Sanders receives the all-so-important endorsement of Hanoi Jane

Breitbart reports that last Friday at her latest PR stunt, Hanoi Jane endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, calling him the “climate candidate” prior to leading her latest environmental protest in Southern California.

If you really care, read all the details here.

Remember folks, private jets for me but not for thee:

Bernie got on the wrong private jet…

Fonda and fellow libtards flying via private jet in 2018 to promote a movie

Typical Hollyweird Hypocrite.

See also:

Hypocrite Hanoi Jane: While she’s “fighting” for the climate, fundraising platform she partners with promoting travel and car giveaways
Hypocrite Hanoi Jane partners with online fundraising platform that gives away gas-guzzling cars & air travel


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Dr. Eowyn
7 months ago

So Jane Fonda, who acquuired a net worth of $200M from CAPITALISM, endorses a socialist. What a despicable hypocrite.

7 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

So when are the socialists going to give away all their money….to me?

Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison
7 months ago

This story reminds me of how, during Saturday Night Live, Dan Arkroyd would look at Jane Curtain during the news skit, and say, “Jane. You ignorant slut.”

7 months ago

No fool like an old fool, and there’s a gaggle of them.