    Bill Stevens Made Sense
    All was right with the world for a bit. 😀

  5. Heck, yeah!

  6. His last line about his daughter is AWESOME !!!!

  7. He is not a Sandy Hook Father. He is the one who is the fraud.

  8. Serena, would you care to back up your statement please?


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