Sandy Hook families sue Lanza estate, as Newtown demolishes the Lanza home

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Americans are notorious for our litigiousness. One of the many curiosities of Sandy Hook is that, unlike other school shootings, the families of the alleged victims of alleged killer Adam Lanza had not filed lawsuits. (See my post of March 29, 2014, “Why are there no Sandy Hook lawsuits?”) Two long years after the alleged massacre, however, some of them are suing, although each victim family has already received MILLIONS of dollars in donations from individual Facebook sites, organized Sandy Hook charities like United Way, and the $11.6 million Sandy Hook School Support Fund. Some of those Facebook and charity sites, curiously, had been created before the alleged massacre, that is, before the alleged victims actually became victims. See:

Lawsuit #1

On Dec. 14, 2014, two years to the day after the alleged school shooting, the families of 9 of Lanza’s 26 victims, as well as a teacher who was wounded, filed a negligence and wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle that Lanza allegedly had used to kill 20 first-graders and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in less than 5 minutes — a remarkable feat for a young man who reportedly had Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism that often results in impaired motor skills and coordination.

Note: By the way, have you ever wondered why Adam Lanza, described as a “genius” with computers by media reports and acquaintances, left no online footprints? — no email, no comments on blogs or news sites, no participation in online video games, although he was a member of a high school technology club that held LAN (local area network) parties, in which students would gather at a member’s home, hook up their computers into a small network and play games. The FBI claims that Adam had smashed his computer’s hard drive, but Adam could not have scrubbed every trace of his online footprints as well.

Then, there’s the curious matter of the Social Security Death Index having Adam’s date-of-death as Dec. 13, 2012, one day before he shot himself after killing 27 people. To this day, despite Freedom of Information Act requests, the State of Connecticut has refused to make public his death certificate, although death certificates are a matter of public record.

The lawsuit claims that the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle should not have been made publicly available because it was designed for military use and is unsuited for hunting or home defense, and that its manufacturer, Bushmaster, is clearly aware that the rifle has become the weapon of choice for mass shootings.

For the names of the plaintiffs, see “Sandy Hook families sue Bushmaster gun manufacturer”.

Lawsuit #2

Then, on Jan. 12, 2015, the parents of Jesse Lewis and Noah Pozner, who are also the plaintiffs in Lawsuit #1, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the town of Newtown and its board of education.

Note: Noah is the same Noah Pozner whose image is among posters of the victims of a school shooting in Peshawar, Pakistan, seen in a BBC news video. Curiously, the BBC seems disinterested in why Noah died a second time, nor is Noah’s dad Lenny Pozner protesting against the inclusion of his son’s image among the Peshawar dead. This is the same Lenny Pozner who is waging a relentless campaign, prevailing on YouTube to take down videos uncovering the Sandy Hook hoax, and harassing bloggers like Timothy Hunter, a college kid, into silence. See also “The curious parents of Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner.”

BBC Noah
The lawsuit against Newtown and its board of education claims that security measures at the school allowed the attack to happen — that SHES had security policies and procedures in place that teachers weren’t able to follow on the day of the killings, including:

  • Classroom doors could only be locked from the outside with keys, leaving teachers vulnerable to intruders.
  • The front of the school didn’t have security glass to protect against gunshots.
  • A teacher in one of the two classrooms where students were killed was a substitute, didn’t have a key and didn’t receive training on the security protocols. (Daily Mail)

Lawsuits #3

On March 14, 2015, The Hartford Courant reports that in late January, two separate lawsuits were filed by the families of eight Sandy Hook victims against the estate of Nancy Lanza — Adam’s mother whom he allegedly had killed before he allegedly drove to the school on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012. The lawsuits claim that Nancy carelessly allowed her son access to the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle that he allegedly used in the alleged massacre:

  1. The plaintiffs of one lawsuit consist of the families of three child victims (Benjamin Wheeler, Dylan Hockley, Daniel Barden) and four adult victims (Rachel D’Avino, Mary Scherlach, Victoria Soto and Lauren Rousseau), as well as two teachers who were injured (Natalie Hammond and Deborah Pisani). Their lawsuit was filed by Bridgeport attorney Joshua Koskoff.
  2. The second lawsuit was filed by the family of child victim James Mattioli. The lawyer is Angelo Ziotas of Stamford.

