Sandy Hook and Obama's Connecticut Social Security number

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One of the many curiosities about the sitting President of the United States is the fact that, unlike us, he has not one, but multiple Social Security numbers (SSN).
In 2010, two licensed private investigators, Neil Sankey and Susan Daniels, found that multiple SS numbers are associated with Barack Obama’s name. Daniels and Sankey put their findings in sworn affidavits. Dr. Orly Taitz further verified their information with a third source, a retired Department of Homeland Security senior investigator named John Sampson.
In May 2010, the mystery deepened when it was determined that the SSN Obama is currently using (042-68-4425) has a Connecticut prefix, 042, but Obama had never lived in nor had associations with the state of Connecticut. Obama has been using that 042 SS number since 1979 when he was 18 years old.
In an article for Western Journalism, Stephen Baldwin writes:

All told, there are 49 addresses and 16 different Social Security numbers listed for a person whose name is spelled “Barack Obama.” […] the one Social Security number Obama most frequently used, the one beginning with 042, is a number issued in Connecticut sometime during 1976-1977, yet there is no record of Obama ever living or working in Connecticut. Indeed, during this time period Obama would have been 15-16 years old and living in Hawaii at the time.

In late February 2011, the mystery further deepened when retired US Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister, the litigant in an Obama eligibility lawsuit, conducted a search for Obama’s Connecticut SSN in the Social Security Number Verification System used by small businesses to verify employment eligibility. The results came back as:

Failed: SSN not in file (never issued)

To the question of why Obama obtained a Connecticut-issued SSN instead of one by Hawaii, Joel Gilbert, maker of the documentary Dreams from My Real Father, has a plausible explanation: Obama’s peculiar Connecticut-issued SSN is related to the question of Obama’s birth certificate.
At the inception of the program, all SSNs were assigned and cards issued based solely on information provided by the applicant. However, in the 1970s, Social Security Administration began requiring proof of age, identity, and citizenship. In 1977, lacking a valid birth certificate, Obama was forced to buy a SS number so he could get his first job at a Honolulu Baskin Robbins. Gilbert surmises that Obama was sold an SSN that was Connecticut-based so it couldn’t be traced back to the Hawaii SS office. (See “Why Obama has a Connecticut Social Security no.”)
It goes without saying that it is a crime to use a Social Security number that isn’t yours. It is also a fact that once the Social Security Administration issued a SSN, even after the recipient died, SSA will never reissue that number to another person. There is one Numident record for each SSN ever assigned. A numident is the social security number itself, which is only assigned once and is never used again unless it is stolen.

So who was the original owner of Obama’s Connecticut-issued Social Security number?

In May 2011, blogger The Obama Hustle conducted a database pull for SSN 042-68-4425 and got the names of Harrison J. Bounel and Barack Obama (see below), indicating that one SSN was being used by both men.
Search results on SSN 042
Since Obama uses Harrison Bounel’s SSN, a search for the relatives of Harrison Bounel shows Michelle Obama as Bounel’s spouse (see below).
Michele as Bounel's spouse

So who is/was Harrison J. Bounel?

Leslie Bishop, a genealogy expert with over 25 years of experience, found a 1940 Census document showing a Harry Bounel, age 50, residing in Bronx, NY, which would make 1890 Bounel’s birth year. Harry Bounel’s listing is on line 48.
1940 census
closeup of 1940 Census
In September 2012, Leslie Bishop sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Social Security Administration for information on a Harry Bounel with the SSN 042-68-4425. Below is the letter she received (you can also see the letter on Scribd):
Letter from SS re. Harrison Bounel
In the letter dated November 16, 2012, Dawn S. Wiggins, Freedom of Information Officer at the Social Security Administration, wrote that in spite of Leslie Bishop’s FOIA request, her request is declined because “disclosing this information would be a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.” Mind you, in 2012 Harrison Bounel would have to be 120 years old, which means he had long died. But SS Administration nevertheless claims revealing information about his SS number would be an “invasion” of the dead man’s privacy.
Bishop stated that Social Security Administration “acknowledged my request for THAT numident and denied my request. In other words, that record exists and since there is only one Numident per SS# and that Numident for Harry Bounel with SS# 042-68-4425 apparently exists, then its not possible that O is using that number legally and it is apparent that Bounel is the original holder of that number.” (Source: The Obama Hustle)
Dr. Orly Taitz writes on Jan. 18, 2013:

According to 1940 census Harry Bounel was born in Russia in 1890. This is the date of birth on some of Lexis records associated with the Social Security number 042-68-4425…. Also, we had some records showing Harry Bounel residing with Robinson family in CT in 1910.

