San Jose will pay homeless $15/hour to cleanup their own trash

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If the homeless wanted to be part of the solution wouldn’t they voluntarily pick up after themselves?

From SF Gate: San Jose is launching a new program to clean up the streets while also helping get people off them.

The initiative will employ 25 homeless residents to pick up trash at 40 “litter hotspots” around the city. The employees will be paid $15 per hour and work four to five hours per day.

The pilot program was announced by Mayor Sam Liccardo Thursday in partnership with Goodwill and Downtown Streets Team. Participants will start picking up trash in November.

While the pay is better than San Jose’s minimum wage (currently at $13.50 per hour as it scales toward $15 by 2019), it’s probably still not enough to afford living in the South Bay city, even if the work were full-time. A one-bedroom apartment costs an average $2,364 a month, according to Rent Cafe.

If things go well, the mayor’s office says it would consider expanding the program to more participants.

As we’ve seen the trash and debris coming from homeless encampments mount, too often our homeless residents are dismissed simply as ‘the problem’,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo in a press release. “We intend to show that our work-ready homeless residents can become, and want to become, part of ‘the solution’—both for themselves, and for our community.”

Similar programs organized by Downtown Streets Team are already operating in cities around the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Berkeley, Hayward, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto.

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6 responses to “San Jose will pay homeless $15/hour to cleanup their own trash

  1. And cities like San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, Seattle, and Portland wonder why they have so many “homeless”. They clearly are unclear on the concept: “If you build it pay them to clean up their own trash, they’ll come”.

  2. A revolving door, pay for clean up, trash it again, and so on, a never ending story at the taxpayers expense.

  3. What a “great idea”. Do they get a bonus if they don’t poop on the sidewalk or leave their dirty needles in the park?

    So those of us fools who earn a living get to pay to dispose of our rubbish and get fined if we drop it on the street, but they get PAID to clean up after themselves? Did I get that about right?

    I hope they keep it in San Jose. Maybe the Seattle junkies will come South to work the pickup gig. They can earn enough to get drugs before heading North again.

  4. If any of these comrades are on SSI/SSDI they might lose these benefits once it gets back to Mordor on the Potomac that they are able to work.
    Mommygov always makes everything the bestest! (not really)

  5. HEYZEUS!!! Sometimes when I read shiite such as this, I long for “the” comet to arrive…….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. Wanna git rid of the homeless? Fire the democratic leadership. Make homelessness undesirable. Or just lock them all up in a ‘reservatuion’. It’s good enough for our Native American hosts. And while you’re at it, lock up the former democratic leadership with them. A dose of their own medicine as it were.


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