Sanctuary states, cities and counties in U.S.

Sanctuary states, counties and cities in the (dis)United States of America ignore, defy and violate the federal government’s immigration laws by providing “sanctuary” to illegal aliens with policies, laws, executive orders, or regulations allowing, and in some cases requiring, local law enforcement to avoid cooperating with federal immigration law enforcement authorities, as in deporting criminal illegals.

Below is a map of sanctuary states and cities (for the interactive map, go here):

Map of sanctuary states & cities in U.S.

Below is a list of sanctuary states, counties and cities, as of April 16, 2019, from the Center for Immigration Studies:


  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Illinois
  4. Massachusetts
  5. New Jersey
  6. New Mexico
  7. Oregon
  8. Vermont

Cities and Counties


  1. Alameda County
  2. Berkeley
  3. Contra Costa County
  4. Los Angeles County
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Monterey County
  7. Napa County
  8. Oakland
  9. Riverside County
  10. Sacramento County
  11. San Bernardino County
  12. San Diego County
  13. San Francisco
  14. San Francisco County
  15. San Mateo County
  16. Santa Ana
  17. Santa Clara County
  18. Santa Cruz County
  19. Sonoma County
  20. Watsonville


  1. Arapahoe County
  2. Aurora
  3. Boulder County
  4. Denver
  5. Denver County
  6. Garfield County
  7. Grand County
  8. Jefferson County
  9. Larimer County
  10. Mesa County
  11. Pitkin County
  12. Pueblo County
  13. Routt County
  14. San Miguel County
  15. Weld County


  1. East Haven
  2. Hartford


  1. Alachua County


  1. Clayton County
  2. DeKalb County


  1. Benton County
  2. Cass County
  3. Fremont County
  4. Greene County
  5. Ida County
  6. Iowa City
  7. Iowa City, Johnson County
  8. Jefferson County
  9. Marion County
  10. Monona County
  11. Montgomery County
  12. Pottawattamie County
  13. Sioux County


  1. Chicago
  2. Cook County


  1. Butler County
  2. Harvey County


  1. New Orleans


  1. Amherst
  2. Boston
  3. Cambridge
  4. Concord
  5. Lawrence
  6. Newton
  7. Northhampton
  8. Somerville


  1. Baltimore
  2. Montgomery County
  3. Prince George’s County


  1. Ingham County
  2. Kalamazoo County
  3. Kent County
  4. Wayne County


  1. Hennepin County


  1. Jackson


  1. Hall County
  2. Sarpy County

New Jersey

  1. Newark

New Mexico

  1. Bernalillo County
  2. New Mexico County Jails
  3. San Miguel


  1. Washoe County

New York

  1. Albany
  2. Franklin County
  3. Ithaca
  4. Nassau County
  5. New York City
  6. Omondaga County
  7. St. Lawrence County
  8. Wayne County

North Carolina

  1. Buncombe County
  2. Durham County
  3. Forsyth County
  4. Mecklenburg County
  5. Orange County
  6. Wake County


  1. Franklin County


  1. Baker County
  2. Clackamas County
  3. Clatsop County
  4. Coos County
  5. Crook County
  6. Curry County
  7. Deschutes County
  8. Douglas County
  9. Gilliam County
  10. Grant County
  11. Hood River County
  12. Jackson County
  13. Jefferson County
  14. Josephine County
  15. Lane Countyn
  16. Lincoln County
  17. Linn County
  18. Malheur County
  19. Marion County
  20. Marlon County
  21. Multnomah County
  22. Polk County
  23. Sherman County
  24. Springfield
  25. Tillamok County
  26. Umatilla County
  27. Union County
  28. Wallowa County
  29. Wasco County
  30. Washington County
  31. Wheeler County
  32. Yamhill County


  1. Bradford County
  2. Bucks County
  3. Butler County
  4. Chester County
  5. Clarion County
  6. Delaware County
  7. Erie County
  8. Franklin County
  9. Lehigh County
  10. Lycoming County
  11. Montgomery County
  12. Montour County
  13. Perry County
  14. Philadelphia
  15. Pike County
  16. Westmoreland County

Rhode Island

  1. Providence, Rhode Island
  2. Rhode Island Department of Corrections


  1. Arlington County
  2. Chesterfield County
  3. Fairfax County


  1. Burlington
  2. Montpelier
  3. Winooski


  1. Chelan County
  2. Clallam County
  3. Clark County
  4. Cowlitz County
  5. Franklin County
  6. Jefferson County
  7. King County
  8. Kitsap County
  9. Pierce County
  10. San Juan County
  11. Skagit County
  12. Snohomish County
  13. Spokane County
  14. Seattle
  15. Thurston County
  16. Walla Walla County
  17. Wallowa County
  18. Whatcom County
  19. Yakima County


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It’s a real easy fix. Just start arresting police chiefs and mayors as accessories to the crimes committed by illegal aliens. Also remove qualified immunity from lawsuits. When they start doing time and lose their own money, not the taxpayers, things will change real fast.