By “Robinson family,” Dr. Taitz means Michelle Obama’s family, the Robinsons (Michelle’s maiden name is Michelle Robinson). Taitz continues:

Michele Robinson Obama’s great grand mother Rose Ella Cohen, the name strikes me as a name of a Jewish woman from Russia…. It actually was not uncommon in those days for Jewish immigrant women from Russia to marry African American man, these Jewish women were not raised with any prejudice against African American men and also were persecuted.  I want to know, if Harry Bounel was related to her. He was born in 1890. She was born in 1893-1896. Very close in age, he could be her cousin. From what I understand Harry Bounel never married. In this case the only family, who would be his next of kin,  who would  be Robinson family.
Another weird coincidense. We see Bounel residing in CT in 1910. The Social Security [number] was issued in 1977 in CT. He was 87 at that time. There was a hospital next to Newton [sic]. It was a Newtown psychiatric hospital, where some elderly without family resided their last days. The hospital later was renamed to Fairfield state hospital. This is where the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims were taken for autopsy.

Dr. Taitz received the letter below from a reader:

I’m in my 60’s and grew up in Bridgeport CT until 1961. When I was a kid in the 50’s, we used to joke that if you’re bad you’ll be sent to the “Newtown nut house”, a psychiatric hospital in Newtown that was just next to Danbury. […] You had surmised that the identity [Obama’s Connecticut SSN] was taken from someone at a local Danbury NURSING HOME. The official name of the “Newtown nut house” was the FAIRFIELD STATE HOSPITAL. (renamed Fairfield Hills Hospital). Mentally ill patients who had died were buried on site.

Dr. Taitz found that in 1976-1977, when new SSN laws were adopted, elderly individuals like Harrison Bounel needed to get a SSN in order to get Medicare benefits. “When people were elderly or patients in the psychiatric hospital, the applications were filled out by the hospital employees,” that is, personnel at Fairfield State Hospital probably helped Bounel to fill out his application for a SSN.
According to Wikipedia, Michele Obama’s great great grandfather Jim Robinson’s second wife was Rose Ella Cohen.
A sharp-eyed reader of Taitz’s blog named Marshman noted that in the 1940 Census, right beneath the entry for Harry Bounel was Sam Cohen (line 49), which meant the two men lived next door. Bounel was identified as a “lodger” while Cohen was a “head” of household. Was Rose Ella Cohen a daughter of Sam Cohen?
closeup of 1940 Census
There you have it:
The original owner of Obama’s stolen Connecticut-issued Social Security number was Harrison J. Bounel, an immigrant from Russia who was born in 1890, who seemed to have had some connection with a Jewish woman named Rose Ella Cohen, who was the second wife of the great great grandfather of Michelle Obama. This same Bounel, whose Social Security number is one of Barack Obama’s many SSNs, was institutionalized in and probably died in the Fairfield State Hospital, a now-abandoned psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut which was closed down in 1995. The same Newtown, CT, where on Dec. 14, 2012, an alleged lone gunman named Adam Lanza allegedly shot to death 20 children and 6 adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School — a massacre that every available evidence and sound reasoning point to it being a gigantic hoax. (See our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page for links to all the posts we’ve published on this hoax.)

What coincidences!!!

