Sad Story — Hilarious Comments

The jist of the story posted on the New York City NBC website is not the least funny:

A Spanish tourist was attacked by a hammer-wielding man, apparently at random, while sitting inside City Hall Park Monday afternoon, authorities say.

This small sample of the 100 comments  show New Yorkers are fed up with Nanny Bloomberg:

*   Time to regulate hammers… Mayor against illegal use of tools! Bloomberg help!
*    we all should live in jail cells and the gov can keep us safe
*    We can compromise. All hammers must be made of Styrofoam now
*   I wonder if the hammer came from one of those states where anyone can buy a hammer no questions asked, without even a background check.
*   There is no need for the average person to own these types of hamers. Only contractors and carpenters should own these. The average person can hammer nails just fine with the handle of a screwdriver. Oh and while were at it, do we really need to allow people to buy an entire box of nails?  


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Bloomberg is a bloomin’ blithering idiot. He’s gotta go.

Dr. Eowyn

Don’t forget nail clippers, Terry!!!


Hey, I cut myself with a paint scraper once…I’m gonna write to the Nanny for help!


NY mayor has SWAT team arrest tourist for
‘impersonating nail without a permit’


Thank you LTG for this post. It is terrible what happened to the Spanish person by the idiot with a hammer. I hope the tourist is healing from this injury. Nevertheless, it is a person who has chosen to behave in this violent manner, and not the tools! What misplaced logic! All Craftsman tools would have to be outlawed, including equipment for the disabled, like walkers and canes!