And the ones not listed here means it’s under the radar….


You forgot Alaska.
As a reaction to the passing of the Patriot Act , the Alaska legislature passed a law that stated state resources would not be used to apprehend illegal aliens.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

It is amazing that I live in one of these enforced Sanctuary locations. Just this last week, another illegal alien was finally arrested for hit & run of an elderly woman–this happened just six blocks from my home. The guy had purchased a car, never put it in his name, and after the accident, he abandoned it up near the University of Portland. The police went to the registered owner and got the name of the guy who purchased the car. Any more, it is a daily occurrence that illegal alien’s are murdering or killing innocent American citizens. Yet, the… Read more »


Pile’m up in those cities, the more the better, stench, tuberculosis, rapes, murders, homeless, poverty, and keep’m there, oh, and anybody trying to leave, well either send them out or shoot’m on the spot, no warning either.


Yes, that’s another approach. Declare them “Constitution Free Zones” and simply imprison them. See how they like being on the receiving end of insurrection.


One good thing is that Gov. DeSantis said Miami will not be a sanctuary city, he knows here is where the buck stops.


I’ve said this dozens of times, and I mean it. These officials take oaths to uphold the laws. If they refuse to do that they are guilty of crimes. If these are federal crimes they need to send the marshals in there and arrest them. Talk of cutting funds is good too. If local and state government refuse to abide by federal law they are no longer part of the country. Unless the residents vote to separate from the United States the residents are entitled to be protected by federal laws. Why they refuse to enforce this is a total… Read more »


I am so glad that my county isn’t a sanctuary county.


The United States of America no longer exists as a Representative Republic. We are now under mob rule (democracy), and we have no representation from the self-serving parasites being paid with taxpayer money. Black-robed lawyers are running the country.


The bolsheviks love to play ‘word salad surgery’ with their commie agenda. Sanctuary Cities are nothing more than historical “Ghetto’s”.

william chandler
william chandler

What sort of incompetent losers does the DOJ employ? The “DOJ” should have ended the sanctuary crap on day one. File the first criminal AND civil lawsuits, freeze the assets of of the “sanctuarians” and the rest would change their tune. Forfeit ALL of Gov. Newsom’s assets to pay damages to the family of that murdered woman ….and jail him as an ACCESSORY and an ACCOMPLICE. Yes, “sanctuary implementors” DO OWE DAMAGES for any harm their law breaking leads to. By the way, why is a clerk jailed for refusing to do her duty and register homosexual marriages,but these politicians… Read more »


Well, they don’t work for us either.

william chandler
william chandler

It is government’s PRIMARY DUTY to kill raping, pillaging, murdering, invaders at the BORDER. Then to HANG any traitor who opened the City Gates to them …….. As for these “sanctuary” priests, politicians & judges …..It should be LAW that if your family member is killed by an ILLEGAL you get to execute the Judas Iscariots that gave the ILLEGAL “sanctuary”. Since they claim these “immigrants” are so peaceful they should WELCOME such a law as PROOF of their tolerance. You pay $BILLION$ for “homeland security” but it is NEVER around. DHS an agency with approximately 240,000 employees and a… Read more »


I think they should set up an encampment at Nancy Pelosi’s house. If there isn’t enough room they could send a bunch to Newsom’s digs too.

All of the Hollywood “experts” could get a few. Baldwin and Duh-Nero should get dozens. Whoopie and Sheryl can slop the Congolese.


The British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company have been trafficking drugs and humans for at least 4 centuries. The Black Nobility, which controls the traffic, are still very active and aggressive. These select families need to be exposed and neutralized. All the other stuff is a sideshow and diversion.


Yeah, the Harriman’s and the Bushes got their start the old fashioned way too. Chinese Opium. Business was so good they stayed in it.


Well, here’s an example. About 300 Africans (from Ebola territory) with another 300 or so behind them, and they’re looking for places to put them up. Why? I know the answer, but I’d like to hear from them why it is that we’re “obligated” to receive and care for them. Remember, to claim asylum they have to go to the NEAREST country. That isn’t the US or Mexico. This has been happening all over Europe. Soros is designated agent for the Americas on this operation. Somebody had to pay to get them to Mexico. They have been shipping them… Read more »


I just finished reading “Hot Zone.”