Here are 2 pictures of Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital taken by citizen journalist “Barry” in his recent visit to Newtown. Barry said Newtown has a spooky ghost-town quality, with many abandoned buildings like Fairfield. Read his account here.
Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital2Fairfield State Psychiatric Hospital
The weirdness doesn’t end. Stephen Baldwin writes:

Nevertheless, all this mystery surrounding Obama appears to be a generational thing. Researchers have discovered nearly a dozen aliases, at least two different Social Security numbers, and upwards of over 99 separate addresses for [Stanley] Ann Dunham, his mother. […]
The lack of documents regarding Obama also extends to his mother and to his [maternal] grandparents [Stanley and Madelyn Dunham]. Indeed, researchers have been unable to find marriage licenses for his mother’s two marriages, assuming she was ever legally married. Ditto goes for the marriage license for Ann’s parents. They cannot find birth certificates for her, her parents, or for even for her grandparents. Even more so, despite Obama’s boast of his grandfather’s military service, there’s no record of that either. For reasons no one knows, much of Obama’s life, his mother’s life and his grandparent’s life has been erased from the records as if they never existed.

See also:

Doing the work that paid MSM journalists refuse to do,

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0 responses to “Sandy Hook and Obama's Connecticut Social Security number

  1. Dr. Eowyn: Neil Sankey was first, in 2008.
    Sensing something ‘off’ about aka Obama, he ran a background check; resulting in the ‘sankey.pdf’ printout circulating since then.

  2. On another matter: “BHO II”, “Stanley Ann”, “Stanley Armour”, “Madelyn” are ALL synthetic identities. FAKE PEOPLE. That’s why a search for authentication comes up frazzled. What does exist was put into the system by The “Obama” Conspirators to support their Felony Identity Scam.
    Keep in mind that almost immediately, in January 2009, aka Obama commandeered FOIA – issuing a directive across the Federal Government that anything to do with “White House Assets” – wicked language meaning ‘me/mine’ – had to be redirected to the WH for fulfillment.
    As the demand for family documentation grew, [if I recall correctly] State requests for “Obama” family documentation also became controlled.
    That is, under Bari’s wickedly clever maneuvering, The White House became Fraud Central.
    Hence, the stalling.
    AND the clearly forged + fraudulent “Obama” Family docs pumped out in response to FOIA requests.

  3. Great sleuthing work, Dr. Eowyn!

    So who is this international man of mystery, anyway?

    • Well Traildust, personally I think the subud cult connection still seems viable (as well as a freemasonry connection), after all subud is a very obscure thing, not exactly something many researchy folks will look into, if they know about it at all. It would also seem that there is what some might call a “zionist” connection, one wonders what obomber knows of the talmud, since both communism and that are apparently related. Suffice it to say what looks ot be going on here is someone who, due to skin pigmentation and lineage is immune from general scrutiny due to other psy-ops launched in the past, he seems to have relation both to the “zionist”/”judaic supremacist” movement, and to the new age (subud) on the other side, and finally, he obviously is trying to bury evidence that would out him as a felon, he must either be related to some devil worshipers of rank, or be a pet project by them, to garner this level of protection.
      Between him, clinton, and another bush, it looks like the devil worshipers have their bets hedged for the next president, but regardless of who he is, he has done much worse than nixon, who was impeached for less… The citizenry needs to man up and impeach him all to heck and gone, if they can. One wonders presently also about any connection he may have to freemasonry, since freemasonry, zionism, and communism are all inter-related (and obomber is obviously making effort for the communist stuff at least.) all being children of the same devil worshiping parentage.
      Folks should continue to pray that the evils be exposed, and that the citizenry be aware so they can follow the advice in Chronicles.

      • Awhile back there was connection made between the subud and Fuddy. On her FB page she went by a different name also.
        And the mystery continues to deepen. Too many people are finding too many discrepancies, leading me to believe, you all are on the right path of truth.

        • One, maybe two had problems, but none quite like this
          And, Yes, I looked at the Subud, I could not find a direct relevance. This Guy, apart from the Islam, is a straightforward, Cloward and Piven, / Saul Alinsky trained Marxist. He is following their “Master Plan” perfectly and to the letter. He has us EXACTLY where he wants us to be according to his plan. It is DANGEROUS, the more people who wake up, RIGHT NOW,m the better!

    • HA HA HA HA HA!!