The Lanza home at 36 Yogananda St.

The Lanza home at 36 Yogananda St.

Stamford attorney Samuel Starks, the administrator of Nancy Lanza’s estate, is named as the defendant. Starks estimates the estate is worth about $64,000, but attorneys have said Nancy also had as much as $1 million of insurance on her home that the plaintiffs could seek. Nancy’s estate is worth only $64,000? Her house at 36 Yogananda St., in an affluent section of Newtown, was assessed at $523,000 at one point, according to The Courant.

Curiously, Vision Government Solutions had the ownership history for 36 Yogananda as:

  • Sold to Estate of Nancy J. Lanza on 2/1/2013 for $0
  • Sold to Nancy Lanza on 2/8/2011 for $0

See “The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes.”

The last time I checked, the ownership of the house had reverted to Ryan Lanza, Adam’s older brother. But The Courant says that “The house was donated to the town [Newtown] by a New Jersey bank that took over the mortgage that Nancy Lanza had on the property.” In January, the city of Newtown voted to demolish the Lanza home, just as the city had also demolished Sandy Hook Elementary School, allegedly for asbestos contamination, with all the construction workers of Consigli Construction sworn to secrecy by signing confidentiality agreements forbidding public discussion of the site, photographs or disclosure of any information about the building.

Note: Newtown had known about Sandy Hook Elementary School’s asbestos and other environmental contaminants for years, which — together with other evidence — points to the school having already been abandoned long before the alleged massacre. See “Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?

Consigli is the Italian word for advice. Mafia dons or bosses have personal counselors called consiglier.

Needless to say, demolishing the school and the Lanza house is also a neat way to destroy evidence. Defendants in the aforementioned Sandy Hook lawsuits should take note! H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV For the links to the posts we’ve published on the Sandy Hook hoax, go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page. ~Éowyn

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0 responses to “Sandy Hook families sue Lanza estate, as Newtown demolishes the Lanza home

  1. The amount of lies and corruption here is unconscionable. Does anyone really still believe this wasn’t a false flag?

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  3. Stay tuned and follow the perpetual milking of a dead cow.

  4. I wonder if having a $523K house devalued to $64K has affected the comps in the neighborhood? And if the bank that generously donated the Lanza house to the town received a tax deduction for $64K or $523K?
    Seems everyone associated with this mess is making $$$$$

  5. Every time Noah Pozner dies, I feel bad — until I realize that boy keeps dying all over the world, at different “school shootings.”
    [image censored by Lenny Pozner]
    Lenny Pozner is too busy censoring Sandy Hoax info to watch his own son. That’s why Noah keeps dying, over and over.
    [image censored by Lenny Pozner]
    Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook (Newtown CT), then died AGAIN in Pakistan.
    [image censored by Lenny Pozner]
    If Lenny Pozner took better care of Noah, perhaps Noah would stop dying so often. I wonder what Veronique Pozner (the “mother”) thinks of her son dying every 2 years.
    [image censored by Lenny Pozner]
    Is Veronique Pozner (Diplomat attached to Embassy of Switzerland in DC) pushing some kind of UN Agenda 21 Gun Control scam?
    Anderson Cooper’s nose vanished because he attended the Noah Pozner memorial via Green Screen from a different city. Here’s Anderson interviewing Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) outside the memorial:

  6. IMHO, there are way too many contrasting (and very believable) stories from upstanding citizens to let this go. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it, but the bottom line is; I believe it is definitely ‘government intervention’ (false flag)!

