San Francisco spent $310,000 to register 49 non-citizens to vote in school election

That money could have been spent on homeless US citizens who roam their city.

From Sacramento Bee: A controversial drive in San Francisco to register non-citizens, including undocumented immigrants illegal aliens, to vote in school elections signed up 49 people at an estimated cost of $310,000, or about $6,300 per voter, reported KPIX.

The city had started registering non-citizens to vote in the Nov. 6 election in July, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

The move followed passage of a 2016 ballot measure by San Francisco voters opening school elections to non-citizens who are over the age of 18, are city residents and have children under age 19, as previously reported by The Sacramento Bee.

“This is no-brainer legislation,” Hillary Ronen, a San Francisco supervisor, told the Chronicle in July. “Why would we not want our parents invested in the education of their children?”

San Francisco spent about $310,000 setting up the new registration system and informing potential voters, the Chronicle reported Sunday.

“We assumed that it would be many thousands, potentially, that could register and so far we’re at 49,” said John Arntz, director of elections, according to KPIX.

The deadline to register passed Monday, but California voters can conditionally register and vote on the same day, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The city had to set up a new registration system to handle the non-citizens, who can’t be lumped in with other voters, accounting for part of the $310,000 cost, reported KPIX.

“We had to create a separate database,” Arntz said, according to the station. “We created a separate ballot for these folks. We have separate roster pages for the polling places, we have a separate registration affidavit. We have a separate vote by mail ballot application, we have a separate website page.”

The city also distributed $100,000 to nonprofits to notify non-citizens of their new-found right to vote in San Francisco school elections, according to the station.

Read the whole story here.


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Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
1 year ago

One would think being that they are illegal, their registration would still not be valid. Perhaps when this “anchor baby” lie is straightened out the illegal students will be expelled,…all so.

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

There is a special place in Hell for fifth-columnists like the San Franciscans who voted to make U.S. citizenship meaningless by letting those who are here illegally vote.

1 year ago

and so… will reap the fruits of the tree: WHATEVER! If you allow illegals to “vote” in any kind of “legal” USA election of any level—-then…you have effectively invited/included/given weight to illegals among us/third world concerns in contrast to our legal voters—our LEGAL TAX PAYERS. You have CANCELED the votes of legal voters…..WHY BOTHER TO FREAKIN” VOTE ANYMORE AS A US CITZEN??????? OUR VOTES have been denigrated/cancelled in these instances……

Skid Marx
Skid Marx
1 year ago

Displacement —> Replacement —> Genocide of deplorable Kulack cracka scum then the glorious Benetton utopia will commence for all comrades of the collective hivemind groupthink utopia.
Forward! Yes we can! To each according to his need, workers of the world unite.
Laughing at the epic failure steaming pile ideas of a 19th century German rat bum P.O.S.

1 year ago

Smells like desperation to me.

1 year ago

OF COURSE THEY SPENT $310,000 to register 49 NON citizens to vote in a school board election…..meanwhile….I, a CA teacher, have been teaching in a room that has NO CHAIRS for my kids to sit on, and so we’ve been using the OLD THROW-AWAY (b/c they got new chairs in the PA) light-weight, “performing arts” room FOLDING chairs for 2 years. They are NOW falling apart/collapsing and I have NO chairs to replace them….I have to give kids MY chair and one stool that I use to get through my 2 large-population classes the last two periods of the day.… Read more »