San Francisco lawmaker has had enough of the Blue Angels 'strafing' his city

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Hey Avalos, it’s not just YOUR city. You’d better check with the other 864,815 citizens before making demands. Oh, and next time you open your trap, make sure you have a dictionary handy.
And if you’ve never seen the Blue Angels perform up close, DO IT next time they come to your town. It’s AMAZING.
blue angels
From Stars and Stripes: A San Francisco lawmaker has revived a proposal following the crash of a Blue Angels jet last week: It’s time, he said, to ban the renowned Navy squadron from flying over his city.
John Avalos, a member of the board of supervisors, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the jets are a threat to safety and should not be allowed to fly over occupied areas. Rather, he said, they should be kept over San Francisco Bay, where sea vessels typically congregate for Blue Angels performances.
“It’s about them crashing and hitting a building — a place where people live,” Avalos told the Chronicle. “It’s about the terror that they cause in people when they strafe neighborhoods. That’s something I hear about all the time when Blue Angels fly overhead.”

John Avalos

John Avalos

Avalos misused the term “strafing,” a term typically used to describe when pilots are flying their aircraft low to the ground, firing at targets while using machine guns or rotary cannons. Avalos did not return requests for an interview Monday morning, but took to Twitter over the weekend to double down on his comments, saying there are many San Francisco citizens who don’t want the planes.
Avalos has raised the issue before. Last fall, he said a Blue Angels performance over San Francisco reminded him of U.S. “imperialism.” The planes, he said, buzz San Francisco with “feel good jingoism.” He also appeared to allude to the Pentagon budget, which was estimated at $560 billion in fiscal 2015 and $585 billion this year.
Avalos, a former progressive candidate for mayor, is not the first to raise questions about the elite demonstration squadrons like the Blue Angels and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds. Both squadrons have historically had budgets of about $35 million per year, prompting some critics to raise questions about whether they are worth the cost.
The squadrons also occasionally have deadly mishaps. The crash Thursday killed Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss, 32, shortly after he took off from an airport in Smyrna, Tenn. His aircraft went down about two miles from the runway during preparations for the Great Tennessee Air Show over the weekend.
Another crash occurred the same day in Colorado in the Thunderbirds, which were performing as part of the commencement ceremony at the Air Force Academy. In that case, the pilot, Maj. Alex Turner was not hurt and put his plane down in an open field after avoiding homes, military officials said.
Avalos did not explain his opposition to the highly trained Blue Angels as compared to other military aircraft squadrons. There are several military installations in the San Francisco area, including Moffett Federal Airfield, a former Navy base that is now used by NASA, the California Air National Guard and other tenants.
The Blue Angels fly over San Francisco as part of Fleet Week, an annual outreach event that attracts about 1 million people per year to the city. Similar events are held in other cities, including New York.

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0 responses to “San Francisco lawmaker has had enough of the Blue Angels 'strafing' his city

  1. The paragraph below the photo of the Blue Angels flying had an interesting two words in the quote . ” Occupied areas ” . Hmmmmmmmmm

  2. Occupied by who ?

  3. Ummm–maybe he’d like it better if they were called the “Black Angels” instead? After all, colors have meaning. 🙂

  4. Change their name to the Flying Burritos and he’ll calm down.

  5. Ross Blankert

    When does a liberal go too far with his anti military, anti American shit.? Wait until the Russians or Chinese start straffing San Francisco. Will he want the US military to come back?

  6. Truth truely is stranger than fiction. This comment — “……the jets are a threat to safety and ……” — blew me away. It shocked me so much that I had to go back and read the “occupied comment.” Let’s see, if my memory serves be correctly, San Fran is a sanctuary city. This means it is filled with all kinds of illegal criminals, aliens, etc. Yet the Blue Angels or a threat to safety!!!! Last time I heard any crime stats from San Fran, don’t remember it including any Blue Angels pilots killing, robbing, raping, stealing, or in general creating a very harsh environment to live in. Avalos is just another Looney Tooney leftist elitiest liberal New World Order water boy.

  7. The Communist mentality at work—and this JERK Avalos doesn’t know it and doesn’t care. When communists take over, they immediately go to destroy the host nation’s SYMBOLS.
    Obama and even George W. Bush have picked on the Blue Angels. Hell, New York City ditched them over 30 years ago, if my memory serves me correctly.
    Noam Chomsky, no conservative Christian, he, said, “The public doesn’t know, and doesn’t even have any idea that it doesn’t know.” DITTO THIS COMMIE RAT.
    Communists = PARASITES (that kill the host!)

  8. San Francisco politicians — all Democrats of course — have been hostile to the Blue Angels for years now. If it weren’t for the tourist revenue, they’d have gotten rid of the Blue Angels a long time ago.

  9. Just another Communist idiot. I am dumbfounded that this Joker does not know the actual meaning of the word “strafing.” Even I, as an old woman knows that “strafing” means firing on populations while flying fast and at low altitude. He deliberately used this word to instill fear in those who would either hear or read his words, and if they were of low intelligence, they would be struck with fear. I am far and away more frightened by him and those of his ilk than I am by the Blue Angels. For Heaven’s sake, our nation has been diminished enough by the Progressives . . . we need some vestiges of our strength and might for the world to see–and the Blue Angels provide it.

    • Very true Auntie, but if they were of low intelligence, they wouldn’t even understand the meaning of “strafing”.

      • Ross Blankert

        Sadly, this generation does not know anything except how to put on a condom and maybe basket weaving. There is no one learning the dangers of communism and socialism in high school or the university. Too few politicians have ever been in the military and illegal immigrants run amuck in the country. It would be easy to pick up many illegals and deport them. They stand on certain corners in New Jersey and wait to be picked up for yard work. The jobs that teenagers used to do are now going to illegals and they sit at home on their butts and play video games. I worked since I was 12 and value work and am proud of my efforts. History and government should be taught and not by liberals and not out of liberal textbooks.

  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
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    Avalos is typical – they always think they, personally, own anything the are involved with. Just like the DACA – they demanded they be given citizenship.


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