  4. The plot just seems to keep thickening around Barry Soetoro. Before he was installed in the white house as the ultimate poison pill I was researching him because everything about him stank of rotting fish. I did look up that he went to Harvard and hat he was on the Harvard Review staff, stating he was born in Kenya and was a devout muslim. After he as elected all that disappeared. Also curious was a few of barry’s gay playmates all died of questionable causes, all within a short period of time.
    In all my years I have never seen or heard of anyone who is so well coated with Teflon and never held accountable for any questions as Barry Soetoro, which tells me he not only has the worldwide criminal NWO cabal as his bodyguards, but he has supernatural non stick coating…….I would guess from Satan aka Lucifer

  5. We owe Mrs. Taitz and others a debt of gratitude for their fine work. It seems to me that the only agency able to pull this off without raising eyebrows would be the CIA. But why would they bother to go to such great lengths for someone who, at that time, was a nobody? This would indicate that there is a conspiracy, and that we are run by a shadow, or a secret, government.
    Unfortunately, only a small select segment of the public would be, and is, interested in this complicated matter: It goes too far back and it’s too complicated for most people to follow. So it seems to me the tyranny of this so-called President is going to continue for years to come. And when it’s finally over, the news media and the pundits will refer to this episode as a footnote, if they mention it at all.
    And so the Central Intelligence Agency has the precedent on its side to repeat this whole episode again, with another Manchurian President, in the future!

    • Steven, you are right. We owe both Orly Taitz (who I voted for) and Martha Trowbridge a debt of gratitude for the work they’ve done.
      Sadly enough, you are also right when you say only a small segment of the population is interested in this. It is frustrating beyond belief to know that we live in a society of such mind-boggling stupidity. Who cares if a communist impostor is in the White House, we’ve got football, Jerry Springer and Dancing With the Stars to watch! Pass me those franken-fries and that extra large slurpee, while I dream about the Kardashian sisters. Ah, life is bliss!

  6. You all should appreciate this then…

    Thanks for your efforts and this article.

  7. Regarding reuse of SS #’s-with an issue in CA, the first three digits are for the state, and the remaining 99,999 available make up the rest. Aren’t there more than 99,999 holder of SS #’s in CA? What am I missing here? Please limit your response by covering only my deficiencies in logic as they relate to this issue.

    • From
      BY THE PERMUTATIONS of the letters abc we mean all of their possible arrangements:
      There are 6 permutations of three different things. As the number of things (letters) increases, their permutations grow astronomically. For example, if twelve different things are permuted, then the number of their permutations is 479,001,600.

      But the 6 digits after the first 3 digits (for the state a SSN is issued) are many many many more permutations than “12 different things,” which means the possible permutations of those 6 digits would be many many many many more times 479,001,600.

  8. Please also consider that the Weather people live in commune conditions, breeding with whomever they wished and using whatever identities they could beg, borrow or steal. Ayers, in his book, admits to spending many hours gathering names, from Graveyards and from Registrar’s Offices. Also, consider that Betsy Duke, when arrested, was in possession of hundreds of false identities, and was, herself, an excellent forger. Ayer’s wife, Dohrn, sold the “new” identities from the Boutique store “Hollywood Baby” Even the name “Elizabeth Duke” is suspect.
    In addition, now, as of last week, the Cuba connection!. Ayers ran the “Venceremos” camps in Cuba for Castro for several years. Terrorists from all over the world attended training camps there. At some stage virtually every Terrorist Group intermingled there in Cuba. With regard to “Asata Shakur” – JoAnn Chesimard, she was actually sprung from Prison by a group of female “Weatherman” women of which Duke was undoubtedly one. Duke was also a founder of the Communist M19CO offshoot of the Weather steering committee, Prarie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC)
    All of this is so ridiculous, We, the People are suffering when the FBI and CIA, KNOW all of this, and have done so for a very long tome and yet they have allowed this situation to develop and continue. Are they not supposed to PROTECT US???!
    Neil SANKEY

    • Thank you, Mr. Sankey, for your comment and your outstanding investigative work! I read about the Ayers connection, but didn’t include that info in this post.