Fascinating/scary stuff that ebola is.

Wonder if they are testing these African invaders for ebola?


Maybe after they get to Maine.


Of course…wait until the host(s) arrives on US soil, brilliant! /sarc


Please stop reminding me. Lewiston, my former home, is flooded with thousands of Somalis. Black African Muslims fit right in with French-Canadian Catholic hockey pucks

Jackie Puppet

Probably – just to make sure they have it, so they can be released and infect the general population.


Then they’ll declare martial law to force everyone to get a ‘vaccine’ for ebola that will transmit it to everyone else.


I read that some time ago. Richard Preston (?) has deep state/CIA connections and my sense, for what it’s worth, is that The Hot Zone is “scary science” disinfo. The first outbreak of Ebola was in Marburg Germany in 1967 (it was called Marburg virus at the time) and it occurred near a bio-weapons facility. Which I’m sure was just a coincidence. It had a mortality rate of 50 percent. It’s more virulent relative was first described near the Ebola River in Zaire in 1976 and its mortality was said to be 90 percent. However there is data in the… Read more »


That’s interesting. As you say, I’m sure there is much more to this than we will ever know.


The Author, Horowitz, is a dentist. One of my college instructors was giving this book to some of the other “students”, mainly those of African persuasion. I reprimanded him for irresponsibly spreading disinfo. “Emerging Viruses” was disinfo within disinfo, part of an effort, which included The Hot Zone and the Laurie Garret bestseller The Coming Plague, to mislead people into thinking that we are on the verge of pandemic of “Biblical proportions” and that HIV was created in a lab for population reduction. As I’ve stated elsewhere, there is no such thing as HIV. Believe me, I’ve done exhaustive research… Read more »


OK, thanks. I won’t order it. thanks for the input!


And this is interesting: “The scientific literature, mainstream media, and Richard Preston, never once disclosed the name of the infamous monkey supplier-Litton Bionetics. Bionetics is cited in the US Congressional Record as a leading biological weapons contractor and nonhuman primate supplier for the US military. Rather than reporting the obvious association between the ideal biological weapon and a top biological weapons contractor, Preston instead advanced a theory on Ebola’s origin totally void of scientific evidence, support, or merit. Ebola, he claimed came from the deep dark Kitum Cave near the West Nile region of Central Africa. Kitum Cave, according to… Read more »


Yeah, I think they started experimenting on Africans after they infected everyone on Long Island.


Weird, I wonder how I missed that. I was in Marburg a LOT in 1967. There’s a university there, but I don’t know of a bio-weapons lab.

Think Max Plank Institute.


This just my memory of an article I read some time ago, can’t verify it. Of course there are bio-weapons labs that have false fronts; they don’t call them bio-weapons labs. But there was definitely a “Marburg virus” outbreak that was quite limited


Oh I believe you. I just find it “odd”. I saw no outward signs of it and I didn’t read about it in the local papers either.


They’re using them to spread disease for one, displace the native populace for two, ruin what is left of the economy for three, and destroy social services for the native populations for four.


Not a one in my state of Oklahoma, woo hoo!


It’s beginning to look like some want us to lose the bubble on this: Just because it is alleged that some sort of “deal” was struck with Mexico to avert tariffs, doesn’t mean that the basic problem has been “solved”. They are proposing new legislation that would give “amnesty” (read new voters) and Trump is expected to sign it. What happened to the demand for funding to build the wall? The border is more out of control that ever. Now we’re just scooping them up and shipping them off to other areas. Why? I think that just because there’s… Read more »

Anne M. Berg
Anne M. Berg

Here’s how one African made it to this country:


Yes Anne, the route makes sense but (((someone))) has to pay for this. Today we were looking at 350 already here with a like amount in route. The standard rhetoric would have us believe that these poor, starving “refugees” are knocking because we’re their last hope. This overlooks several realities, however. The money it takes to get one of these little charmers from Sudan to San Diego would support him/her and their families in their native lands for years. So, could it be that (((someone))) might have an ulterior motive for paying for this? They all seem to arrive wearing… Read more »

S Kennedy
S Kennedy

They are destroying our Nation. They are deliberately overloading us economically and all other ways including with criminals. I have never known of any Nation doing such as this to their own selves and Nation without any intervention of the authorities over the Nation to stop it.
Why in the world would they want to destroy their own homeland like this and their own Nation’s people?
Where does all that hate come from?


Read “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” translated by Victor Mardsen if you want to really know the whys and hows behind all of this.


[…] For a list of those sanctuary states, cities and counties, go here. […]