Sandy Hook dad goes from laughing to grieving in blink of an eye

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Here’s more Sandy Hook weirdness.
Your heart will break watching Robbie Parker, the father of one of the victims, 6-year-old Emilie Parker, choke back his tears as he made a statement to the press on Dec. 15, 2012.
The only problem is this: Mere seconds before Parker began his tearful tribute to his slain daughter, the grief-stricken dad was laughing and joking.


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35 responses to “Sandy Hook dad goes from laughing to grieving in blink of an eye

  1. I chalk it up to the perplexing nature of grief. Being an Irish Catholic, I have attended too many wakes, and have watched the transition from laughter to weeping many times. Sometimes an Irish wake is an act of defiance against the enemy, death, that is stalking us all.
    We are comforted by the support of those who have come out, but then the loss hits like a sledge hammer.

    • Sadly, his location and the other speakers before him wouldn’t put him into laughter and smiles…his action right before he speaks is what a method actor does, same way of getting into character…not saying he didn’t lose a child, but his actions altogether, not just a smile, or a quick smirk, or whatever, bet overall way he changed his demeanor…I also have seen many people that have lost loved ones, and I myself have lost many over the years….

  2. I thought it odd too! I just chalked it up to them being Mormon. Growing up in Utah and going to Mormon funerals/wakes the way they mourn was somewhat different! I also thought it odd that Sandy Hook is asking that no more gifts be sent because they’re inundated with them?! Really?! I thought how rude!! People could always use money! Couldn’t trustfunds or scholarships be set up for the involved families! That’s if its for real!?

    • I don’t see how it’s rude?? The town literally cannot hold all the toys, presents ect that are being sent. It’s not a big town! These poor people have been overcome with this tragedy, and everything that came with it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible the outpouring of love that this town has seen and the generosity that has been shown is amazing. It would be overwhelming for anyone, the amount of attention and exposure. They have storage warehouses in neighboring towns to hold everything they can’t make room for. Trust funds and scholarships don’t need warehouses though 🙂

      • The town has plenty of space…an empty school for one…and many other not often used buildings, churches, etc…just sayin’…

  3. Well, Im sure he was trying to get his mind off things but when he refocused he couldnt control himself.

  4. I think obama put on a big act for this family. He supports abortions and infantracide so why should I belive he cares about elementary children? I dont!!

  5. I’ve been following this every day since it happened, the Robbie Parker video being the first I saw in the aftermath of the shooting. It struck me as very, very odd. People grieve in different ways, sure. There are just too many “red flags” with this and other recent shooting events, like local, on-scene news reporters interviewing witnesses who report multiple perps/gunmen. I will just come out and say it – I think we’re being set up and played. The Lies are so big and out in the open now that few can even see it or believe it. Anyone who dares question the Official narrative is easily scorned.

  6. He didn’t sound or look normal!!!!Something very rotten in the state of Conn. stinks to high heaven.

  7. The fix is in.

  8. Laurel Federbush

    I saw something about this on an Iluminati-watch site. Creepier by the minute…

  9. Not for nothin’, but has anyone here considered for one second that every single one of those parents who lost children on December 14th is probably doped to the gills on anti-depressants, and has absolutely not control, whatsoever, over their chemically induced emotions?

    • Every single one? And how do you know that?

    • Are we so weak that we can’t handle loss? That we need drugs to get through? I have lost most of my family to date, and have known many over the years that have lost family…even children…none have ever needed drugs to cope…I don’t think anyone here is saying that nobody died, but the facts around the case are baffling…so many inconsistencies and erroneous reporting, even incorrect information or false information from law enforcement..and now the evidence is sealed for another 90 days from what I have been reading…way too much hiding going on…

  10. What happened to the pic of this little girl supposedly with BO 2 days after the shooting?

  11. Some sites are saying all the people involved are paid actors. I’m not willing to go that far, but there are so many questions about this. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore!

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. His mannerisms are indeed strange and inappropriate. When a person actually cries, there are tears that come down the face and the nose is affected as well. I do not see that upon his face. ]

    • The one and only time I felt truly grief stricken was at my mother’s funeral and I look back on it now and people must have thought I was in another world. I behaved stupidly at times….people tried to talk to me and I couldn’t carry on a conversation, I saw people I hadn’t seen in decades and I was thrilled to see them and they knew it…I would have hated to have been judged on my behavior during that time because I probably looked and acted as if I were on drugs of some sort. At that time, nothing felt real and I could hardly focus on what was happening. My brain kept coming up with stuff that seemed decidedly strange when it was happening, but looked reasonable afterwards. I don’t think you can begin to judge this man on this behavior during this horribly stressful time.
      Besides, you are implying that this government that couldn’t even get a website up and working while paying so-called experts over half a million dollars to do it, could put anything this vast together and get it to work.

  13. I honestly don’t know what to make of this video. Grief can have weird manifestations, but we’re also living in the Video Age, and this man looks like he geared up for an audition instead of an homage to his daughters’ life. My ears hear the narrative, but my eyes aren’t making the connection … hmmm …

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  15. “Chalk it up” my ass Irish Catholic, this guy is a goddamned actor. and you’re not Irish Catholic either, nice try. Bronx.

  16. Kinda like Clinton’s acting at Ron Brown’s memorial service. Hypocritical gold!

  17. Curious….I have never, in all the press conferences I have ever seen over the years where a parent speaks of a loss of family, seen any of them actually specify the full name of the incident…let alone even witnesses saying such either”…that lost a child yesterday in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings here in Connecticut.” …. this, to me, seems a bit odd, along with his change of emotions for the camera……

  18. I so agree…this is the part that bothers me the most. I cannot wrap my head around this….at all.

  19. In the press release Robbie Parker gave, he mentioned the facebook page was set up so family members plane fare. Family members from Utah wanted to be there for the Parkers, and perhaps that was the only way they could come up with money for a plane ticket.

  20. Dr Eowyn, I’m very confused by all of the Sandy Hook oddities. In the case of 911, I could imagine several scenarios, ranging from simple incompetence/negligence to varying degrees of treason.
    I cannot do this with Sandy Hook. I’m very skeptical of the official story. But I’m at a loss to imagine an alternative scenario that fits ALL the facts that you have pointed out.
    Facts are good, but one or more theories to tie them together would be very helpful. Even if no single theory is 100% bombproof.

    • Join the club, Larry. I’m confused as well.
      I don’t have a “theory” to explain all the oddities surrounding Sandy Hook, nor have I seen anyone else having one. What I’m doing is to assemble together the anomalies, ask questions, and hope that at some point, the pieces of the jigsaw will come together. Of course, it’d be helpful, to say the least, if the judge would remove his gag on police authorities so they can release their findings to the public!

  21. It is weird to see a father smiling instead of grieving. I think it is a bogus one. He takes time to get into the character as if shooting is going on!

  22. It turns out Sandy Hook CT is one of the RICHER areas in all of the US and much LOWER CRIME RATE .
    Did you notice they didn’t say STOP SENDING MONEY ? All of the DONATION PAGES still exist last time I checked.

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