      In December 2012, a respected Egyptian news magazine named six Obama administration officials who were in fact agents of the international terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. They claimed that these individuals had helped change the White House “from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
      One of these alleged agents was Imam Mohamed Magid, a Koranic scholar from Sudan. In the Obama administration, Magid was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violence and Extremism working group in 2011. He is on the FBI’s Sikh, Muslim, and Arab advisory board (yes, we have one of those). He has trained and advised personnel affiliated with the FBI and other federal agencies.
      Under Obama’s dictates since he entered the Oval Office, the United States government decided to publicly announce a softer approach to countering Islamic terrorism and the ideology behind jihad (i.e., war in the name of Islam). Imam Mohamed Magid has been a centerpiece in Obama’s show of tolerance (of violence) and diversity (of means of death), so much so that he and his organization have been “cited … as the primary means of outreach to the American Muslim community.”
      It’s now known that Magid has a remarkable connection to the murderer of two NYPD officers this December.
      Unlike his approach toward American Muslims, who apparently (at least based on policy since 2009) need the White House to reassure them that they are not “violent extremists,” Barack Hussein Obama’s attitude toward police officers has been hostile from the beginning. Multiple instances mar the six year old administration’s relationship with law enforcement.
      The anti-police stance of the administration has been toxically mixed with anti-gun propaganda, and the blatant fanning of racial tensions that have resulted in violence, murder, and even city-wide chaos.
      The first example came in July 2009, when Harvard Professor Henry Louis ‘Skip’ Gates was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by the Cambridge Police department. Sgt. James Crowley saw Gates trying to break into a home, and, not realizing it was actually his own home, arrested Gates. The charges were later dropped by the police, but not before Obama said on national television that the police “acted stupidly,” and further insinuated that the arrest was racially motivated. To make everyone feel better, Obama later held a “beer summit” at the White House, hosting Gates and Crowley in what was presented as some great healing moment. (No word on whether pork or all beef hot dogs were served.)
      In 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder, while noting that the number of officers killed in the line of duty jumped 13% that year, blamed the increase on illegal gun ownership. In 2013, Holder went on the record saying that he had to tell his son how to protect himself from the police, because, you guessed it, he’s black. Holder said this talk was family tradition.
      For his part, Obama came out in support of the 2011 anti-cop and anarchist movement, Occupy Wall Street, who were not only occupying Wall Street, but terrorizing downtown Manhattan.
      Then came the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida. Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, as he was being violently assaulted and threatened with death while on neighborhood patrol. In what has become a national tradition, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder descended to prey upon the citizens of a small community, calling for “justice.”
      In fact, mob justice is what they were looking for.
      The next stop for the Obama, Holder, and Sharpton anti-police racial mob circus was Ferguson, Missouri, following the death of Michael Brown by the gun of a police officer who he was attacking and threatening. The case is familiar and fresh enough in everyone’s minds not have to rehash in any detail. Once again, Obama and the administration issued thinly veiled attacks on the police and insinuated that the officers and the department were racially motivated haters.
      The caustic and raw social tumult that ensued led to widespread looting, riots, arson (even by allegedly “peaceful” protestors), and even the murder of a friend one of the trial witnesses.
      Obama’s, Holder’s, and Sharpton’s carnival of hate then went prime time, this time to the Big Apple. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. And, with a little help from the all-too-willing Mayor Bill DeBlasio, in the Staten Island death of Eric Garner, which was caused not by bullets but by a lung condition, the carnival got what they were looking for all along: the blood of police officers.
      On December 20, 2014, five days before Christmas, Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were assassinated by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley in their patrol car in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. After weeks of anti-police protests, which explicitly shouted for “dead cops,” Brinsley had bragged to pedestrians just prior to the shooting that he was going to satiate the protestors with their pound of flesh.
