San Diego Students Disinvite Obama Because of Phony Birth Certificate

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On May 10, 2011, NBC San Diego reports that the White House announced that a high school in San Diego, California — San Diego High Tech High International — a finalist in the running for the White House’s “Race to the Top Commencement Challenge” competition, was not selected as the host for Obama to give the school’s commencement speech.

The winning school is Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, Tenn. The other losing finalist is Bridgeport High School, Bridgeport, Wash.

But, a day after the NBC San Diego report, the San Diego Reader has a very different version of events.

It wasn’t that the White House didn’t pick San Diego High Tech High. Instead, the students disinvited Obama because two tech-savvy seniors decided to determine for themselves the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate that Obama recently released — and, although the students had thought “birthers” to be “nut-jobs,” they now believe the birth certificate is fake!

Here’s San Diego Reader‘s account:

In a good-natured effort to sweeten the pot for the president prior to his final decision, [San Diego] High Tech High seniors Ramesh Bhangoo and Christina Rivera decided to subject Obama’s recently-released “long-form” birth certificate to the sort of typographic scrutiny given to the so-called “Killian documents” that ultimately led to the resignation/retirement of CBS reporter Dan Rather.

“Remember how the right-wing wackos went nuts in 2004 over those documents that showed how Bush was basically AWOL from the Texas National Guard in the ’70s?” asks Bhangoo. “That guy at Little Green Footballs posted that gif file showing how a memo supposedly typed 30 years ago matched up to a Microsoft Word doc with proportionally spaced font. Of course, they didn’t actually prove that the documents were forgeries, but the fallout was enough to take down Rather, and the whole mess probably helped Bush win in ’04.”

“All this ‘birther’ bullshit sounded like more of the same to us,” adds Rivera. “We knew that the people who believed that Obama was born in Kenya — and that his Hawaiian birth certificate was a fake, and that he therefore had no constitutional right to be president — wouldn’t be convinced by this long-form release. When you’re crazy, you’re crazy, and you can always find a way to justify your craziness. But we figured it couldn’t hurt to at least head them off on this whole typography question. Here at High Tech High, we knew we had the equipment, the training, and the critical thinking skills required to do just that.”

“Yeah, we did,” concluded Bhangoo. “Damn it.”

The title of the students’ report on their work says it all: “Say It Ain’t So: An Inquiry into the Validity of ‘President’ Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate.” “We tried to think like the nutjobs,” recalls Rivera. “We started by asking why they inserted the green-pattern background underneath the original text. Then we started looking for other obvious oddities. Long story short — yeah, this is kind of a fake.

“You don’t really have to look further than the child’s name,” says Bhangoo. “The way the ‘r’ in ‘Barack’ differs in all sorts of ways from the rest of the letters, the way the green background fades away around certain parts of ‘Hussein’ and ‘Obama.’ It’s a Photoshop job, and not even a particularly careful one. We did a little followup work and found a death certificate for a Herbert Harrison O’Brien from the same hospital, dated August 5, 1961. The date of birth on that death certificate is given as August 4, same as little Barack Hussein Obama. But the funny thing is, there’s no corresponding birth certificate for baby Herbert. Where did it go? And why doesn’t Obama’s mother sign his birth certificate until August 7, three days after her son is born? By then, we were too depressed to dig any deeper.”

“Our commitment to ethics really sets us apart at High Tech High,” says fellow senior and commencement ceremony chair Rishika Daryanani. “This case is no exception. Thanks to these two jerkfaces, now we have to disinvite America’s first black president and maybe get him kicked out of office, too. Thanks a lot, guys. Maybe we can get Donald Trump to fill in.”

Welcome to the Birthers Obama Truthseekers Club, students!

(For our posts on why the birth certificate is a forgery, go to our “The Obama Chronicles” page and click on the red-colored posts!)


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0 responses to “San Diego Students Disinvite Obama Because of Phony Birth Certificate

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    WHOA!! good catch!!!

  2. Oh thank you for this! Made my day… will this get any traction? It should but I won’t hold my breath.
    Obama could stand on the White House lawn, stoned out of his gourd, butt naked with a gun aimed at passers by and somehow the media would spin it.

  3. Mad Angel is on FB

    LOL…Artist, can I use that comment?? (Obama could–) LOVE IT 😀

  4. Mad Angel is on FB

    exactly Steve…and I thought they were pretty mature about it (chuckle) and it also shows that our youngsters are capable of honesty and not afraid to show it

  5. Once again, the liberal San Diego Reader exposes lies and misdeeds of the “ruling class”.

  6. great job!!!

  7. Should’ve waited ’til after San Diego was announced as the winner… just sayin’.

  8. Maybe they should turn these guys loose on the White House’s rather elastic (and that is being kind) accounts of the OBL raid.
    Who knows what they might turn up?

  9. apparently a great portion of our nation are willing to believe anything and are terrified to rock the boat and swin against popular opinion… in my neck of the woods a majority believe this fake (obama) a. is doing a great job. b. this (fake) birth certificate proves he was born in america. c. he was too busy running the country to be bothered to present his birth certificate. another fake birth certificate this guy (obama) is something for the ages a scoundrel a charlatan an empty suit and meanwhile the msm the house and senate nod and shut their eyes to this fraud. impeach him now…

  10. Mad Angel is on FB

    the (fake) BC doesn’t PROVE anything….other than HE’S NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE POTUS…..he should be INDICTED, not impeached……. if he’s impeached everything he’s done to date isn’t affected…..whereas if he’s indicted…. everything becomes NULL and VOID

  11. yeah obama being indicted would be great but it seems the conspiracy doesnt start and end with him.. probably the only solution is revolution.


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