  7. In the cases of online collections to help the “victims BEFORE they were ‘victims”,those people should be sued for FRAUD. (Or would they be complicit in the “shootings”? After all,they KNEW about these “victims before they WERE “victims”.) This whole thing stinks worse every day. What boggles my mind is that the people who put all this together to defraud America did such an amateurish,sloppy job of it-and they don’t even CARE! Has ANYONE seen or heard any kind of an explanation of all the inconsistencies in this event? They’re acting like,”Okay,so you KNOW this is a big farce-whatcha gonna do,ARREST ME? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

  8. I have to say this does intrigue me. If this doe see it’s day in court (Which I doubt) I mean actual evidence will have to be presented and well…

  9. And from my very diligent friend Ruthie in southern Illinois:
    This is sooo crazy .. actually humorous in a way .. yeah, no lawsuits was totally unrealistic in our litigious society .. so, they all hop onto the bandwagon and sue the Lanza estate (is Nancy Lanza really dead?). Why didn’t they give this property to some unemployed, homeless veterans; they would truly have appreciated it? Since all these $500K+ homes in Newtown seem to be selling for $0, why don’t we go buy up a bunch of them? I’d like for some questions to be answered, e.g.:
    1. Why did the school nurse say that Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook, and expound on her being a “wonderful, caring teacher, at that,” when she was never a teacher there? Bad actress? Forgot her lines?
    2. Who declared all the victims as DEAD?
    3. When did they evacuate the other 600 or so children? Didn’t happen all day …
    4. Why did they tear down Sandy Hook School and destroy all the evidence? Nonexistent?
    5. Why are there so many “whores” in CT who are willing to sell their souls to the Devil for a couple bucks?
    and dozens of other questions that will never be answered, because the brain dead people will believe anything.

  10. Isn’t the statute of limitations passed time, to file a suit now? And with all the millions each “family” has already received, to file for even more money it is just downright sick.
    If anyone has gone through all the evidence the good Dr. Has presented, they would never fall for any of this. Just too much evidence out there that proves them all to be shysters. Shame on them all and I hope karma smacks them between the eyes, for playing on good people’s emotions showing fake precious childrens pictures.

  11. If the ” real ” evidence ever comes out , the s#$% will certainly hit the fan . That’s why they buried it , destroyed it .That way the questions do not have to be answered , lack of evidence

  12. Nancy Champion (Lanza) was the real scapegoat here…and they are still trying to rob her, even in death. Everyone points blame at her, for allowing ” Adam ” access to her guns…they are all doing their best to keep on making her look bad. She was a real person. Anyone can go find what i found on her, high school and college pics., a short bio saying she worked in Boston at the John Hancock insurance company in the 70’s…the Lanzas were from Kingston NH., They had one son born in 1992. Adam. No mention of Ryan who was supposedly born in 1988…strange that he isn’t listed first, he would have been included on the birth register for Kingston, since they didn’t move to Newtown until 1998. I don’t believe there was ever a shooting at Sandy Hook, this is one of the most ridiculous efforts we’ve seen to date. With the possible inclusion of the marathon ” bombing ” …
    but i do believe Nancy was real. She was one of the CIAs top psychological analysts involved in DARPA…can we say MKUltra?
    There’s more to this than meets the eye, but it wasn’t a school shooting. None of the kids died. Nancy did though. To be fair, i haven’t seen autopsy photos of her either…maybe she’s still alive. I hope she is, because she isn’t the horrible person everyone makes her out to be. The people who do that are the ones who don’t know the story and still think kids died there that day. Why is everyone so intent on making her the bad guy here? She’s a figurehead in an obvious attempt at gun control laws. Most of the people involved are gun law advocates. The fake Mom of Noah Pozner, who they claim is Veronique Haller…and who is definitely NOT her. Her name is Patricia Ordonez Haller…if that’s even her real last name, Veronique is someone completely different, and they gave Patricia Veronique’s employment info history etc., this is all out there and can be backed up. I have links, i’ll supply them at any time. I didn’t list them here, because there are a lot of them. Anyone can ask for them and i will supply them. But you can find it all on your own too…

  13. Sandy Hook Elementary and the “Lanza home” were demolished because NEITHER PLACE contained DNA or fingerprints of the (fictional) occupants.
    When someone lives in a house, they leave DNA and fingerprints all over the place (floors, doorknobs, shower drains). But since “Adam Lanza” was imaginary, no fingerprints/DNA were left by him.
    Anyone sneaking inside the “Nancy Lanza home” or the school building would have found ZERO fingerprints from Adam Lanza or his 26 “victims” since none of them existed. They were invented by DHS to scam Americans out of our firearms.
    Therefore, both the house and school got demolished — to hide what WASN’T there.

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