      At this time, you may be asking what Mohamed Magid, the alleged Muslim Brotherhood agent, has to do with the assassination of two NYPD officers. This will be clear to you soon enough. But first it is necessary to understand that the supposedly grassroots protests, in Ferguson and in New York, were anything but organic.
      Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at has documented the nefarious players behind the protests, and has an incredible list of organizations involved in the protests. One of the most prominent organizing groups is ANSWER, which stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism. ANSWER is often found alongside Occupy Wall Street. A little digging into ANSWER’s coalition partners and speakers reveal their roots; groups such as the Muslim Students Association, Free Palestinian Alliance, National Council of Arab Americans, the Nicaragua Network, and Korea Truth Commission (you got me ?).
      Furthermore, ANSWER is described by DiscoverTheNetworks as “a principal player in all anti-war and pro-Palestinian demonstrations…. ANSWER was formed a few days after 9/11 as a ‘new anti-racism, anti-war, peace and justice’ group and led its first protest just weeks later against the impending US-led attack on Afghanistan.”
      To be blunt about it, ANSWER is a pro-jihad front organization that was fully behind Hamas in this summer’s Gaza war. Hamas, it’s noted, is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood – the same Muslim Brotherhood that the Egyptian magazine claimed Mohamed Magid was a member of.
      Isn’t it odd that a Muslim Brotherhood front group would lead protests in New York City over the accidental death of a black man in the course of an arrest? Last time I was there, Staten Island wasn’t a center of Israeli-Palestinian debate, and there are no public pictures of Eric Garner smoking hookah or riding camels in Giza. On the contrary, Garner was dealing single cigarettes, and tobacco is decisively haram (forbidden) according to Islamic sharia law.
      Puzzling, perhaps, but the Facebook page of Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Muhammad ties the story’s loose ends together. According to his own biography on Facebook, Brinsely-Muhammad “Worked at: Islamic Society of North America.” The Islamic Society of North America, aka ISNA, is headquartered in Plainfield, Indiana. Hmm.
      Killer’s Facebook page: Obama and Magid are caught red-handed
      Who is the President of ISNA, where the cop killer said he worked? That would be Imam Mohamed Magid, Obama’s advisor to DHS and the National Security Council.
      Obama himself addressed ISNA’s annual convention in 2013. You can read about one of ISNA’s greatest influences, Pakistani radical Abul A’la Maududi, here.
      Here are a few other facts to consider when contemplating that the Obama and Holder-inspired cop killer was, according to himself, employed at the organization of one of Obama’s most trusted security advisors, the Islamic Society of North America.
      ISNA President and Obama advisor Imam Mohamed Magid was a lecturer at Howard University, teaching courses on the Koran.
      The Trayvon Martin case only caught on after it was plucked from relative obscurity from a student at Howard University. This student, Kevin Cunningham, began a petition on the website Said Cunningham, a lawyer, “that’s how I think about life, is to be a social engineer.”
      Cop killer Brinsley-Muhammad, who additionally may have attended a Brooklyn mosque associated with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, martyred himself by suicide in a subway station before being apprehended by police. He’s no longer with us to answer any questions.
      In light of Obama’s recent embrace of Communist Cuba, it is worth noting that one of Castro’s last acts as a revolutionary leader was to order the targeted killing of Cuba’s police officers. Why? Police keep law and order on the streets, and because they’re uniformed, they’re easy targets for revolutionaries who thrive off anarchy.
      Obama’s six yearlong anti-cop jihad has serious consequences. In 2014, there was an increase of 56% in police killed by guns – 50 officers, compared to 32 in 2013. Since the assassinations in New York, many infractions are going unpunished, as police are reluctant to engage with the community, fearing targeting by assassins and mobs. This is a very tenuous and delicate situation.
      It might be worth mentioning, to the next person you bump into who still has a functioning brain, that Obama’s trusted advisor, Imam Mohamed Magid, had the NYPD cop killer as an employee of his nationwide Islamic organization. This, according to his own Facebook bio.
      The circumstantial evidence presented above points to a deliberate plan by the administration and the Muslim Brotherhood to stoke violence that led to cop killings. These are revolutionary tactics, creating conditions that lead to chaos, anarchy, and eventually the total dissolution of societal trust. After that occurs, people beg for order, in whatever form it offers itself.
      Is 2015 the year of the American Spring? In the New Year, several detailed reports will be published that point to deliberate, witting, and eager cooperation between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood aimed at precisely this end.

