Same Dirty Trick at Colorado Convention

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The “fake slate” gambit is exposed on Youtube once again. 

This link gives a good account of the Colorado Convention.

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0 responses to “Same Dirty Trick at Colorado Convention

  1. EVERYBODY should know that Romney is a dirty rotten son of a bitch and putting compaines proved it, Romney is just another do over Bama! Wake up America, we have way too much corruption in Washington without sending another LYING CROOK into an office that he WILL ABUSE! Have the voters totally lost their minds?? Semper Fi.

  2. agree branded969! ok-I challenge people to go to tdarkcabal.blogspot and read 40 short reports,check out the info on the sidebar. There are alot of trolls there but read comments also. See if some questions you have don’t start sounding the bells in your head!! Read about the people that run the site. Commie blasters said the same thing. thankyou in advance 🙂 🙂

  3. once you get all the info on who and what Romney is,given the choices Ron Paul looks like a saint. IMO it has taken me a long time to say this,after my own extensive reasearch.

    • I know what you are saying Terry believe me. America is hanging over the cliff we have zero margin for error this time but Romney is obama. I’m still hoping and praying a True Conservative,strong- John Wayne type with morals,values,respect,principles,honor and dignity will drop in.. There is still time. Just sayin-with what we have to choose from. This election will be like no other we will see in our lifetime,I just wish people would do their homework and not listen at all to tv.

  4. Terry, Newt would have been the right choice but he didn’t have enough moulah to effectively fight the NeoCons/ Socialists determined to deliver Romney who did have the $Millions to run all the negative ads. God help us (and I believe He will).

  5. would I get to vote for Ron Paul twice ? 🙂


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