  9. Reblogged this on News247-365 and commented:
    This is just damn hard to explain away. Period. Who is this man? [ Barack Obama ] Who really knows?

    • Mr. Sankey and Ms. Trowbridge,
      I believe you need to find out who Bill Hyer, campaign manager to DeBlasio and now Martin OMalley for his Presidential campaign is…Hyer won’t say what his name was…where he’s from…I small another COMMUNIST RAT

  10. Have we ever had a president before this whose family and provenance were not completely transparent and well-known?

    • Sam, I am no scholar, but really don’t think any previous American president has been so completely shielded from investigation.

      • Amen. And what cabal created and maintains this program? What do they have for us for our next election? Their plans were stalled for a short time with the presidency of John F. Kennedy, but look at our descent ever since; continual war, increase of debt, loss of the industry that was our physical strength, and no free, competitive media that brings the public information needed for intelligent management of our political system. Of course, that list goes on and on, developed by fellow human beings who chanced by birth into lives of excellent education, free time, and ways of life in a privacy that removes them from sympathy for those who may struggle for existence.
        Civilization with class differences is beneficial, even necessary, for stable, even humane society, but the holders of those blessings should look with gratitude to the One who made it. That is done with appropriate praise to God and lives lived to maintain, not destroy, that gift. Unfortunately, some members of that class, not all, have fallen and become easy tools for Satan to use in his attack against mankind and the rest of God’s work.

  11. HE is still in control and allowing all this to happen for 1 and only 1 reason…”return to me”. The USA will be changed/over run one way or another. We either repent or continue down the path of no return. Either way, Yaweh is in control. Believe it or not, end times are upon us.
    Read Johnathon Cahn’s The Harbinger and listen to him about the 7 year Shimitah time line. Coincidence?…lol…research some more my friends, but base the research on the Hebrew texts. Also…no rapture UNTIL AFTER the 7th trump. Matthew 24, read all. 7 is Father’s number of completion and perfection. Hopefully we’ll be part of the remnant at the end. Listen for His voice, seek his wisdom, think spiritually, not fleshly. He is spirit.
    Blessings on you.

  12. This information is huge and answers some questions and raises more.
    Has the author faced any harassment due to the investigative work and does the author have a hypothesis as to what is taking place?
    It does appear that there is a military style destabilization program being carried out at this time. Police vs. citizens/ black vs. white/ and (attempted) destruction of bill of rights all based on Hollywood drills.
    I see a major failure for these objectives.

  13. Martha, have you connected DeBlasio to Fred Newman? Warren Wilhelm Sr. under review by McCarthy UnAmerican Activities before his suicide– involved in South America- worked for Jacob Javits–Newman descended from Frederich Wilhelm Newman (Neumann) –Nazi
    Why change ones name at 40 but to hide your relatives –including Fred Newman, pedophile genius who got people elected like creep Muslim Brotherhood Qatar connected Bloomberg.

  14. Dr., thank you for your math lesson that answered my question. I am not going to say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, because I know the answer. However, I am not too old to learn something new, even if I remember it for but a short time.

  15. Dr. Eowyn, this post is just incredible. The amount of time, research, and logical thinking that went into it must be enormous. The entire country owes you a debt of gratitude.

  16. …….and here we all sit while he gets to dip his toes in the Hawaiian waters…..a trip I could never afford to take!

    • Nor could you afford to take 605 days of vacation in eight years as “W” did while in office. Give it a break.

      • Because vacation days are really what’s important…not that $18 TRILLION record debt, downgrading of USA’s credit rating, record number of people out of the workforce, record number of people on foodstamps, and our US economy falling behind as the leader. No worries, give Obama a break!

  17. P.S. just read a few days ago, deBlasio’s wife is a former lesbian. What a weird marriage that must be!

  18. Ayers is most definitely key to understanding Obama and the destruction of our nation. HIs role in education is as the ace of spades. Education is the motor force of revolution, he states. His entire career educating and grooming those in education to overwhelm our student base, has been quite successful. Attaining the highest position in education, warping the minds of educators from pre k to post grad. He was the VP of Curriculum Studies of the AERA, American Education Research Association.
    You wonder why Common Core is so pathetic in it’s ability to truly educate, or in it’s focus on queer sex, and sex in general startin in pre k and reinforced and becoming more graphic yearly. It’s to undermine our moral codes. He has truly lived his motto, “Education is the motor force of revolution.”
    To know Ayers is to know Obama. Ayers made three trips to the whitehouse the first three months, that we know of. Then the white house issued a decree that they no longer have to, or will release the visitors list for many, many years.
    Ayers was in Egypt the week that the “day of rage” began. A name eerily similar to the “days of rage” in Chicago brought on by the weather underground. He visited Hamas on that trip as well. I’d bet a thousand dollars he pushed the button on a few rocket launches…. He and Dorn where also instrumental in the Gaza Flotilla a few years back. All this from a professor of education at the University of Illinois, Chicago. I recommend all people stop donating money to the university system.
    There are over five hundred “Liberal Residential Learning Centers” in the US. Kids stay in residence and are indoctrinated to the left, usually leftist parents grooming their kids for the new norm, a communist society. These kids often start new NGO’s, non profits that work for the left. Imagine every year ten thousand or more leftists are thrust into their framework, many journalists.
    Yup, to know Ayers is to know Obama. God guns n grub, it’s going to get very ugly, as the end justifies the means. And it was the weather underground who stated 25 million people could not be “reeducated”. That being a number from 1970 or so. We are in for a world of hurt. Get right with the Lord Jesus. Bible Prophecy and current events overlap like a fine pair of deerskin gloves. This is appropriate, this nation is like a deer who just experience my arrow blowing thru it’s vital area, hopping as if stung by a bee, and going back to browsing, only to take a knee, and then lay down, with a death throw or two before gasping it’s last breath. That’s our nation today, we have taken the lethal shot, we are dying.
    Better shore up, educate others, prepare wisely as an army runs on it’s stomach, network with like minded people, those who have eye’s to see. Then plan to unite when this curtain of evil, foisted by the likes of Ayers and Obama, comes crashing down.

  19. They aren’t throwing chaff all around to distract us from their carrying out changes in local leash laws. Further, the great number of on-going tactical battles taking place worldwide requires a great number of troops and leadership power. Thank you for needed work skillfully conducted.

  20. Maybe Obama doesn’t exist ?

  21. We can de-power the negro very easily. But most do not want to disobey the protocol of a politician even if wicked and phony because they still get to buy stuff and they can get around with relative ease.
    Knowing this politicians will continue their evil on you, till, till, the DAY YOU DON’T!

    • “Barack Hussein Obama II” does not exist, in that it is a created identity, a super-aiias, created to disguise the actual birth identity and family of origin of the man fraudulently using it.

  22. “Nickname”: do you refer to “the so-called negro”??
    As for ‘power’, do I correctly recall that The “Obama” Conspirator Credo is:
    “It’s All About Power!”?

  23. Art, regarding your comment with reference to “,” it is increasingly obvious that racial division is undertaken, and those paying a great price include honest, hard-working, patriotic black Americans. This is being done partly with over 30 Muslim terrorist training camps in our country, and they have a large black population. If intensive conflict develops, let us try to distinguish Americans from traitors. And as blacks have tried to do, may they continue to know whom they can trust. Americans can maintain their identity but always remember the greatness of our nation and see the horrible condition of others, including those in Africa.

  24. Obama’s SSN was stolen from Harrison Bounel who died in NEWTOWN CT.

  25. All the documentation was probably kept on the Clinton’s server.

  26. After reading your very intriguing article, I looked up the 1940 census page that bears Harry Bounel’s entry. For the record, It showed Bounel as married, but his wife is not listed. Sam Cohen indeed appears just below Bounel. Cohen reported being a fruit dealer and Bounel described himself as “helper” in a fruit store as well as being a lodger at Cohen’s address. So, Bounel was an employee in Cohen’s fruit store, possibly in exchange for room and board. Rose Ella Cohen does not show up here, but she may be a relative of Sam’s. There were dozens of Russian Cohens living in the Bronx in 1940. I’d say that we have a long way to go before we can establish a credible link between Bounel, Rose Ella Cohen and the Michelle’s branch of the Robinson family. Did anyone manage to locate a death certificate for Bounel? If not, and providing that he really did die in Newtown, it is too late now. That law CT passed four months after the SH massacre prevents the public from accessing CT death records….which MAY HAVE BEEN THE DARK MOTIVE behind the SH event in the 1st place.

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    Can numbers lie? Which numbers are we to believe?

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